Kismat Konnection {Epi-22} (#Khamoshi) GOA TRIP MAHA-EPISODE SPECIAL-3

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RECAP: KaNchi and Gang along with Riya goes for Water Sports and Enjoyed. NaHer invites Gang to attend a Pre-Wedding Party on Panaji Cruise. All the mens of Namik Group gets drunk including Veer & Kabir while here Girls have no idea about it. Riya as per her plan mixes something in Sanchi’s drink and made her to drink it. Sanchi starts behaving like a drunkard so Riya takes responsibility to drop Sanchi to her room safely.from Isha. As Isha was busy with Veer. Now lets see what will happen next.


There was complete silence on deck because everyone enjoying the Party inside and no one is outside except a drunkard Sanchi and An evil Riya.
SANCHI can’t able to walk on her own..Riya is giving her one shoulder support and making her to walk.

(Author’s note: Here Whatever she speaks…all that will be in drunkard sense and drunkard way)

SANCHI: Riya you are so sweet.. U are helping me.. U r such a nice person.
RIYA starts smiling with the appreciation she heard for the first time in her whole life for her.
SANCHI: (continues) But i want to ask for forgiveness from u…..yaar
RIYA: Forgiveness for what..? Miss.Behenji?
SANCHI: I am Sorry Riya… I always taken u as a devil…chipdi..bhootni..draculla who always after us to suck our blood…and always after my Kabir…like a BETAL.
RIYA FUMES???… She is all the more angry listening to all this. She grabs Sanchi little bit harshly.
SANCHI: Hey it’s paining .. I can’t walk fast…u either walk slow or lift me in your arms. (She starts demanding to lift her as a child)
Riya worries and orders her to keep quit. Otherwise she will throw her in water only.
SANCHI keeps finger on her lips and make herself SHUSH !!!!

Riya gets an idea… She sees a spare boat near her with a platic cover “to protect the boat from salted water of Sea, Owner puts the plastic on it… till it not gets started to use on daily basis”.
RIYA: If i lift u in my arms naa.. I will die with ur weight load for sure..but i will make GOD LIFT U For Sure. She smirks . (She slowly removes half side of plastic from the boat..while constantly looking around to be careful that nobody sees her with Sanchi. After seeing the way clear and nobody around her..She makes Sanchi sit in the boat)
SANCHI: YIPEEEEEEEE ?Riya ..we are going for Boat Sailing !!! (She claps he hands and sings) I am The Popeye Girl !!

I’m Popeye the sailor man
I’m Popeye the sailor man
I’m strong to the fin-ich
Cause I eats me spin-ach
I’m Popeye the sailor man…. Oops…i am a girl !!
I’m Sanchi the Sailor Girl….⛵???

Riya irks with her non stop nonsense talking and push her to sit quietly. Sanchi makes cry face and starts murmuring “Riya is so Bad” i will complain to Kabir.
RIYA: Baby .. TUM KABIR KO TAB MERI COMPLAIN KAROGI NAA JAB TUM ZINDA BACHOGI !! I will give u peace and relaxation for ur entire life dear. Bye Sanchi !! HOPE YOUR SOUL GETS PEACE.
(She starts opening the rope which was knotted with the boat to hold..but she was not abled to do so.. So she picked up a Sharp knife which was kept nearby, she cuts the rope…Sanchi by that time was slept due to the drug effect, so she was not abled to ask for any help by shouting or anything.- the boat fell straight to the Sea and floats at random directions with the waves changing directions)
Riya victorious smirks appear on her face. She again goes to the Party Hall and attends it…to play a safe game. While Isha sees her and not finding Sanchi with her makes it suspicious. She comes to Riya.
ISHA: Hey Riya .. Where is Sanchi? She was with u only naa? Tum to usey Hotel drop karne gayi thi naa?
RIYA: Chill Isha !! So many questions at a time.. Take a deep breath first. Yeah i took her with me to drop her to hotel but on the way she got normal and told me that she wants to enjoy we both came back. But she got a call before some she left me alone here and gone to attend that call. She is here only…Now hope so u got all your answers.
ISHA: (IN MIND-Sanchi and Party ??? She wants to enjoy the Party? Thats really unexpected..hmm but shayad Dr. KABIR ke saath hogi ..) OKEY THAT’S FINE RIYA.. COME WE ALL ARE ENJOYING PARTY ..U ALSO JOIN US. (Isha takes Riya along on dance floor where Veer is dancing like crazy).

