Episode 2;

Scene 1:Stuyvesant High School.

After some time Reha came back and Avni was not with her .

Aakash:Where’s Avni.

Reha:She….said that she needed to go to the library to get a book for her next class .

Mitali:You sure about that .

Reha:Um…,maybe one of you should go check on her.Maybe N…

Vidhyut:I will go.

Reha:Ok fine.

Inside the library,

Vidhyut:Avni….you fine.


Vidhyut:Ok so I have to say something to you,after that you will be fine.

He whispers something in her ears.

Avni:Wow …Thanks.

She hugs him and then kisses his cheeks.And then she realises what she did.

Avni:S..sorry Vidhyut I did it by mistake.

Vidhyut:Aww…it’s fine,BTW you did a very sweet mistake.

Avni blushes and runs away from there while Vidhyut stands there smiling like a foolish kid.

After dismissal,Everybody meets near the bleachers.Everybody was talking and Avni and Neil where standing together at a corner.

Neil:Ah…um…Avni how are holding up.

Avni:I’m fine Mister.

Neil:So Avi What will you do after graduation.

Avni:I will become a writer.

Neil:Great ,BTW I’m sorry for flirting with you.

Avni:If you are then ,Friends .


Scene 2:Park.

2 months later,Neil and Avni became quite close FRIENDS and Avni and Vidhyut came quite close and then one day Vidhyut called Avni to a Park .

Avni:Vidhyut where are you ….

Vidhyut:Hey beautiful I’m here and I have to confess something,I love you.

Avni:(laughs)Don’t joke,you know that I’m illegitimate,no body can love me.

Vidhyut:Avni I love you not your identity,will you be my girlfriend.

Avni:Even I love you,and I will be your girlfriend.

Vidhyut:(kisses her cheeks)Ok now we will meet after the one week holidays of course in school and I will meet you everyday bye sweetie.

After he went Avni called Neil there as she was getting bored.

Neil:Hey Avi.

Avni:Neil…you know Vidhyut proposed me and now we are dating,isn’t that nice.

Neil looks towards her with a disappointing look and then says :That’s great,so ……


Neil:Ok now let’s go to back home before we get grounded.

Avni:Oh ya bye .

Hey guys I hope you all enjoyed the episode and I’m sorry for giving such a short and boring episode please bear me and My ff And ya maybe I will update episodes with a gap of one or two days and please comment and like if you all enjoyed the episode,and sorry I couldn’t add any pics today so,bye have a great evening.

—Shia Verma.

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  1. Lucie

    Beautiful one. And dont say it was boring but yes it was a short one.

    1. 8B4756

      Thanks,and I will try to post bigger episodes

  2. Hey you started another fan fiction Shia great job and how do u get time to think abt a story and write it how do you manage r u working or studying
    don’t think anything I just simply asked
    BTW your last story climax avneil having twins enjoyed it I wished it happened in their real life.
    Hey can u be my friend because I have less friends here.

    1. 8B4756

      I’m a student and I actually don’t get much time that’s why I post short episode and ya we can be friends

  3. Avneil1811

    Hey, u end yor last ff very soon….I meant you could make it a bit long and end with a happy ending but the ending was good but u could make some obstacle in meeting like serial but not so long.I hope you will make this ff fabulous and end with happy ending

    1. 8B4756

      Ya I will end this one with a happy ending,and I will try to give atleast 50 episodes ,BTW thanks for commenting,bye good night.

  4. Awesome episode

    1. 8B4756

      Thanks dear

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