Kismat Konnection {Epi-21} (#Khamoshi) GOA TRIP SPECIAL

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Episode 20 here

RECAP: Our Gang with Riya finally reached GOA and they have alloted with their rooms. Gang plans to go for site seeing after getting freshen up. Here Riya hides Sanchi’s Bag in her room and Sanchi is in a dilemma What to wear and go outside…SO LET’S SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.

RIYA : i will not allow you to come near my Kabir Baby.. Miss.Behenji. Now what u will do without your bag?.. Now i will go with Kabir and u will stay in your room alone.
(She smirks)
1 Hour Late:


VEER is wearing a Blue T-shirt with Shorts and is busy on call.. talking with savitri and informing her that they all reached safely to Goa and are going for sightseeing after some time. Suddenly his eyes goes on a man and he is dumbstruck to see him.
VEER: Ok Maa i will call u later. Love you and Take care.
He cuts the Call… The Man is none other than our handsome Kabir Kapoor.
He was wearing Black Sleeveless T-Shirt (as in DP of this episode) and Cammando Printed Narrow Pant.
VEER: Sir u are looking dashing.
KABIR: Thanks Veer for the compliment…but don’t look at me like this.. It’s really weird.
VEER: Sorry to say Sir but i am not able to move my eyes from u.. You are wearing clothes like us.. It’s unbelievable.. We interns always saw u wearing Formal Garments..this is unpredictable. (Mouth Open)
KABIR: Stop it Veer !! (Glaring him) i am too a human being.. I always not wear Formal wears idiot. Now stop behaving like a child. Where are others?
VEER: Sorry Sir.. I am already ready to go … Since 30 minutes i am waiting for u all..wait i will call Isha and ask her..

Just then RIYA enters wearing a fashionable Short Dress of Red Colour.
RIYA: Hello to u both.(She also seeing Kabir with sparkling eyes) Sorry i got late ..lets go now.
KABIR: Wait Riya !! SANCHI & ISHA are still not come.. We have to wait for them.
VEER tries to call Isha but she doesn’t pick his calls.
RIYA: Sir i must say..we compliment eachother so well.. (Kabir Glares her) i mean to say..u are wearing Black and i am wearing Red.. This combination is always compliment to eachother.
KABIR ignores her and moved away from her without answering her.
Just then Isha (wearing a comfortable simple crop top and a shorts) enters the frame ALONE. Riya smirks seeing Isha alone as her plan hits the target according to her.
KABIR looks for Sanchi while Veer is mesmarized to see Isha in bold avatar.
Just then Sanchi comes from back side of Isha ..trying to cover her body..
She is wearing a fancy white crop top with a capree (Isha’s clothes and as per DP of episode). She is very much nervous coming front of Kabir like this.. She hessitantly slowly moves forward and came to the Gang still stretching her crop top down to cover her stomach part. On other side Kabir was totally lost in her beauty and admiring her glance. Riya is shocked to see her there and frustrated to see Sanchi in Modern avatar (as she is looking reallh very preity in that attire).
KABIR: SANCHI you are looking gorgeous.
SANCHI: (Nervously Smiles) Thank You Sir.
VEER: Chalo finally tum dono tayyar hoke aa hi gayi !!! Btw Sanchi you r really looking good.. I din’t know u have modern clothes too (teasing her)
SANCHI: Shut up Veer !! (fumes) this are not my clothes..i borrowed this from Isha as my Bag is misplaced somewhere in hotel .
KABIR: In that case i think we should complain.
SANCHI: NO we can’t complain.. Otherwise the staff member will lose his job. He told me that he will soon find out my Bag till then i have to wait.
KABIR: Ok as you say.. If you want then we can go for a shopping also..
RIYA is irked with it.
SANCHI: No Sir.. No need. I will manage somehow..
ISHA: OK if u both want to spend whole day talking here only then i think u both stay here and continue.. We go out and enjoy. What say? (happily enjoying teasing them)
KANCHI (Together): No need.. We are coming.
ISHVEER moves ahead towards exit while KaNchi walks after them..
Just then Kabir pulls Sanchi’s hand to bring her closer, hold her by her open waist and make her walk along with him ..
SANCHI: (She gets nervous with his touch) What are you doing Kabir.. RIYA is standing behind us.. What will happen after that…do u have any idea? (trying to move away from him by trying to release from his clutches)
KABIR: Shh!! No more worries now.. I can’t control my feelings now after seeing u.. Let her think whatever she wants or let her do whatever she wants to..i don’t care anymore now. I just care for u.. U r only mine and always will be mine only. By seeing u like this..if any person steals u from me then what will i do without u nd ur love?? I only have the right to see u like this and touch one else..??(dramatically)

