KISMET – Chapter 5 (Thapki Pyar Ki)

In Agra, Bihaan decides to distance himself from Maya and changes his work schedule to alternate with Maya to avoid interacting with her. Maya at first thought it was a coincidence, but after 3 months it became a routine his evasion made her frantic.

In New Delhi, OHG conference room was packed with the invited hoteliers. Thapki walked up to the podium, looking sharp in business apparel (grey blazer with matching pants in heels), together with Vaani Oberoi, Kabir Katyal, they welcomed all Hoteliers and Trade partners to the conference. Thapki presented on the partnership financial benefits with OHG and elaborated on how OHG’s trade partners will also assist hoteliers to accelerate their growth strategies. After 2 hours of presentation, break was announced, Thapki and her team were socializing with the invited guest.

Just then Kabir walks in with Ashok, he introduces Ashok Patel as one of their trade partners who provides Architect and Construction Consultancy to OHG. Thapki and Ashok smiled at each other, Kabir looked at them and asked;
Kabir: Do you know each other? Thapki and Ashok nodded at him smiling
Thapki: Chiara and Naina, Ashok’s daughter, attends the same school
Ashok: Yes and both the girls are best friends
Kabir: You guys don’t need any further introduction then
Thapki acknowledged and excused herself to meet with another group of invitees.

Although Ashok and Kabir were engaged in a conversation, Ashok’s eyes was following Thapki. Ashok briefly knows of Thapki’s past, separated from her husband and lives alone. He is very impressed with her personality and professional independence. Since their kids are best of friends in school and he lives in the same neighborhood as Thapki, both of them have become friends. In many occasions, Thapki had cared for Naina when Ashok had to travel for urgent work. Ashok is infatuated with Thapki but is hesitant to confess his feelings.

The meeting resumed, Kabir took over the podium and announced that the partnership package will be distributed to all the invited hoteliers. Hoteliers are to review the package with their lawyers and respond with acceptance by October. Then after OHG will arrange an official meeting with each hotelier to sign and seal the partnership legally in New Delhi. The conference ended, Ashok approached Thapki,

Ashok: Do you need a ride back home, Thapki?
Thapki: Thanks Ashok, I drove today and remember it’s my turn to fetch the girls from school. I will see you soon
Ashok: Thanks Thapki, see you soon too
Thapki consumed Ashok’s feelings throughout his drive home,
Ashok (thinks) She looked stunning in grey blazer today, carried herself confidently in her business, and yet a affectionate person towards the kids as a mother. She simply amazed him. He wish to have Thapki as a mother for his child and his life partner and wants be the lucky guy. I have find out what’s in Thapki’s mind today (he smiles)

Thapki fetches the girls from school and calls Ashok while driving,
Thapki: Hello, Ashok, are you back home. I’ll be at your house in 15mins to drop Naina
Ashok: Hi Thapki, Yes I am at home. By the way, do you have any dinner plans?
Thapki: No, I am heading home to prepare dinner
Ashok: I will order Pizza for all for us. Chiara and Naina love Pizza dinners too
Thapki: Girls, we are going to have pizza for dinner. The cuties cheered for Pizza.

Thapki reaches Ashok’s home, and both the girls ran into Ashok’s arms, hugging and kissing him. He carries both in his arms and brings them in. Thapki follows them. Pizza was delivered shortly, Thapki ensured the pizza was not too hot for girls before giving each a piece, Ashok was serving drinks for all. The girls finished their food and off they ran to Naina’s playroom. Thapki and Ashok started to help themselves with Pizza and discussed about today’s conference. After sometime, Thapki was silent and looked preoccupied,

Ashok: Thapki, what’s your opinion about this quote, “Life without love is incomplete, Love is always worth it”, if so do you believe 2nd chances will lead to great things in life?
Thapki: In my opinion life never stops after a mishap, it still continues to move on, just like “time & tide waits for no man”. If true love occurs for the 2nd time then you are blessed to be loved and to love again.
Ashok: Then why haven’t you considered 2nd marriage to find love again, Thapki
Thapki: (wasn’t expecting that question) smiled, My true love was with Chiara’s father. As I said one has to be blessed, but mine slip away.
Ashok: Blessing is indeed important in love, I felt it when I lost Naina’s mom to death. Recently I am feeling guilty of being selfish, and for not considering Naina’s needs whenever she’s affectionate towards you I can feel her need for a mother’s love. I guess, Chiara misses her father’s love too.
Thapki: You are right Ashok, kids do need both the parents love. But 2nd chance in marriage or love is not for me as they don’t play any significance in my life now. To be frank, I cannot forget and move on from my true love, she tears.
Ashok: Sorry, Thapki I have made you upset (holding her hands in his)
Thapki and Chiara left shortly. Ashok puts Naina to bed and starts recalling his conversation with Thapki, she has not moved on from her 1st marriage, but I have to convince Thapki that love can happen for the 2nd time again. He was hopeful.

In Agra, Maya switches her work shift with another colleague to be with Bihaan. Bihaan was surprised to see her but ignored. During their break, Bihaan was sitting near the hotel pool relaxing, Maya walks to him,
Maya: I need to talk to you
Bihaan looked up, but didn’t say anything
Maya: Why are you avoiding me, did I do anything wrong, Tell me Bihaan.
Maya started to cry. Bihaan was taken aback but calmly said,
Bihaan: Why I should avoid you. I don’t understand what you are talking about.

