Kiss of Love: The first after marriage


All the characters are a work of fiction. Don’t be over possessive for any Character or Bash them. All the characters present is a necessary need.
Kiss of Love: The first after marriage
It was after six months when Lakshya broke up with Swara. He had always loved her but situation demanded him to marry Ragini. She was madly in love with him but he never was. It was unbearable for Swara and she went New York. But if love conquers death, then what’s this??? Ragini used her intelligence and realized that Lakshya would never be happy with her; she called Swara to India lying her at phone that Lakshya’s life is in danger. Hearing this, Swara could not control and came back in the next flight. After reaching she realized that it was all Ragini’s plan to make them together. At first she got angry n emotional not because Ragini lied her but she came to know that Lakshya was marring someone else. But Ragini convinced her somehow and the bride in the marriage was Swara which no one knew except Ragini and Sanskaar. After marriage when the veil was removed, everyone came to know about it. It was the happiest day of his life. At last he was with his life, his Swara.
All came to Lakshya’s home and all were laughing and smiling. Seeing this Lakshya asked Ragini what was going on.. Ragini and Sanskaar shared a smile and kept quite. Lakshya waited for their answer. Ragini called Swara… and said that they have made some arrangement for them.
Hearing this Lakshya looks at Ragini and just gives a casual, expressionless look to Swara and Swara whose head was facing down, raises her head to look at Lakshya… Swara too just stared into him without any expression…Ragini asked Lakshya to go to his room and asked Swara to come with her…
He is going to his room… He didn’t have that much excited smile. But a light smile with the thought that soon Swara would be with him. He was longing to meet her… He went inside his room. Looked around, Smiled at the decoration. It looked beautiful. …Went to the wardrobe and took his plain T-Shirt out and went to freshen up…
Here Swara was all ready wearing a beautiful lehenga and the jewelry set. Much like a new bride.. She too didn’t had an excited smile.. Just a little happiness that she was going to be with her husband after long time…
Swara walked into their room, looked around for Lakshya…, she didn’t find him. She walked towards the table beside the bed and kept the glass of milk on it… …She looked around the decoration walking towards the window and stood by the window looking at the moon…
She was nervous.. As how she’ll face Lakshya.. Will she be able to hide it from him?? What if he asks her anything…??? Thinking all this her thoughts trail to the past.. The thoughts which always went on inside when was alone… For 6 months she had carried that fear and pain alone in her heart… How alone she felt without him. How painful it was when she herself almost met the death. She didn’t have anyone to tell.. She alone had suffered all the pain inside her heart…
But Now.. She was happy thinking finally she is with her Laksh, which is what she wanted. Thinking all this tears formed in her eyes…
And then…she was nervous, tensed thinking how they both were going to be now. What will he talk to her? It’s been 6 months and she didn’t know how his attitude towards her will be now. She was nervous thinking it…
Just then she hears the sound at the door.. She just moves her head little sideways. Lakshya enters the room and he looks around to find Swara and spots her at the window. He gives a light smile and closes the door.. As he closes he hears the jingling sound of her bangles which makes him to turn his face again and then he continued closing…He bolts the door…
the jingling sound was from her bangles when she tries to wipe her tears completely before he notices. But before she could turn Lakshya reaches her…
He slowly walks towards her and stands behind her..Stands there for a while observing her moves.. But she doesn’t moves much…He takes his hand forward and holds her hand softy and feels her finger slightly curling at his touch. He gives a light smile feeling the same soft touch of his Swara.
He waits for some reaction and she finally turns her head sideways to look at him. They share the look for a while. And then he slid his hands holding her waist, and gives a kiss on her forehead (side forehead). To which Swara just closes her eyes savoring that moment.
“I have waited for this so long Swara.” Looking at the moon and still holding her..
“you don’t know how alone I was without you…” looking at her in his innocent tone.
She turns towards him, they share a glance and she just hugged him… …and Lakshya closes the embrace…
Lakshya n Swara closed their eyes savoring the moment… Lakshya feels relieved holding Swara so close to him… and Swara feels strong. She feels herself complete.. The feeling he was there for her pleased her, she didn’t feel alone now… They hugged for long forgetting everything.. He releases her from the hug and brings her to face him, holding her shoulders…They stare for a while, and he slowly brings his hands to cup her face and bends forward to kiss her forehead… and then her cheek.. Swara closed her eyes.
He kept looking at Swara with love…
-Swara tum kissi baath se pareshan ho?? He asked her casually.
Swara puzzled … Swara doesn’t know how to answer him.. The same thing she was nervous for before too.. How will she avoid Lakshya when he asks about it..
-Kya hua Swara??? In concerned tone..