Sanchi: i love you Kabir.. Ok i will not over react on this. No more worries as you are with me. (She also comes closer to him) By the way Mr.KKK you too are looking stunning in black..? Don’t go far from me..if any girl steals u from me then what will i do without ur love? (dramatically replies him)??
Both smiles and walk along together.?. And someone is getting angry? seeing all this lovey dovey talks.. Yes RIYA, She was so angry that she can’t even able to control it.. a waiter of hotel was passing from her way..just then she collided with him bcoz of her own fault.. The juice which the waiter was carrying fell on Riya’s dress and it gets spoiled.
She shouts at him for HIS CARELESSNESS. Waiter apologises her inspite of his No Mistake. She continues yelling while ISHVEER & KANCHI tries to calm down riya.. She still angry.
WAITER: I’m so sorry Ma’am. Plz give me one chance to rectify my mistake.
KABIR: Riya stop behaving like a child.. Go and Change your clothes?.
RIYA stills angry.Manager of the Hotel comes in rescue of Waiter.
MANAGER: Ma’am we are really very sorry for the trouble.. plz handover your clothes to me..i will do dry clean of it and send your clothes with any staff member asap to your room.
Please give us a chance to rectify our mistake.
RIYA finally agrees and leaves towards her room after telling ISHVEER & KANCHI to wait for her to come..she will go like this and come like this.. She leaves in hurry. Manager also leaves after her to collect the dress for further procedures.

VEER: LET’S GO.. We are getting late.
SANSHA: Veer.. We have to wait for Riya.. We can’t leave her alone here.
KABIR: Look girls.. I think Veer is correct. We are really getting late. She already troubled us lot i think we should enjoy our holidays. If she will come here, she can call us.. We can meet her at any place after that. She is not a small child that she can’t stay alone in hotel. SHALL WE LEAVE NOW?
SANSHA agrees jaise taise !! And They all leave for GOA SIGHTSEEING happily.
After Some time.. Riya comes at the meet up point and finds no one there..she gets more angry.
RIYA: So you left me here alone and gone to enjoy.. I will not forgive u all especially Kabir and Sanchi..u both will not stay together any longer i will not let u come close to each other. You both have to pay for this..
She leaves back for her room and starts planning something.


Here both couples prays to jesus for there love. They prays that the love they share now will never should only increase with the passing time and always they stay together.
Both guys are just admiring their lady love praying for their love with their eyes closed.. Both girls were looking like a angelic ??figure. They were mesmarized with their innocense and pure emotions.
Now after praying they all left for another location holding eachothers hands (Ishveer & Kanchi).


