Kismat Konnection {Epi-25} GOA SPECIAL- 5

Guys Jessicca’s Message for you all.

{ I’m moving to the hostel and thus i would no longer be able to connect with u people or continue my ff the precious gift of love.. It was a great journey with u guys n I’ll miss u all..
ANYONE, a silent reader or a regular member or anyone who would like to continue my ff is most welcome… I am feeling really bad for leaving my ff incomplete..
I’m extremely sorry for that.. I’ll return back home after 4 months.. Then I’ll rejoin TU… Will miss you.. Goodbye.. Stay blessed. Kaanchi zinadabad ❤}

Thank You Friends for the love and support. I am nothing without u all. I lost my interest but then i found so many inspirations around me..who are trying their best to save SaBir lead. So i am also not going to surrender so easily. I will also fight back. I will continue my writings on KaNchi on TU. Thanks to u guys..and this will be for u all only. So enough of my bhashanbaazi..i should CarryOn with my episode.
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*Btw i want to mention.. I got less comments on my previous episode as many regular readers are tampamoni, swetha, etc..(Weak in memorising names). But also happy that 2 silent readers commented for the first time..Kajal and Sakash. Thanks guys for this..this really means a lot to me.

RECAP: All misunderstandings gets cleared between KaNchi and they happily and safely came back to their resort in Goa. Where they shared some romantic time with eachother while others don’t know anything about their tribal wedding.

So the episode starts with the marriage day of NaHer (Namik & Meher) in Christian wedding theme. They are getting marry in Church. So let’s see what our Gang is wearing.. All the Girls (Bride’s maid) are wearing same coloured western dress with little designing differences.While the boys of the gang are wearing suit and tie (colour co-ordinated).
Here both couple KaNchi & IshVeer are mesmarized seeing their beloved partner. While Riya was fed up of all this lovey dovey moments but not able to do anything. She just participates in wedding.
(SITTING ARRANGEMENT- As there was crowd due to marriage.. IshVeer and KaNchi gets separated with eachother..IshVeer sits in front row with Riya accompaning them While KaNchi finds a place at the Bench somewhere in mid row).

Now it’s a time to take wedding vows by the new couple of the town..that’s NaHer.
Riya was getting bore with the rituals and constantly looking here and there to find KaNchi..but due to many people she always gets hits and misses and unable to find them…IshVeer Holds eachother hands..hidding from Riya …While Kanchi without worrying holds eachother arms and sanchi rested her head on kabir’s shoulder and kabir rested his head of Sanchi’s head. While others couples around them looking towards them happily as they were seeing True love between them. (Just RashmiSharma is not able to see it…huh!! Sorry gussa nikal hi jaata hai).

Father (Church Priest) : Repeat After Me .. (Priest speaks and Bride & Groom repeats it – NaHer)
(AUTHOR’S NOTE: HERE I WILL WRITE KABIR AND SANCHI IN PLACE OF NaHer as they are the protagonist in my ff)
Groom (Namik & KABIR)
I, KABIR, take you, SANCHI , to be my wedded wife. With deepest joy I receive you into my life that together we may be one. As is Christ to His body, the church, so I will be to you a loving and faithful husband. Always will I perform my headship over you even as Christ does over me, knowing that His Lordship is one of the holiest desires for my life. I promise you my deepest love, my fullest devotion, my tenderest care. I promise I will live first unto God rather than others or even you. I promise that I will lead our lives into a life of faith and hope in Christ Jesus. Ever honoring God’s guidance by His spirit through the Word, And so throughout life, no matter what may lie ahead of us, I pledge to you my life as a loving and faithful husband.

Bride (Meher & SANCHI)
I, SANCHI, take you, KABIR , to be my wedded husband. With deepest joy I come into my new life with you. As you have pledged to me your life and love, so I too happily give you my life, and in confidence submit myself to your headship as to the Lord. As is the church in her relationship to Christ, so I will be to you. KABIR , I will live first unto our God and then unto you, loving you, obeying you, caring for you and ever seeking to please you. God has prepared me for you and so I will ever strengthen, help, comfort, and encourage you. Therefore, throughout life, no matter what may be ahead of us, I pledge to you my life as an obedient and faithful wife.

PRIEST:I declare you both as a Husband & Wife. Now You May Kiss eachother.

