KISS BY CHANCE (SwaSan One Shot) by Marsuu

Hello!! This os is dedicated to my doll helly shah??

KISS BY CHANCE (SwaSan One Shot)

A man in black armani suit came out of the luxurious hotel. He move towards the parking area but suddenly his head spins and he started breathing heavily. When his legs stop supporting him,he fall on the road. Some gathered around but no one came forward to help him. He is unable to breathe and was wiggling on the road placing hand on his heart. If something is not done fast he can die also. But public like to see drama standing near and no one felt mercy on him.
A girl is passing on her scooty from that road and seeing at the crowd she stopped and came to see what is happening which attracted the people.
She is wearing white coat indicating she is doctor.
As she peep through the people, she saw a man struggling to breathe. Her blood boils as no one helped him. The girl move inside the crowd and lean on her knees beside the man. She kept her bag on road and bend down and started giving mouth to mouth respiration. All people got shocked but didn’t said anything.She was almost kissing him. The man felt relief and his eyes started getting close before he could see who is the girl. He tried to open his eyes as his heart was screaming to look at her once but his mind start getting blacken and eventually he fainted.
The girl move back breaking the kiss and check his pulse which was now normal. She signed in relief.
A boy came running wearing blue clothes.
” sir what happened??” Boy who looks in mid twenties asked.
” who are you??” Girl cross questioned.
” I’m his driver” boy said.
” take him to nearby hospital he just fainted bcoz of stress. I’m doctor Swara Bose over there just take my name” swara instructed.
” okay mam” driver nodded. Feeling shame some men came and lifted the man till car.
” you all are so useless that you can’t help a man. If you can’t do anything at least pick him and take to hospital but no you have to see the movie” swara shouted getting hell angry. All dispersed feeling guilty.
Swara came to her scooty and after starting left from there.

In the evening, swara came back to house from hospital. She listen some noise coming from inside so she hurriedly went inside. She saw there is a lady shouting and a boy was trying to calm her.
That lady is Ap, laksh’s mother. Swara and laksh are going to marry after 3 days. Laksh is trying to calm his mother.
” swara is not like this” shomi, swara’s mother supported her.
” yes she can never do that” swara’s dida said.
” we get to know what type of girl she is who kissed some stranger on the road” ap shouted.
” mom plz listen” laksh said.
” there is nothing left to listen laksh” dp roared.

Ap and dp are little narrow minded people. They have a son laksh sharma who is doctor. Swara and laksh did MBBS together where their closeness increases. Laksh was stubborn to marry swara so ap and dp agreed but they never liked swara bcoz she is open minded and modern. Now they got the chance to claim her characterless as she kissed someone on the road and their neighbor saw and told them. So here they are creating drama and breaking the marriage.

” what happened??” Swara asked as she came near.
” swara they are saying you kissed someone on the road is it true?” Shomi asked.
” yes but…” Swara said but ap cut her
” see this characterless girl is accepting shamelessly”
” plz don’t use such words for swara” dida said getting angry.
” swara you tell what happened” laksh said holding her hand.
” laksh a man was not able to breath and I just gave mouth to mouth respiration you understand na” swara said.
” yes and ma it was just to save the person” laksh was trying to handle ap but she was not ready to accept.
” laksh either choose me or this girl” ap said with finality.
Laksh give helpless look to swara.
” I want to talk to you swara alone plz” he said and swara nodded. They moved towards room.

“Sorry Swara I can’t marry you” laksh said shocking swara. Till yesterday he was saying he can’t live without her and today????
” Actually mom threatened me that she will kill herself if I marry you and I can’t risk her life I hope you understand” laksh said suddenly breaking all the promises he did from last two years.
” yes” swara merely whisper gulping.
” thank you so much and I will try my best to convince her” laksh came near her but she stepped back.
How can he even think that she will accept him after getting rejected she do have self respect. But now she is not in the situation to argue so she prefer to keep quite.
They came downstairs where all were waiting anxiously.
” swara” shomi went running to her.
” laksh don’t want to marry me” Swara said blankly before shomi can ask anything.
” so this alliance is broken” ap said proudly as her son supported her.
Ap dp and laksh left from there.

Shomi sit on the sofa crying. After three days is the marriage, all the arrangements are made and guests are invited what face they will show in the society.
” ma plz don’t cry” swara sit beside her.
” shomi we will try to find some other boy our swara is very good so many alliances will come for her” dida tried to console shomi.
They were really tensed what they should say to all why boy deny to marry.

