Kismat Konnection {Epi-26} (#Khamoshi)

Hello Friends. First of all I am really very very very…Sorry for making u all wait for so long. The reason is just and just my Laziness. I admit it. Chalo ab maan bhi jao!!
I already got my punishment..i typed half episode and my mobile got switched off..i didn’t recover my file back so starting again from the starting point…and now I am having cold but still I want to submit my article today only..the reason behind is your love my dear frnds…TU BAK BAK QUEEN group members + TU writers friends and specially my readers (silent + violent). Love you all yaar…I feel blessed to have u all in my life. U all are inseparable part of my life.
So now no more bak bak..otherwise rona aa jayega…lets jump to the episode.. for which I got long long lectures..
*Today there will be a Musical Journey…so tighten your seat belt and enjoy it… song pasand naa aaye to…. kuch nahi..kar bhi kya sakhte ho ???

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RECAP: KaNchi successfully operates a delivery patient and bring a new life to the world while the husband of the lady helps KaNchi in fixing their broke down Car. KaNchi left for Mumbai.
(Kabir and Sanchi are in Car, going back to Mumbai. SILENCE IN CAR SINCE MORE THAN 10 MINUTES)
SANCHI: KABIR…..I’m getting Bore.
KABIR: Ok relax. I will play the Radio.
She nods in Yes.
(Kabir starts the radio and tune on the channel)

SHAPE OF YOU (Ed Sheeran) plays.

Girl, you know I want your love
Your love was handmade for somebody like me
Come on now, follow my lead
I may be crazy, don’t mind me
Say, boy, let’s not talk too much
Grab on my waist and put that body on me
Come on now, follow my lead
Come, come on now, follow my lead
I’m in love with the shape of you
We push and pull like a magnet do
Although my heart is falling too
I’m in love with your body

Sanchi feels awkward and Kabir senses it and changes the channel.


Ooh La La…
Ooh La La…
Ooh La La…
Ooh La La…
Tu Hai Meri Fantasy…
Han Choo Na Na
Choo Na Na
Choo Na Na
Choo Na Na
Ab Main Jawan Ho Gayi…
Chuaa Joh
Tune Toh
Dil Ne Maari Seeti
De De In Gaalon Pe
Ek Pappi
Meethi Meethi

Sanchi quickly changes the song while Kabir smiles seeing her .
SANCHI: Why are you smiling? I didn’t liked that song.. so changed it, Now don’t use your dirty mind.
KABIR: everyone here on TU knows… I am so innocent. Hey Friends agree with me naa?
SANCHI: ohh yeah yeah.. I know TU is full of your fans only.. now I will play a song.
Sanchi tune the next channel where a song from 70’s and 80’s is playing.
YEH SHAAM MASTANI (Rajesh Khanna movie-Kati Patang)

Ye shaam mastaanee, madhosh kiye jaaye
Muzhe dor koee khinche, teree or liye jaaye
Door rehtee hain too, mere paas aatee nahee
Hothon pe tere, kabhee pyaas aatee nahee
Ayesaa lage jaisai ke too, has ke jahar koee piye jaaye
Baat jab main karu, muze rok deti hain kyon
Teree mithhee najar, muze tok detee hain kyo
Teree hayaa, teree sharam teree kasam mere hothh siye jaaye..

Kabir changes the song getting embarrassed as he still feels guilty of being responsible for the Island closeness.
Sanchi smiles seeing his innocence and good heart. She adores him through her eyes.
DARLING (7 Khoon Maaf) plays.

Darling Chhodo Zara Sharmane Ka Yeh Qaayda
Darling Hairat Bhi Hai Ghairat Bhi Hai Kya Fyada Kya Fyada
Darling Public Mein Sansani Ek Baar Karne Do
Darling Aankhon Se Aankhein Chaar Karne Do
Roko Na Roko Na Mujhko Pyaar Karne Do
Bekaif Hai Bahara Bechain Jaane Yaara
Bulbulon Ko Bhi Intezaar Karne Do
Ankhon Se Aankhe Char Karne Do..

