Kismat Konnection {Epi-22} (#Khamoshi) GOA TRIP SPECIAL-2



Sorry For The Late Post.. i wrote this episode in hurry so plz forgive me for my mistakes in this episode.



RECAP: KaNchi & IshVeer visits some places of GOA and spends some quality time with each other while RIYA planning some conspiracy for KANCHI. IshVeer wants to spend some more time on Beach while KaNchi leaves for their Resort. Let’s see what happens next..


Riya is very angry seeing the romance and happiness between Kabir & Sanchi. She goes to sleep getting frustrated with the hope day the game will be on her side.


Sanchi enters the room and goes to washroom for bath. After 10 minutes she comes out in a bathrob, drying her hair with smile on her face..remembering time spent with Kabir. Just then She gets shocked. Her eyes widely opens and expression were like “She saw a ghost”.
hmm the ghost was none other than KABIR.. He was sitting on a Sofa waiting for her to come out. He was awestruck to see Sanchi in bathrobe and naughtily smiles at her??. Sanchi becomes like a Statue? for a while..after coming to senses she shouts at him at her top of the voice While he was just staring her.
SANCHI: Kabir…What are you doing in my room? How u came in? (She starts hiding herself behind curtains to cover her bathrobe and open legs)
Kabir just starring her lovingly.
SANCHI: Stop starring me.. And go out of my room right now.
Kabir stands and comes near her.. She starts shivering with his every forward steps. He comes to her and hold her hand by the wrist and bring her out of Curtains. He makes her sit on Bed.
KABIR: I came to your room through the connector door, Sanchi. Don’t worry no one knows that i am here with u.. Alone in your room..that too in night.. (he was just about to say more when Sanchi stops in between getting nervous)
SANCHI: Stop it Kabir. Don’t cross the limits..i told you..before only..nothing can be happen between us before marriage. (Angrily)
KABIR starts laughing loudly holding his stomach.. Bcoz he was just teasing her. She gets shocked with his reaction.
SANCHI: Stop laughing Kabir. Have you gone mad with the shock or what? Kabir i am talking with u…are you listening?
KABIR comes very very close to her at a single move and whispers in her ears “Sanchi.. I came here for a gift”. Sanchi gets nervous thinking “he is asking for a kiss as a gift” she jerks him away with her hands.
SANCHI: Don’t even think about it..i am not going to give you any gift. Go back to your room right now.
KABIR: (Clueless with her thoughts) Heyy i came here to give a gift to you..i am not asking anything from u stupid.
SANCHI gets surprise and embarassed…that what she thought was total idiotic thing. She smiles with her own thought.
Kabir sees her and says..look on your bed dear (showing some shopping bags which he kept there).
SANCHI forgets everything..nervousness, embarrasement and fear..she excitedly like child goes and starts opening each and every bag to see the stuff inside it. She gets very much Happy to see amazing dresses in that. (appro. 5-6 western dresses-Some are Long & Some are Short).
(Author’s note: You can imagine this scene from the movie Maine Pyaar Kiya- Salman & Bhagyashree Scene)
KABIR: I think u like my gift..
SANCHI: No Kabir…i don’t like it…(Kabir gets little bit upset) KABIR…I LOVED IT. Thank you so so so much for this dresses…i love u RKK (She kisses his cheeks in excitement without thinking)
KABIR: (Surprised with the gesture of Sanchi, touch his cheeks where Sanchi kissed him & Smiles) Oh really… I love u too sweetheart. But What is RKK?
SANCHI: (Still not able to control her excitement) RKK means ROMANTIC KABIR KAPOOR dear..
KABIR: Ohh so now after getting the title of ROMANTIC person..i think i should show u some romance dear.. (naughty expressions)
Sanchi comes to the senses now and runs from there and stands far at a distance.
KABIR: Ok ok .. I will not come near you. I will sit on the Sofa..but u have to show me wearing each and every dresses … Is it fine with u?
SANCHI thinks for a while and then agrees to his simple wish/demand. Nodded in Yes.
KABIR: Ok you can change in my go by the connector door i will sit here only..waiting for u.
Sanchi goes with a smile to Kabir’s room..and Kabir waits for her in Sanchi’s room
(”SO the sequence will be..Sanchi will wear the dresses from LONG to SHORT sizes in a line”)

(BG SONG- AFREEN by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan)

(SANCHI comes out wearing a Long White coloured Gown with long Sleeves.
Kabir is stunned to see her.)