Next day:
On the 20th floor, a man is standing near the window and smiling touching his lips. He is wearing black jeans pant and above it black tuxedo. His fair face was flowing in the light.
Then only there was knock at the door,
” come in” he ordered not even moving an inch.
A boy came inside whom the man has called. Man turn giving his clear view who is none other than Sanskar Maheshwari, richest in the matter of looks and wealth. He sometimes have breathing problem but not that serious if he take care of himself being away from things he is allergic to.
” what you know about her???” Sanskar asked with his hands in his pant pockets.
” she is swara bose and a doctor by profession. She works in same hospital where you were taken. One important thing..” Sanskar got more attentive as he said this.
” her marriage was after 2 days with her long time boyfriend laksh sharma but they broke it” boy told.
” how you know???” Sanskar narrowed his eyes.
” laksh’s neighbor informed” boy said nervously.
” and why???” Sanskar lean of the table.
” bcoz she kissed someone on the road and that’s you” boy told.
” foolish people don’t know the difference between kiss and artificial respiration” Sanskar chuckles.
” leave” he said and the boy left.

Sanskar enter inside his house and went to his mother.
” mom I want to marry” sanskar almost give heart attack to sujata.
” I think I’m dreaming” she said.
” no mom I’m serious” sanskar said.
Then he told that he want to marry swara. Sujata was happy as finally he is setting his personal life. Sanskar even told about swara’s broken marriage but sujata is sensible enough to understand.
” don’t tell them that I intensionally send you to their house” sanskar said.
” why???” Sujata got suspicious.
” just like that pllz” Sanskar requested to which she nodded.

After two day:
Swara’s POV:
Destiny has played its game. Today was my marriage and it happened everything was same except my husband. I planned my future with laksh but end up marrying some sanskar maheshwari. Seriously is it the punishment of saving someone’s life. I’m sitting in his decorated room don’t know how he will behave??? But I will give my best in this relation may be God choosed him as my life partner. I m informed he is having little breathing problem and I have to take care. I will fulfil all wife’s duties.
Swara’s POV ends.

Sanskar’s POV:
I’m moving towards my room and swara must be waiting for me. I’m so excited to see her as I didn’t met her and in our marriage she was having veil on her face so I missed the chance.
I will not tell her now that I purposely send my mom to marry her may be she will mistook it. And I just want her as I wish and Sanskar Maheshwari get what he desire by hook or by crook(smirks)
Sanskar’s POV ends.

Sanskar enter inside the room and move towards swara. Swara lifted her head and got shocked to see Sanskar. He is the same man whom she saved on the road.
” you are my husband??” Swara asked coming out of the shock.
” yes you know me” Sanskar expected her to react like this as she has seen him. Sanskar was already mesmerized seeing her indeed she is God’s masterpiece but only and only for him.
” yes on that day I only kiss… I’m mean gave to respiration” swara said looking down.
” ohh so you saved my life thank you so much” Sanskar stepped forward and hugged her. Swara felt uncomfortable.
Sanskar break the hug and said
” I was not knowing i’m going to marry you” sanskar lied.
” hmm me too” swara whisper
” you can change and sleep” sanskar behaved as gentleman and it touched swara’s heart. She smile at him and and went to washroom.
Later swara slept on bed and Sanskar on couch.

Sujata went to Bose house after Sanskar told. Shomi and dida accepted as Sanskar has good reputation and they need to marry swara so that no one should point at swara’s and their respect.

Next day:
SwaSan went to Mumbai as sanskar actually live there and handle his companies. He just came to Kolkata for one deal and to meet his parents when he met swara and even without seeing her he wanted to marry her and here he got married. Sanskar Maheshwari never lose whether it is personal or professional. But he is not aware that love is not any business deal or something which he can buy with his money.
SwaSan enter inside the mansion in Mumbai which was no less than a palace and there were lots of servants. Swara has been appointed as doctor in one of the best hospital as Sanskar has popularity and above all her previous records were very good.
Sanskar decided to tell swara about his love when he will make sure she love him bcoz his ego is also very big,he is not going to beg for her love.

After one week:
SwaSan are living together since one week. Their relation is same as strangers. During day time sanskar is busy in office and swara in hospital, at night they talk little and sleep.
One evening, Sanskar’s friend purab came and they both are sitting in study.
” so it was love or arrange marriage??” Purab asked.
” for me love and for her arrange” Sanskar smile.
” means??’ Purab asked getting confuse.
Sanskar explained how swara helped him and he fall for her then ask her mother to ask swara’s family for the marriage and they got married.
” Sanskar” swara whisper as she listened everything. She came with juice. Sanskar look in her eyes and she is really hurt. But they don’t want to do any family drama in front of outsider so keeping the tray swara left.