This time Sanchi changes it…. He stares her naughtily…
SANCHI: Why u always stare me? Don’t have another work to do? Pay attention on your driving..
KABIR: No I don’t have anything to do except looking at you…
SONG automatically changes..
Now the final song of the radio episode plays.

tu hi meri shab hai subha hai tu hi din hai mera
tu hi mera rab hai jahaan hai tu hi meri duniya
tu waqt mere liye main hoon tera lamha
kaise rahega bhala hoke tu mujhse judaa
o o o o ho ho
o o o o o

ho aankhon se padhke tujhe dil pe maine likha
tu ban gaya hai mere jeene ki ek wajah
teri hasi teri ada auron se hai bilkul judaa
o o o o ho ho
o o o o o o(2)
aankhen teri shabnamii chehra tera aaina
tu hai udaasi bhari koi haseen dastaan
ho aankhen teri shabnami chehra tera aaina
tu hai udaasi bhari koi haseen dastaan
dil mein hai kya kuchh toh bata
kyon hai bhala khud se khafa
o o o o ho ho
o o o o o
tu hi meri shab hai subha hai tu hi din hai mera
tu hi mera rab hai jahaan hai tu hi meri duniya..
They share an eye lock.

(Yeah Kabir’s car speed is like a speed of bicycle.. he can share eye lock here. Serial main bhi inki love story slow speed pe hi thi..or yaha inki car uss speed pe enjoy)
SANCHI: (puts her head on his shoulder and hold his arm) Kabir I feel like I’m seeing a dream. I can’t believe that we are together.
KABIR: To make your all dreams, my responsibility. And this togetherness is not for this birth only.. I will pray that in every birth I get you as my life partner. My life is nothing without u. Never go away from me..
SANCHI: Thanks for everything Kabir. I love you. And I promise I will never leave u. and u also promise me that..otherwise I will die without u.
KABIR makes her shhhh !! keeping his finger on her lips. Never ever dare to say this stupid thing again. Every problem have to face me before coming to u. I will not allow any sadness to come near u.. I can’t imagine my life without u. I promise you that as soon as we reach Mumbai.. I will come with mom to your home to ask for your hand from your mom. And we will get marry again but in presence of all this time..
SANCHI gets happy and kissed him on his cheek in excitement… Kabir is dumbstruck with sudden gesture by her. Sanchi gets in senses and shyingly smiles bcoz of her action.
KABIR comes near her to kiss on her lips but Sanchi suddenly drops the seat back. And smiles teasing him. (victorious smirk)
KABIR also smiles on himself… (Magic of love in the air)
After some time.. Sanchi fells asleep and Kabir now only focusing on his driving)