SCENE SHIFTED TO SEA (unknown location):
The Boat is going on its own with the waves while Sanchi was unconscious/Sleeping. Unknown with the situation. Sleeping peacefully under the Sky full of Twinkling Stars…Fantasy kind of scene where the moonlight kissing the natural beauty of Sanchi’s Face and giving her magical Charisma.


Isha makes Veer sleep in Riya’s room so Dr.Kabir will not get disturbed due to him.
While Isha comes to her room with Riya to sleep but gets surprised on not finding Sanchi in room. Riya to prevent herself getting caught starts her acting…
RIYA: Hey Isha… Where is Sanchi? It’s too late.. Where she is roaming till late night?
ISHA: (Worried) (In Mind- Yesterday also KaNchi spend some time together..i am sure today also they are together only..i have to cover their secret from Riya..otherwise they will come in a big problem.) Arey Riya.. We are not so close to Meher here but Sanchi is !!! She must be in Meher’s room with her as they both are really good friends. Now Shall we sleep? …(she goes quickly to her bed without changing her clothes to avoid further questions of Riya).
RIYA takes a relief breath that no one will doubt on her. She gets relieved with Isha’s reaction. She also goes to sleep peacefully.. As now her competitor in love “Sanchi” will be no more in her life and KABIR will always be hers only. She smiles and sleeps.

A Sharp Sun rays (around 9-10 hours of morning) falls on Sanchi’s face. With so many Birds Chirping sound and Seagull sound..Sanchi finally wakes up and Stretched her arms after a relaxed sleep and a big smile comes on her face with close eyes..She slowly opens her eyes with a mere doubt regarding her surroundings… She finally opens her eyes and SHOUT WITH THE SHOCK !!!
SANCHI: (at top of her voice) Ohh God !!!!!! Where are everyone? Where i am? (She starts crying loudly due to fear)
Some noise is heard from nearby…she gets more scared. It was coming from the otherside/other corner of the boat. (Noise of Plastic as something is moving under it) 《Don’t worry guys i am not making LIFE OF PI-2 ?He is none other then our Hero KABIR ?, Yess VRUSHTI/ RAJNANDINI u guessed it right sweetie》

KABIR: (Still in partial sleep) STOP it Veer…plz turn of the TV.. Let me sleep more please.
SANCHI: (gets a relief by hearing known voice) KABIR…… Is that you?
KABIR: (Heard Sanchi’s voice, he wakes up with a jerk) SORRY SANCHI… KASAM SE MAINE NAHI PI..MUJHE PILAYI GAYI HAI.. PLZ FORGIVE ME !!! (With eyes closed he sit straight begging for forgiveness from Sanchi without looking to surroundings…with the fear of getting caught for his drinking incident)
SANCHI gets happy to see KABIR with her.. She quickly goes to him on his side and tightly hugs him.
KABIR gets surpirised that she didn’t scold him..he also hugs her back. And opens his eyes with the relief but but but….story main twist..
He gets shocked to see both of them middle of the Sea a BOAT. He too get scared.
KABIR: Sa… where are we? How i came to this boat? How u came to this boat?
SANCHI: Kabir i also don’t know how i came to this boat.. I just know that after drinking a juice i felt everything moving round & round..
KABIR: Did you drink something else in place of Juice?
SANCHI :I don’t know…but How u came to this boat? I was not in my senses but what about you? You don’t drink naa????
KABIR tries to avoid her question.. But at last he accept that Yesterday He and other Boys have drank little bit alcohol… BUT I SWEAR I DID NOT DRINK IT ON MY WISH..I WAS FORCED TO HAVE THAT..BY NAMIK AND HIS FRIENDS…SANCHI PLZ FORGIVE ME.
SANCHI: (Giving him deadly glare) Ohh Baby.. U are so innocent.. You are so sweet kid that some boys forced you to have a drink and u accepted their orders. I will not going to forgive you for this mistake. (She again goes to her side and sit there turning her face on another side to avoid seeing Kabir)