Sanskar enter inside his room after purab went. He saw swara sitting on the bed.
” swara” Sanskar came near her.
” you intensionally married me taking advantage of our situation” swara asked angrily.
” ohh plz swara don’t over react its better I married u and it’s just i didn’t told you that I know whom I’m going to marry” sanskar said casually.
” seriously I don’t want to live with you” swara said.
” that you have to live i love you whether you accept or not” Sanskar said giving her warning.
” you can’t force me Mr Sanskar Maheshwari” Swara point her finger towards him.
” let’s see soon you will be madly in love with me” his dazzling eyes and confident voice send current in swara’s body but she didn’t show.
” in your dreams only” she retorted back.
Sanskar shrugs and left from there smirking.

At night, swara is lying on the bed but suddenly she felt something on her waist. She turn and saw Sanskar back hugging her.
” what are you doing??” Swara tried to move back but his grip was very tight.
” hugging my wife and its not a crime” sanskar said.
” sanskar plz” swara pleaded
” what please.?? My closeness is affecting you??” He raise his brow.
“Its nothing like that” swara roll her eyes.
” then sleep” sanskar tighten the hug and he slept. Swara also close her eyes but it was really difficult for her to sleep.

After three months, it was same every night sanskar sleep hugging Swara and now she is habitual to it. He behave very nicely with her and of course her heart is melting. Its not any big crime that if he didn’t told her that he knew her before marriage.
Like every night, Sanskar lie on the bed beside her but didn’t hugged. Swara was waiting for it and she really don’t like why he didn’t hugged her.
” he stopped loving me??” Swara thought.
” I had lost all hopes that you will love me back swara. Soon I will set you free” Sanskar thought and faced his back to swara.
Swara’s eyes got wet as she has already fallen for his care. Yeah he is sometimes bossy but still adorable.
She tried to sleep and decided to soon confess her love.

Swara open the door listening to door bell. She got shocked to see laksh.
Laksh came inside and said
” swara i missed you so much” he held her hand.
Till now sanskar has also came but his face was stern with no effect.
” laksh you here??” Swara asked
” yes I want you back swara I get to know I can’t live without you plzz and I know you still didn’t moved on” swara was astonished as it was so unexpected for her. The other thing that shocked her was sanskar’s silence. As far as she know sanskar,he would have slapped laksh but he didn’t reacted.
” sorry laksh but…” Swara was about to deny when sanskar interpreted.
” it’s okay swara if you want to reunite with laksh its your choice don’t take pressure about our relation” Sanskar sternly said and left to his room. Swara was badly hurt how can he say like this.
” swara” laksh bring her back to senses.
” laksh plz I’m happy with sanskar so better you also move on” swara said.
” Swara one chance” laksh requested.
” its too late I’m married” she said directly.
” then I should marry the girl my parents choosed??” Laksh asked.
” yes be happy with her and forget the past” swara smile and laksh nodded before leaving.

Swara angrily enter inside the room and saw Sanskar in front of the mirror whistling coolly.
” Sanskar how can you say like this I’m your wife” swara shouted.
” I thought you want to go to your first love and change your name from Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari to Mrs Swara Lak…” He was not able to complete as his lips were sealed by Swara. He was kissing actually chewing his lips taking out her all frustration. Sanskar’s hands are in air he was allowing her to do what she wanted. Swara move back when she felt the need of air.
” dare you to say next time I will kill you” she warned him.
” wild cat” Sanskar smirk pulling her closer.
” and why ??” Sanskar asked
” bcoz I love you that only you want to listen then open your ears wide to know that I love you Mr Sanskar Maheshwari” she shouted.
” love you too I was waiting for your confession” he whisper going close to her
” means you were doing drama and I thought you don’t love me any more” swara pout.
” actually my wife is very stubborn and this is the only way to handle her” he teases and she hit his chest.
” how you started loving without seeing me” swara asked.
” when you kissed me on the road I just want to hold you tight and kiss you back but my body was not supportive. That day only I get to know that you are girl who effected sanskar maheshwari and you are perfect for me and sorry for marrying you without telling” sanskar said.
” leave that its past” she place finger on his lips and he kiss it.
” do you loved laksh??” Sanskar asked
” no he was my good friend and I thought he can be perfect husband” swara said.
” good joke!! perfect and he who left his love before marriage” sanskar said sarcastically.
” that time I was not knowing and you should be thankful that he left that’s why you got me” swara scrunched her nose. Sanskar chuckles at her tantrums.
” every thing start with a kiss so we should do that only” he said and capture her lips into deep and passionate kiss. Sanskar picked her in his arms
” let me show how much I love you” sanskar said naughtily. Swara blushes and hide her face in his chest.
At last, they become one in all sense.

The End

To be honest, I’m not satisfied with this os . I felt it messed up and not expressive. Sorry if you get bored. If possible next time will try better.
Kindly share your views. Healthy criticism is welcome. Plz don’t be silent it take hours to cover one os so take out your one min to comment????????
Thank you.

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