Kismat Konnection {Epi-24} GOA SPECIAL- 4


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RECAP: Sanchi and Kabir stuck on an isolated island- Divar Island,Goa. They met Zalumba Tribal Community there. They got married without eachother consent due to circumstances. RIYA under stressed as ISHVEER doubts her for Kanchi missing while Kanchi spends and celebrate their first night after marriage under drunk state(Bhang effect).

Sun rays finds it’s way to Kanchi’s hut. Where they were sleeping in eachother embrance. Sanchi wakes up due to Sun rays felling on her face. She slowly opens her eyes and holds her head due to headache (Bhang ka nasha or SaBir ke liye deewangi aasani se nahi jati??). She smiles seeing Kabir hugging her. She thinks it to be a dream… Finally she comes to her senses that it is not a dream.. They both spent night together and crossed the limits between them. She gets a shocked and starts crying.
After some time..Kabir also wakes up slowly with same headache wala funda. He listened Sanchi’s crying sound so he gets alert with a jerk.
KABIR: What happened Sanchi? Why are you crying?

Sanchi doesn’t reply.
KABIR: Tell me damn it !! What happened to u?
Finally he noticed the surroundings.. Grass bed – Kanchi on it – Sanchi wearing Kabir’s Shirt ? and Kabir Shirtless.
(Author’s note: Sanchi has to wear something to cover her she wore Kabir’s shirt only)
KABIR: (Shocked) S…A..N..C..H..I … I am so sorry. I really don’t remember…how this happened? How can i do this…?

SANCHI: (Cries) How can you do this to me Kabir? First u done marriage with me without my consent or informning me…and Second u spent… I can’t even say this.. How could u Kabir? How could u…
KABIR: (Tearyeyed) i am so sorry Sanchi.. If i don’t say lie to this tribal people about our marriage then they would have killed us for spoiling their cultural values and dignity. To save our lifes..i had to lied. And i really don’t know how i slept with u and crossed all my limits.
He holds her hand and apologise to her with tears in his eyes..

SANCHI takes some time to think…then she holds his hand back and rub his cheeks with her fingers to remove tears from it. She holds his left cheek with her right hand and make him face her. She tries to Maintain eye contact and kabir tries to avoid eye contact with her due to guilt.
SANCHI: Kabir look at me.. Let’s forgot the situation and all the circumstances.. U r not alone who have crossed the limits..i am too equally guilty for it.
(KABIR stares her emotionally.)

SANCHI: Yes we have spent night together but if we think in other way then.. Now we are married. You are my Husband and i am your don’t think has to happen one day and it happened last night.. So what.. We have to move on.
She stands to get ready (actually she was avoiding the situation but Kabir understands it). Kabir holds her hand and make her sit again.
KABIR: Look at me Sanchi.. (She avoids) I said something to u.. (She looks at him with moist eyes) i knew it. U said all this to make me comfortable and calm..but what about u? You don’t love me naa? …thats why u started hiding your pain from me…?

SANCHI: (Puts her finger on his lip) Never say this again… I love you more than u. I live for you only. And yeah i am upset with sudden changes in our lives.. I was upset because our wedding happened without elders blessings and in absence of all loved ones.. Kusum Maa have so many plans for our wedding …same about my mom..she also saw so many dreams for my wedding.. But this all happened in so hurry that… all the dreams are shatter now.. I feel like i betrayed everyone.
KABIR:( hugs her to console her and keep her calm) This is all bcoz of me.. we should not have came to GOA only..then this all doesn’t happened with us.. I am responsible for all sorrows.
SANCHI: Shut up Kabir.. I am glad that we came to GOA and also came to this island.. I got such a nice husband here that i wished KASH HUM PEHLE YAHA AATE !! (she tries to make situation light.. She kisses his cheeks one by one)
He smiles and feels lucky to have Sanchi in his life as a life partner now. To make her smile..he also tries his best to do so..

KABIR: Sanchi…in that way i also want to say something to u.
SANCHI: Yes..What?
KABIR: (Kisses his forehead) Thank u for loving me so much. (She smiles). (Kisses her cheeks) Thank u for trusting me. (she blushes and closes her eyes) He is about to kiss her on her lips when a knock on the door heard.
Sanchi quickly goes to the other part of the hut. From where she can see and heard everything but the visitor can’t see her. KABIR still Shirtless.. Goes to open the door after Sanchi leaves to hide still wearing his shirt.

KABIR opens the door and sees Z.M with some breakfast for them.
Z.M: Hello Kabir. My wife sent this breakfast for u both. (he handovers the breakfast plate to kabir and he takes it).
KABIR: Thanks you all for everything.
Z.M tries to come inside for more talks but kabir makes him stand outside only. Z.M clueless with without any doubt he talks with kabir at the door only.
Z.M: So How was your night Kabir? Did Bhabhiji spoke with u and your patch up done?
KABIR: (Surprise) How you know about our fight?

