kkb abhigya life on stage (episode 2)


Hello guys I am so happy by ur comments. Thank u for Ur support. But today I totally disappointed by kkb story.so I won’t leave my story until kkb in proper track.based on today episode I gonna to start my story.if ekta get time means, she will understand our fanfiction and article we r better story writer than kkb story writer and director. OK guys now I go write my story that nikhil stucked in vanity van,while Ronnie and purab at outside shouting.nikhil thinks what to do??what to do??Suddenly he calls to tanu and ask do something I am struck inside vanity.tanu come back to vanity do some dramas and stop rone purab distract them at same time nikhil escape from vanity.Pragya in panic go to abhi vanity abhi in mad mood and challenges Pragya he go to propose tanu today do whatever you can.abhi go on stage to propose tanu.on stage he call my life, my love,tanu struck by ronpurAb so Pragya go on stage at the time of proposal. Abhi close his eyes and lights also off on stage.he ask Pragya(tanu)

will u my better half??? Will u behalf my life???kneel down and kiss her hands.Suddenly light comes he shocks to see Pragya there and don’t know what to do??fans also shout as Pragya, abhigya best pair in the world. Abhi don’t know how to manage this and he says to pragya come with me angrily. Abhi ask y u come on stage instead of tanu.Pragya manage and answer Ur girlfriend tanu not come there so I came on stage as ur lifesaver. But u shout at me.abhi think about tanu where she go??he called her and ask r u with Ur boyfriend??? Tanu panics if abhi know about her affair. But suddenly abhi says bcoz of u I proposed to pragya. Tanu cut call and shout at ronpurAb bcoz of u guys I lost my life today.abhi proposed to pragya. She run to abhi.they both go to vanity check there but get nothing. All are come to camera room Pragya talk about I see nikhil in burga but is he tanu child father discuss to 3 of them,its heard by sarla agitated and cry and blink her eyes.Pragya ask is it nikhil?? Sarla says s by eyes. Pragya get angry on nikhil bcoz of you my mom in this situation I won’t leave you.

Credit to: sana

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  1. Divya chandru

    Simply superb yaar,

  2. Nice yaar…

  3. superb yr

  4. Nice dr if it happens in real it will be superb but I don’t know what the cv want they always disappointing us by giving some good hope I really hate the kkb writter. Any ways ur story is nice dr.

  5. This situation come real means all r happy yar… but in kkb always dragging

  6. Its Nice dr……….Gud job……..

  7. Same like real kkb updates but nice to read in your way.today episode also gig to be like this only from the forum updates.but the confession is not today.abhi’s words are hurting so much.a normal girl can’t accept this type of guy any more.but what about pragya should wait to watch.

  8. awesome same can happen in real but these cv’s wont take this much perfect stories they show the main lead as dumbos urs is awesome one

  9. Nice yaar….keep going yaar…..

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