Kismat Konnection {Epi-20} (#Khamoshi)

Thanks to all my SDCH family members for your constant love and support. I am so lucky to have you all in my life.. YOU GUYS DON’T KNOW…HOW U ALL MADE MY LIFE SO ROCKING AND INTERESTING ??? Lots of love to u all.
RECAP: Meher invites our Gang as well as Dr. Anand Malhotra to her marriage which will happen in GOA after 6 days. KaNchi, IshVeer and Riya leaves for GOA while Pragya leaves to her home for fixing marriage date of her and Satish.

> Sitting arrangements in Car was described in my previous episode only.

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Episode 19

Everyone is silent due to RIYA’s entry. No one speaks a single word.
Sanchi tries to make the situation Normal..
SANCHI: Kash Pragya bhi hamare saath hoti !! I miss her.
VEER: Don’t worry we will go all together again with Pragya.
KABIR still silent. He was just concentrating on his driving.
RIYA: It’s just a matter of 1 week and u all are behaving like.. Uski Bidaai hi ho gayi !! (with lots of attitude)
Isha was about to give back an answer when Sanchi holds her hand and nods in NO.
Isha controls her anger and gets silent.

After an hour with same situation… KABIR finally gets calm over his anger. Sanchi was talking with Isha at low tone and smiling..and Kabir admiring her glance from the front mirror. He was mesmarized with her looks and gestures…Sanchi too observes him and smiles at him lovingly.
Riya sees this and is irked..So she request Kabir to play some she is getting bore.

Kabir is also irked with her presence but he Turns ON the radio and


Dil kabhi ganda, kabhi hai nek banda,
Dil ka bharosa kaise koi kare..
Dil kabhi thanda, kabhi hai atom bomb sa,
Yeh dhamaka kaise koi sahe..

(KABIR again carressing the glance of Sanchi.. While Sanchi blushes..)

Dil ki yahi khata hai, dil ko nahi pata hai
Dil ki yahi khata hai, dil ko nahi pata hai
Ki dil chahta hai kya..
Nazrein milana, nazrein churana,
Kahin pe nigahen, kahin pe nishana,

(KABIR drives the Car with partial concentration.)

Nazrein milana, nazrein churana,
Kahin pe nigahen, kahin pe nishana..

Niyat ko dil ki hamesha hi sahi thi,
Dil ka irada bhi samjho nek tha,

(Isha secretly pulls Veer’s left ear for teasing him. And quickly takes her hand back without getting anyones attention.)

Fitrat aawara to kya kare bechara,
Usko ho jaaye dil jisko dekhta..

(Veer smiles with her sudden gesture)

Din mein to dil sataye, raaton mein dil jagaye

(KANCHI & SANVEER easily relates to the lines and smiles in acceptance)

Din mein to dil sataye, raaton mein dil jagaye
Arey chahta hai kya…

(All Together Sings this following lines in chorus except RIYA..who is irked by seeing this all and frustrated)

Nazrein milana, nazrein churana,
Kahin pe nigahen, kahin pe nishana
Nazrein milana, nazrein churana,
Kahin pe nigahen, kahin pe nishana

(SANCHI sings the following lines of the songs in her voice)

Aankhon mein koi hai basa, jaane kyu lage yeh dil khaali,
Jaan lo kyu yeh dil baja raha ek haath se taali,
Hothon se jaane kya kaha, phir bhi dil ki baatein hai dil mein,
Yeh raha tera humsafar, kisko dhundhe dil ki mehfil mein,

(KABIR Surprised with her confession through Song lyrics and lovingly looks at her)
Jaan hai phassi, kaise naa hassi, aaye haal dil pe..

(Sanchi lost in Kabir’s dream where ISHVEER bring her to senses by singing following lines together)

Nazrein milana, nazrein churana,
Kahin pe nigahen, kahin pe nishana
Nazrein milana, nazrein churana,
Kahin pe nigahen, kahin pe nishana. (SONG FINISHES)

BOTH Kabir and Sanchi blushes while RIYA is now can’t handle all this.

RIYA: Dr. Kabir plz turn Off the Radio ?..i am getting headache? .i need some sleep.
Veer turn off the radio in place of Kabir.

KABIR: Ok riya.. U take rest. If you have headache then take 1 medicine..u will get fine soon.
Riya gets happy that Dr.Kabir is concerned about her..she excitedy nodded in YES for medicine.
KABIR: Veer please take out the Medicine Pouch from the Glove Box (Car’s front side drawer). There are many tablets.. Plz give one headache tablet to Riya. She will feel better.
VEER Searches all the medicines and find one special medicine ?..he remove the tablet from the cover and passes on to Riya. Isha gives water bottle to Riya for taking medicine.
VEER: OK now i am too feeling sleepy..i think i can’t control my sleep now..i have to take sleep. So in that case i will not able to sit in front seat beside u Sir for any longer. (Veer signs ? Kabir and he understands ?)