Z.M: Me and my wife understood that u both have some issues between u.. So we made a plan to bring u both close.. SORRY without your permission we mixed bhang in both of your laddoos. So the problem between u can sort out.

KABIR: Are you mad or what? So this all the things were done by u both.. How can u yaar…?
Z.M feels guilty with his reaction and scolding. Kabir understands his intention and hug him.
KABIR: I’m so sorry my friend.. I just failed to understand your intentions..u both done this to bring me and sanchi close. THANKS for worrying so much for us.
Z.M: It’s Ok Friend. I too love my wife. I can understand what we feel for our love..and we can do anything to safeguard our love and our beloved. Ok don’t get senti…u get ready and come with your wife.. I will drop u to your hotel.

KABIR: Thanks friend.. We are coming..just 10 mins.
Z.M starts to leave but stops suddenly..
Z.M: Kabir…come outside wearing some clothes..otherwise your wife will feel more jealous as all the single Tribal girls will not let u go.. (he tease him and also appreciate his looks)
KABIR smiles with the compliment. Z.M leaves and Kabir shuts the door. Sanchi comes out and hug kabir tightly.

KABIR: What happened Sanchi?
SANCHI: I’m So Sorry Kabir. I misunderstood u..but i still trust u that u can’t do anything wrong with me intentionally. I love You.
KABIR: (hugs her back) It’s ok baba.. Don’t think much. It’s all happened…we can’t change it. May be it’s in our destiny to get married suddenly (KISMAT KA KHEL).. We can make it more beautiful rather to cry on it.

SANCHI: Beautiful? How?
KABIR: As soon we go back to Mumbai..we will get married legally and in presence of all with all their blessings and wishes. I will tell everyhing about us to your mom and we will get married with her permission.
SANCHI: (Bonecrushing hug) Thank u so much Kabir. We will have a simple wedding but with the presence of all.

KABIR: Hey i know that now i am your husband…but that doesn’t mean that u will take advantage of the situation. ?(teasingly) I am alone..that doesn’t mean that u can do anything with me.. (smirks)?

SANCHI: (Pats on his Shirtless Chest) Shut up Kabir. (She doesn’t break hug)
KABIR: You know What Sanchi… I want to say something to u since so long..
KABIR: First u promise that u will not beat me or scold me.. Then only
SANCHI: Hmm it depends on the situation..but ok i promise that i will not beat u or scold say

KABIR: You are looking hot in my Shirt.. Plz wear it more offen. He hugs her much strongly.
SANCHI: (Blushes) Ok i will not beat u and scold u as promise..but i can do one thing.. (Kabir listening her talks innocently. She push him back and runs from there. Kabir runs after her and both falls on grass bed again due to improper balance. Sanchi is on Bare Chest of Kabir with hairs on her face. Kabir slowly removes hairs from her face and tucks it behind her ear).
KABIR: You know what..yesterday whatever happened between us is due to bhang effect but now whatever is going to happen is all due to love effect. In conscious sense only. With our Consent and Wish.

SANCHI Blushes and gives the green signal to Kabir in consent.
KANCHI shares a passionate ? liplock and gets lost in their own world.
(Chalo ab aur nahi dekhte???..privacy issues)
Scene Shifted to Zulamba Community Gathering Place:

All meets Kanchi for the last time and see off them with some handcrafted gifts which they made specially for them. Kanchi gets overwhelmed with their love and hugs them. Finally Z.M and Kanchi leaves for GOA in a boat

(Author’s note: Zulamba community don’t want to reveal their place hidden secrets to Govt. As well as to Police bcoz they don’t want to bring impurity to their land which they worship and gives importance more than their lives. That’s why they have a secret route to enter GOA for their works)
SCENE shifted to Grand Excellency Resort:

IshVeer discussing with Police about the progress in Kanchi Missing case while Ria was lost in her own evil world.
Suddenly Isha hears a known voice..she turns and finds SANCHI and behind Kabir also enters with a bag full of gifts.

IN SHORT- Kanchi lies to them including Police that..they both gone for some work and their mobile doesn’t had network so they were unable to contact them. POLICE LEAVES. One man (Z.M) Listens everything from far and smiles to Kabir. Kabir Also smiles back for his help and promises in his mind that- We will never reveal this secret ever..due to u people only i got my Sanchi for life. He thanks him in gesture and leaves from there.
Veer hugs Kabir and Isha hugs Sanchi tightly..
While Ria thinks..How this can be possible? I myself thrown Sanchi on boat to Kabir is with her? Did i drank that mixed alcohol juice that day? She confused with the she leaves from there.
Isha: We missed u both so much.