They pass some romantic time there talking with eachother looking at the Sea. Both couples are sitting at different corners of the fort. They share some cute noke jokk ??(KaNchi- reason Riya) Romance? (Kanchi & Ishveer) and fun talks etc..
KANCHI calls Kusum and talks to her on speaker:
KABIR: Hello Maa !! How are you?
KUSUM: I’m Doing well beta.. Don’t worry about me..i am chilling here with my sister without your restrictions. (Taunting him in happy way)
KABIR: Be careful about your health.. Don’t eat much oily food or spicy. Tell Masi (aunty) that i will be back soon to take u from her u both don’t get very much happy..i will check your health graph…and if anything wrong happens naa..then u can’t get save from me (warning her like a typical Son)
KUSUM: Heyy.. Don’t behave like my father..i am your mother. Now don’t worry about my focus on Sanchi.. If you trouble her little bit also naa.. Then i swear u r gone !!
SANCHI (interupts): ?Namaste Aunty. Kabir is not at all troubling me. Don’t worry.
KUSUM: Namaste beta?. Now you can call me MAA also dear. I would love to hear Maa from u.
SANCHI:OK Kusum aunty…sorry Maa. Kusum Maa How are you?
KABIR looks on to her lovingly while Kusum gets happy hearing Maa from her.
KUSUM: Now thats like my daughter. If Kabir trouble you naa then inform me..i will pull his ears tightly.?
KABIR: Oh Maa Beti ki Jodi..Bete ko bhul gayi Maa ? (little bit jealous??)
Both Kusum and Sanchi laughs loudly??..
Kabir fumes? and pull sanchi close ? to him and wrapped her in his arms. Naughtily hugging her.
KUSUM: Ok beta.. U both enjoy we will talk later…
Just then Kabir interupts her talk and says to talk with him for little he is missing her so much (Just to hold Sanchi more bcoz..JAB TAK PHONE CHALEGA..SANCHI CAN’T STOP HIM TO DO SOME ROMANCE WITH HER)
SANCHI understands it and talks to Kusum.
SANCHI: Aunty Yes.. I remembered now..Kabir has really troubled me.. (She is about to speak when Kabir Kiss her cheeks) hmm… I was saying..he troubled me (he again kiss her..on behind her earlobes)…. (She now can’t able to say anything.?. She is speechless and go with the flow)
KUSUM: Tell me beta !! WHAT KABIR DID TO U?
Sanchi unable to say anything..
KABIR: Yes Sanchi.. Tell Maa.. What i did to u? I also want to hear what i did to u? (teasing her)
Sanchi Blushes..
SANCHI: Woh Maa.. He woke up late we missed some places to travel because of him. That’s only.
KUSUM: Ohh that was the thing.. I thought he really troubled u. He is time punctual in Mumbai..God knows what happened to him in GOA !!
KANCHI both looks at each other lovingly and smiles.
KUSUM: Ok Beta !! We both sisters are going for Shopping.. We will talk later. Bye and take care of eachother. And Don’t fight.
KANCHI: Bye Maa.. We will not fight,Promise. Take Care of yourself.
KABIR: So Sanchi.. Now tell me what i did to u? (teasingly)
SANCHI: (moves away from him & sits at a distance) Don’t you even dare to touch me again.. u Mr.KKK !! I am warning u..
KABIR: So Miss soon gonna be SKK. If i again do this with u..then what will happen? Will you lose your cotrol over yourself? Your Feelings for me..overpowering your mind dear? (teasing her at top level)
SANCHI don’t have any answer to his question..she blushes? and runs from there getting Shy.
Kabir chases her and caught her after so many failed tries. They hug eachother tightly forgoting the world around them. They were lost in each other embrance.
Soon Isha shouts aloud from other corner and tells them to come soon as they have to visit other place too. Both smiles and gets parted from the hug. All leaves from there.


Both Couples after the whole day travelling from one place to another..finally comes to the Saturday Night Market of GOA ..Famous for most countries Speciallity in Clothes, Jewellery, Food ,Fun , Tattoo artists, etc etc around the world. They first go to have some local food. Then they carry on with the Shopping. Everyone buys something for eachother and also for friends & Family. Kabir buys some clothes for Sanchi to gift her as she lost her bag. He wants to give his choiced of dress to her as a surprise gift. So he didn’t informed her. After Shopping both couples saw a Tattoo Artist. They all imprinted their beloved names initial on their Shoulder except Kabir. He imprinted Sanchi’s Whole name on his Chest at heart side.
SANCHI: What was the need to be so filmy? It’s hurting u naa? (Worried for him with moist eyes)
KABIR: it’s nothing dear.. The real pain is seeing your eyes getting moist. (SANCHI Hugs him tightly and beats on his chest lightly) I did this to always keeps you & your name close to my heart.
SANCHI: Why u love me so much Kabir? Sometimes i feel i don’t deserve you..You are very special to me.. I love you.
KABIR: Shh!! No more questions.. I will give all the answers to your questions soon. (tells huskily in her ears- Meet me tonight..i will give u all answers)
Sanchi gets Shy and breaks the hug.
IshVeer: Awww.. So much love.. They all share a group hug.
SANCHI: Now shall we call Riya for the borne fire at beach ?
ALL: Ok as u wish.
VEER messages Riya the address and told her to come at the place. They are waiting for her.