AFTER 1 HOUR.. Kabir Finally saw an ISLAND far from their boat but the good news for them is that …waves were carrying them towards the direction of ISLAND only..SO THEY WERE HAPPY. BUT STILL NOT TALKING.
KABIR tried to talk to her but still she annoyed with him.


ISHA & VEER meets at the reception area and inquires about KaNchi from each other. Both don’t have any idea about them. And also didn’t saw them since yesterday after Party.
ISHA: I think so both will be together only. Yesterday night also..they were not in their room..
VEER: So in that case we should not worry..they are new couple and not small childrens.They are spending some time with’s good only.
ISHA: So Romantic naa.. I never expected Dr. KABIR to be such a romantic person.
VEER gets jealous.. Isha notices it and adds more fuel to the fire.
ISHA: He is so caring and romantic person…
VEER: Oh Miss Isha Negi.. I hope so u remember that you came with me..and i am your boyfriend not Dr. KABIR…so stop praising i will show you..The real romance is What !!!
ISHA starts laughing and says – Mr.Veer Malhotra i was just teasing you.. Don’t take it personally..i was just saying that Dr. Kabir is really a romantic guy..and Sanchi is lucky to have him as a BF.
VEER: Baby.. I am taking it personally.. Now u wait and watch.. The intern of Dr. KABIR is not less than him in any department..and in romance..he has a big competition.. So now u will witness that too.. And dear i am not teasing you.. Be prepare my love..
She starts running and Veer starts chasing her.. They shared a romantic eye contact in the Private Gardens of the Resort without anyone’s presence.
On other side..Riya was searching for Dr. KABIR and is happy that now Sanchi is gone from her path and now the path towards Kabir’s heart is clear for her. She smiles and continues searching Kabir everywhere.

● INTRO: DIVAR ISLAND: This exquisite gem not only has a pretty name but is a relatively unexplored stretch of sand because of its isolation. It is located on Butterfly Island and is a great place if you are looking for total privacy. The only way to reach Butterfly Island’s beautiful beach is by boat from Agonda or Palolem beach. ●