Sanchi: We too missed u so much.
Veer: I also missed u both but i know…u both didn’t got time to miss us as u both were enjoying eachother company..(tease them)
Sanchi gives deadly glare to him while Kabir Smiles or u can say Blush.. (so he got caught red handed)

Isha:? hey…duniya ulti ho gayi aaj to.. Yeh main kya dekh rahi hu? Mujhe to vishwas nahi ho raha..par aaj dekha pyaar ka asli sab kuch badal deta hai.
Veer: Me too surprise… Glare ?changed with Smile☺ and Smile? changed with Glare?..
Baat kya hai ? Hume bhi to koi batao..
Sanchi Smiles finally and leaves from there getting shy ?.without saying anything.
Kabir also took the opportunity and goes to his room with the excuse of tiredness.
ISHVEER LOOKS ON.. And leaves for Restaurant to have Coffee.


(Quick Note: Chatting mode ON)
SANCHI: Hi Patidev.
KABIR: hmm sounds good. So what i call u?
SANCHI: Whatever u want…

KABIR: doesn’t matter … You will always be mine so i don’t need anything else.
SANCHI: Aww So sweet…sweetheart?.
She comes in her senses and pats on her head thinking..what she sent just now to kabir..
She gets nervous and a knock is heard on the connector door.. She slowly goes to it and opens the door.

And yes KABIR was standing there with a broad smile and naughty expressions.
KABIR: So Miss.. Sorry Mrs. Sanchi Kabir Kapoor called me what?
SANCHI: (tries to be innocent) You are talking about What? I didn’t say anything to u. You are mistaken.
She starts going back to her Sofa where she was sitting..but Kabir lifts her from back in his arms.

KABIR: So i am mistaking…? Hmm
SANCHI: leave me Kabir.. Isha will come. What she will think?
KABIR: So what if Isha comes and sees us? I am romancing ? with my wife . Let the world think what they want. I don’t really Care. (He makes Sanchi lien on bed and he also liens on bed beside her looking towards Sanchi with taking one elbow support to head)
SANCHI: Are you not getting more of filmy type Mr.Hubby? (looking towards Kabir)
KABIR: No Mrs.SKK. I am just loving? my wife.
SANCHI: Hmm.. By the way i am liking this side of KKK..
Kabir liens to Kiss Sanchi lovingly.. he is getting so close that Sanchi closes her eyes being Shy.

Suddenly a soft sound someone is about to enter the room. Kabir hears it while Sanchi was lost in her husband’s romance. She still waiting for the Kiss? with eyes closed.
ISHA: Heyy What are You Doing?

Sanchi gets shocked as she is caught red handed. She quickly opens her eyes and….
KABIR Disappeared..she starts looking all around the room but he is not there..
ISHA: Where are you looking? I am standing just in front of u.. What are you doing…Sleeping at this time…not done yaar.. We have to get ready for Meher’s marriage. Do u forgot evening NaHer marriage is there…
SANCHI POV: ??So Mr.Patidev…you ran with the fear..pehle to bada keh rahe the..i don’t care and all..ab darr ke mare bhaag gaye !! ??(She broadly smiles while Isha looks at her suspiciously)

ISHA: Sanchi u r okey naa? Kahi koi Black Magic yaa Bhoot ? wala panga to nahi hai naa? Why are you smiling like this..plz stop scaring me?.
SANCHI: Shut up Isha.. I am perfectly fine.
ISHA: Ok I Trust you..but plz aise fir darana mat. So shall we get ready?
SANCHI: Yeah Sure but for What?
ISHA: Look at you yaar..i spoke the whole Ramayan and u r asking who is Sita..? (Isha repeats all the things again to Sanchi..and this time sanchi pays attention to her talks)
SANCHI: Ok lets get ready.
On other side..Kabir and Veer are also getting ready. While Riya is still thinking about Kanchi’s missing mystery.


Pic Courtesy: My Own.

♡ HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRIYANSHI (Acc. To hindu calender teethi) i know u don’t wanted to share..but this episode is a small gift from me to u.

● I am So Sorry Friends for making u wait for so long. I apologise for this from core of my heart.
But i am sorry in advance that i will be irregular with my posting articles as i am busy nowadays with lots of other tasks..and not getting time to write anything.

● Thank u so much Riya (Priyanka) for the help in initiating the episode. Idea was wonderful ..hope i able to stand on ur expectation regarding ur part of story.

● Guys it is so overwhelming that some of my readers cum friends messaged me privately on TU to write the next episode of ff KISMAT KONNECTION as well as messaged me on Instagram.. I am so happy that u all r liking it.

Now i will not thinking to discontinue it..inspite the real story of SDCH is on SANVEER..I will still write on KANCHI here. Let the show go to hell i will be here for SaBir fans and to read from u.

But i want to mention…soon i will end this KK ff. Bcoz i have to concentrate on my studies ..but i will try my hand on OS or FS in that particular period of time..bcoz i didn’t wrote any of them yet..

● Heyy my Insta id is this: @vikramm_swarda .U can contact me there.

And Next Episode will be after Diwali only.. meri mummy mujhse aaj kal bahot kaam karva rahi hai.. chhoti si jaan pe koi ITTU SI BHI DAYA NAHI KARTA ???

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