Kismat (shot-2)


Thank you all for yr consideration to my OS..

Now lets continue…
This is first day of swasan after marriage. They both do not know what will come nxt to them.. Bt they try to ignore eo and live their life as, before.. Bt now, how it can b possible they silently fight at each moment with eo.. Like when they want to take bath both run to the bathroom and who wii get in first will take.. Same for t.v remote and other things.. Sometimes swara mix extra salt in his food and put on lights of room full night.. Like this 3 months passed..

Now there is new entry in sanskar office of kavita his secretory.. She was very frank and cozy in nature she was new to Delhi so living in outhouse of swasan.. She noticed them and find a great opportunity for herself to be with sanskar.
She tries every way to come close to him.. but fails every time.. This all does not go unnoticed by swara. She nvr likes her.. Meanwhile Laksh clearify the misunderstanding between them of swara kidnapping and sahils intension.
This bring a turn in their relationship now they try to be friendly with eo but sanskar decides to take divorce to her because he thinks that she is not happy with him.. But sith each passing day the both start falling for eo .. Now swara try to keep kavita away from him and on his b’day she decides to tell him about her feelings but to her shock she only gets their divorce paper on that day.. And she went to his office to enquiries about it dhr saw kavsan hugging eo… She left him with out divorce…

Now , it being 5 yrs from that day she nvr looks back to him .. Bt today she was returning from Mumbai to Delhi for her assignment. She prays to god to once see him anyhow.. So she secretly reach to his house . But to her shock she sees his room with doctors and laksh was sobbing standing near room . she asked him , first he was surprised to see her and took het inside room where she saw sanskar lying lifelessly on bed he was paralyzed. Tears came from her eyes , and laksh angrily drags her from their.. He told the day she left him he starts drinking and 3 yrs ago he met with an accident and his whole bdy stops responding..
She ask then why he send me divorce papers if he loves me.. Laksh told her everything that he later realize his love and want to talk about this to u bt before this u get divorce papers… YOUR DESTIY
And kavita…she asked. She left office on the same day u left..
Now she was on her keens .. That what she has done to her.. To him..

One last shot is left…

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