KISMET – Chapter 7 (Thapki Pyar Ki)

Chapter 7

On November 20th, Chiara was asleep while Thapki was getting ready for work, wears a burgundy red Pencil Dress and heels. Though Bihaan occupied her mind since morning, she decides to preoccupy herself at work. She gave instructions to her Nanny Aisha on Chiara activities for the day and left for her office. She knew it’ll be another busy day at work.

Thapki and Kabir were meeting the rest of the hoteliers in a tight schedule, they took a lunch break and resume with the meetings.
Kabir: One more meeting to go Thapki, then we are done.
Thapki nodded and looked at the clock it was almost 3.30pm. Kabir’s assistant informed the owner of Raj Villas has arrived and is waiting in the meeting room. Thapki and Kabir grabbed their laptops and files, entered the room.

Bihaan was sitting in the meeting room reviewing his notes on the agreement when Thapki and Kabir entered the room. Bihaan did not expect to meet her in this meeting and Thapki was surprised to see him as well, but they managed to stay composed. Kabir introduced himself and followed by Thapki. Bihaan gazed down at her, frowning as his eyes flickered critically over her, Thapki averted his gaze. Bihaan in this mind, Thapki is looking gorgeous, he’s unable to take his eyes off her. And then he looked at Kabir, he was at the party too? Is he Thapki’s husband? Kabir interrupted his thoughts: Mr Bihaan Pandey hope you have reviewed the agreement and do you have any questions before we get into the formalities of finalizing the agreement.

Bihaan switched his thoughts to business mode, and started asking several questions related to the partnership and trade partners model. Both Kabir and Thapki explained the business models to him. Then Bihaan said: Im good now, let’s finalize the agreement. Thapki signed on behalf of OHG as the Managing Director and Bihaan signed as the owner and Kabir signed as the witness. To signify the partnership deal they had a firm handshake and Kabir returned Bihaan’s copy of the agreement. Thapki said thank you for being part of OHG partnership. Bihaan nodded and smiled.

Kabir: Mr Bihaan join us for dinner to celebrate our success and our partnership
Thapki: Kabir, I still have to catch-up with my work, please proceed without me.
Kabir: Thapki you promised to celebrate this success with me, grabbing her hands.
Bihaan was stunned to see Kabir holding her hands and was staring at Thapki angrily
Kabir: Thapki don’t go back on your promise
Thapki: OK, Kabir but I will pay for today’s celebration, do you agree
Kabir: Deal. Bihaan, you are joining us right?
Bihaan: Yeah, sure I will join you guys, looking at Thapki
Thapki: I have to grab my stuff from my office, we’ll meet near my car.
Kabir: Thapki, we will meet you there.

Thapki informs her driver the restaurant address. Kabir sat beside the driver, Thapki and Bihaan sat at the rear. Though the men were discussing about general stuff, Thapki felt the drive was the longest ride ever, Bihaan was gazing at her with a smile. As a savior, Thapki’s phone rang, Chiara was on the call giving details of her activities for the day. Thapki was engrossed in her conversation with Chiara and informed her she’s out for dinner with Kabir and a client. Thapki informed nanny Aisha, she’ll be late and not to wait up for her. Chiara came on the call again asked if she could speak to Kabir,

Thapki: Kabir, Chiara wants to speak to you, she passed her phone
Bihaan was on the verge of confronting Thapki while Kabir is in the phone but decided against it. Thapki glanced at fidgeting Bihaan and knew she had to deal with him eventually.

In the restaurant, while waiting for the food to be served, Kabir was enquiring about hotel industry in Agra, Bihaan was explaining but kept his discussions short and sharp and spoke only of business related matters. Thapki was admiring Bihaan’s confidence and business acumen. Thapki (in her mind voice) these 4 years has changed him for the better. He looks presentable, well gloomed, matured, and charismatic. I’m still infatuated by him, she smiled at her silly thoughts, but stopped her grin when she remembered Bihaan has moved on in his life. She tried to hide her disappointment but Bihaan was observing the twinkle in her eyes disappearing. He decides to provoke her;

Bihaan: Thapki tell me about yourself and your family, with sarcasm
Thapki knew Bihaan’s intent, she responded
Thapki: I have a small knitted family.
Smiles at Kabir, Kabir acknowledges
Thapki: our love is only for her daughter Chiara.
Bihaan was fuming but kept calm and asked
Bihaan: That’s a unique name, why the name Chiara
Thapki: Chiara means Light, She is the Light in our lives when darkness engulf us.
And she’s the symbol of our true love.
Bihaan clenched his fist in anger, (poor guy did not realize she was hinting him).
Bihaan: What do you do in OHG and how long have been working with them
Kabir: Thapki is the Managing Director of OHG and she has been with the company for 3 years plus. She has revolutionized our business and infact the partnership with boutique hotels is Thapki’s initiative.
Bihaan feels happy and proud of Thapki’s achievement, and said
Bihaan: You have set yourself up for success
Thapki: My ma, Vaani Oberoi, the president of OHG is reason for my success

During dinner, Bihaan and Thapki were exchanging gazes at each other, and it turn out to be casual and relaxed. After dinner Kabir wanted to alight first since his residence is nearby, Thapki’s driver drops him off. Shortly after Thapki informs her driver that she will takeover and asked him have an early night and she will call him if needed. Thapki moves over to the driver seat and Bihaan sat beside her.

Bihaan (in his mind voice) Kabir is not Thapki’s husband! Why did I assume as such, he chided himself? My Thapki didn’t remarry but she said Chiara is her daughter! Just when he thought he unraveled a knot, he was stuck with another one. But he was keen to speak to Thapki to understand whats in her mind and why she’s reacting aloof.