Swara kept calm didn’t speak or move. She just stood still… tears running down her eyes. For long six months someone asked about Her.. And that too it was Lakshya..
Not getting any answer from her for long..
-Naaraaz ho?? in soft tone…
Swara closed her eyes hearing him asking that… Tears rolled down her cheeks. Still so much in her heart… not getting any response from her..
-Bolo Naraaz ho mujhse??? again his soft concerned tone spoke..
Swara bend her head looking at her finger.. She wanted to question her why he did this? She had never expected Lakshya would even agree to marry someone else… But her love for him was greater than that, that all her complaints were mere smaller in front of it… She knew even he loved her as much she loved him… She understood him too. Whatever he did was not intentional… the circumstances forced him to do that way.
Swara understood that and wiped her tears quickly and… Slowly turned to him… Lakshya looked at her and searched her eyes if she was crying…he saw her moist eyes… soon concerned look covered his face.. and closing the distance…
– Kya hua Swara??? in more concerned tone… She looked up and their eyes met…
Unable to control she hugged him tightly and starts crying hard… He holds her tight as if protecting her.. He was very restless but waited for her to calm down.. He was confused why she was crying. It was supposed to be their happiest day. They have got together. But then why she was crying.. What was that troubling her??
– Swara… one hand on her back and the other patting her head..
She had calmed down a little bit…
Kya hua..
Batao… nahi tho meri saanse ruk jayengi… this time in stern concerned tone
Swara surprised at his words closed his mouth with her hand and with concern…
“What are you saying…?”
Lakshya looked at her and her eyes were swollen..
“tumhe rota dekhkar meri jaan likli jaa rahi hai… ”
Laksh… U know na I love u…
Lakshya stood looking at her for a sec… and then holding her hand, walks towards the bed…he pushes the threads of flowers hanging down aside and makes her sit… He gives her glass of water and she takes some sips… he sits by her side…
-taking a deep sigh…
“I know its all my fault…”
Swara puzzled at his sudden confrontation..
“I know tum mujhse naraaz ho…”
Swara gives a confused concerned look, nodding her head…NO… while her sight moves as Lakshya moved from her side and kneels down in front of her holding her hands…
“Tum aisa kyun keh rahe…”
Lakshya stops her by putting his finger on her lips..
“Nahi Swara… mujhe kehne do..”
He looked down at her bangles.. and starts talking as his fingers moves on the bangles slowly.
“Swara main janta hun k break up ka decision mera tha, lekin yeh baat sab jante hain that I… I know mujhse galti hui hai, itna kuch hogaya aur maine tumhe kuch nahi bataya, Tum new york chali gayi aur maine tumhe nahi roka.. aur tumhe bataye bagair yeh shadi… but trust me Swara, maine hamesha sirf tumhise pyar kiya hai, i have always loved you.. I, I love you…
Swara looks into his eyes.. and find tears. Even she has tears. But this time they were out of love… Somewhere she really felt touched hearing Lakshya’s words.. She knew that he loved her very much but now she felt that He loved her even more…
They stared at each other with tearful eyes…
“Galti sirf tumhari nahi hai Laksh, tumhare uss decision ka sabse bada reason main thi, agar main apne feeling ko lekar sure ho paati toh wo sab hota hi nahi… aur jab tum mujhse dur chale gaye, tab I realised k main tumhare bina nahi jee sakti…”
Lakshya doesn’t say anything.. and she hugs him.. Lakshya too embraces her..
They sit in the couch as either of them seemed be in the no mood to sleep. They sat close. Swara resting her head on his shoulder.. and his left hand holding her waist from behind. and Swara holding his right hand in her hands.. Swara rested her head on his shoulder, he too leaned his head to hers.
Time passed by while they talked the whole night…
Swara woke with sleepy eyes and found herself in Lakshya’s embrace.. and then it reminded her that they slept on the couch whole night.. they didnt even know when they fell asleep.. She looked at him and smiled.. She carefully got up not intending to wake up Lakshya. She goes out of the room.
She comes to her room but sees the couch empty. She checks the bed, Lakshya wasn’t there too.. she checked around the room and then she hears the sound and sees Lakshya coming out of washroom…
“Tum chali gayi , aur meri neend bhi..”
Swara smiles and goes to the wardrobe keeping all her jewelry set inside carefully which she wore last night…Lakshya comes and stands behind her very close.. She feels the closeness and shiver passes through her..
He then pushes her wet locks from over her neck to her one shoulder. She feels the shivers at his soft touch.. He then bends down and lightly touches his lips on her neck… Swara closes her eyes as reflex…and takes deep breath…He then slowly turns her towards her but finds her eyes still closed.. he tries to sink in each and every movement of hers… She was looking very beautiful and he had the urge to kiss her… But he waited…he waited till she opened her eyes…and she opened. he saw her eyes and they were intense.. Lakshya moved his sight to her lips. and he slowly slid his left hand on her right cheek softly and raised her head up softly and he moves his face just few inches away from her, but still maintaining the eye contact.. Swara feels the warmth and her heartbeats raise.. And Lakshya slowly touches his lips to hers.. Both close their eyes…


Credit to: Barbie

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