Hi frnds.. i am yogapriya.
I am back with 1st episode. i hope you all like my ff and i foget to tell something.thanks for your comments.

Let’s go into story…

Note: ragini native place is kolkata. swara and laksh family staying in mumbai. Swaragini and laksh studying in dehli and staying in hostel…

The episode starts swaragini get ready for go to college.
Swara call laksh but he doesn’t pick up.she angrily about to throw the Phone that time ragini comes and stop swara.
Ragini: swara what are you doing?
Swara: ragini this laksh doesn’t pick my know that our college days over in 10 days.but he doesn’t pick my call.what can i do
Saying this she cries.ragini try to console her.
Ragini: swara pls dont cry.i think laksh must be planning some surprise for you.
Swara: ragini pls dont support him.
Ragini: k k i dont support him.come lets go to college.
Swara: no ragini i am not coming.i cant concentrate.
Ragini: swara today class is very important. pls yaar…k
Atleast you come to meet laksh.he must be you can meet him.
Swara: k ragu i am coming.
They go to class.but laksh is not here..swaragini sit first bench.

At class room,
Swara: ragini where is laksh?
Ragini: may be he is on the way..pls wait swara.he will be coming
Swara: ragu whom period is first?
Ragini: professor raghunath
Swara: oh no he is very strict.if anyone making small noise,he will be throw them out.i am not attend his class .i am going.
Saying this she get up,but professor she had no option.she sit down.
In mind swara scold laksh because of he ,she attend the class.
While the class is going on,someone aiming the paper roll at swara,but mistakenly hit on ragini shoulder. suddenly she turn back and shocked.
She wonder how did this guy enter the class.
Ragini: oh god, swara look back
Swara: what
Ragini said swara pls look back a bit loud..
The professor saw this and them to get out..
Swaragini get up and comes outside the class.
Swara: what ragini.why are you asking me to look back.

Suddenly they heared laughing sound behind them and they turn back.
Swara says LAKSH with shocking expression.
This guy is none other than laksh.
Ragini: how did you come out?
Swara: wait wait…. Is he inside the class? When did he come?
Laksh: you have a only way to enter the class,but i have secret way.
Swaragini: secret way…???
Laksh: why are you staring me like this.i am saying about window.why…
Never you use that way… ??
Saying this he smile loudly. Swaragini smiles at each other and swara think that how did she love him and smile a bit.she saw laksh smile loudly and she remember he doesn’t pick her call and again get angry.
Swara says very funny and hold Ragini hand and drag her away..
Laksh says swara and follow them..
After some time
At canteen
Swaragini are sitting one table.
Ragini: why did you do that swara.
Swara: what i did
Ragini: why are you not speaking with laksh.laksh must feel bad..
Swara: ragu pls dont support him
That time laksh enter the canteen and sit beside swaragini.
Swara get up.Ragini says pls swara sit down.swara angrily look at laksh and sit down…
Laksh:sry swara i cant pick up your phone call
Swara : you have no time foe always doesn’t care about me.
Laksh: why are you speaking like this..
Swara: you always make a mistake then ask why (angrily)
Laksh : sometime you too make mistake.its human nature.
Swara: its for human.not for you
Laksh: what.. am i not a human
Swara: yes
Laksh: swara(angrily)
Ragini whose watching this ,shout both of you shut up saying this loudly. everyone sees Ragini.
Ragini sees everyone watching her and says sorry to all.she said swalak that i am going to both contine your fighting.

Saying this ragini get up and murmured that before they will get married ,definitely i will go to mental hospital.
Swara get up and call ragini.but she’s she sadly sit .
Swara look at laksh angrily.
Laksh: sry swara.pls forgive me
Swara look on and ask when will you tell about us to your family..
Laksh : swara after 10days our clg got over .i will go and make them agree.already my brother knows about us .so he will support us and convince them.
Swara look at laksh as sad.laksh hold swara hand and says dont worry swara, i will definitely make them agree and says i love you swara,i am always with you forever..
Swara smiles and says i love you too….

After 10 days,
At hostel
Swaragini pack their things for go to their home..
Swara phone rings.
Swara :haan laksh tell
Laksh : how much time will you take. I am waiting outside the girls hostel. everyone look at nice girl also look at me like eating me.
Swara: you have lot of comedy senses. one girl look at you…very comedy laksh. I am 100 percentage sure,she is not fool like me.
Laksh: swara…
Suddenly ragini take the phone from swara and put on speaker.she says to swalak that dont start your fight.she says to laksh that we will be in 10minutes. after speaking, she cut the call.
Swara says laksh told that one girl look at him.very funny..she smiles loudly.

Ragini look sad and sit on their bed.she thinking something.swara come near her and touch her shoulder.
Swara: what happens to you ragini..
Ragini: nothing swara
Swara: no you look sad
Ragini hugs swara and cries.she says that we when will we meet again.our college life is over.
Swara: i have one idea.
Ragini: for what
Swara: we are staying together forever
Ragini: what idea( with exiting)
Swara: laksh have one handsome brother. if you marry him, we will be together forever.
Ragini:swara, are you crazy?you already know that how did i came here for studies. You know about my father. i won’t trouble me.
Swara : k k we will be together forever.only our college life is over.but our friendship is not.we will be keeping touch always..
Swara hugs ragini and says we are swaragini…
They smiles and leaves.
They comes outside their hostel and see laksh standing there.
Laksh: finally you came.ragini your train ticket
Ragini take it and says thanks laksh.
Laksh says to swara that lets go swara .we are getting late to flight.
Ragini says all the best to them.swalak goes one way and Ragini goes another way.while going swaragini look at each other and smiles..

Epi end…

PRECAP : Sanskar entry…..

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