(Jaya on Call talking with someone)
JAYA: Ok BhaiSaheb, as soon as Sanchi comes. We will do the roka.
MAN: My Son is also coming after 2 days from UK. They will meet eachother and understand eachother in better way…as they have to spend their life with eachother. whether they are happy with our decision or not.. I know that my Son Karan will Say YES only.. Sanchi is just like a shadow of u and sunil bhaisahab. Par ek baar dono ki HAA sunle to achha hoga.
JAYA: Yes, I also know that Sanchi will agree with this alliance.. as she never say NO to me. She loves me more than anything else. So we should make karan and Sanchi meet soon..
MAN: Yes Bhabhiji. Jaise hi karan ke aane ka final hota hai main aapko batata hu.
(Conversation ends)
JAYA POV: Sanchi I know. I should ask u for this but I also know that there is no one in your life after the Veer’s episode, so no issue with that…agar hota to tum apni Maa ko zarur batati.. and I don’t want to spoil your life more with this revenge and all.. I will take revenge from Malhotra in my own way. I will not spoil your happiness and future in this… you have to move on. I will do anything for your happiness. She smiles and POV ends.
Sanchi still sleeping peacefully. Looking innocent like kid.
KABIR slowly goes near her and gives her a morning kiss.
SANCHI smilingly wakes up and stretches her hands… with semi eyes closed (imagining Kabir with her POV)
SANCHI: KABIR what are you doing in my room? (She puts her hands around his neck with a smile and makes him come more close. Kabir senses that she is not in senses)
He shakes her to make her come to senses.. she finally wakes up..and is shocked to see Kabir so close to her and that too she is pulling him close…seeing this she goes in hell shock..
KABIR: Hey Sanchi… What was you doing with me? You were taking chance of the situation..(he teases her more and more) I thought you as an innocent girl but u are so wild.. I can’t even imagine…and even can’t say that what … all the things you done to me… I am so embarrassed.. how will I show my face to the world? (melodramatic tadka !! )
(Sanchi understands it easily by seeing his overacting.. she also participate in tease game..)
SANCHI: (starts crying loudly)
Even 1 couple passing from there sees them doubtfully .. Kabir tries to make Sanchi quiet.. but she continues doing it. He finally kiss her on her lips… their weird situational kiss turns to passionate one. Finally after 1-2 mins they part away.
KABIR: I’m sorry . u didn’t left any other option for me.
Sanchi smiles shyly.
KABIR: I was just teasing you… you didn’t do anything.. infact I
SANCHI: I know that already that’s why… but u took chance of the situation.. so mean.
KABIR: (Grabs her more close..looking into eachother eyes) I don’t need any chance to do any romance with my wife. (he winks)
Sanchi hugs him and after sometime they both parted ways..Sanchi goes to hostel while Kabir goes to Airport to pick Kusum.
Sanchi comes to hostel room. She meets PraSha and shares everything with them..even about their marriage. Isha gets angry for hiding this from it but Sanchi makes her understand the situation.. finally patch up between them. Pragya informs them that her marriage is after 1 week with Satish. And they have to help her in shopping related things..
SanSha: WHAT? Shopping? Ok tell what u will wear in your marriage… Jeans or Trouser?
PRAGYA: (hell shock) Abe Dost ho yaa dushman? I will wear what other brides wear.. lehanga. Aise dost hai mere.. (fake anger)
SanSha laughs loudly and trio shares hug.
ISHA: Guys I forgot to inform u both. Now Malhotras know about mine and Veer’s relation. After much problems and issues.. finally Anand Sir agrees for our marriage as PAPA told him about our Status and all…so he has no issue with me. But the condition is ..we will get marry after our internship gets completes. And I got Savitri Maa’s, Dadi and Priya didi’s support in making anand sir agree for our relation.
SanGya: Congratulations yaar..ab bata rahi ho… they again share trio hug.
SANCHI: Yaar.. I am feeling scared..after such happiness.. no problem should come. Maa maan to jayegi naa Kabir ke liye?
SanSha: Stop thinking negative yaar.
ISHA: Kyu nahi manengi Dr. Kabir ke liye? After all he is my hottie…
Sanchi glares her.
ISHA : listen fully first.. hottie Jiju.
They all laugh.
PRAGYA: Don’t think ,much Kabir Sir will handle everything.
Sanchi nods in yes but still tensed..

On otherside Kabir tells everything to Kusum as she inquires from him. But he don’t say anything about the marriage as he knows…AGAR MAA KO PATA CHALA TO SANCHI APNE GHAR NAHI..KAPOOR MANSION MAIN DIKHEGI.. as per kusum’s over exciting nature.

PRECAP: JAYA’s health gets bad and Sanchi promises her to marry whomsoever she will decide for him. Kabir heart breaks listening to this. He leaves from there wiping his tears.
# A WARM WELCOME TO MY DEAR SIS ANURADHA.. heyy fighter.. I am so happy to see u back. Now don’t leave us again. And WELCOME BACK ABHILASHA… I am so happy to read an article from you after so long.. love u both yaar. HOPE OTHER FRIENDS ALSO JOIN US BACK.. missing them all..

# I am again very very Sorry for late posting. But ab next episode jaldi post karungi pakka.

# Sorry Neha. I told u that I will post back to back articles this time as per your order but dear due to rewriting the same episode again.. took my time. And as I am having bad cold..i will not able to do so. But surely try to post next part within 2 days.. if my health supports me.

