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Episode 3

Lets go in to the story..
Sanskar says to his family that laksh love one girl at his college.
Everyone gets shocked…
Meanwhile, at swara’s house swara also talks to her dad about her love
Neil :who’s he ???
Swara: laksh maheswari dad….
Neil: looks shocked ????…………I need some time to decide.
Swara says ok dad and left .

At maheswari house.
Ap: who’s she ?
Laksh: Swara malhotra….ma
Dp: looks shocked .. what’s her father name??
Laksh: his name is Neil malhotra dad.he is also a business man in Mumbai.
Dp and ram prasad looks each other shockingly..
Ramprasad: Is he know about ur love ?
Laksh: no chacha..swara told me that she will let him know..
Dp: ok we need some time to decide about that laksh.
Laksh say ok dad with sad face..
Everyone goes back to thier respective works…

At laksh room.
Laksh thinking deeply about his father words.
While laksh phone rings.
Laksh sees swara name displays on the screen.
He pickup the call .
Laksh: haan swara.
Swara:I want to share you something important
Laksh: I too swara.
Swara: few minutes ago .I spoke with dad about us.
Laksh exclaimed and asks “Is he said ok.?”..
Swara sadly said no laksh he says he want some time to decide..
Laksh shouted what he too need time..??
Swara: what?? He too means..?? Have you spoken to ur dad???
Laksh: haan swara. My dad also said like your dad.
Swara doesn’t say any words. They become silent for a second.
And laksh started to talk again
laksh: what does god decided to play with us..?? Oh god….. ?
Swara says laksh please come down.. lets hope for a best.. I love u.
Laksh also says love you baby and cuts the call.
( The next day is Sunday.. maheswari family usually goes to their farm house and spend their time happily..)

Night at swara house.
All of them are sit in dinning table..
Swara doesn’t eat .she sadly draw circles on her meals.
Neil: listen we are going to meet my business friend ..
Swetha: ok ji.
Neil calls swara and said good night swara ..
Swara smiles at him with eys full of tears..

At maheswari mansion,
Laksh lay down in his bed sadly…
Uttara come in and asks laksh to eat..
Laksh refuses to eat said I’m not in hungry.
Uttara: Don’t worry bhai.badepapa definitely accept your love.. please bhai never be sad .. Its also make me sad..
Laksh smiles at her and goes for dinner.

At morning in the farm house.
Dp and Ramprasad sits on a lawn and have a casual talk
While Ap and sujatha prepares break fast for them.
Sanskar and uttara plays hand pushup. Laksh keeps his hand on his cheek and sat down.
Suddenly A car came towards their farm house.. hearing this car sound everyone in the farm house came out..and looks that car..
Neil and swetha got off from the car..
Dp and Ramprasad welcomes them..
Everyone stares at them .
Suddenly swara came out from the car.
Sanskar gets shocked and asks laksh to sees
Laksh angrily said what bro and looks
Laksh and Swara became speechless by seeing each other.
Dp and neil hugs each other..
Laksh and swara shockingly watches..
Dp said to laksh that neil is his business friend.
Neil said ,”yesterday only we decided to arrange your marriage.”
Everyone becomes happy hearing this..
Ap: come lets go in and talk.
Everyone gets in to the farm house …
Ap and sujatha give a coffee to everyone.
Swara : give to me aunt.I’ll give coffee to everyone. and borrows the coffee plate..
Swara gives coffee to everyone and stand beside her dad.
Dp: ok neil, when will we arrange their marriage.???
Neil: frankly speaking.. I am too happy to hear this..whenever you say.. And smiles.???
Ap: 1 min…we will postpone this marrige for after some time..
Everyone got shocked…

Dp: what is this ap..? Whats is the problem in this marrige..?
Ap: this marrige is the only problem…
Swara sadly asked ap,” aunty. Don’t you like me ? Or am I did anything wrong??
Ap: Nahi beta.your are a perfect match for my son..
Sanskar: then whats the problem ma.
Ap: the problem is your marriage sanskar… your marriage…?
Sanskar got confused. ? ?
Ap: If you don’t get married. how will we arrange your younger brother marriage.
What will this society said..beta????
Sanskar: hare maa… This is totally simple thing.. I don’t mind if he gets married first.
Ap: I know sanskar you don’t mind but the society will……!!!!!!!!!
Sanskar: maa plzz .. I don’t want to be a burden in my brother’s life..
Laksh: sanskar. I think maa is right..
Sanskar: shutup laksh…
Dp: then what is the solution for this…??
Neil: yeah. What is your wife says is obviously correct..
Ramprasad: Then what to do..???
Neil: we will arrange their engagement now.. then when sanskar’s marriage get fix, we will conduct your 2 sons marriage at a single mandap..??