She takes a transparent pouch containing some white powder from a stranger.
She reads Veer’s message.
RIYA POV- Ok Kanchi.. I am coming. U won today but not anymore. Now the Game will be on my side. Now it’s my turn and i will turn both of yours life forever. She smirks evil.

Borne Fire is there and a group of Visitors playing different musical instruments..some are singing..some are dancing. And KANCHI, ISHVEER & RIYA joins them.
SanSha: Sorry Riya we left u alone at hotel.. We were late for the church and if we waited then Church would have got closed.
RIYA: (Trying to be sweet) It’s ok Yaar.. No Problem i can understand.. Infact we came here to don’t think much..lets enjoy.
SanSha gets surprised with her reaction but ignores the doubts and starts enjoying the night and the mood.

Khalbali Hai Khalbali… (3) Hai Khalbali
Khalbali Hai Khalbali… (3) Hai Khalbali

Shola Shola Balkhaye
Dariya Dariya Lehraye
Zarra Zarra Tharraye
Hai Khalbali
Khalbali Hai Khalbali… (3) Hai Khalbali

RIYA & ISHA Starts dancing with Veer and other visitors/tourists also joins them.
KANCHI sitting there and looking at each other with a smile.

Khalbali Hai Khalbali… (3) Hai Khalbali
Khalbali Hai Khalbali… (3) Hai Khalbali

KABIR drinks a drink which was given to him by a Visitor.. He taste it…(don’t think much..that’s just a soft drink). He drinks it half.

Hone Hone De Nasha Khone Khone Ko Hai Kya…
Ek Saans Mein Pee Ja Zara Zindagi Chadha
Hai Yeh Toh Ek Jashan Tu Thirakne De Kadam
Abhi Saanson Mein Hai Dam Abhi Chalne De Sitam

KANCHI stands and dances together like a carefree Couple of Bollywood Movies…

Aankhon Mein Hai Khalbali
Dhadkanon Mein Khalbali
Mausamo Mein Khalbali
Hai Khalbali

SANCHI also drinks same drink from same Can from which Kabir Drunk. (Jhootha khane yaa pine ke Pyaar badhta hai)

Kaisi Yeh Tabdili Hai
Sheeshi Botal Pee Li Hai
Raat Neeli Neeli Hai
Hai Khalbali

Both Couple Dances coming closer to eachother.. Riya left the place getting angry.

Ham Lapatke Saaye Hai
Ham Sulagne Aaye Hai
Ghar Bata Ke Aaye Hai
Hai Khalbali …

Khalbali Hai Khalbali… (3) Hai Khalbali

IshVeer wants to spend some more time on beach so they Stayed there to view the magical night of GOA and it’s beauty. While Kanchi left for their Hotel.

PRECAP: Kabir Gifts Some clothes of his choice to Sanchi. Some Romance is gonna happen… So just wait for it Friends.

( Original pics belongs to Swarda & Vikram IG account. And editting done by me).


> Riya (Priyanka) as per your suggestion dear.. I did not spoiled every Kanchi Fan’s i kept Riya whole day in her room only..yeah i did not locked her in room but Juice spoiled her dress.

> Soon i am writing a Maha episode on demand of my regular reader Sajnana900.

> SORRY friends i never visited GOA and really don’t know much about it..i just named and imagined some scene with the help of GOOGLE BABA TRIP ADVISOR. Names of places i randomly chosed.

> And last but not the least i want to mention 3 readers name; Jessicca, Yaashi and Dhruti ??? who previously missed reading my episodes but took so much efforts .. They really touched my heart and made me feel so special… THEY READ ALL MY PREVIOUS EPISODES and made my ff so special with their love… Love u guys.


Lots of Love to u all.

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