# Sorry Guys if i forgot something… due to health my brain is not working properly.

Give Your ? or ? (silent readers you can do that much also.. but if u comment than…we writers feels hapoiness which u can’t even think of it.. your small contribution makes a very big impact.. you have power so plz use it. It boost our morale. previously..I lost my interest due to SDCH Story line as well as reducing comments. But these ???? people brought my interest u friends… ????

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  1. Prakruti

    Wow… Such a nice epi Dii… Loved the part when Kabir teases Sanchi.. Superb??

    1. Khamoshi

      Thank u so much Prakruti dear…. ur comment made me so happy u can’t even think of it ☺ keep supporting and keep smiling

  2. How are you dost……… episode is superb and outstanding doet but I am worried about the precap ……….. please yaar kanchi ko mila do…….sanchi ka maa jan jahe un doni ka pyaar ke bare me…….

    1. Khamoshi

      Hey Dost i am fi9 now. How r u? Don’t worry for the precap.. ?? main SDCH serial thkdi hu jo apne fans ka khayal nahi rakhti. Just wait and watch..thanks for the appreciation yaar☺ aaj tumne mere liye zyada typing ki..khushi hui yaar ???

      1. I am also fine dost………or ak baat yaar dosti me no sorry no thank u………I am a big fan of kanchi,you and all ff and os writer……..I love you lots yaar……….. please yaar update soon ……….

  3. Dekh…..I cmnted………jhakkas epi tha…..but precap……….koi ni
    “Khamoshi I’m a silent reader & your big fan. You are fab writer I ever seen. I read all novels of Cheten Bhagat but he cant stand infront of you”

    Itna butter thik tha ????

    1. Khamoshi

      ???? itne buttering main kya hoga kanjoos…? thank u so much for commenting. Tu silent reader thi..ab nahi hai.. ab mujhe tu hamesha dikhni chahiye… dost ko ek dost ka order hai..samjhi.
      And Precap wale ka wait kar..sab pata chal jayega

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  6. Its amazing…. Loved it

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    After a long time so good to see u..btw episode is too good..eagerly waiting for the next episode and also waiting for the real romance of kanchi on tv

    1. Khamoshi

      Thank u prachi for the first comment on my ff ☺. It really means a lot ? yeah i will try to post next episode soon as possible and we too are waiting for the real romance on tv.

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    1. Khamoshi

      Awwwwww Anee. After so long i saw u here. It’s really special 4 me to get appreciation from a wonderful writer ☺? i am absolutely fine now. Thanks and hope u too doing well.. i talk to ur sis and i must say she is as sweet as u ☺ lots of love to u both. Ur bond rocks. And kanchi loves stays forever.. hope serial makers understand it too…but they will not thats 4 sure. Let it be..thanks again

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    Finnally!!! You came back Mitu!!! I was waiting and waiting and waiting to see your updates ??? now I got it. I know how you felt when you lost all you wrote and had to rewrite. That happened to me too. I had rewrite a whole epi again ???. Today’s epi is just awesw and awesome. Love it so so much ???

    1. Khamoshi

      Heyy ruwani… thank u so much and i am so sorry for making u waot for so longs..par kya kar sakhte hai..thanks to my laziness ?? i was stupid i was that i didn’t saved it previously.. and from the start i have to rewrite it frustrated..but hopefully i was able to write better compare to my previous lost copy.. in my views ?? thanks dear again

  11. Dear sis how are you? Are u fine naa? Medicine lekar thoda aaram Karo dear… Thanks for your lovely comments sweetie…. Coming to the story it was incredible… Twist toh ab aayega yaar mujhe kabir k liye bura lag raha hai.. Yeh jaya ki health abhi bhigadni thi! Serial mei bhi mujhe uska role bilkul bhi accha nahi lagta… Well tum kanchi ko separate mat Karna please.. At last apna khayal rakhna OK… Love you a lot..