NaHer Shares a LipLock while Kabir kisses Sanchi’s hand lovingly while maintaining eye contact with her.
Sanchi smiles with his gesture.
KABIR: (softly speaks in her ears) I will always be with you. You are my love of life. I Love you Mrs. Sanchi Kabir Kapoor.
SANCHI: I love you too Mr. Kabir Kapoor. I will always stands beside you.
They get lost for sometime in eachother eyes when Some joyous claps brings them out of their lost world. Everyone Congratulates NaHer for their Wedding.
KANCHI, ISHVEER & RIYA also congratulates them.. NaHer Thanks them and invite them for After Wedding Party tonight… All agrees happily.
Suddenly Veer’s Phone Rang and he gets tensed. He Cuts the Call and goes back to NaHer Nd Gang.
VEER: Sorry Guys but we will not able to make it happen.. As now only i got a call from my home..due to some personal issues we have to go back asap to mumbai.
NaHer: Ok it’s emergency so we will not force you all.. But Kanchi & Isha can stay here tonight..
VEER: Yeah Offcourse yaar… I was talking about me and Riya..bcoz it’s our family issue so v have to be there.. But Kanchi and Isha will come to ur party for sure.
KANCHI & Isha: Sorry Veer… V can’t leave u alone in ur trouble time..v all r going back together.
VEER: NO More arguments.. Yaar it’s NaHer’s wedding Party…if u guys not stay here then i will take myself responsible of ruinjng their happiness…do u want me to do so?
ISHA: Yes Sanchi.. Veer is right.. U both are staying here..i will go with Riya and Veer to Mumbai.
VEER: No Isha.. U also stay here.
ISHA: I also don’t want any argument VEER… I am coming.
Veer finally agrees but Riya was upset…she wants to stay with Kabir..
RIYA: Hey Veer.. You both go..i will come with Kabir Sir and Sanchi.. Bcoz i am not feeling well.
Kanchi looks at eachother..
VEER: Are you out of your mind? Our family needs us and u want to enjoy party here.. Just pack your bags and get ready v r leaving GOA with the First available flight only.
RIYA finally agrees with partial consent..

SO IN SHORT- VEER-ISHA-RIYA leaves for Mumbai in flight. While KABIR & SANCHI stays back in GOA for the after wedding party of NaHer.


{Everyone wearing casual clothes like.. GIRLS wearing short pants, jeans, skirts, Crop Top, Fancy Shirts etc and BOYS are wearing Beach Pants, Pyjamas, SouthIndian Lungis (now in trend) with the Formal & Informal Shirt etc etc}

Sanchi comes wearing a long white skirt with a White fancy loose Shirt…A Flower band on her head..looking like an angel. While Kabir comes wearing a White Shirt with top 3 buttons open and folded sleeves with a blue jeans with fancy multiple cuts on it.


EVERY1 Dances with their do our love Couple KaNchi as well as NaHer.

After much dance and enjoyment it’s a time to play some games…and as u all know it’s love is in the Air…so no Shyness and all.. Just be prepare ..
Some Couples are selected to play some 3 round games..and in that a couple is KaNchi also.. While NaHer enjoys talk with eachother as they can’t play with them..they have to give gift to the winner couple of the game.

Lets take 3 Couple..C1,C2,C3 & our Kanchi. (Only 4 couples are selected to play this competition games)

●Here…every Couple has to pop 2 different balloons and it gives them 1-1 dare chit from it..they have to complete the task together by matching both dares.●
Both popped the balloons and 2 task they got are: BlindFold and Hug.
Kabir and Sanchi both get blindfolded by game planner (Me Only..hehe) now i left them in a centre of the party venue and rotate them in different dirrections. Then the actual game begins..Kanchi starts searching eachother like playing BLACK BLACK..haha. But they can’t speak a single word as it’s afinst rules of game…After some tries..Kabir succeed in findimg her..they hug eachother and task gets over. They won the level. And Result comes…C3 gets OUT of the game.
SANCHI: How u came to know that i am standing here?
KABIR: You know what Sanchi.. Now getting closer to u each day…i started recognising your likes and dislikes..and i love your perfume smell.. I can’t forget it now. He winks.
Sanchi like a tubelight…after some seconds she strike with the thought what he really meant to say.. She gets shy and smiles to herself only..