KABIR: It’s Ok Veer.. You also Sleep. Sanchi will come at your place.. SANCHI will you sit beside me? Bcoz sleepy person can’t sit beside me while driving..otherwise i will too get sleep. It’s very dangerous. I have to drive for 12 hours approximately (nearly 650 kms). I can’t take risk.
SANCHI about to say YES when RIYA interupts.. SIR don’t worry i will sit beside u.. Now i am not feeling sleepy?. Sanchi gets upset? but don’t show it much.
VEER: Stupid..u took medicine just now.. U will sleep soon. Don’t risk our life and sleep silently..i am coming to back seat.. Sanchi u come on my seat.


Riya is angry?? .. Veer comes back and sit at Isha’s place while Isha sits on Sanchi’s place. RIYA-ISHA-VEER ( seating order). And Sanchi comes on Co-Driver’s seat beside Kabir. Both gets happy and gives smile to eachother.?


After some time.. RIYA in deep sleep??.. Veer sees her and romantically hugs Isha with his right hand to bring her closer.
ISHA: (With low tone) What are you doing Veer? If Riya sees us like this then She will make a big issue of it.. Plz Stay away from me..If Mr.Malhotra comes to know about us then..he will resticate me from SDCH…what will i answer my father? (tensed)
VEER: (Whispers in her ear) Don’t worry Baby.. She is in deep sleep and will only wake up in morning. I have given her Sleeping pills.

(AUTHOR’S NOTE / WARNING: Sleeping pills is dangerous for health and it should be taken only after doctor’s guidence…Here i am using this thing only to entertain u guys..don’t take in wrong way)
ISHA: (Shouts)? What? You have given sleeping pills to Riya instead of Headache tablets…Are you out of your mind?
VEER: Don’t blame me.. We all wanted to spend some time with eachother..and bcoz of Riya we didn’t abled to talk with i gave her the pills at an appropriate amount..she will wake up tomorrow..don’t worry. I don’t had any other option.
KaNchIsh: (Thought for a while and agrees with him) It’s Ok Veer. Sorry for over reacting.
KABIR: Thanks for giving some peace to my mind Veer.. I was frustrated.
VEER: It’s ok Sir. Mention not. Anytime ???

SANCHI & ISHA looks on with their Conversation. ?
KABIR: I’m Sorry guys. I don’t wanted to brought Riya along with us but Mr. Malhotra requested me to take Riya along with us..So i was not able to deny him. I am really Sorry Sanchi.
SANCHI: It’s Ok Kabir. I can understand. Now don’t be KKK again and light your mood. She pulls his cheek lovingly.
While IshVeer coughs teasingly.

KABIR fumes and switches Off the Cabin Light of Car for some privacy between both couples.
On the way.. Veer and Riya were holding eachothers hand and talking romantically with eachother.
While Kabir was holding Steering Wheel with his Right Hand and Sanchi’s hand with his Left Hand.
They shares some cute comfortable couple moments with eachother.
Then after some time..Veer and Isha sleeps for taking some rest. While Kanchi were still wake up bcoz Kabir was Driving… They talk and passes time.

After about 7 hours of driving. Kabir gots tired and stops his Car at a Dhaba at highway.. All gets up and goes to freshen up except Riya as she is still under Sleeping pills effect.
After sometime they come back to their Car.
KABIR: Veer now u drive.. I am tired now.
VEER: Ok Sir. U take some rest.. Sanchi u too needs rest. You both sit at back seats.. Isha you come in front beside me.

ISHA comes at front seat while KANCHI at back seat.
VEER drives the Car while Isha keeps on talking with him so he don’t sleep while driving. And on other side.. Kanchi holding eachother hands from arms and palms (tangled with eachother)..resting their head on eachothers shoulder shares some cute romantic moments.
KABIR: I think you forgot something..
SANCHI : (unaware) What? My mobile is with me..and i didn’t took out my purse at dhaba so no question of forgeting it there…so what i am missing?

Kabir quickly Kiss her on her left cheek ?(bcoz she was sitting in middle). You forgot this !!!
Sanchi Blushes?..
KABIR: So it’s your turn now.. I am waiting..
Sanchi feels hesitation and Shyness at same time…then also she closes her eyes and Kiss Kabir’s right side cheek quickly?.. Kabir gets shocked with her gesture and rubs his cheeks to realise that she really kissed him.. He then sign her towards his lips for a lip lock?..while this time Sanchi rejects his demand and like a strict mom she orders Kabir to go for a Sleep?. While Kabir was smiling?.. IshVeer were clueless about their talks..Sanchi was happy ☺from inside.
Whole night (almost remaining 5 hours of Driving) Veer and Isha stayed awake Veer has to drive so he can’t sleep that obvious..While Our KANCHI were sleeping peacefully with eachother holding their hands and a slight visible smile on their face. Sanchi was wearing Kabir’s Coat.. as he offered her when she was feeling cold and not abled to sleep properly.