It was a quite drive for the first 10mins, then Thapki asked: Bihaan where shall I drop you? In your Hotel or elsewhere?
Bihaan: (looking at her) I need to talk to you. Stop the car where we can talk.
Thapki’s stomach clenched at the thought of what’s going to be transpired.

She kept a bold front, while driving dialed to the hotel reception where Bihaan stays, to check if the rooftop terrace was available immediately for a short meeting. The reception confirmed its availability and blocked the space for Thapki. Bihaan was listening to the conversation. Thapki: We’ll talk in the hotel terrace.

Thapki drove into the hotel, alighted from her car and passed the key for valet parking. Bihaan followed her into the elevator, the hotel terrace was on the 20th floor, the last guest who was with them in the elevator alighted at 10th floor. Once the elevator door shut closed, Bihaan pulled Thapki swiftly to him making her loose balance. And started to embrace her tightly, breathing in her nape, Thapki was stunned and paralyzed to stop him. Bihaan felt alive wrapping arms around his valuable possession and not wanting to let go of her. The elevator door opened at the terrace rooftop, DAMN that’s quick he thought and let her loose.

Thapki walked out to the Terrace in a trance state. The terrace was designed as a garden with gazebo decorated with dim night lights and observation deck of the city. Both Bihaan and Thapki were distracted to admire any of it. It was an intense moment for both, as they walked towards the end of the terrace and stopped, Thapki was facing the city view and Bihaan was watching her.

Thapki: Bihaan what do you need to …….
Bihaan pulled Thapki into his arms and started kissing her passionately, her heartbeat raced, she tried to resist but he was embracing her tightly. He was not ready to let her go, he wrapped his arms around her in a strong grip, and eventually she stopped resisting and melted in his arms. Thapki was yearning for his love for the past 4 years, she let her softer side be exposed allowing him to get close both physically and mentally. But the deep rooted affection didn’t last long, she trembled down when she had flashes of the fateful day in Noida. Bihaan released Thapki from his embrace, when she started to breakdown involuntarily.

Thapki controlled her emotions and asked,
Thapki: Why Bihaan, why are you hurting me over and over again. You threw me out of your life and told that our relationship is broken and I don’t exists in your life ever. You wanted me out of your home. After 4 years I’m picking up my broken life and you are inflicting the same pain once again. Why are you torturing me and what do you want?

Bihaan was devastated to see his Thapki’s anguish. He kneels down to her and says;
Bihaan: each and every day without you was a torment for me, Thapki. I made a huge mistake by hurting you physical and emotionally, please forgive me. Life without you has been hell and I have been in abyss for a very long time. Please give me a chance and come back to me. He begged.

Thapki: It’s too late Bihaan. I tried to tell you many things prior to the incident but you refused to adhere. You chose to only trust and believe your mom. You did what’s right for you and I know you have moved on with your life and married Shankar. And I’m no longer part of your life anymore.

Thapki: Yes we loved each other as soulmates. I’m such an unfortunate person where I lost my husband’s trust, support and love. Here I am deprived of all happiness in my life and I am not sure why I am holding on to this meaningless relationship.

Thapki: Your trust on me is broken and shattered into pieces, it cannot be mend together.

Bihaan stands speechless with tears, hearing the pain he has inflicted to his Thapki.

Thapki: You chose your happiness, to share your life with another. I’m very happy for your new found bliss. Do not duel on the past, when there’s a better future ahead for you with Shankar.

Thapki walks away from Bihaan once again. Bihaan lost courage to stop his Thapki.

Bihaan: (cries) what have I done to my love, I’ve broken her, how do I assure Thapki that I’m still her Bihaan. She is my breath, my life and my everything, he crumbles in pain and was desperate to seek forgiveness.

Thapki cried all her way home recalling all the events leading to her separation from Bihaan and the pain she endured for the past 4 years of her lonely life. She once again enters into the shower of flowing water to dissipate her sobbing.

(Song plays in the background)
Lo maan liya humne / okay, fine, I agree
hai pyar nahi tumko / that you aren’t in love.
tum yaad nahi humko / that I don’t remember you.
hum yaad nahi tumko / that you don’t remember me.

bas ek dafaa muDke dekho / just turn once and look
aye yaar zara humko / at me once, O dear one
lo maan liya humne / I agree
hai pyaar nahi tumko / that you aren’t in love (with me)

lo maan liya dekha hi nahi / I agree that I have not seen
tere kaandhe ka wo til / that mole on your shoulder,
lo maan liya toota hi nahi / and I agree that
tere hathon se mera dil / my heart didn’t break in your hands

chhaaon mein teri beeti hi nahi / those talks of summer didn’t happen
wo garmi ki baatein / in your shade
baahon mein teri guzri hi nahi /and those nights of winter didn’t pass
wo sardi ki raatein / in your arms

lo maan liya humne / okay, I agree
aitbaar nahi tumko / that you don’t rely on me
tum yaad nahi humko / I don’t remember you
hum yaad nahi tumko / and you don’t remember me

Next day early morning, Bihaan checks-out from his hotel and his taxi was waiting to drop him off at the airport. Bihaan boards the taxi while on the phone and the taxi drives off from the hotel.

Precap: Ashok tells, Thapki is very special for me

PS: Im super excited today after watching Thahaan union, wanted to celebrate it so here you go early release of the chapter, my treat for all Thahaan fans out there. Thahaan forever 😉 /Mala

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