KISMET – Chapter 8 (Thapki Pyaar Ki)

Chapter 8

On November 21st, morning, Thapki was starting her day looking at her emails at home. She was trying to keep herself buzy to avoid recalling yesterday’s incidents with Bihaan, home doorbell rings,

Chiara: (screaming) someone is at the door, I will get it, I will get it, she runs towards the door together with Nanny Aisha. Thapki also joins them to check who was at the door as she was not expecting anyone early morning. Thapki opens the door;

Bihaan was at the door smiling with his luggage and flower bouquet says “Good Morning”. Thapki was astonished, she cannot believe Bihaan is standing infront of her;
Bihaan: Have you forgotten your hospitality, are you not going to ask me in?
Startled Thapki welcomes him into her house.
He walks in with his luggage looking around the house, gives the bouquet to her, says
Bihaan: Do you have breakfast, Im hungry (gives a pitiful look)
Thapki: Yes we are about to have our breakfast as well come join us.
Chiara: Mommy I saw this uncle in my party, is he here to have breakfast with us. Thapki: (looking at Bihaan) Yes beta, Come along have a sit and started to feed Chiara her breakfast. Bihaan was relaxed, he helped himself with the breakfast spread. Thapki was stealing glances at him wondering how he knew her home address and what is he doing here. He should be in the airport now, what is he up to now. Thapki was getting worried.

Flashback: Bihaan woke up with the determination to meet Thapki, but wasn’t certain of her whereabouts. He had an idea, he called Kabir to inform that by mistake he left his agreement in Thapki’s car and needed it before his flight. Kabir said, don’t worry Bihaan I can arrange for the agreement to be collected and delivered to you. Bihaan immediately interrupted, infact Kabir I’m checking out of the hotel now to run some errands. If you tell me where I can meet Thapki, I can collect it from her. Kabir says she’s not in office today, most likely she’ll be at home. Bihaan asks Kabir for Thapki’s home address, Kabir says no problem Bihaan, my assistant will call at your cell phone shortly to provide Thapki’s address. Bihaan thanked Kabir. Bihaan was excited on his first success, now the next. Bihaan walks into a toy store, and then walks into another and finally hops into the waiting taxi.

Chiara was sharing her fairy tale stories to Bihaan, he was listening to her attentively,
Thapki: Chiara please finish your food, its getting cold
Chiara: No mama I have lots of stories to tell.
Thapki: No beta, he needs to leave to catch a flight we cannot delay him, you can share your stories another day. Both Chiara and Bihaan looked disappointed (pouting).
Bihaan: Chiara my flight is tonight, I will be here till evening but next time I will come and stay with you to hear all your stories. He replied looking at Thapki.
Thapki gave him a shocked look, Bihaan smiled at both of them.

Bihaan continued his breakfast with Thapki silently. After their breakfast,
Bihaan: I have a surprise for you Chiara, close your eyes. Chiara runs to him and closes her eyes and he places a big teddybear in her arms. She was so happy with her new cuddly toy hugs and kisses Bihaan without any hesitation and runs to her room with it.

Bihaan: Thapki, I missed your cooking can you cook lunch for me and you still remember what’s my favorite right? He teased her

Thapki was about to say something angrily, Bihaan interrupted,
Bihaan: Thapki I am not here to argue with you, I’m your guest, will you not take care of my NEEDS, he emphasized?
Thapki felt chill churning in her spine and stomach when Bihaan stressed the word “NEEDS”, this Bihaan has gone crazy, she thinks and warned herself to be cautious.

Thapki: how did you get my address, Bihaan?
Bihaan gave a mischievous smile and said
Bihaan: I’ve my ways, I want to spend time with you and im here now that’s all matters.
Annoyed Thapki gave up questioning him, and said
Thapki: It will take some time to prepare lunch
She showed the guest room to Bihaan to leave his luggage
Thapki: you can rest here, and you can use my home office, the 2nd door from this room, if you have work to be done, and I forgot make yourself at home sneered.
Bihaan was admiring her anger and mocking, just stood smiling at her.
Left this luggage in the guest room, and walked back to the family room sat on the recliner with a book. But his eyes were on Thapki, in the adjacent kitchen, preparing lunch, Bihaan pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.
Bihaan: She is looking beautiful as ever, he was mesmerized. Oh gosh, I almost forgot he chided himself, I’ve to get Thapki’s phone number, if I ask she’s not going to oblige.
He gives a wicked smile and walks to the kitchen. Thapki was cutting vegetables and her phone was on the counter near her. She was engrossed in her work to notice Bihaan. He slowly walked behind her and reach out for her phone sliding his hand through her waist. Thapki jumped,
Thapki: Bihaan what, what are you doing.
Bihaan: Oh sorry Thapki my phone battery is weak and I need to make an urgent call, can I use your phone, he asked innocently. She nodded nervously.
Bihaan: My Thapki is still shy of me, he smiles and walks away with her phone.
He saved his phone number to her phone and did the same on his, 2nd mission complete.