《2nd Round Starts – WHO’S YOUR SOULMATE?》
●Here Couples are made to sit against eachother and random questions will be ask to them..both the partners have to give maximum correct answer to compete other couple. The Answer of the partners should get matched with eachother● (answers should be written on hand board with marker)
1st Q. – What is the nickname of Your Male Partner?
Kanchi: Khadoos
2nd Q. – What is the favourite Dish of your Female Partner?
Kanchi: GolGappa
3rd Q. – What is Your Male Partner’s Favourite Corner?
Kabir writes it but Sanchi takes much time… Finally she writes.. HOSPITAL.
Everyone laughs at this…Kabir gets upset little bit but to make situation light..he gives fake smile to all.
RESULT Comes in Kanchi’s favor.. They again won as all the answers were matched with eachother.
AND C1 gets out of the Game.
SANCHI: Wait…i want to say something.
Anchor gives her mike..
SANCHI: SO WHAT YOU THINK? HOSPITAL CAN’T BE SOMEONE’S FAVOURITE CORNER… Yes we do have HOSPITAL AS OUR FAV CORNER.. Bcoz we doctors feel happy when we abke to save someone life. We feel good when we able to bring a smile on losted hoped person. My Hus…Dr.Kabir is a person who takes his patient like his family member not a mere diseased body of a patient. I am lucky to have him and great to know that he also have same favourite corner what i have… She smiles looking at him while he was just amazed with her views…they both get lost in eachothers eyes…while thry come to senses after hearing a loud applause by NaHer and other Guests . All the teasers appologise to Kabir…while Kabir Thanks her for this. Sanchi holds his hand giving him moral supoort.

NaHer: For Us You both are the winners..not only fe winners but also heart winners.. They share a group hug.

So game continues…
●♡As i mentioned u all’s a Goa..nkt shyness is here we go.. In this have to do a task where 1 partner have to take a sugar cube in his/her mouth from a bowl while the other partner have to take that same sugar cube from his/her partner’s mouth and keep in other Bowl which is empty..that too within 2 mins time. So whoever gets maximum sugar cubes..will be the Winner♡●

Kanchi & C2 participates..both have to do this at the same time only..
C2 is ahead with 2 cubes bcoz Kanchi feels hesitates in doing this as eachtime they share a small ? liplock..which results in more time consuming and lacking behind in task.
Finally Kabir makes her understand that..don’t think much..no1 knows us here and NaHer knows about no1 is there to judge us..and dear i am ur husband not a stranger… Finally after that..Sanchi also participates equally and they became best team with co-ordination. Finally they came very close to C2 team score..and 10 seconds remaining..
All Rush – Claps & Noise..

Finally Game is over..and there is some time in coming of result.
KABIR: Thank you Sanchi for all this..i know u were hessitate…i am sorry i should not have force you to participate in this game.
SANCHI: (Keeps her finger on his lips) shhhh.. Patidev. Yeah i was hessitated first..but after your words.. I just got boosted up.. Hmm kya karu..I committed with someone who is so shameless..i too had to become like him..i don’t have anyother option (she winks at him)
KABIR: Smirks…Ok so i am shameless..wait i will show u my shamelessness today.. They were about to say further when a spotlight comes on they were declared winners.. They won the competition by just 1 sugar cube…
Kanchi gets happy.. C2 Congratulates them and wishes them TOGETHERNESS for life.
NaHer: So Congratulations to our Friends… So here is ur Prize.. A box wrapped up in a gift paper.
Kanchi didn’t open it a formal way..
After the party…Finally Kanchi leaves for Mumbai in their Car.
Sanchi excitedly opens the wrapped up gift..while Kabir was awestruck..
KABIR: U r behaving like a kid Sanchi.. Whats there to get so happy about a GIFT?
SANCHI: (still trying to open the gift carefully so the gift paoer doesn’t get damaged..) You won’t understand it Dear Hubby… It’s first Gift after our marriage..
KABIR smiled at her as he still not able to Believe that they are finally got married.. He was so happy that he too goes with the flow..
KABIR: How much time you want to open it…give it to me …i will open it.
SANCHI: Don’t even think of doing this..i don’t want to get this paper get the tag card first.. It’s written TO Mr. & Mrs. KAPOOR… And i want to save this gift and all gift related things for my life.
KABIR: Ohh… So in that case..i think u should also save that Kisses also..wait i help u in that.. He was about to kiss her while driving when…she shouts (didn’t heard it fully as she was concentrating on gift)
SANCHI: Yes finally it’s done..she opens the gift and saw a beautiful Couple Dancing Statue (Rotating Couple Doll under a Glass with snowfall). AWWW it’s So cute.

