Kriyam- love at first sight – Episode 3

Episode 3:

Drama Teacher: All you students have an assessment to do, it’s a play and the topic is about love, in each group there will be two people, I have associated who will be working together, the paper is on drama board, before you leave please check who is your partner.
Class finished, saiyyam and Krishna, went to see who they are working with, both looked and smiled at each other.
Krishna: Guess its density for both of us, and smiles
Saiyyam: Yes it is…… aahhh shes so beautiful, yet dreamy, her smile is adorable, everything about her is perfect.
Krishna punches saiyyam and says,
Krishna: Saiyyam whos this percfect girl???
Saiyyam: (saiyyam realises that he said it out loud,) Ohh no one special, he replied back
Krishna: oh really, well I bet by the end of this week, you will tell me who this girl is.
Saiyyam: okay lets see, ( in saiyyams mind, if you find out, I just hope you will feel the same way)
Krishna: Okay then, it’s a bet, lets go out for some coffee and plan out, what we will do in our play,
Saiyyam lets go

In the cafeteria, they got their coffee and chatted a while..
Krishna: So whos in your family??
Saiyyam: My mum, my sister Yuvani and brother Yuvaan and of course my step-dad. What about yours?
Krishna: ohh I live alone….. my mum passed away, when she gave birth to me and my dad passed away that same day, because he got an heart attack, since my mum died………..( has tears following down her cheecks rapidly)
Saiyyam: oh im so sorry to hear that, I feel bad for you, how do you manage this, who brought you up?
Krishna: I grew up in an orpahange and……… ( hugs saiyyam and cries a lot)
Saiyyam: Hugs her back and consoles her… its okay, im there for you don’t worry..
Krishna: thank you so much…. (krishna’s phone ring, she answers and she drops her phone)
Saiyyam: Krishna what happened, tell me.
Krishna: my house is on fire, everything is lost, I have no home, no family, no one and cries, and shes still hugging saiyyam

Saiyyam: Hugs her back and hes to shocked to say anything, then an idea comes to his mind
Saiyam: What about you come home with me, my family will be alright with it..
Krishna: are you sure/
Saiyyam: yes, I will tell my mum now, (saiyyam rings suhani and tell her everything, suhani agrees and tell Krishna)
You can home, my mum is fine
Krishna: thank you soo much, I love you a lot for this..
Saiyyam: ( I love you too) ur welcome, (PS guys I love you was just in a friend way)
Saiyyam and Krishna leave the college and go to saiyyam home
Suhani sees them and greets them, and brings Krishna inside, she talks to Krishna about her life and consoles her and shows her to the guest room.
Krishna: saiyyam is such a nice guy, im starting to develop fellings for him, just like love at first sight.

Krishna goes out of her room and slips, but saiyyam caught her and have an eye lock. Yuvani comes and coughs, so you must be Krishna, saiyyam makes Krishna stand staright and walks away,
Krishna: yes, that’s me,
Yuvani: come with me, I want to show you something that will make you feel better.

Precap: Yuvani shows Krishna, her, yuvaans and saiyyams childhood photos, which make Krishna laugh and saiyyam watches Krishna and smiles

Hey guys, I tried my best to make it longer, please give feed back about it and let me know what you think..

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    This part was soo Nice… Keep going.. Well done…. Waiting for the next part..update soon…

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    So sweet episode..N d precap is also interesting..

  3. Aww so cute ??

  4. Whos aditya and ayesha then?

  5. Hafiza

    Good question, plz exuse that I wrote that, my first two epi was in a rush, I wrote it, like 4 in the morning

  6. Good episode…keep writing..update ASAP.. 🙂

  7. Superb ya keep going like dis

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