KKB-abigya ff (epi1)

Hi guys I’m Tina I’m a silent reader and I’m an Anglo-indian this is my first ff hope you all like it and I came to know about kkb by my cousin and I really liked it but now I’m irritated by this tanu’s track
I love the ff of tisha,aditi,somiya there story line are awesome and also like other ff too


Abhi-a rock star
Pragya-a simple girl and wife of abhi
Bulbul-sister of pragya and love purab
Purab-brother of abhi and love bulbul
Aliyah-a selfish girl love purab and sister of tanu
Tanu- a cruel girl love abhi and sister of aliyah
Neel-best friend of pragya and love bulbul
Nikhil-brother of pragya and bulbul
Sarla-mother of nikhil,pragya,bulbul
Dadi-grand mother of abhi, purab, aliyah ,tanu ,akash ,raj
And other character will be same and i will introduce other characters later

NOTE: as aliyah,tanu are cousins of abhi and purab and the lives in mm

The episode starts purab talking to a handsome boy purab:bhai at least today you propose her the boy is shown it is abhi: I’m so scared purab: bhai she is not someone else she is your wife only na abhi: but if she say no means what can I do purab: bhai I’m sure that she will accept it abhi:are you yes purab:yes abhi:ok i will go and tell purab:all the best bhai abhi goes to his room and saw pragya folding the clothes abhi to himself: abhi beta you can do it, if she said no means, no purab said na that she will accept and my fuggi will never hurt me pragya to herself: what he is thinking abhi: fuggi pragya:yes abhi: i have to tell you one thing pragya:tell me abhi: I pragya: you? Abhi: I Love__
Someone opens the door and says suprise abhi: who is the hell is that pragya: neel! Neel:yes its me and they both hug eachother abhi to himself: who is the hell to hug my fuggi , oye fuggi leave how can you hug someone when you pati is here they broke the hug neel: so ms.pragya is mrs.pragya pragya: yes neel points abhi and ask: who is he abhi:im your enemy neel: sorry pragya:no he is my husband neel forward his hand and say: oh hi you are rockstar abhi na and im neel nice to meet you abhi hesistantly forwand his hand and say: niceto meet you may i know what relation you have with pragya? Neel: im pragya’s best friend abhi to himself: first that double battery and now this neel how friends she have, she dont have any girl best friends all are boys pragya: come neel i will intoduce you to dadi neel: sure

Hope you all like this fan fiction pls tell me whether to continue or not
Thank you

Credit to: tina


  1. Deepali

    It’s too irritating now. From the last 7-8 months serials doesnt move on look like on the same track from last 7-8 months they didnt caught tanu only story is too strech without any sence

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