NOW KaNchi’s Boat is near to Seashore but still not at the island . Someone has to jump from the boat and have to drag the boat till island land..then only they can reach that island and can hope to return back with the help of same boat.
Kabir suddenly jumps from the boat without informing Sanchi. Sanchi gets scared and calls for Kabir.
SANCHI: (Cries worriedly) I am Sorry Kabir…plz don’t leave me… Where are you Kabir? Plz give me answer… (She cries loudly after not getting any reply from him) I don’t want to lose you Kabir.. I love you ..i love u alot…plz come back.
SUDDENLY a loud laugh is heard..she gets surprised and goes to other side of boat to see the reason behind it..
He was none other than Kabir..who was standing on Sea Sand about 3 feet of water..All Drentched due to the jump In water. (He was really looking dashing in wet look)
KABIR: So forgave me for that mistake..i am so happy.
(He drags the boat to the island. Finally Sanchi steps out of the boat and puts her 1st step on the island.She starts walking towards the forest on the island when Kabir stops her by holding her wrist.
KABIR: Hey Why are you not talking to me? I am saying something to you..Are you listening me?
SANCHI: I don’t want to talk to u Kabir.. That was such a bad joke.. u did to me.. How can u jumped in the water to scare me? It was ….let it be.. Leave my hand. And kind for your information..i didn’t forgave u.
KABIR just leaves her hand and starts moving towards the top of the hill.
Sanchi is surprised with his reaction.. She was like ..WHAT HE IS UPTO? (Open mouth with a question mark) She follows him silently to find what he wants to do..
KABIR & SANCHI finally reach the top of the hill.
SANCHI: I’m Sorry Kabir.. I was just annoyed with u but not that much that i cannot forgive u.. Plz finish this chapter.. Look plz don’t jump from here..for god sake i am talking to u plz listen me Kabir. (worriedly)
KABIR didn’t listened her bcoz he was busy in doing something.. He was searching for a network to connect a call bcoz there was no signal available.
He turns and ask Sanchi.. “Do you have your mobile with you?”
Sanchi was Like ….Huh !!
KABIR: Ok fine.. I know u don’t want to talk to me..i will not force u now.. But plz answer we can go back to our Resort… Damn !! I even don’t know where we are ..we are stuck here.
SANCHI: (rudely) I don’t have my Mobile.. (she leaves from there)
KABIR looks on. But continues finding network.
Sanchi brought some fruits, edible leaves and some famous edible roots from nearby place on island. She placed all the things in an organised manner on a big Banyan leaf for Kabir. She waits for him to return.
Finally Kabir returns but with upset face. She didn’t ask anything and just passed the leaf plate towards him.. He was not interested in eating anything as he was really very tensed. Then Sanchi thought to make the moment light and to let go the tension she starts talking to herself…so she can divert Kabir’s mind from tension.
SANCHI TO HERSELF (S2S): Look are so bad. No one wants to be with you..
KABIR didn’t reacts on her talks..
S2S: You are so bad that even being ALONE in whole ISLAND.. No one is bothers about you.. YOU ARE JUST NOT DESERVING TO BE WITH SOMEONE… (Dramatic)
KABIR HOLDS her hand with eyes on the ground. Sanchi is looking at him intensly..Kabir looks up towards her and says..
KABIR: Never say this thing again in your life.. I am worried about u more then anything else. I wanted to contact someone so we can get rescued asap.. Here we are not safe and …how we can survive here without the necessary resources available?
SANCHI: (holds his hand which is holding her wrist) Kabir Trust Me… I trust you that u will find solution to this problem soon.. Till then i think we should enjoy our surprise trip… We can explore this island dear..
(She throws some water on Kabir and runs from there in tease way…Kabir gets surprised with sudden splash of water..he runs after her.. She runs towards the Sea when Kabir holds her from her waist and lifts her.. They both get drenched and shared an intensed eye lock and are about to Kiss each other when they heard something coming towards them from the forest.. They are looking towards the forest … They both slowly comes near forest ..holding each other hands. Suddenly someone hit Kabir’s head at back …Sanchi sees this and about to Shout..when someone put a sack on Sanchi’s head to cover her face. Sanchi faints with the shock & suffocation.


