Episode 5;

Scene 1:Park.



Avni goes and after some time Neil also goes.

Scene 2:Outside Pareikh Mansion.(one month later)

Neil was passing by as he had to go to a cafeteria,and suddenly he heard someone calling him,so he turned back and saw Avni standing there.

Avni:Neil ,we should talk.

Neil:Nothing is left to talk about.

Avni:Neil,I’m sorry but I can’t love you….I can’t…..not now.

Neil:Avni………if you can’t love me now ….I will wait for you ….I will wait for you till my last breath.

Avni:Neil…..I can’t….no never….but we can still be besties….can we.And your voice has changed,you sang well last week.

Neil:My voice has changed because now it has pain,and why ……you know…..because you broke my heart.


Neil:Avi,did I ever forced you to do something,did I ever say something wrong,did I hurt you.


Neil:Then why can’t you love me,why ,how much more love does this heart has to lose Avni.

Avni:Ugh…..Neil I think we really shouldn’t be friends……I don’t want to be friends with the Neil who black mails me with the Neil who tries to hold my hands like a creep,and ya I will never forget how we met ,I will never forget the time we spent together,and you know what you ,Vidhyut,Juhi,you all are same .

Neil:Avni….I didn’t mean that,I’m sorry.

Avni:Don’t be And go get yourself a girlfriend,grow up marry her and forget me ,bye forever.

She turns to go.

Neil:No please wait…

Neil goes behind her but she closes the gate.

Next day Neil gets a call from Neela……. and She calls her at her house.

Scene 3: Pareikh Mansion.

Neela:Do you know where Avni,yesterday at night She said that she wants to go for a walk and she never returned.

Neil:No I don’t know where she is but I am willing to help you in finding her.

Suddenly Neela gets a call.

Neela:What,ya I’m coming.Neil Avni met with an accident last night .


Precap:12 years later.

Hey guys I hope you all enjoyed the episode,and sorry for the late update and for not writing anything related to Adiya but don’t worry after the leap,their part will be frequently written and ya I’m also going to include Abeer and Meher from Phil bhi na maane badtamiz dil ,And please comment and like,bye have a great evening.

—Shia Verma.

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  1. Ayesha_malhotra

    Nice. Keep writing more and more Shi’a


  2. Jasminerahul

    sad to see avneil arguing like this.shocking the avni met with an accident

    1. 8B4756

      Thanks for commenting

  3. sry for commenting late shia and I also started to write a story not a fan fiction named MERI ZINDAGI MERI JAAN and u can see the casts and also could read epi 1 and plz do comment

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