A note is also there…
Hey Kabir & Sanchi..we knew that ..if u both participate in this Competition..then u only going to we both knkw ur love is much stronger than others … Your Destiny brought u both together. It’s our wish that u both stay happy always and together. Don’t forgrt to invite us in your wedding..we are waiting for it. GOD BLESS U BOTH. Hope Soon Your Marriage happens and we get to see small Kabir & Sanchi soon. Love from Namik & Meher.
SANCHI smiles…They are so sweet.
KABIR: YES they are.. I think v should fulfill their wish soon..
SANCHI: Yes we will invite them soon in our marriage..
KABIR: i was not talking about that..i was saying about their second wish..which is after our marriage..
SANCHI tries to ignore trying to be an innocent one..
SANCHI: hmm..yes we will be together per their wish..
KABIR: Achha bachchu.. Humse Hoshiyari..wait i show u..what i wanted to say..
Kabir liens to Kiss Sanchi while losing concentration from driving… Sanchi tells him to concentrate on Driving but of no use.. He has became mad in love like the serial one..hehe
Finally they met with an accident..their car gets hit to the tree.
Chill guys..both are fine but the engine of car gets off.. They starts walking on the road and doing arguments..
SANCHI: I told u to pay concentration on driving..but u wanted to do romance while see what happened..
KABIR: It’s just 1 day passed of our marriage..and u started behaving like a typical wife.. I was romancing with u..not fighting with u.. (He taunts her)
SANCHI: Ohh Aapki Meherbani Patidev.. Aapki krupa se ab hum raat ko akele jungle main walk pe jo nikal paye hai..aap naa hote to hume yeh mauka kaise milta.. THANK U SO MUCH FOR THIS (taunts him back)

Finally they saw a small hut with lights ON.. They decides to go there and ask for the help.
They comes near the hut Nd listened some lady’s Scream of pain… They knock at the door..
A man opens the door of the hut and seems much worried..
KABIR: Brother..we are struck in this jungle as our car got striked with the tree..plz help us.
MAN: Sorry.. I am too stuck here.. I need a doctor not a burden.. My wife need urgent medical treatment …plz go from here..i can’t help u guys..soon a doctor’s team is coming..plz leave and forgive me.
KABIR: As u wish..but if we can help u then let us v both r doctors.
MAN gets happy knowing they are doctors..
MAN: Why din’t u told me before..come in.. We need doctor.
Man takes Kanchi inside his house. Then they both are taken to a separate room in that hut..where A woman is crying of labor pain. She was screaming…as it’s high time of her delivery.
Sanchi checks her while Kabir and the Man is standing aside
SANCHI: It’s High time..her water broke..we have to do her delivery right now..we can’t wait for doctor’s team.
MAN: Ok ..but plz save my wife and child. I am leaving..if u want anything just let me know..i will bring that.
SANCHI: Ok just give some hot water,towel, scissor and a bedsheet.
MAN leaves to bring all the stuff.
KABIR: Ok Sanchi. Do whatever u feel right. I will assist u.

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: As we all know..Sanchi is Gynecologist (Delivery, women’s health issues related specialist) and KABIR is Neurosurgeon (Brain related specialist). So kabir can’t do anything about this department).
SANCHI: Ok Sir. Just follow my instructions.
MAN brings all the stuff which sanchi said. Kabir takes all from him and man leaves from there.
Lady starts screaming loudly..she was crying due to pain.
KABIR was dumbstruck. Sanchi calls him repeatedly but he gives no response due to tense situation.
SANCHI shakes him..
SANCHI: Kabir are you listening me? Plz pass on the bedsheet to me.
KABIR: I Can’t do this…
KABIR: I can’t see anyone in so much pain… That’s why i became i don’t go through this..
SANCHI: Stop behaving like a child Kabir..u r best doctor of SDCH and u r telling this..i can’t believe.
KABIR: Hey you go there…ok i will do what u say but plz do this quickly..i can’t take it anymore.
SANCHI: Ok Fine.. Just handover this things when i ask for it.
He nods.