Aisa dekha nahi khoob-soorat koyi
Jism jaise ajanta ki moorat koyi
Jism jaise nigaahon pah jaadu koyi
Jism naghmah koyi
Jism khush-bu koyi
Jism jaise mahakti hui chaandani
Jism jaise machalti hui raagini
Jism jaise kih khilta hua ik chaman
Jism jaise kih sooraj ki pahli kiran
Jism tarsha huwa dil-kash o dil-nisheen
Sandaleen sandaleen
Marmareen marmareen

(Sanchi goes back to Kabir’s room and again comes out wearing a dress below knee size in purple colour with 3/4th sleeve. Kabir again lost in her beauty and does not speak a single word.)

Husn-I jaanaan ki ta’reef mumkin nahi
Husn-I jaanaan ki ta’reef mumkin nahi
Aafireen aafireen
Aafireen aafireen
Tu bhi dekhe agar to kahe ham-nisheen
Aafireen aafireen
Aafireen aafireen
Husn-I jaanaan ki ta’reef mumkin nahi
Husn-I jaanaan ki ta’reef mumkin nahi.

(Sanchi goes again and now comes back in a dress below her knee size. Black in colour and half sleeves. Now Kabir speaks- “Thank you Sanchi.. For fulfilling my wish.” You are looking very cute and beautiful. Sanchi blushes and goes back to change.)

Jaane kaise baandhe tu ne akhiyon ke dor
Man mera khincha chala aaya teri or
Mere chehre ke subh zulfon ki shaam
Mera sab kuchh hai piya ab se tere naam
Nazron ne teri chhuwa
To hai yih jaadu hua
Hone lagi hoon main haseen

Now This time Sanchi comes wearing a…….Guess it guys !!
Ok i will say-
( She comes wearing a Blanket around her .. KABIR gets puzzled, he slowly comes near her and she steps backward. Finally the wall came and she got stopped there. Kabir pined her to the wall and slowly starts removing her blanket. She feels shy and not able to maintain eye contact. Her heartbeats starts running faster & faster. Finally Kabir removed the blanket and saw Sanchi in a MINI DRESS/ MINI SKIRT. She gets nervous and hugs him. He was awestruck to see her in that dress. He also reciprocated the hug and smiles lovingly.)

Chehra ik phool ki tarh shaadaab hai
Chehra us ka hai ya koyi mahtaab hai
Chehra jaise ghazal chehra jaan-I ghazal
Chehra jaise kali chehra jaise kanwal
Chehra jaise tasawwur bhi tasweer bhi
Chehra ik khaab bhi chehra taa’beer bhi
Chehra koyi alf lailawi daastaan
Chehra ik pal yaqeen chehra ik pal gumaan
Chehra jaisa ke chehra kaheen bhi nahi
Maah-ru maah-ru mah-jabeen mah-jabeen

(Kabir Broke the hug and Lift her in his arms. She too not able to control her feelings no longer. She too lost in his eyes. Kabir slowly makes her lie on the bed. She closes her eyes in anticipation.)

Husn-I jaanaan ki ta’reef mumkin nahi
Husn-I jaanaan ki ta’reef mumkin nahi
Aafireen aafireen
Aafireen aafireen
Tu bhi dekhe agar to kahe hamnisheen
Aafireen aafireen
Aafireen aafireen
Husn-I jaanaan ki ta’reef mumkin nahi

(KABIR comes towards her and kisses on her forehead and then on her both eyes one by one. He kisses her on both cheeks. She gets shy and smiles with the happiness. Kabir then comes near her ears and whispers “Good Night Sweet heart, Thank you for everything”. You filled my life with Happiness Sanchi.. I Love You Sanchi.)

Aafreen aafreen
(KABIR leaves the room and goes back to his. Sanchi smiles with his gesture that he didn’t broke his promise but she was about to break her rules. She pats her head for the silly love fell.. She smiles on herself that she was lost in Kabir and forgot everything.)