Hearing this idea everyone is agreeing with this..
Dp: ok then I call to pandit to fix thier engagement and calls pandit ..asks him and cuts the call..
Ap: kya ji.. When will we conduct the engagement
Dp: from today..after 10 days..
Laksh and swara smiles at each other…
Everyone have thier breakfast.. adults have their talk at living room
While youngsters are in the lawn

At lawn,
Swara,laksh,sanskar and uttara are playing carrom .
Swara: I must thank to god ..
Laksh: for what..?
Swara: for fix our marriage without any complications
Sanskar smiles and says You have to thank me first than god..
Swara giggled and says acha ji….
Uttara says finally I have one sweet bhabi… and have a hifi with swara..
Swara : tomorrow I have an important work..
Laksh : what work swara..? Are we go for outing???
Swara patted laksh head and says.. u fool how will you forgot ragini .. we have to thank her first ..she only manages us when we have a silly fight.
Laksh: haan swara .. I will call her and said this (takes his phone)
Swara: wait .. no no..I will go to her home surprisingly and brings her to Mumbai for our engagement…
Sanskar: who’s ragini?
Swara: she is my close close friend.. she is the scret keeper of mine…
Laksh: haan bro.. you must meet her.. she is a nice girl..
Sanskar: achaa.. ok I’ll see..
Swara: laksh plz books train ticket to kolkata.
Sanskar: Kolkata…….. (he have some random flashbacks in his mind)
Laksh: yeah swara .. and said to sanskar “haan bhai she’s in Kolkata”
Did you known anyone in Kolkata?????
Sanskar becomes speechless for a moment..
Laksh soak him and said bhai….
Sanskar said no laksh .. I didn’t know anyone from there..
Sanskar says to himself ,”Oh god, this ragini must not be that girl I seen “..
And smiles at every one…
That sunday had a special memories to all of them.. and they all leaves to their home..
Laksh books ticket for that sunday night..
Swara said to their mom and dad and rushes to railway station happily..

Next day morning,
At ragini house,
Dadi asks ragini ,” beta go and wipe the cloths”,
Ragini says ok dadi and brings the bucket full of clothes and goes to terrace
She started wiping clothes..she hears a sound of auto infront of her house
She saw from the terrace.
Swara gave money to auto driver.
Ragini says swara happily and run downstairs..
Swara enters in to the house ..seeing ragini ,swara hugs her .
Both were very happy..
Suddenly dadi came and swara beta how are you?
Swara: find dadi. And get blessing from her and ask where is papa?
Dadi: he goes to work swara.. he will be late.. come lets have some tea…
Three of them sit in dinning table and have a tea
Swara says happily explained about what is happening in the past days.
Ragini and dadi becomes happy to hear this..
Swara : I came here to invite all of u to my engagement.
Dadi: haan I’m happy for you beta.but…
Swara: what but dadi….????
Dadi: leaving for 10 days from Kolkata should be difficult for Shekar..
Swaragini becomes sad …
Swara : then send ragini with me dadi ..
Dadi silently thinks..
Swara said I’ll talk to papa..
Dadi: ok you only have that guts to talk to him …
Swara and ragini smiles..

At night Shekhar comes in .. seeing swara he becomes very happy
Shekhar: haan are you?? Long time no tall you become ..??
Swara said to him about her engagement..
Shekhar smiles …
Swara asks him to send ragini with her.
Shekar thinks for a while and says .. ok beta .Ragini will come to you ..
Everyone becomes happy.after they finished their dinner..
Swara calls laksh that ragini and her will be departure at next day noon train..
And ask him to pickup in the day after tomorrow evening…
Nextday noon…
Ragini and swara departure at railway station…

At train..
Ragini: I can’t even imagine…
Swara: why .did you think me and laksh can’t marry each other???
Ragini: no swara.. I don’t mean that.. I just wonder how papa allow me to go with you for 10 days… ??
Swara: its all my talent ragu
Ragini smiles at each other…
After 1day 5hours…..
Train will be arrived to mumbai station in one hour…
Ragini said to swara that to call laksh.Swara calls laksh ask him to picked up in a hour…
At maheswari mansion
Laksh asks sanskar to come with him to pickup swaragini..
They both got ready and goes to station…
Epi ends……

Precap: ragini and sanskar meeting each other.

I hope you enjoy this episode.. next updtae is on monday.sorry for the inconvenience friends.?

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