Now it’s morning and they finally reached GOA after 12 hours long journey. Veer wakes up KANCHI.
VEER: Wake up Miss. Golgappa !!! Wake up Kabir Sir !!
KANCHI (TOGETHER): Let us sleep Veer.. 5 more minutes please. (Hugging each other while sleeping)
VEER: Oh mere Laila Majnu?.. Tum dono ki manzil aa gayi..ab is driver ko baksh do !! We have reach GOA !!!
Kanchi wakes up with a jerk?…
KABIR: What ? So early.. Why? (sad)?

SanIshVeer: (Surprised) What? What you mean?
KABIR: (realises what he just spoke) hmm i was saying.. Veer i must say u drove really fast.. We reached so early… (covering his statement)
IshVeer laughs loudly ? while Sanchi Blushes?. Kabir also not abled to hold his laugh any longer..he also joined them.?
They Finally reached the given hotel address to check in the venue.

The Hotel Name – The Grand Excellency Hotel (random name)
They all step out of Car and streched their bodies to feel relax. IshVeer yawning due to Sleepless night.. (1st tym Isha sacrifices her Beauty Sleep for Veer) Kanchi were happy to finally reached GOA.. They have made lots of plans…how they will spend some time with each other etc etc.
BUT all the dreams gets fade away when they heard someone’s voice.. Yeah our Villain RIYA finally wakes up..
VEER: Lo madam pe sleeping pills ka bhi koi asar nahi hua.. Yeh to Jagg hi gayi !! Ab bhugto inhe.
RIYA comes out of Car and looks at Veer.
RIYA: Why you didn’t wake me up veer? Have we reached GOA?
VEER: Yes we reached GOA just before some time only..u were sleeping so i did not disturbed you Maharani.

Riya ignores him with attitude expressions.
RIYA: Sanchi why are you wearing Kabi Sir’s Coat?
SANCHI about to give her answer when Kabir comes in frame..
KABIR: She was feeling cold so i gave it to her.. U have any problem Dr. RIYA? (Strict tantarums)
RIYA: No Sir i have no problem.. I was just asking.. I think we should go to hotel reception now.. I want to rest in my room.
Sanchi smiles with Kabir’s reaction while all agrees to Riya’s thought.

They all leave for hotel room check in while all their bags and stuffs are brought by BellBoy of Hotel. There is huge rush going all the family members and guests of Meher and Namik wedding started coming to the venue.

OUR GANG CHECK IN with KABIR,SANCHI and RIYA’s names for 3 rooms.

Riya don’t wanted to share her room with anybody so she demanded a separate room. She gets also. Here Kabir and Veer are sharing their rooms and on other side Sanchi and Isha sharing the room.
So the room alloted as per RIYA in room no. 420, SanSha 421 and KabEer 422 (Here a twist is that.. 421 and 422 Have a room connector door between their rooms. But locked from both the sides. (i experienced this kind of thing when i visited DUBAI last took this idea from that).
All goes to their respective rooms and gets freshen up and waits for BellBoy to bring their bags to their room. Finally all gets their belongings except SANCHI.


SANCHI: Brother… Where is my Bag?
BellBoy: Sorry Ma’am but i brought all the bags which h all have submitted at the reception. I have not seen any other bag with this all stuffs.
SANCHI: My bag also was there with tgis bags only.. It is Red in colour with Sanchi’s name tag on it.

BellBoy: Ok Ma’am we will surely find your bag soon.. I think in huge crowd and rush the bag was misplaced .. It will surely got exchanged with other guest of the Hotel. Don’t worry ma’am we will find it soon till then plz manage something..but plz don’t do complain of my to any head of the hotel..otherwise i will lose my job.

SANCHI: It’s ok bhaiya..don’t worry i will not complain about u..but plz find it soon.
BellBoy assures her and leaves from there.
SANCHI thinks..What to do now? What to wear? I don’t have anything to wear.. Where is my bag????


Riya Smirks seeing a Red Bag..yes it’s of Sanchi…so she hided the bag.

RIYA POV: Now i will see.. How Sanchi will stay with my Kabir Baby..i will not let her come closer to her at any chance. Now she don’t have any clothes to she will not going to join us for site seeing.. I will be with Kabir and Sanchi will stay in her room only..
Evil smile comes on her face ?

Screen Freezes of Riya’s evil smirk? and Sanchi’s Tensed Face?.

PRECAP: Everyone (Kabir-Veer & Riya) waits for Isha and Sanchi at reception area to go out for site seeing. Isha enters the frame alone. Kabir and Veer looks on for Sanchi while Riya is smiling.


As i mentioned it before also that..GOA TRACK is a Partner’s article..and Anuradha123 is accompaning me in this track. Hope we able to entertain u guys. Just stay tuned.

> Sajnana900 i will surely plan something about a MahaEpisode soon.. thanks for the suggestion.

> Riya (Priyanka) your suggestion i will surely put i my coming episode.. just wait for that and keep suggesting ? it opens my mind to write some hatke drama ? love u dear sister.


@Abhilasha – Dear get well soon wishes to u. Jaldi se thik ho jao. Missing your FF yaar ?. Fever ki Bajao Band..Kyu ki aa rahi hai Kanchi Gang !!
Sorry i know it was bad and not funny ?? par kosish karne main kya jaata hai..

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