Aafreen aafreen

KABIR smiles with the memories which they made today.
HE gets Sanchi’s mesaage- “Thank you for the Surprise u are no more KKK. I love this new Kabir. I LOVE YOU KABIR”
HE smiles and both gets lost in their spent moments.
Just then ISHA enters SANCHI’S room and VEER enters KABIR’S room.
(Author’s note: Every hotel provides 2 keys to guests so both ISHVEER & KANCHI have their separate room keys)
ISHA: You are still awake?
SANCHI: hmm.. U came late today.. Where were u both till now?
SANCHI: (don’t gets angry oh her) hmm … (She lost in Kabir’s thoughts only.. so she didn’t paid much attention on Isha’s sayings)
ISHA: (Gets surprised) Are you Okey naa? Kuch galat to nahi kha-Pi liya naa? Why are you behaving weird?
ISHA removes her blanket to shaken her to bring her out of thoughts. . She gets shocked to see her in Short dress. Sanchi quickly covers herself in blanket again..
SANCHI: What are you doing isha…? Are you mad? (nervously gets angry)
Isha’s mouth was widely opened in shock…so much that some honey bees can make a small honey comb in that.
ISHA: Sanchi u r looking hot yaar … Agar Kabir sir dekhte tujhe inn kapdo woh apne aapko rok nahi patey..
SANCHI: (with little regret feeling) Yeh dress unhi ne di hai..or woh to feelings ko control kar paye par main … (she comes in senses and bite her tongue)
Isha understands it and gives her a teasing smile.. SANCHI gets shy and hugs her tightly.
Kabir & Veer sleeps without any conversation while Sanchi shares everything with Isha as well as Isha tells everything to Sanchi about their time spent with their BFs.

SO ALL KABIR,SANCHI,VEER & ISHA sleeps peacefully afterwards except RIYA..who was busy in her Planning.
Next Day- New Morning:

A bell boy (same bellboy who promised Sanchi for finding her bag) comes to Riya’s room to handover her Dry Cleaned Dress which was spoiled yesterday.
RIYA: Ok keep it in my cupboard. (She was busy in doing her final touch up to impress Kabir)
Bell boy opens the cupboard and sees RED BAG of SANCHI with her name tag. He keeps Riya’s dress in cupboard shelf. And takes out Sanchi’s Bag.
BELL BOY: Ma’am this bag is not belongs to u..this bag is of Sanchi Ma’am. I am sorry for this mistake by our hotel staff.. For the inconvinience u gone through (Hotel management rules- Treat your Guest as God inspite of their Mistakes). Now it’s my duty to handover the right thing to right person to whom the thing belongs.
RIYA is shocked as she got caught..she was just about to speak something but Bell Boy already left to handover Sanchi’s bag to her.
RIYA was unable to do anything and frown in anger. Irritated expressions comes on her face.

In Short- Bell boy handovers Sanchi’s bag to Sanchi and aplogise for his mistake. Sanchi forgives him and gives him some Maa ke haatho se bane Besan ke Laddoo. Bell boy gets happy with sisterly love and goes from there without taking tips inspite of many time offering by Sanchi as well as Isha.
All Gathers in the main hall of the Resort where some marriage traditions will be followed.
Kabir and Sanchi meets MEHER and congratulate Her and wishes her happy future.
Followed by ISHVEER & RIYA.
Meher gets happy to see all of them there.. She invites all of them to the CRUISE NIGHT PARTY (Panaji Famous Cruise) in evening Personally. Namik enters and chit chat with all of them..
After some time all mens (Namik, Kabir, Veer and many other friends) gathers at a corner and plans something for the Party which is muted. They all gets happy except Veer and Kabir.. As they know..if they get caught then their Beloved Girl friends will gonna kill them. (Tensed expressions)

After much’s noon , after lunch they are free and nothing is there to everybody plans to go for Water Sports. They all gets ready in comfortable clothes.
Kabir & Veer wearing Shorts with T-Shirt, Caps & Sunglasses.
SANCHI, ISHA & RIYA wearing T-Shirt, Caprese/Denim Shorts,Cap and Sunglasses.

SCENE SHIFTED TO GRANDE ISLAND (Famous for Water sports)

Here everyone enjoys the remaining hours for the Party..doing Water Sports likes- COUPLE Scuba Diving, ParaSailing,GROUP Speed Boat Ride,
Kanchi & Sanveer enjoys Jet Ski ride with eachother as a partner for the ride- Riya does not do this bcoz of she missed this.
KABIR & VEER goes for WATER SKI.. While SanIshYa goes for Water Zorbing.
Finally all gathers and goes for the BANANA RIDE …
THEY ENJOYED EACHOTHERS company blissfully including Riya.



