KKB-abigya ff (epi3)


Hi its tina I’m very sorry for the late update due to poor internet connect I could not upload

The episode starts with everyone in mehra house arranging for rabul’s engagement abhi comes down and see pragya standing in a stool and fixing something abhi goes near her and ask: hey what are doing prays: can’t u see what I’m doing abhi: no pragya: are you blind Rabbi: no…..wait….how dare you say me blind… Wait and watch what I’m gonna do and shakes her stool pragya: suniye pls stop shaking abhi: then ask sorry pragya: sorry abhi: not like this by holding your ears pragya took her hands from the wall which she kept for support and she fell down but abhi holds her they have an eyelock ( saiyara song plays) dasi comes there and see this dasi: oyii…what are you doing they came totheir sense pragya: voh… Dasi: iI know you both husband and wife but it doesn’t mean you have to do romance if u want means do it in your room but gives us a grand child abhigya blushes abhi:excuse me pragya:dasi why did u call me dasi: di called u that’s why

In the evening its rabul engagement
Purab: bulbul i missed u a lot and i love you bulbul: i love you too abhi: hey stop romancing here bulbul: jiju first u go and propose di and come abhi: how__ bulbul: i know everything purab told me everything abhi: purab i wont leave you purab: bhai she said she will help you abhi: is it ? Then ok niel and alia see this neil:can we start our plan alia: yeah sure they the waiter and mixes alchohol in 2 glasses of juices aliyah: hey look u have to give this to pursb and bulbul waiter:ok mam

Pragya comes abhi see her and says: beautiful pragy: what abhi: beautiful decorations pragya: oh tanu comes there and ask: abhi ! Tell me how im looking abhi: looking good only tanu: looking good only abhi see pragya near them and to make her jealous he says: you are so hot and amzing tanu: oh thank u i know i look hot and beautiful because im a super model abhi: u r not only a super model you are super super model tanu: oh thank you pragya gets jealous by seeing them abhi to himself: my plan is working Purvi : ladies and gentlemens there is no party is good without dance and this is my sister’s engagement so it have to be special abhi: tanu can u dance with me tanu: ofcourse abhi anything for they dances pragya gets jealous by seeing them

The waiter gives the juice to purab purab is about to drink but nikhil push him and glass fell down nikhil: oh sorry purab im so sorry nikhil: its ok i will get another juice nikhil to himself: so aliyah i will not let u to achieve your plan and niel i have doubt when i saw u first time i always save my sister from any danger
The waiter gives another juice to bulbul pragya goes near bulbul bulbul: di are you jealous pragga: no bulbul: ok drink this juice and gives her the juice which waiter gives her pragya drinks it and see tanu and abhi dancing bulbul: di how you let tanu dance jiju he is your husband not tanu’s pragya gets jealous by seeing them and says: wait and watch what im going to do she goes near them abhi to himself: oh im so happy my plan is working yippe! Pragya pushes tanu tanu: aaaa! And pragya dances with abhi at janam janam song plays tanu tried to dance with abhi but she fails because pragya is not letting her so she leaves abhigya finish their dancing all claps their hands

Dadi: look at them they looking perfect with each other dasi: di soon you will get a grandchild dadi: is it and calls sarla and says this sarla become happy and ask: when did she become pregnent dasi : she get pregnent now but will be in future dadi: i want to my grand child soon dasi: so lets call abhi abhi!! Abhi: yes dadi dasi: we want a grand child soon abhi: sure……wait what dadi and sarla in chorus : we want a grand child abhi: baby is not a toy when u asked it will come dadi: but i want it abhi: ask u r bahu and runs from there

Tanu comes and hugs abhi and says : why did u dance with her abhi: who? Tanu: pragya pragya from behind because im his wife tanu:im her girlfriend pragya: wife has more rights thsn girlfriend tanu: no abhi u tell: ofcourse nobody i have more rights on me tanu: i know u r saying me and hugs him pragya feels bad seeing them and goes to her room abhi: excuse me and went to room there he see her crying like baby abhi goes near her and ask : why are crying pragya with tears in her eyes: im not crying see im smilling abhi: are you drunk pragha: yes no yes abhi : are you jealouse seeing me hugging tanu pragya: yes abhi: why pragya: because i love you

How was the episode guy? And once again im sorry for the late update and thanks for commenting

Credit to: tina

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