Chiara comes with Nanny Aisha,
Aisha: Madam, Chiara and Naina has a playdate at Ashok’s house. We will be back before lunch.
Thapki: Aisha, can you ask Ashok and Naina to join us for lunch as well.
Thapki sends them off, and calls Ashok.
Ashok: Hey Ashok, it’s me, I have guest today sorry I cannot come along with Chiara but I want you and Naina to join us for lunch today. She continued cooking.
Bihaan was becoming tensed wondering who is this Naina and Ashok?

Bihaan walked over to the kitchen and started to chat with Thapki to ease her tensed mood. Thapki enquired about his business, she was happy Bihaan was successful, blurted out,
Thapki: I know Bihaan you have an entrepreneur in you,
Bihaan smiled and walked towards her and Thapki moved backwards until she was against the wall. Bihaan embrace her in his arms and said,
Bihaan: it was your parting gift for me, how can I not make your wish come true?
Kissed her in her cheeks and moved away. Thapki looked at him confused, and asked,
Thapki: What are you talking about, Bihaan.
Bihaan: Madam you are getting forgetful aren’t you, do you remember your secret investment with Sham in Agra? Thapki recalls and smiles,
Thapki: I am glad it worked out well for you and your family, Agra is a beautiful place to raise a family, she rubs in.
Bihaan knew Thapki was mocking him but he didn’t want to confront her yet. Instead said, Bihaan: Yes indeed Agra is a beautiful place, mostly I spend my time admiring the beauty of Taj Mahal, have you seen the Taji Mahal in the moonlight. I understand why you love Taj Mahal very much Thapki, so do I now because of you. The mention of Taj Mahal brought memories of Bihaan completing her incomplete Taj Mahal, Thapki and Bihaan were transfixed onto each other, the doorbell interrupted them.

Thapki hurried over to the door, Chiara comes running into the house with Naina holding hands. Ashok and Nanny Aisha followed after them. Thapki introduces Bihaan and Ashok, Ashok then walked away with Thapki chatting and helping her to set up the table for lunch voluntarily, Bihaan started to get restless of Ashok. Bihaan walks over to Thapki and offers his help, she asked him to help with plates while Ashok and Thapki helped the girls settled at the dining table for lunch. Bihaan was observing Ashok being too friendly with Thapki, it irked him. Bihaan decides to divert Ashok from Thapki starts to chat about economy and politics, the children had their fun chat as well.

After lunch they gathered at the living area where the kids were playing.
Thapki: Ashok stays in the same neighborhood, we are colleagues. Naina and Chiara are studying in the same school and best friends. Bihaan smiles.
Bihaan: Ashok your wife didn’t join us, is she at work
Ashok: She passed away during child birth.
Bihaan: Im sorry to hear your lost, Ashok. I don’t know, he apolgised
Ashok: Its okay Bihaan. Tell me about yourself Bihaan, Ashok enquired
Bihaan: Im doing hotel business and came to New Delhi to sign partnership with OHG
Ashok: how do you know Thapki?
Bihaan: (looking at Thapki) we are family
Ashok was shocked, and then looked at Thapki. She managed and said
Thapki: We are part of an extended family. She stared at Bihaan, he smiled at her.
Ashok: Bihaan are you married and do you have kids.
Bihaan: Yes I am married and my wife is here.
Ashok: Where is she, I didn’t meet your wife
Bihaan looking at Thapki said: my wife is angry with me now but Im here to win her back
Thapki knew Bihaan was hinting her decides to sit with the kids and to enterain them.
Both Bihaan and Ashok eyes were following Thapki,
Bihaan: Ashok, how old is your daughter
Ashok: Naina, 3 years old same age as Chiara.
Bihaan: Naina will need a mother’s love as she grows, why havent you consider 2nd marriage? I know it’s a personal question, you can choose not to answer
Ashok: (smiled and was facing Thapki) Well I am still trying to win her love but she is not giving me a favorable answer. I know she will be a good mother for my daughter and a loving wife but I have to be patient to win her love, I guess
Bihaan: She must be a very special person
Ashok: Yes, Thapki is very special to me (smiling)

Bihaan was shocked, then clenched his fist as if he was ready to punch Ashok in his face but excused himself and walk out to the garden to calm himself down. He talks to himself, don’t be angry Bihaan, Thapki doesn’t love him. That idiot Ashok, how dare he flirts with my wife? I will manage him after I have Thapki by my side. Now I have to focus on clearing all misunderstanding with Thapki.