KABIR got consciousness while Sanchi is still unconscious. Both are tied with ropes to the tree. Kabir slowly opens his eyes and sees Sanchi unconscious..he gets worried as well as angry on those who did this with them. He sees a village in front of his eyes..he is confused. Suddenly whole village of Adivasi (Tribal) People gathers around them to see them. They make noises of chit chatting with eachother in their language.
*Let their Tribe name be ZULAMBA (don’t know anything…just a random imaginery name)
Their Sardar (Chief of the Tribal Community) comes to Kabir and questions him in his language.
ZULAMBA SARDAR (Z.S) : hdosb jdbeo fiorno ahgek Mldnnfu ??
KABIR is totally clueless…he is afraid..he is more scared for Sanchi then for himself.
KABIR tries speaking in hindi.. “Mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha aap kya bol rahe ho..please hume chhod do humne kuch nahi kiya.. Sanchi ko to chhod do..bhale aap meri jaan le lo”
Z.S: odheir eheif ajaifo wetfixnl …(He signs a man of his community to come to him)
ZULAMBA MAN (Z.M): (He comes to Kabir and speaks in English) Why you came to our Island?
KABIR: You know English !! , Thank God.
Z.M: I know English & Hindi very well but i think u don’t understand English well…. I asked u something..answer my question first…Why you came to our Island? What are your intentions?
KABIR: Don’t take us wrong.My name is Kabir…Dr.Kabir from Mumbai. We came here by mistake.. (He tells the whole story in short) This is just a mere accident..we lost our way and came here to be safe.
Z.M: So you don’t have any connection with Governement or Police?
KABIR: Not at all.. We are doctors. We can’t harm anyone..infact we try to save everyone. Trust us and let us go please..we didn’t done anything. (He begs to him standing straight with tied hands)
Z.M: So who is she? What relation you share with her?
KABIR: (Thinks for a while…Sorry Sanchi without your permission i am doing this.. I want you to be safe..Hope you understand) … She is my Wife. Sanchi.
Z.M: Why you took so much time in thinking…i am sure you are telling lie. You came here for fun and spoiling our cultural moral values and purity of our land. You have to pay for this.. (He brings out a big knife to stab him..KABIR GETS SHOCKED…but Z.M stops seeing Sanchi getting consciousness.)
SANCHI: (She screams Kabir-s name first after getting consciousness) KABIR !!!!!! (reaction for…she saw someone hitted Kabir’s head..flashback)
KABIR: Sanchi i am fine..don’t worry (he consoles her) I will not let anything happen to you. I will die but not let you die..
Sanchi in tears and sees him emotionally.
ZULAMBA community sees this and their love.. Z.M opens the rope and make them free. One lady comes to Sanchi and takes her with her to a Hut. (Kabir worries seeing this)
Z.M: Ok We consider your love to be pure ..we trust that u both are Husband and Wife as we can see in your eyes. Your Wife is safe don’t worry about her. My Wife took her with her to change her clothes as they were wet.
KABIR: Thank You so much for that.. BUT Please help us to go back to our World (Resort-Goa) We will not let anyone know about your place. Please !!
Z.S to Z.M: hshdo sojf lakd isgeus lfndu wueuod (with smile)
Z.M to KABIR: You are invited for our function..which is tonight. As a repentance for our deeds. Then i will personally drop you to your desired place. But Please forgive us.
KABIR: Thank you for that but please let us go…our friends are waiting for us. We will come next time for sure. And i forgive need for any repentance.
Z.M: So you did not forgive us? That’s why u want to go from here. (He brings out a Knife from his clothes..and gives to Kabir to give him punishment…and Kabir finally agrees to stay there getting scare with their JUNOON)
Z.M takes Kabir along with him to make him change his clothes…as his clothes are also wet.
Kabir changes his clothes and comes wearing thier tribal attire..he was looking like a warrior leader.
Z.M: So Kabir.. Tonight we celebrate this day as a festival of love bond. Today all the married couples gets married again and takes vows share their whole life and birth with each other’s a very pure celebration for us which took place on POORNIMA in presence of Moon and Stars.
KABIR: Oh that’s interesting and beautiful.
Z.M: and a good news for you also.. Today You and Your wife also will take part in that function.. Today u both will get marry again.
KABIR gets shocked… Z.M leaves from there to organize some arrangements for the function.
While Sanchi comes out of the hut wearing their traditional Attire (Red Long Skirt with a Cut and a blue blouse with tied up hair). Kabir was mesmarized with her look.. She too sees him in Traditional attire and not abled to moves her eyes from him..
He was about to go to her and informed her everything about his lie…but Z.M took him along with him. Sanchi goes and meet other ladies of the tribes..they had food along with them.

