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Episode 4

Let’s go into our story….
The episode start
Sanskar and laksh park their car in the railway station and get off.
Meanwhile swaragini wait for laksh..(Station is full of crowd).
Swara calls laksh ..
Laksh: haan swara, we are just standing outside the station.
Swara: laksh , what will you do standing outside? Come in .we are just arrived.
Laksh: ok ok we’ll come (cuts the call)
Sanskar: what laksh.? Did they arrive?

Laksh: yeah sanskar lets go in..
Suddenly sanskar phone rings.he attend the call.
Sanskar speaks for a while and the cut the call
Sanskar: laksh I have an important meeting right now.sorry laksh Its very important for our business. You’ll go and pickup swara.I’ll joint with you later. Sorry laksh
Laksh: ok bhai. No problem you go I’ll manage..
Sanskar says bye and leaves..
Laksh goes in and sees swaragini. He waves his hand towards swara and shouts her name..
Ragini sees laksh and says swara that laksh is there..
Swaragini took their luggages. And reached laksh
Laksh: how’s your journey?

Swara: its amazing..
Ragini: laksh congratulations. After seeing you and swara, I believed in love ..
Laksh smiles and says thanks ragini
They took a taxi and sit in …
Laksh ask swaragini .did they eat anything or else we go for some restaurant.?
Swara: haan laksh. I’m very hungry.. Atlast you ask this question? Thank god ..
Ragini: yeah I too feeling hungry…

Laksh told taxi driver to go for mukil restaurant.
They reached amukil mukil restaurant..
Meanwhile sanskar also in the same restaurant for his meeting.
Sanskar is in the first floor at conference hall.
Swaragini and laksh are in the ground floor .
Dadi calls ragini..

Ragini attend the call.
Ragini: Helo dadi…!!!
Dadi: helo ragu…
Ragini: dadi .I can’t hear you dadi ..
Signal is weak here swara I’ll be back in minute
Saying this ragini comes to the lawn
Ragini say dadi can you hear me????.
Dadi : haan beta .. Have reached there safely? What are you doing? Did you eat anything?.
Ragini smiles and says dadi don’t worry about me. Am safe here.
Have you took your medicine regularly?

Dadi: haan beta..
Ragini: ok dadi I’ll call you later and cuts the call.
At that time she hear someone calls her behind
Ragini turned back and shocked.
(Its sanskar)
Sanskar also stunned looking at her.
They both say “You…” simultaneously
Ragini: you came again… ??
Sanskar: look I already told sorry .. what happened is happened and its over..
Ragini: you have to rights to talk.person like u have no rights to live at all.shameless fellow.
Sanskar: shutup… Don’t make a scene here I’ll….(suddenly sanskar phone rings)
Its laksh ..laksh asks sanskar where he is… and told that he is in the mukil restaurant.
Sanskar says I’m also in the same restaurant wait I’ll come and join with you.and cuts the calls.
Ragini looks confused.

Sanskar says to ragini that I don’t want to waste my time.get lost.
Ragini: ohh you think I want to spend time with you.. Never…..
Sanskar says then go to hell and left the place.
Ragini pray to god ” please never let him allow in to my life”
And she goes in.
Ragini got shocked seeing sanskar with Swara and laksh.
They both said ” you”

Laksh asks are you know to each other?
They both say no simultaneouslycon and sees each other angrily.
Swara and laksh confused
Swara introduced sanskar to ragini.
Ragini shocked that he is laksh’s brother..?
Sanskar also shocked knowing that the girl he knows is none another than ragini..
They both angrily smiling at each other.
They four quietly eating.ragini and sanskar can’t even say a word..
Suddenly sanskar cough heavily.
Laksh give him a glass of water and says to him like ” Bahi I think some one is scolding you”.
Sanskar: I know who is it?
Swara: who ?

Sanskar: I just saw one idiot few minutes ago.he blocks the ways and speaks with phone.May be that idiot will scold me ..( saying this sanskar sees ragini )
Ragini think Am i idiot?? And hit laksh leg thinking that its sanskar..
Laksh shouted and ask why did you hit my leg ragini?
Ragini says sorry laksh ..
Laksh says its ok ..
Sanskar silently smile at ragini.
Ragini sees him angrily.

Swara watch this and confused.
After the meal.. they got in to the car.
Sanskar and laksh sit in front. and swaragini sit in the back seat.
Sanskar puts the key on car keyhole and sees the front mirror. Seeing ragini in the mirror.sanskar turns the mirror on the other side.
Laksh:what bhai ? Why you turn this mirror? How will you drive without seeing front mirror.???
Sanskar: If I see this mirror only,I can’t drive..
Laksh: what…??
Sanskar says nothing laksh…
Ragini murmured that ,he will definitely say about me..”
Swara asked ragini did you say anything?
Ragini also says nothing..
Swara thinks something worng with them……
They dropped swaragini at Swara’s house.. and says bye..
Sanskar starts the car and about to go and look swaragini.
Ragini turns back and sees sanskar is also seeing her .. she angrily turned back and walk towards inside..

Swara parents welcomes ragini..
Ragini get blessing from both of them
Swara mom told ragini to go and fresh herself and we will eat dinner together.
Swara: mom we ate on the way.. sorry mom
Swetha: ok beta.. you too go to your room and take rest.
Neil says good night to both of them
Swaragini says good night to swara parents and went to swara room
Swara goes to change her dress.
Ragini sits on a bed and thinks

( Ragini in mind ” I never want to meet you again.. but I think my fate is designed to meet you .. I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen in this 10 days.only god will know… oh god please help me..)
Meanwhile sanskar and laksh travel towards their home.
Sanskar thinks about ragini..
And says to himself ( From that day I’ll never want to see you again. But after I saw you 2day I would like to see u each and every second .. I don’t know why.. Its some kind of feeling I like..lets see what happen in our life… ?) and smiles himself.????????????
Epi end….

Precap: swara asks ragini , is she hide anything from her..? Ragini got shocked and speechless.. meanwhile laksh aks sanskar, did he know ragini before??? Sanskar thinks that whether he will told laksh that secret or not..???


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