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The episode starts sanskar enter his house and sees his mom preparing dining table. He goes near his mom and call his mom.
Ap: what is this you got late.he is in go and talk to him..
Sanskar: sry mom. I can’t believe how did i forget him.i will go and talk to him..
Ap: k sanskar.he didn’t eat till go and bring him to eat.
Sanskar: k mom
Sanskar leaves to laksh room.
Laksh room..
Sanskar enter laksh room and sees laksh sitting on bed with angry face.
Sanskar: laksh i am really sorry..
Laksh: Why are you apologizing to me? Who am i to you? you thought business is important than me.
Sanskar stunned and he become sad…
Sanskar:Laksh pls don’t speak like that..i am really sorry laksh.
Laksh shout bhai pls go and do your office work.let me alone..
Saying this he laugh loudly.. sanskar is confused..

Laksh: bhai,are you afraid?? Look at your face in the mirror,The great businessman sanskar maheswari is afraid of me..laksh call uttara
sanskar : what?? Uttara
Uttara comes into the washroom and angrily sees sanskar..
Laksh: uttara.i won the bet.give me 1000rupees
Sanskar: what bet? Why will she give 1000rupees to you??what’s going on here uttara??

Again uttara angrily sees sanskar and says that because of you ,i lose the bet..laksh laugh loudly..
Sanskar: shut up laksh ,tell me What bet??
Uttara:laksh bhai told me that if he scold you ,you will become sad.but i said you will not…but you..if he scold you more,you will cry..
Sanskar angrily sees both of them…
Laksh and uttara said bhai pls leave me alone( teasingly)
Saying this they both run..sanskar runs behind them and tries to catch them..
Ap sees laksh and uttara comes and stand behind him .. sanskar come from upstairs. Seeing him laksh and uttara runs around the dinning table sanskar tries to catch him..
Ap said to sujatha that this moment is missing in this for last four years.they smile at each other.

Atlast three of them were got tired and sat for lunch…
Dp and ram Prasad are also sat for their lunch…
After sometime laksh goes to Sanskar room and sees Sanskar works in laptop. Laksh closes the laptop and says spend some time with me.
Sanskar: ok laksh,tell how was you college days.
Laksh: super bhai.
Sanskar: how is your love story going on??
Laksh: its fine till now.but..
He stop..
Sanskar: but what..
Laksh told swalak conversation..
Sanskar: don’t worry laksh i will handle. i will talk to mom and dad.
Laksh: thanks bhai.
Sanskar: k we will go for dinner tonight.
Laksh:k bhai..which restaurant
Sanskar:Gladway restaurant
Swara house…
Swara calls ragini..
Swara: hi is papa and dadi.
Ragini: is your family?
Swara : fine know ragu we will plan outing tonight
Ragini: where swara.
Swara: Gladway restaurant for dinner
Ragini: have a wonderful day my dear

After they finish their talks,they cut their calls and smiles..

At Gladway restaurant..
Laksh and Sanskar arrived the restaurant and they order their food and have a causal talk..At the same time Swara and her parents enter the restaurant. laksh see swara but swara doesn’t .
Laksh: bhai how is that girl ?
Sanskar: which girl..
Laksh: your side second table..(pointing at swara)
Sanskar: why are you asking about that girl.
Laksh: just tell me she perfect match for me?
Sanskar look at laksh angrily.
Sanskar: are you mad? Then that girl??
Laksh: which girl??
Sanskar: you said you love someone
Laksh: i will decide to break up with her
Sanskar: k k ( he message someone)
Laksh:whom did you message?
Sanskar: its official message.. why will you break up with her?? Tell me reason
Laksh: she is a mad,always fighting with me for silly reasons,she always trouble me ,you know 10days before she fought with me for not attending her cruel she is…
Sanskar: oh then break up with her
laksh: yes i will do
sanskar : You do not have that difficulty.And she will do it.
Laksh: what !!!!!!!! How????
Sanskar: look back
Laksh turns and shocked. swara is standing behind him and stares lasksh angrily…
She sat beside them…
Sanskar: i think she coming to propose you..( with laughing)
Laksh: Swara when did you come???
Swara: i came when you called me mad.
Laksh smiles with little guilt…
Swara: k you want to break up with me..k let’s break up
laksh : swara???
Swara : what Swara?? You only said to your brother that you want to break up with me??
Laksh : sry Swara.. just i did a prank with my brother..
Sanskar: you did not prank on me.we(Swara and sanskar) only prank you …fool
Swara and sanskar have a hi fi
Laksh look confused and ask sanskar that you know her before..
Sanskar: yeah i know her.
Laksh: how??? I didn’t show her photos to you
Sanskar:when you told that you are in love with one girl. i collected her details and had a meeting with her without your knowledge.
Laksh : what??? when did you meet her.
Sanskar: you remember when you told me about your love,i asked one week to decide..
I met her one of the day on that week.. I told her not to say that to you..i messaged her few minutes ago about your prank..
Swara: if you tell another girl,i will kilk you. But its me, so you escaped..k guys .i have to go.Mom and dad wait for me at parking.
She says bye to them and goes…
Sanskar and laksh also left after finishing their dinner..
Morning at maheswari mansion…
Dp and rp are discussing about their business. laksh and uttara comes and sit beside dp.
Ap and Sujatha arranges dinning table. Where sanskar comes downstairs,laksh signal sanskar to speak with dad about his love..
Sanskar sit beside.
Sanskar: dad, i want to tell you something.
Dp: what sanskar, whether its about business or something else
Sanskar : its about marriage.
All look sanskar surprised and shocked.
Ap and sujatha come near them(happily)…
Sujatha: Atlast you thinking about your marriage. thank god..
Sanskar and Laksh look at each other confusingly..Ap smiles.
Ap : shall i look bride for you love someone??
Sanskar: yes its love.
All are happy..laksh look shocked.
Sanskar: but its not mine.laksh love a girl in his college.
Hearing this all look are shocked and look at laksh…
The epi end…….

Precap: Swara and Laksh engagement date fixed.Swara goes to Kolkata and bring ragini to her engagement…

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