Now ISHA, VEER (KaNchi) AND RIYA (Kabir)..all are tensed about their whereabouts.
VEER: Now it’s high time..we have to inform police..they are missing.
ISHA: Yes u are right police only can help us.
RIYA gets scared that now she will get caught. She tries to avoid POLICE involvement in this case..but of no use.. VEER calls police.
Police arrives at the Cruise site..they investigate the place and after some time they gave reports to Veer boat is missing since yesterday and we got rope only…and it seems like someone has cutted it with sharp thing. May be someone had planned something..or it may be that Sanchi & Kabir are together..and in any trouble.
VEER LOOKS SUSPICIOUSLY ON RIYA…She avoids her eye contact.
POLICE: Do u have doubt on anyone?
VEER: No Sir. But plz find them soon and bring them safe to us.
Police leaves.. VEER warns Riya.. “IF I FOUND THAT U R BEHIND ALL THIS..I SWEAR I WILL NOT GONNA LEAVE YOU” she gets tensed.
ISHA: Better pray that they both are together and comes back Safely otherwise….u are gone for sure..
ISHVEER LEAVES FROM THERE. RIYA prays that…plz God ..Send Kabir safely to me..hope so he is not with Sanchi..Plz God.

SANCHI along with tribal ladies goes to get ready for the celebration in a hut while KABIR also was taken to a hut along with some tribal men to make him wear their tribal attire. After some time Kabir came wearing a white attire of ZULAMBA Community, specially for marriage celebration..While Sanchi too comes out the hut which is exactly front of Kabir’s hut. She is looking damn gorgeous in White attire with beautiful floral ornaments. They both get lost in each other eyes. After Z.M took Kabir with him to make him meet Sardar’s family. While Z.M’s Wife took Sanch with her to worship their God. Kabir meets everyone with respect and smile. They all get happy with his gestures.While Sanchi enjoys their culture and happy to experience new things in her life.
After sometime all gathers at a center of the village where a big borne fire type set-up is arranged… It was their GOD…FIRE is the symbol of their God. Everyone folds their hands in respect to it ..KaNchi also folds their hand. Then the villagers starts singing their Tribal song and goes round & round …around the fire. While KaNchi stands at a corner at a distance..not abled to talk to each other ..just mesmarized seeing each other in a total different Culture and enjoying it.
Everyone sits with their partner, so do our Kanchi. All prays to God for their bond and lifetime support while Sanchi is absolutely clueless about marriage thing..Kabir is tensed..HOW TO INFORM SANCHI THAT WE ARE GETTING MARRY !!! that too without her consent.
Now all men takes vermillion to fill the hairline of their beloved…Sanchi gets shocked while Kabir signs her to be quiet…She understands it but still she feels hesitation. Kabir fills her hairline while she closed her eyes…her tear falls (as she is marrying without her mom’s blessing and in absence of everyone and that too all of a sudden) Kabir understands her situation but cannot do anything.. After all men takes a black thread in their hand with a long nail shaped pendent as a nuptial chain. All makes their partner wear it…Kabir also knot the thread on Sanchi’s neck. She was looking at him helplessly. All the marriage rituals finally got finished
Z.M: So now you became Husband and wife again. Congratulations to both of u.
KABIR (IN MIND- We wanted to get married..but not like this.. Now how will i face Sanchi?) Thanks..and Congratulations to u too.
SANCHI is taken to a hut which is specially arranged for them.. A special treatment for them as they are their guest now as well as new part of tgeor community. While Sanchi is upset with sudden marriage.
KABIR also depressed.. Z.M noticed it and offer him some Toddy to energise him.
KABIR fears to drink anything now..after what all happened with him.. He refused it.
Same happend with Sanchi also.. She also refused to drink anything.
Z.M & Z.M’s wife communicate with eachother and come to conclusion that..may be they had a fight so they are not happy after marriage also.. SO NOW Mrs.Z.M will make a special laddoo with BHANG EFFECT.. And will handover to reduce their differences. They both eat laddoos after much sayings by Z.M & HIS WIFE.

KABIR: I’M SORRY SANCHI.. I have to do this as they would have killed us after knowing our truth.
SANCHI is not ready to listen anything from him. She is angry.. But till that time BHANG started showing it’s effect.. They both loose their senses..

