kkb abhigya life on stage

Hello guys this is my first article. So don’t mind it and feel free to comment.

Hello guys I start the where the episode end on Saturday.

That’s Pragya watched tanu and nikhil.Suddenly she recollected all her old memories and doubt on nikhil.she thinks what to do??at the she calls purab and inform watch her mom is there any movement I go to see tanu at vanity so check that camera and immediately she cut call and call to tanu as watchman.tanu go near vanity but there is hidden cameras tanikhil not know about that.Pragya at distance watch all what tankil doing.they both search for watchman. They didn’t get anything. Pragya now called as watchman voice said tanu mam how long I wait for but u didn’t come.so keep Ur money bag there in vanity van.I don’t trust u sarla in this situation bcoz of u .I don’t want this keep the money bag in vanity and asked who with you come in burga??Ur boyfriend??? Is he girl or something??? Pragya laughed.tanu smirks and think someone watch them.she become alerted. But same time abhi give speech and ask his Fan to listen him shout after the proposal news.all r silent.Pragya heard from this mic sound and don’t know how to stop abhi.same time abhi called tanu name come on stage.Nikhil ask tanu y abhi call u on stage by holding her hand,Suddenly tanu in happy mood blabbering her life is change now and I gonna become abhi wife and life and no need to think about u.Suddenly nikhil opens face and confess I am father of Ur child u can’t escape from my sight. This all r recorded in hid cameras .purab sarla watched this purab ask sarla. Is It nikhil?? Sarla blinks and vigorously crying with angry.abhi also calls tanu continuously.Pragya and dadi reach near stage to stop abhi.but they can’t bcoz they don’t have solid proof to show. Tanu says I didn’t mean like that after I got money I and our child will be together. Now leave me.dumb nikhil leaves tanu hand and follow her.purab collect video footage on his mobile reach to stage same time tanu are also there on stage.purab calls abhi 1 minute speak in mute and show that video. Abhi back on stage said I really happy today.I got my music life back after long time. And love life too.my love is back.my lover is back.I go to live my rest of life with my old wife Pragya.tanu shocked. Abhi ask r u in shock??show that video and ask how u become so cheap??how can u call me as father for other child?? Abhi go to slap tanu but stops by Pragya .see there is Ur fans and media so don’t hit her.that video telecast over channels tanu called as cheap stalker and nikhil get arrested. Abhi Pragya hug in front of fans.dadi and fans also happy episode end happily.

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  1. Superb sana.is it really going 2 happen in kkb?

  2. super climax to kkb track. nice sana.

  3. It’s awesome

  4. Nce epi

  5. yr I wish that it could happen in real but I know it will not because he is going to propose her due to fans 🙁 anyways episode was awesome dear

  6. nice climax

  7. Sana..it’s gud… Keep it up

  8. Its very nice..and idhu real kkbla nadandha nalla irukum..

  9. Wish d kkb goes lyk dis…

  10. Very nice I wish it could happen in real kkb

  11. It’s awesome…..

  12. Haha gud end of tanu 😉

  13. Nice thought……but tis s not happening in d real track yaar….???

  14. Superb………. I wish it will happen in our real KKB Also………….

  15. Frnds thanks for uR comments. I hope it will happen today. But it’s ulta after reading pratiksha today episode. I am totally disappointed.

  16. Awesome sana

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