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Hi its Tina and thanks for supporting and commenting and tanu n alia’s parents and abhi n purab’s parent died due to an accident and both the parents are best friends so dadi consider tanu and alia as their grand daughters but she don’t like tanu that much and purab don’t like alia

The episode starts with pragya and neel coming down pragya: dadi he is my friend neel neil: namaste dadi dadi,dasi,Neil and pragya starts talking abhi in his room think to himself: I think now he went but y this fuggi is not coming up and he goes down and shocked to that Neil is talking and dadi is laughing dadi: u r too good like my bahu abhi to himself : I think he used black magic like fuggi and trapped dadi I will not let him trap me dadi: arey abhi come abhi goes there Neil: pragya I think I have to go abhi to himself: finally is leaving pragya: Neil where did u stay Neil: I’m staying in abc hotel dadi: arey you can stay here na abhi to himself: what dadi are you saying you are my dadi or his neil: but abhi: dadi leave him he saying na dadi: arey tum chup kar neil pls feel like this home as yours neil: ok dadi dadi: pragya show him the guest room pragya: ok dadi and they went abhi was about to leave but dadi stoped dadi : arey beta where are you abhi: to the hell dadi: what?hell? Abhi: dadi i was joking dadi: joke come and sit with me abhi sits with dadi and talks with her

Pragya shows neil the guest room pragya: this is your room neil: wow nice tell me how did you marry him pragya: who neil:abhi pragya tells him from the begaining pragya: and now i love him neil: so my friend finnaly fall in love and he tease her pragya: arey dont tease me niel: lets go down they went down and sits in sofa abhi gets up and went to sit with pragya dasi: arey abhi i know she is your wife but what is the need of sitting with her now u can do your romance afterwards abhi smirked and pragya blushes niel laughs dadi: dont tease my child sarla,purab,bulbul comes there dadi: nameste sarla ji sarla: nameste dadi bulbul: hi di and she see niel and says bhaiya and hugs him purab goes to abhi and ask who is he abhi angrily tells: he is pragya’s friend where did u went purab: went to bulbul’s house are you jeleous abhi: ofcourse im dadi: when he is coming he is coming here only na sarla: yes pragya: who is coming somebody came and says: surprise pragya: bhai and hugs him abhi to himself: who is this new entry purab:he is di’s big brother pragya: how are you bhai why you didn’t tell me you are coming nikhil: bulbul said not to tell bulbul: di its surprise pragya smiles nikhil her blessings from elder and he came to abhi and says: so u r the one who married my princess abhi smiles: yes and they both hug sarla: its getting late we are going dadi: so soon? Sarla: purvi and janki is in home so we are going sarla,nikhil,bulbul goes from there

Abhi is in his room pragya comes there abhi: fuggi I have to talk with you pragya: wait a min Iwill come and about to leave but abhi hold her hand and says: iI need to talk to you now pragya: ok tell me abhi: fuggi I tanu:abhi!! And holds his hand ( tanu is abhi’s ex girlfriend and abhi has no interest on tanu as he loves pragya but tanu thinks that she is still abhi’s girlfriend)pragya feels awkward and jealous by seeing them together abhi: why did u come here tanu: because I’m your girlfriend pragya: excuse me and leaves the place abhi: pragya pragya! Tanu: come on abhi why are you calling her abhi gets irritated and says: I will talk to you tomorrow tanu: no I want to talk now abhi gets angry and leaves the room pragya to herself: how dare she (tanu) hold his(abhi) hand so tightly she didn’t remember that he is my pati not hers only I have rights on him abhi hears that and smiles and say to himself: so my pyaari biwi is jealous wait fuggi I will u to confess your love for me for that I’m gonna make you jealous then pragya see nikhil and goes ther pragya: bhai any problem nikhil: no i came here to take my phone pragya:ok bhai

Neil in his room he takes Bulbul’s photo and says: bulbul wait one day you will be mine my love is so pure alia hears it goes inside alia: but she loves purab Neil: what?! Alia: and she snatched my purab n do u know tomorrow is there engagement and I have an plan and tell the plan which is muted Neil: OK its great u will get purab and I will get my bulbul alia smiles and they both have hi-fi and someone hears it and says: no i will not make your plan sucessful and he cough neil: who is there the person left from there

Purab calls to bulbul bulbul: hello purab: im missing you baby bulbul: even me too purab: when are you coming here bulbul: arey tomorrow is our engagement purab: bulbul many big stars will come but u will be the beautiful among them bulbul blushes sarla: bulbul come for eating bulbul: purab ma is calling bye purab: i love you bye bulbul: i love you too

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  4. Superb Tina

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