(BG SONG: Dil Mein Chhupa Loonga??. Movie:Wajah Tum Ho)


Tere saamne aa jaane se
Yeh dil mera dhadka hai
Yeh galti nahi hai teri
Kasur nazar ka hain

Jis baat ka tujhko darr hai
Woh karke dikha dunga


Aise na mujhe tum dekho
Seene se laga lunga
Tumko main chura lunga tumse
Dil mein chupa lunga


Tumse pehle, tumsa koi
Humne nahi dekha
Tumhe dekhte hi mar jaayenge
Yeh nahi tha socha

(As there is no bed— Tribal community)

Baahon mein teri meri
Yeh raat tehar jaaye
Tujhme hi kahin pe meri
Subah bhi guzar jaaye


Jis baat ka tujhko darr hai
Woh kar ke dikha dunga


Tere saath bechaini ko bhi
Aaram sa milta hai
Doob ke tujhme hi toh
Dil ye sambhalta hai


Jis baat ka tujhko dar hai
Wo kar ke dikha dunga
Aise na mujhe tum dekho
Seene se laga lunga
Tumko main chura lunga tumse
Dil mein chupa loonga.


PRECAP: A fight between KaNchi. NaHer’s marriage. Some twists are waiting for you all. So stay connected.

Pic Credits: My Own

● You all can find Tribal outfits on my Profile Wall. Tribal scene 1 outfit as well as marriage outfits are selected by ANURADHA. You should have a look guys… such a beautiful attires..Don’t miss it dear friends.

●DIVAR ISLAND description is given in story which is true as per the GOOGLE DEVTA but the ZULAMBA COMMUNITY is all my imaginary creation…there is nothing like this in real world..

●I know guys today there were less dialogues and more paragraphs..but promise u all ..from now onwards i write more dialogues and less Paragraphs. In this episode my most emphasises was on describing the situation to make u all understand the situation easily.


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      Awww thank u so much Anonymoussa.. i am so glad that u liked it..and yeah no tension for future track as kanchi are married now..kaho to problem create kar du? ?? tumhari marzi dear..and meri itni himmat ke tum sab ke otders follow naa karu…na baba naa… hehe
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      Uffffffffff Yaar tum kitna bolti ho…???? Par jo bhi bolti ho bahot pyaara bolti ho.. Awww bolu yaa Hahaha..pata hi nahi chal raha… mujhe Hasi bhi aayi or senti bhi hui.. Pakka yaar Kasam Se Kehte hai (Kabir/Pragya) style.. hum likhna bandh nahi karne wale..with eyes open ?. Tum to sach main kamal ho..tum ne to hamari khatiya khadi kar di Dear..hehe.
      Vaise thanks for the compliments dear …it meams a lot to me that u all r liking it. I super doooper happy with ur response ..lots of love to u and yeah i will frwd ur msg to Anu also.

    2. Khamoshi

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      And i am not ending it for much love and support i got yaar…kaun pagal hoga jo apne dosto ki baat nahi sunega..
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      Hey Sis..sorry for hurting u.. and i promise i will not break this connection as well as ur trust.. THANK U SO MUCH FOR LIKING THE STORY. It really means a lot to u dear.. i will post next one soon..

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      Thank u so much tania for such a big compliment.. it’s really big praise for me. And i am not discontinuing it..after so much love and support…i dropped the idea to drop the writing ?? ..mujhe mari jaan pyaari hai dost.
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      Sis u made me speechless..and ab thappad khaogi agar apna credit mujhe diya to..likhna easy ho sakhta hai jab aapke paas idea ho..or jab mere paas idea nahi tha tab tumne help chupchap tofa (Appreciation) qubool karo varna hum thappad maar ke bhi de sakhte hai ??
      Jaldi se think ho jao yaar..fir tumhare khadoos doctor ki milke band bajate hai..
      Lots of love and kisses to u.. and it’s ok dear..tum comment naa karo to bhi chalega but i wanted that ..tum apni story ek baar padhlo..kya maine tumhare idea ko justify kiyaa yaa nahi.. ?
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