    1. Khamoshi

      Hey sis.. i am absoluteky fine now.. ek din ki bimaar hui ..fir khadi ho gayi.. ??? chal jaane de kabhi baad main fir bimar hone ka saubhagya milega ??? woh kya hai naa.. main bimar padti hu to ghar pe meri importance badh jati hai ??? and thank u so much for commenting.. tu apna khyal rakha kar.. u r fighter

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    1. Khamoshi

      Priyanka yaar… teri tareefe sunne ka ek alag hi mazaa hai ?? shukriya meherbani aapki. And vaise cold ki pungi baj gayi.. i am absolutely fine now..aapki daya se cold tujhse darke bhag gaya..chal ab roz insta pe aaya kar.. hamesha aake bhag jati hai. Chalo khushi hui..tune songs ki tareef ki..bcoz mujhe doubt tha ke..iske wajah se aaj main chappal khaungi..par bach gayi ???? love u so much..and a tight teddy hug to u my frnd

  13. Amazing episode Mitu…..loved it from bottom of the heart… update soon….lots of love to u ?

    1. Khamoshi

      Thank u so much Niyati dear ☺ yes i will try to post next soon ☺ love u dear and miss u

  14. Priyanshipp

    Very nice episode mitu. Chal agar mai insta pe group nhi banati tab to tujhe koi force hi nhi krta or tu to bich me hi chod ke bhaag jaati. Anyways I’m proud of myself ki maine saare tu members ko connect kar liya wrna saare ke saare chod dete ab kam se kam insta pe sunne ke daar se likh to rhe h. Chal bohot pakaya tera dimaag. … ab raat ko pakaungi.
    Luv u soooooooooooo much bestie. Post as soon as possible. ???

    1. Khamoshi

      Hey dear thanks ..sach kaha.. agar tune insta pe connect naa kiya hota to pakka hum sab bhaag chuke hote.. uske liye ek bada sa hug tereko.. imaginary hai par hai to sahi na ? chal aaj dopahar ko milte hai ??

  15. amazing
    i can understand your laziness coz im also lazy
    i know at the end you make kanchi
    every relation mein thoda twists tho aati rahti hain
    try black pepper milk it will reduce cold

    1. Khamoshi

      Thank u so much swetha.. hmm yaar main kanchi pair nahi karne wali.. sorry for that to all. And thank u so much for the suggestion but i don’t like milk..i still use to have milk sometime …but only with bournvita ?? .
      And dusri baat..upar wali baat mazak thi..arey kanchi fan hu..alag kaise karu unhe ?? hehe ..dara na tha to dara diya

  16. Aafiya

    Superb and fantastic… Missed you a lot… Dont be sorry.. Post soon..

    1. Khamoshi

      Thank u aafiya dear.. today u typed so many words for me.. that realky made me haooy ??? missed u too ..and all my TU frnds..issliye to dur nahi reh payi or wapas aa gayi. Yeah i will post asap

      1. Aafiya

        Sorry for asking, can you tell me what you have said in hindi?Because I know to read Hindi but can’t understand the meaning… ?

    2. Khamoshi

      Yeah dear sure.. i said. U typed so many words for me..that really made me happy and due to my friends love including u.. i came back after i leaved.. bcoz all ur love brought me back here. ☺

  17. Abhilasha

    Maar dala!!! Yr it was damn superbbbb……mtlb faadu……..u nailed it!!! And tera cold abi tk thik ni hua!!!! Jaldi theek krle ise …….tissues send kru kya….just kidding my sweetie……..medicines lele…..and aise hi dhasu episodes post krti rh!!!! Loved it dher sara!!! Luv uh!!! Take care!!

    1. Khamoshi

      Thank u abhi dear.. yaar tum jab insta pe aati ho TU pe nahi..or TU pe aati ho to Insta pe nahi.. missing u yaar ..aise luka chuppi mat khela kar.. ? and cold ab puri tarah thik ho gaya.. tissue next time bhej dena ?? love u bahot sara

  18. Di you killed it.It was sooo fab. I loved the epi.U r an amazing writer.And do take care of ur health.

    1. Khamoshi

      Thank u so much rivanya dear.. good to see u again ☺? i am so happy to get ur appreciating words ? and now i am perfectly will write the next episode soon ☺

  19. Amazing epsd..

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