Maya went down on her knees and rested her hands on Bihaan’s knees, looked into his eyes,
Maya: I love you Bihaan, don’t you realize how much I’m in with love you and Im yearning to be yours. You are the only person I want to spend my entire my life with. Can you not understand my emotions for you? She was pleading Bihaan.

Bihaan gently removed her hands from his knees, stands up. And tells her,
Bihaan: I stopped understanding and reading emotions. Infatuation naturally happens at your age when care and concern is shown when you are alone, but you are wasting your time and effort on me. You have misunderstood my gestures towards you, I have always treated you like any other employee.
He starts walking away. Maya rans to him and holds his hands to stop him,
Maya: NO I don’t believe you, you are in love with me but why you are denying it, why?

Bihaan loosens her grip and look into her eyes and said firmly,
Bihaan: I am married and I only love my wife. The love and emotions I have within me is for my wife only and no third person will be part of it and walks off, calmly.

Maya was shocked, stands rooted in tears, see him walk away from her. She couldn’t believe her Bihaan is married. In anxiety she pace around, questions herself, why have I not seen him with his wife, if married, Is he lying to avoid me, I need know the truth!

Gopal returns from New Delhi and presented OHG partnership package to Bihaan. Both Bihaan and Gopal were very impressed with the potential to accelerate hotel’s growth with the collaboration. Bihaan sends the agreement for his lawyer’s review, they gave their blessing to proceed with it. Bihaan agrees to collaborate with OHG. Gopal calls Kabir to confirm the partnership acceptance verbally, and advised Bihaan Pandey will attend the official meeting in New Delhi. Kabir congratulates on their decision and advises they’ll be notified of the appointment date nearer to the date.

Postman: Bihaan these are all the letters for you. He leaves a stack of envelopes at the hotel reception front desk where Bihaan was standing. Bihaan flips through the envelopes, that one envelope stood out from the rest. His nervousness changed to delight after reading the letter. He dashed to the nearby sweet store to buy a big bag of chocolates and distributes to his staffs. Then calls Lalita;
Bihaan: Hello Lalita, how are you?
Lalita: Hello Bihaan, I’m good and how about you? You sound very happy. Did you receive your results?
Bihaan: Yes, Lalita, I passed the Intermediate English exam. I really owe this to you
Lalita: Bihaan it’s all your hard work and I was confident you will pass the exams
Bihaan: Lalita, if you don’t mind can I treat you for a dinner as my gesture of gratitude
Lalita: Don’t trouble yourself Bihaan. You are busy with your work and I did my duty as your mentor
Bihaan: Lalita Its no trouble, meet me at Tandoor Restaurant at 6pm tonight, you have to come I insist.

Maya walks in to the reception, overhears Bihaan confirming dinner plan with Lalita. Bihaan ends the call and walks away happily from the hotel reception. Maya felt the pang of jealousy raging within her.

She watches them at a distance, Bihaan holding the door for Lalita, and entering into the restaurant. Maya walks into the restaurant, requests for a spot where she can see them. Bihaan was oblivious of Maya. Maya was enraged when she saw Bihaan being cheerful with Lalita serving her food and both of them were happily chatting. She wondered if Lalita is Bihaan’s wife? She imagined walking to their table, slapping her;
Maya: No, not now but you will be punished (she smiled spitefully)
After dinner, Bihaan: Lalita do you need a ride home?
Lalita: No, Bihaan I have a direct bus from here, no worries.
They said their goodbyes and left.
Maya: She’s not Bihaan’s wife, then who is she
Maya followed Lalita up to her apartment block, to know her whereabouts.
Maya returns home and plans her attack. The next day, Maya saw Lalita walking to the bus stop while talking on the phone. Maya in jogging attire pretends to jog behind Lalita. She picks up pace and sprint passed Lalita, knocking Lalita down, Lalita loses balance and falls into the sewer near the pavement. Maya turns around smiles and continues to jogs back to her apartment.

Bihaan visits Lalita in hospital and enquires about the accident.
Lalita: Bihaan I was on the phone when a lady knocked me down while she was running pass me. It was my mistake for not being careful. I’m sorry but I have to postpone the tutoring until I feel better.
Bihaan: No problem Lalita, Did you see who the lady was
Lalita: Yes, I did have a glance of her
Bihaan: Lalita we will continue our tuition when you feel better. Anyways, I will be in New Delhi for a business meeting next month. Will meet again before my final exams. You take care of yourself. Let me know if you need any help.

Bihaan’s meeting with OHG is confirmed on 20th November and was also invited to attend a birthday party prior to the meeting on the 19th November as part of a networking session. Gopal confirms Bihaan’s participation for both events and books flight to New Delhi. OHG arranged the accommodation and airport pickup services.

Bihaan assigns Gopal as his deputy to manager Raj Villas during his absence, and leaves for New Delhi.

Precap: Chiara grabs Bihaan’s cheeks and pokes into his dimples and shows off her dimples. Thapki looks on.


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