● A boat cruise through the River Mandovi at night is one of the best experiences you’ll ever have on the serene waters of Goa.
So here Meher and Namik enters the venue with hand in hand. Kanchi, Sanveer and Riya are also present there. They all enjoys the Party.
They all Dances on the Song “Gallan Goodiyaan- Dil Dhadakne Do movie”.
After the song all the men of the conversation group comes at a side without getting anyones attention/ comes to notice. They all gets happy to see some wine bottles (Hmm the plan was to enjoy the Party with some Packs and without being caught by the girl Gang as they all are against this) They all drinks it.. Kabir & Veer are not ready to drink it but Namik and his friends forced them to drink. So they finally had it. After that KABIR drinks whole bottle due to the alcohol effect.While girls were busy in chit chatting without any knowledge of the surroundings… One of the guy mistakenly mixed alcohol in fruit juices.
The JUICE is on the way to get served to the GIRL’S GANG when someone stops the waiter.. Yes She was RIYA. She mixes the white powder (previous episode content) in one glass…but obvious it was for Sanchi.. She pays the Waiter and orders him to give this glass to Sanchi.
Waiter handover the Glass to Sanchi…she drinks it happily while chit chatting. She didn’t noticed anything about taste or something. Riya Smirks..
RIYA POV: SO Miss. Sanchi the game is on my side..u will be separated from my Kabir Baby forever.. Hope i never see you again.
(Author’s note: The powder is not a drug… It was a medicine which was given to some patient for making them unconscious.. the one who consume it, forgots everything happened to her/him while under it’s effect – like AISHA TAKYA drinks a juice in SUNDAY film..just like that)

AFTER some time passes.. SANCHI starts loosing control on herself bcoz of the powder effect. She becomes like a drunkard.. Isha sees her and goes to help her when suddenly RIYA comes and holds Sanchi.
RIYA: What are you doing Isha? Veer was searching for u since so long..he wants to say something to he told me to give this msg to u.
ISHA: Ok i will go later.. First i think Sanchi had something by mistake.. i should help her. I will go back to resort with her and drop her to the room..i think she need rest.
RIYA: Oh in that case..i will drop her to her room.. I am also going to resort only.. I am feeling tired now.
ISHA: (Suspicious) No let it be.. I will myself go and drop her to i am too feeling sleepy.
RIYA is in dilemma..How to manage situation now….Just then VEER comes to them and drags Isha with him to the dance floor in alcohol effect.
ISHA:(while going) Ok Riya u drop Sanchi safely to the room now. And plz take care of her.
RIYA: (shouts with joy) Don’t worry…i will take care of Sanchi very Well !!!
Screen Freezes on RIYA & SANCHI’S face..
Episode Ends…

Precap: Riya puts drunkard Sanchi in a spare boat of Cruise and looses the ropes knotted to it…to release the boat in Sea. Sanchi was singing song due to alcohol effect and having no sense about the Trouble She Is In Now.
Pic Credits: My Own (OFFICIAL IG A/c of VIKRAM & SWARDA)

●Anuradha (Fracture) & Abhilasha (Fever) GET WELL SOON wishes for u both yaar.. Jaldi se thik ho jao. Hume SDCH ke makers ki milke band bajani hai !!

● Thank You So Much Anee/Anosha Dear for The Best Surprise of my life. It touched my heart dear.

● Sorry for the Speed today bcoz i thought some scenes i am dragging to today it was like CUT-CUT-CUT…ACTION hehe.. Give me any advice regarding it bcoz i am not feeling it interesting now..Want to finish this ff asap and there after a LONG LONG VACATION from Writings…

● SANJANA .. Just bcoz of u i am writing a MahaEpisode next. EPISODE no. 23 will be a Mahaepisode.. Fingers Crossed. Hope u like it.

●One Friend of mine said that..Do the Gang came to Goa for fun or for attending marriage? want to clear the confusion that.. The marriage is after 4-5 tab tak GOA kyu naa ghum liya jaye !! Bcoz marriages to sab dekhte hai par Destination wedding main DESTINATION bhi koi role play karta hai naa !! Hope the confusion got clear..and if anyone has any doubt then plz ask me..bcoz of such confusion i also gets to know about my loopholes. JUST LIKE THIS ONE. Bcoz of this one only i add NAHER sequence in this..SO THANKS TO THAT FRIEND.

GUYS LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST ..THANK U SO MUCH FOR THE IMMENSE LOVE U ALL SHOWERING ON ME.. SOMETIMES I FEEL..DO I REALLY DESERVE IT? DO I REALLY DESERVE U ALL? .. You all are now unseparable part of my life.. Today i able to wrote this many articles ..just bcoz of all your support and appreciation.

Plz if u want to give any suggestion then plz feel free to share.

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    1. Khamoshi

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