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Episode 6

Let’s go into our story….
The episode starts ragini look at sanskar angrily..
Suddenly laksh came in,and sees ragini there.
Laksh: ??? ragini…. !!!!!!! How did you come here?
Ragini: laksh… your mom fainted in temple…
Hearing this sanskar and laksh are shocked and ask Where is mom???hall
Ragini: she is in the hall.
Sanskar and laksh runs towards hall.Ragini is confused and follow them..
Sanlak come to ap and what happened?
Sanskar: are you feeling better??
Laksh: can i call doctor???

Ap is about to speak something,but sanskar stop and scold her….
Sanskar:why did you go alone?? I already told you many times not to go alone..
Ragini watches this and misses her mom.
Sanskar: mom, tell me anything..
Ap : if you speak continuously, how can i speak..
Ap sees ragini watching this and ask her to come…
Ap says sanlak that this girl only helped me…
Ap says to Ragini that” beta i totally forget to ask your name”
Ragini is about to tell her name,but laksh interrupt..
Laksh: mom,she is ragini…

Ap : how do you know???
Laksh:she is my and swara best friend..She is the girl, yesterday i went to picked up..
Ap smiles at ragini…
Ragini:k aunty, i have to go..
Ap: no beta ,you must have breakfast in our home…
Laksh: yeah ragini,my mom is a great cook,you must eat with us.i will inform swara that you are in my home…

Ragini agreed with little hesitate…
Laksh:i will go to my room and get fresh.. just 10 minutes..
Saying this he leaves….
Ap says to ragini that” you will sit here,i will go to prepare breakfast within 10minutes”
Ragini sit on sofa…

Sanskar is about to go upstairs. Ap stop him and ask him to talking with ragini….
Ap goes to kitchen…
Sanskar sit opposite to ragini and think whether i say thanks or not…
Ragini think that how arrogant he is?? I helped his mom,but he didn’t says thanks to me”
Ap : ragini beta come ,breakfast ready…
Sanskar: oh shit, i totally forget that meeting, mom i will go and get ready…
Saying this he goes upstairs….
Laksh came and join with ragini…

After finishing breakfast ,Ragini take blessing from ap and went out…
Ap sees sanskar come and gives him one tiffen boxx….
Sanskar : what is this mom???
Ap: this is your breakfast.. you have it ,after meeting… don’t forget….
Sanskar says bye and leaves….
Ragini goes to home and told Swara what happened ..
Swara exclaimed….
Swara: i think my idea is going to happen..
Ragini: what idea..
Swara: your marriage with sanskar..

Ragini:shutup.. this is not going to happen ever..
Swara: why not??? Sanskar is a perfect match for you…
Ragini: leave it, what’s your plan today???
Swara: today evening we are going to shopping..
Ragini: Thats good idea…
Sanskar office:
After meeting, sanskar comes to his cabin.he sit on his chair and relaxes..
Suddenly sanskar phone rings..

Sanskar sees his phone. It displays laksh name
He attends laksh call..
Sanskar: haan laksh

Laksh: bhai are you free in the evening?
Sanskar: I’ll be always free myself for my bro.. tell me laksh
Laksh: thats my brother.. bhai can we go for shopping ?? I want to buy some shirts and night suits.
Sanskar: haan laksh. I too want to buy casual wears anf office suits.. surely we will go by 2day evening..
Laksh: ok bhai.. lets do your work..we will come to our office at 5pm.we will go together.
Sanskar says ok laksh and disconnect the call…
At evening,

Swaragini goes to mall
Whereas sanlak also goes to the same mall.
( But they didn’t meet each other..)
Swaragini and sanlak are in the same textile shop in the mall.
Swara and ragini looks for a lahenga for ragini.
Sanlak looks for casual wears for sanskar…
Swara select one dress for ragini and ask her to try it out..
Ragini took that dress and go to the trail room.
Meanwhile. Sanskar also going to trail room.

Ragini get in to trail room and locks the door ( but the lock is loosely closed. She didn’t notice that.)…
She is about to change the dress…
Sanskar mistakenly opens the door where ragini is in…
Meanwhile. laksh ans swara sees each other .. they both were talking.
Suddenly they hear ragini shouted..
They rushed towards trail room..
Ragini: how dare you open the door.when Iam in..??

Sanskar: I’m sorry ragini.. I didn’t open the door intentionally.. I just misunderstood it was a gents trail room..
Ragini: shutup.. I know who you are…
Sanskar: plz don’t decide my character from that incident only..
There becomes crowded.. and all are scolding sanskar.. sanskar explained what happened.
Laksh and swara arrived and they cleared the crowd..
Swara says ragini that sanskar is a very nice person. you must have a wrong thought about him..
Ragini just sees swara..
Again sanskar says sorry and leaves ..

Laksh: my brother is not like that you misunderstood him ..
Saying this he follows sanskar …
Ragini said to swara,” Swara lets go to home.”..
Swara says ok and they leaves…
At night,

At swara’s home..
Ragini is fall asleep..
Swara just seeing ragini and thinks definitely she hide something from me……
At maheswari mansion..
Sanskar enters in to home..
Ap calls him but he didn’t see her.
Sanskar directly goes to his room.
Follwed by sanskar, laksh enters,
Ap ask him,what happened to sanskar?.
Nothing is happened mom…. bhai just too tired.. leave him ..he will be alright next day..
Ok laksh just take care of him and leaves..
Laksh worried about sanskar..
Laksh calls swara..

Laksh: swara ……
Swara:haan laksh.. is everything ok???
Laksh: no swara.. something is wrong with them.
Swara: not something laksh…. Everything is wrong…From the day they both met..
Laksh:I think so ..swara.. From the day they met .. they both behave like they had a past…
Swara: wait wait.. May be they have a past..
Laksh: what are you saying? Without our knowledge is it possible..?
Swara: laksh just think.. no one will fight without any reason.
If they had a reason to fight..definitely it their past..
Laksh becomes speechless..
Swara: hello laksh…. are you there..?

Laksh become sense and says haan .
Laksh: if they had a past.why they hide from us??
Swara: I don’t know.but one thing is sure.. something is happened between them.
Laksh: if it is… we have to find out that swara..
Swara: this is what exactly I want to say.. we will find it.
Laksh: How will we find out?..
Swara: C.I.D….!!!!
Laksh: what… are you mad..? How will we go to C.I.D..? Its my brother’s past.
Swara: oh god… We are that C.I.D …. ??
Laksh smiles and says done Ms. swara C.I.D .we will start our mission by tomorrow onwards..
Swara says ok .
They both cuts the call and smiles..
Epi ends…

Precap: swara and laksh start their MISSION 1….. ????


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