Ashok met Bihaan in the garden with Naina shortly, to bid farewell,
Ashok: Bihaan, we will meet again next time and hope to meet your wife
Bihaan: Yes definitely I’ll introduce you to her for sure, he said sarcastically

Bihaan went into the house, and found the family room empty. He walks up to the rooms finding for Thapki, she was in Chiara’s room, reading a storybook as it was her afternoon nap time. Chiara doze off quickly, Bihaan looked at them admiringly. Thapki signaled him and close the door after them.

She told Bihaan that she will be in her home office if needed. He nods, and follows her to the same room with his laptop to complete his work. They both were busy with their own workload but were stealing glances frequently.

Thapki: What time is your flight, do you want me to arrange for a taxi to the airport.
Bihaan: Flight is at 10pm but won’t you send me off to the airport, Thapki
Thapki: No problem, we have to leave at 7pm after the traffic eases down. It’s already 4pm why don’t you rest before your flight.
Bihaan walked towards her,
Bihaan: I didn’t come here to rest, I need to speak to you before I leave today. If you are done with your work, can we speak in private? Thapki stiffened
Bihaan didn’t wait for reply, holds her hands leads to his guest room and locks the door.
Thapki: Why are you locking the door?
Bihaan: I don’t want any interruptions and you will not leave until I say so!

He walked towards Thapki and held her hand in his and said,
Bihaan: Everyone believed you died when your dupatta was found on the dead person, and when I was asked to identify the body, I died thousands of death afraid to face the truth. But in that weakest moment, my faith in my love didn’t deter, it told me whatever before me was an illusion, my instincts said you are alive, much alive. My love for you didn’t fail me, he hugged Thapki tightly and cried, Thapki understood the reason for last night’s emotional and passionate moments.

Bihaan: I searched everywhere for you in Noida, but no one knew your whereabouts. And you didn’t bring along your phone with you and didn’t contact me at all, how can you do that Thapki? I was wasted without you, Thapki. Cupping her face.

Seeing Bihaan crying like a child was an unbearable sight for Thapki.
Thapki: Bihaan you told me that you don’t want to bear me anymore and wanted to end our relationship and to get out of your life, after hearing it from you, what choice, do I have. I did exactly what you wanted me to do.

Cupping her face, Bihaan said: I’m sorry Thapki my anger overruled my rationale mind. Please forgive me Thapki.

Thapki: I’m in no position to forgive you Bihaan. We are not in any relationship together. You have a family to be with, its best for you to forget our past and move on.

Thapki was about to leave, Bihaan pulled her back,
Bihaan: You are eager to move on is it? Hear me through I’m not done talking with you yet, he warned her. He hold her looking into her eyes and said,
Bihaan: You listen very carefully and hear me clearly, you are still my WIFE as I’m still your Husband. I did not marry anyone, and I don’t know where you got the idea that I’m married to Shankar.
Thapki looked shocked: But there was an engagement arranged between you and Shankar, am I right?
Bihaan looked at her, and asked: how did you know that?
Thapki looked at him and asked: So it’s true there was an engagement,
Bihaan: Are you jealous Thapki?
She stared at him and tried to pull away from him again. He pull her back and said,
Bihaan: Yes and No, the engagement was arranged without my consent but I eloped

Bihaan takes a small box out and gives to Thapki, this is for you.
She finds a set of beautiful pendulum diamond earrings and a matching bracelet.
Bihaan: Let me help you, He tucks Thapki’s hair behind her ears and wears the earrings and slides the shimmering bracelet into her hands. Bends to kiss her ears and hands. Thapki stands mesmerized, wasn’t able to think rationally,

Bihaan: you are my soulmate and only you complete me, Mrs Thapki Bihaan Pandey! Starts to kiss her passionately bringing her to bed. Their kiss was turning to intimacy,
Thapki: Stop, No, Bihaan, This is too fast, I need time to think.
Bihaan: You are not going to stop me from loving my wife and I have a lots to catch up for the years I’ve missed, he teased her.
Thapki stopped resisting, melted into his arms allows him to love her as he desired.

