Episode 4;

Scene 1:Stuyvesant High school (New York),(After 5 days).

Vidhyut was walking through the empty corridor as he had been quite late ,because of meeting the sports teacher,All the classrooms were empty as the children had already gone home ,Suddenly he felt a tender touch on his shoulder and tilted his head to have a look at the hand. It was well manicured, with black nail polish on the nails, and fragile as the stem of a plant.

Vidhyut slightly moved to see whom it belonged to and when he moved, the slim figure appeared from his back. The figure was Juhi,Her fingers played with the collar of Vidhyut’s blue shirt.

“Vidhyut you ready to bang at the match this weekend? I am all ready to cheer you.”, she said, seductively.

She pushed Vidhyut all over the wall behind them and was literally letting her whole body upon him, inappropriately. Vidhyut was quiet. He was kind of shocked with what was happening,but after a second or two he pulled her more closer and there lips were just touching and then they both melted in a kiss,suddenly there was a sound at the end of the corridor which echoed due to the sore emptiness. It was Avni . She had dropped the notebook in her hands after seeing them.

Vidhyut pushed Juhi away and went towards Avni ,he saw tears streaming down her cheeks ,and then he saw Aakash,Mitali,DD,Sunehri,Ali,Reha and Neil standing a bit away from Avni .

Vidhyut:Avni,it’s not what you are thinking.

Without even saying a word,Avni bent down,picked her notebook and turned to go.But Vidhyut grabbed her hand .

Vidhyut:Avni,I love you.

Avni:It’s over and you never loved me .

Vidhyut:Dammit Avni,you realised this so soon ,wow ,ya you are right,I never loved you ,nobody could love an illegitimate girl,and ya I was just attracted towards you ,it was not love it was just infatuation.

He went to Juhi held her hand and walked away from there towards the cafeteria while Avni ran towards the exit and Neil along with Reha and Ali followed her,finally they found her standing near a tree staring at the sky .Neil kept a hand on her shoulder and she turned back and hugged him.

Neil:Shhh….calm down.


Neil:Avni,you will eventually move on.….will…I….i …..face him…….tomorrow.

Neil:Ignore him Ok.


Scene 2:A park,(New York),(After 5 months).

Avni eventually moved on and now Neil was her bestie and after 5  months,one day Neil called her to a park to watch fireworks at night.

Avni:Wow,Neil look at the sky does it reminds you of something.

Neil:Avi ,we came here to watch the fireworks,BTW the night sky is mesmerising,and it reminds me of stars and people.

Avni:Exactly,And it also shows that we are like a star and another star is waiting for us a star which will we our better half,our perfect match.

Neil:Avi I have to tell you something,maybe you are my star,I love it.

Avni:I knew it but …….I liked you…….i am sorry.

Neil:Avni I am serious.

Avni:Neil you will find someone else.

Neil:But What about my heart,you broke it into pieces with just a sentence.

Avni kisses his both cheeks.


Neil:I’m still not.




Hey guys I am really sorry for the short episode and for not adding anything related to Adiya, and I hope you all enjoyed the episode and ya there’s a big twist coming up ahead and bye have a great evening.

—Shia Verma.

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  1. Hasinasoghra

    Nicer episode

  2. Hasinasoghra

    Shia I would like to suggest you that you should not join Adiya’s ff in this as you already upload short episode because of the lack of the time so in one episode you will upload little of Avneil and little of Adiya so it’s better to continue with one of only it’s just an opinion from sorry if you didn’t like my opinion or you are upset with it I’m really sorry for that

  3. Hasinasoghra

    Please upload your next episode soon I’m waiting for it eagerly

  4. Jasminerahul

    vidyuth juhi scene was passionate. sad that vidyuth talked so rudely to avni.but good that they broke up.Neil consoling avni was nice.loved avni saying that we are a star and another star is waiting for us.loved Neil saying that avni is his star.sad that avni couldn’t accept him and their concersation ended on a bitter note

  5. Jasminerahul

    avni kissing Neil’s cheeks to comfort him was cute

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