(after sometime)
SANCHI: (rubbing lady’s stomach towards down) Yes Say Kabir. KEEP PUSHING DIDI (at the same time telling to push the baby to the lady)
KABIR: We will adopt a child. we will love that child like our own. I will not able to see u going through such pain.
(SANCHI makes a shocking expression and give him a look)
SANCHI: At this time u want to discuss this? Are you out your mind?
Finally…a cry is listened.. Lady rest and fell sleep(She is ok) Sanchi cleans the baby and handovers the child to Kabir.
KABIR: (Gets emotional at the same time happy…his eyes gets moist with a broad smile) i don’t able to understand this feeling.. First time i am experiencing this.. (he holds the child fingers which are so small and delicated…he is frightened that he don’t harm the child) It’s a feeling which is out of the world.
SANCHI: Yes Kabir..this feeling is much more stronger than the pain from which a mother has to go through.. Thanks for caring so much about me..but Dear Patidev..i want to experience this happiness in my womb for 9 months..i want to live such moments.
KABIR hugs her emotionally while Sanchi is happy with his love and they caresses the baby with love.

Finally Sanchi takes the baby and opens the door of the room.
She handsover the baby to his father and congratulate him on becoming father of a Girl child. and informs him that his wife is also Fine.
Man gets Happy and thanks them…he lovingly caresses the baby girl.
MAN: I am so sorry for dennying to help u guys..i was really tensed otherwise i will not say NO to help u guys.
KANCHI: We understand..don’t worry. It’s ok. Now we should leave.
MAN: Plz Stay here tonight. 2morrow morning your car will be i am a mechanic. But plz stay here today as it will be a repentance for my deed. My wife will also get happy.. Please
KANCHI agrees.
They both sleep in a separate rooms as it’s a hut. Sanchi is sleeping with the lady with her child in a room while MAN & Kabir is sleeping in a common room/hall.

Kanchi gets ready.. Man starts the car and make it fine. The Lady comes to their Car with her baby and thanks them for saving her and her baby.
KANCHI smiles and gives kisses to the baby’s forehead.
LADY: I want to name my child after u both. You both care for eachother so much..u both are very lucky to have eachother. What’s your good name?
KABIR & SANCHI tells their name and Thanks her for such a compliment…
MAN: So we will call her it will be mixed names of ur ur blessings always will be there with her.
KANCHI gets emotional a smiles.. They hug the baby Kanchi and leaves happily in their CAR towards MUMBAI.

PRECAP: Jaya fixes Sanchi’s marriage without Sanchi’s consent somewhere while Kabir and Sanchi are clueless about it. Let’s see what happens next.

Pic Courtesy: My Own (Vikram Sakhalkar Pic Credits: @vikram_my_world_ (IG A/c))
■ Friends you can find the Wedding Dresses of NaHer, Girls and Boys on my Wall Post.
■ Party Game track was accompanied by my frnd cum sis Anuradha. Thanks dear for the support.☺
■ Sorry Friends..i somewhere gone in deep detailed and some were just CUT CUT CUT OK. As i was rushing to finish this article..but still i wrote LONG UPDATE as usual..haha?? AADAT SE MAJBOOR.??
■ Thanks to all silent readers for coming frwd and commenting here..guys it’s really a big thing for the writers as we take so much efforts to write some articles..yes i know sometimes i write bakwas and pakau part also..but plz criticize hi karlo..par kuch to bola karo. Ur comments are much valuable 4 us and u don’t know it’s importance.. For us your live and support is like Sanjeevni Buti.. Sorry 4 lamba bhashan..but plz comment karna.

■ Again ..if u want to contact me.. My insta & twitter id is : @vikramm_swarda

■ Guys i am quitting to watch SDCH on TV for 1 last week when SaBir scenes were there..TRP raised but this week will be of’s a small thing which i can do..hope this week TRP decrease. I will read about Kabir scenes on TU WRITTEN UPDATE only but will not watch tge serial. Phool na sahi..Phool ki pankhudi hi sahi.. Kuch naa karne se behtar hai koi kosish to many insta frnds of mine are also accompaning me in this…
Love for Vikram ♡♡♡♡ Pata nahi ..agar SanVeer ho gaye to hum vikram ko ab kitni der dekh payenge..pehle minutes ke liye dikhte the ab seconds bhi naseeb honge yaa nahi..pata nahi .

《Sorry for useless talks》
Chhota Dimag Chhota Idea yaa Chhoti Soch bhi keh sakhte ho. ?
Byt i want to fught back yaar..hum bhi to SDCH viewers hai..hamare saath injustice kyu..agar Kanchi pair banana hi nahi tha to false hopes kyu diye hume? Ab se NO SDCH for 1 week..dekhte hai hum fans kuch kar payenge yaa nahi.

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