(Tum Hi Ho song plays in the background as they consummate)
Hum tere bin / now , i can’t stay
Ab reh nahi sakte / without you
Tere bina kya wajood mera / without you what is my existence

Hum tere bin / now , i can’t stay
Ab reh nahi sakte / without you
Tere bina kya wajood mera / without you what is my existence

Tujh se juda agar ho jayenge / if i was ever separated from you
Toh khud se hi ho jayenge juda / i’ll be separated from my own self

Kyunki tum hi ho / because you are
Ab tum hi ho / now, you are
Zindagi ab tum hi ho / life , that’s what you are
Chain bhi mera dard bhi / my relief and my pain
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho / now , you are my love

Tera mera rishta hai kaisa / what kind of relationship we have
Ek pal door gavara nahi / i can’t stay away for even a minute
Tere liye har roz hain jeete / for you i’ve lived every single day
Tujhko diya mera waqt sabhi / i’ve given you all my time
Koi lamha mera na ho tere bina / i can’t spend a moment without you
Har saans pe naam tera.. / you name is written on every breath..

Kyunki tum hi ho / because you are
Ab tum hi ho / now, you are
Zindagi ab tum hi ho / life , that’s what you are
Chain bhi mera dard bhi / my relief and my pain
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho / now , you are my love
Tum hi ho../ you are ..
Tum hi ho.. / you are ..

Tere liye / for you
Hi jiya main / i’ve lived
Khud ko jo yun / myself
De diya hai / i’ve given you
Teri wafa ne mujhko sambhala / your faithfulness has taken care of me
Saare ghamon ko / every sorrow
Dil se nikala / was taken away from my heart
Tere saath mera hai / with you
Naseeb juda / my fate is related
Tujhe paake adhura na raha / by having you i’m no longer incomplete

Bihaan whispers into Thapki’s ears, I love you very much, Mrs Thapki Bihaan Pandey and Thapki says I love you too Bihaan. Thapki, blushes and tries to move away, he burrows his face on her chest, he wraps his arms tightly around her bare waist, snuggled in her warmth and he sleeps peacefully after a long time. Thapki released herself from his grip, dressed up and closed the door behind her. She went to her room to freshen up and look at herself in the mirror, she was all flushed.
Thapki: Bihaan just swept me off my feet and when did he ever become so romantic. And I can’t believe, we have been yearning for each other during our separation. OMG it’s going to be hard to resist him now; she smiled.

6pm. Thapki was working in her office, Bihaan walked over and gave her peck on her cheeks. At the same time, Chiara came running into the room, Thapki carried her, Bihaan joined in their chat and games.

7pm Bihaan was ready to leave, Bihaan said good bye to Chiara, she kissed him on this cheeks and hugged him. Thapki started to drive to the airport, while on the road Bihaan asked; Thapki how did your dupatta end-up with the dead woman I saw in the mortuary. Thapki explained the incident and her introduction with Madam Vaani Oberoi.
Bihaan: Thapki, I will soon meet Madam Vaani to convey my gratitude for taking good care of you. Bihaan hesitantly asked about Chiara, Thapki looked at him and asked,
Thapki: don’t you trust me Bihaan
Bihaan immediately holds her hands and said,
Bihaan: I did a mistake once for not trusting you Thapki I will never repeat the same mistake. If you don’t want to talk about it. I will accept Chiara as my daughter as she is yours. He assured her.

Thapki was amazed at Bihaan’s maturity, but felt he needs to know the truth but not the easy way though.
Thapki: Bihaan, I wrote a letter to you before I left Pandey Nivas, did you not read it?
Bihaan looks puzzled asked: What letter, I did not see nor receive any letter from you

Thapki: hmmm, my doubts are correct then. Well I wrote a letter and left it on our bedroom before I left. And also I had wrote several other letters to you after, all those were returned and my phone calls were not answered. Bihaan, the answer to your question about Chiara is in that letter. I believe the letter is still in Pandey Nivas.

Bihaan: Thapki it has been more than 3 years since I left home, nevertheless I have a reason to return. Whatever is in the letter, I will still love you and Chiara. I want us to be a family and live together, Will you forgive and accept me, Thapki. Bihaan needed the assurance.

Thapki: Bihaan I have been waiting for you all these years and I’m always yours.
Bihaan: Thank you Thapki. I will handover the Agra hotel administration and get to the root of all our misery in Noida. Thenafter I will not be away from both of you.

Their goodbye was emotional, though they don’t want to be apart any longer, they had to put everything right to be reunited once again forever, to continue their love story.

Precap: Past midnight, Maya sneaks into room to spy on sleeping Bihaan …

PS: Again, the excited me, can’t get enough of Thahaan marriage 🙂 . Decided to upload this chapter earlier, but my next chapter is still in writing, I may take more than a week. Enjoy and have a great week & weekend, Thahaan forever. Tc/Mala

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