Hi frnds, i hope you all like my ff.i am back with new episode. If any mistakes ,pls forgive me. episode

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Episode 5

Let’s go into our story….
The episode start..
Swara house:
Swara changed her dress and came out of the washroom. She apply some cream for her hands.while applying,she says to ragini…
Swara: ragini, you know what …i am really sad about our college days ended. After eight days my engagement. So we have eight days,we will enjoy in these eight days. Tell ragini, where will we go tomorrow????

Ragini has no response..
Swara turns and sees Ragini deeply thinking something. Swara came near her and touch her shoulder.
Swara: Ragini ???
After hearing Swara voice,ragini came into her sense..
Ragini: Swara
Swara: tell me,where will we go tomorrow???
Ragini : where Swara??
Swara: where means, you did not hear,what i said?
Ragini: sry Swara, i was thinking something

Swara: what about?
Ragini: i was thinking about dadi and papa
swara: are you saying true?? I thought you were thinking about sanskar..
Ragini is shocked..
Ragini: what??? Are you mad? Why am i going to think about him??
Swara:arey i just joking ..why are you tension? Is you hide anything from me??
Ragini is shocked and speechless…
Ragini : no Swara( little tension)..
Swara noticed this ..

Swara: ragini go and change your dress..
Ragini goes to washroom.. After few minutes Ragini come out the washroom,they lie in the bed.
Swara thinks that i know Ragini, definitely you hide something from me.i will find out..She slept while thinking about it..Ragini also slept..
On the otherside..

At maheswari mansion:
Sanskar and laksh enter their house.they sees ap is waiting for them.
Ap: finally you two came, i am waiting for you from evening, where were you two gone??
Laksh: mom we went to railway station.
Ap:railway station??? But why??
Laksh: mom we went to pick up swaragini
Ap: who Ragini

Laksh: she is Swara and my best friend
Hearing ragini name sanskar think something…
Ap: oh k beta,come i will serve your dinner.
After hearing ap voice sanskar came into his sense..
Sanskar: mom we ate already outside. I am very tired i will go to room and take rest..pls wake up me early..
Saying this he leaves…
Laksh: mom i also very tired.. i will go to my room..
Laksh and ap also leaves to their respective rooms…
Sanskar room:

Sanskar was looking at the moon through the window and think something…
Laksh came sanskar room and call sanskar..
Sanskar came into his sense.
Sanskar: what happened Laksh??you did not slept yet.
Laksh:no bhai, i just came to see you
Sanskar: laksh,is anything problem???

Laksh: nothing bhai,i am not sleepy..
Saying this Laksh sit on sofa,sanskar also come near him and sit beside him..
Sanskar: Laksh i know you want to ask something
Laksh : bhai
Sanskar: Laksh i know you than yourself…
Laksh: k bhai, i am coming to matter…do you know ragini before?
Sanskar is stunned and he thinks something..
Laksh: bhai bhai

sanskar came into his sense..
Laksh: bhai what are you thinking??
Sanskar: nothing laksh
Laksh: You have not yet answered the question I asked
Sanskar: no Laksh , i didn’t know her before…
Laksh: k bhai i am getting sleepy..
Laksk says good night to sanskar and leaves to his room…
After few minutes sanskar also slept, while thinking about ragini…

Next morning,
Swara house:

Ragini is getting ready for going to temple. She sees Swara is sleeping..
Ragini come near to swara and try to get up he.but swara didn’t…
Ragini: Swara pls get up,today is friday,regularly i will go to temple.pls come with me…
While sleeping Swara says..
Swara:now time is 7’o clk,i didn’t getup too early. pls ragu,If you want to go to the temple then you go. I will not come.pls ragu let me sleep…if you tell driver,he will take you to temple.
Ragini : k bye.
Ragini came out and sees a one oldman washing the car.she goes near him.
Ragini:uncle, will you take me to any nearby temple?

Driver: k beta,come..
While going to temple, driver ask Ragini …
Driver: beta,who are you?? Are you neil sir relative???
Ragini: no uncle,i am swara friend. i came here for her engagement..
They reach temple….
Driver: beta ,you go.i will wait here..
Ragini: k uncle..
Ragini goes in and pray to god..She was not alone in the temple, there was another lady who came to pray for her son marriage.that lady is none other than our sanskar’s mom Ap.
Ap usually came to temple Friday..she feels dizzy and fall down.
Ragini sees this and came near her.she wakes up her..
Ragini: aunty what happened???
Ap came into her sense..

Ap: nothing beta,i felt i am k.
Ragini:aunty where is your house? Can i drop you to your house??
Ap: its k beta,i came here by car.
Ap like Ragini very much..
Ap : beta ,will you come with me to my house??
Ragini thinks something.
Ap: if you do not want it ,do not come.
Ragini: no aunty, it’s not like that. I have to inform my home.
Saying this she take her phone and calls swara.she says everything and cuts call.
Ragini: k aunty,let’s go.
Ap: k beta.
They came outside.

Ap:beta i will go by my will follow my car.
Ragini :k aunty.
Ragini says to driver that “uncle follow that car”
Ap and ragini reach maheswari mansion..they enter the house..
Ap ask Ragini to sit on sofa..
Ap :beta what do you want? Coffee or tea
Ragini: aunty are you playing? You are so you should take rest..i will go to kitchen and prepare something for you..
Ap: but..
Ragini stop her..
Ragini: no sit..i will go and prepare something..
Saying this she goes to kitchen.

Ap like her concerns..
Ragini prepare tea and goes to ap and ask her to have tea and biscuits..
Suddenly ap thinks something and says oh god..
Ragini : aunty what happened?
Ap: beta my son asked me to wake up early.but i totally forget about that..i will go to his room and give tea.
Ragini: aunty,you sit. i will go and give him a tea..
Ap : beta are you sure??
Ragini: i am sure aunty..
Ap: second room is my elder son room.
Ragini: k aunty, i will go.

Ap sits and thinks she is perfecf match for sanskar..
Ragini goes upstairs..
Ragini goes inside the room but no one is there..she hear a water sound from washroom. so she kept the tea on the table and turns
At the time sanskar came from the washroom with night dress.they both hit each other and fall down..Ragini is top on the sanskar..they have a eye lock…
After few minutes they came into their sense..
Ragini: what are you doing here???
Sanskar: hlo hlo this is my you tell, what are you doing here??
Ragini: what?? You are that son ……??????

Sanskar: what son …??
Ragini: 1st you getup…
Sanskar:you have to getup 1st,then only I can…B’coz you’re on my top…
Ragini getsup quickly.. Ragini sees up and says,” oh god, why are you send this guy infront of me again and again.”…
They both look at each other… ???
Epi end….

Precap: Ragsan fight.. swara and laksh talks about ragsan and they decided to findout ragsan secret..??

I know guys it’s boring..but i will try to improve..

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