Hi guys..this is kittu…back with another ff..
I know,I havnt completed my (chor police)..
But,leave this…..sorry for that..
But guys…n my dear frnds of wu n ff pg..
Just chill pill…
Now m going to introduce u all..with my new story…
I’ll not change name…but their profession..
Well,this epi is only intro…

So…mine characters r..
1.Shravan Malhotra( vikas khanna…I mean ,very celebrated chief??)
2.Suman tiwari..(pct owner)
N preeta,puskhar…r now in different teams…
See,preeta with shravan n pushkar in suman respectively….
Many of u will considere preeta as preeti(typo error)but this is not so….this is preeta only..
Both these guys(preeta n push)r manager of their firm…
Now,my frnds…could I begin my story…??

Two buddies r in a small firm…
Boy:(while tasting a dish)kamaal dhamaal malamaal…bravo girl..just amazing
Girl:bas bas itni taarif mat kar,varna sharam se laal peeli ho jaaungi
Boy:no no,this daal…superb..
Girl: so,its confirm.. That m the best chief??
Boy:r u alien?? Haven’t u heard the name of master chief …..Mr.SHRAVAN MALHOTRA…
Girl: what’s in this guy??
Boy:his name is enough!!!
Girl:Aisa kya…let me see.
Boy:what will u do??
Girl:puskar tu dekh,tere is master chief k title ko sumo kaise leti Hai…
Push(boy):putting his head on hands….SATYANASH !!!!!????
Now,scene of a big n reputed firm….
A fat ,healthy, cute,careless n simple lady (preeta)enters..
Sir…ammmnn..nice aroma..
Could I taste this??
Sh: wait..its not completed yet…
Pr:I’ll wait…
Sir,now tell me..what u add to yr dish which gives them a delicious flavour with texture…
Sh:nothing much,just my love to my profession n some devotion to my dishes!!
Both smiles?????
Just then….
Sumo (in a reporter look) enters into that estate..
Sh:Waah,kya jagah Hai…
Secretary:who r u??
Su:m a reporter, can’t u see??
Sec: itni bhadkili (to another guy)

Sec:what will u like to have either coke or tea…
Su:only shravan malhotra!!
Su:I mean,m a reporter n work is worship… So I would like to meet him first,if u don’t mind..
Guys:of course….
Then,they told her way to go to the kitchen…

Sh:preeta,just handle this..m coming
He opens the door… N n n….our SHRAMAN collides??but no eyelock..
Su:dikhta to Hai nahi,and he to suru se ho..n khambe too,how dare u to open the door..I was doing na…stupid ..
Sh:wait wait…first,stand up….r u okay??
Su:yeah,n when see noticed him,that was shravuu….

.how cute?
So,here I just end up…my first epi of kismat connection, guys,hope u’ll like this….I’ll try my best to give u replies… N if not….so sorry…
I hope,this system will post this soon…
Bye… N tc allll

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  1. Alina

    Kittu are you serious!! No I mean shraman’s a master chef ?? Uska to kamar dard ho jayega jhuk k jo pakana padega..? ??
    Suman rocked yaar.. Sec kya legi ap??
    Ans.. Shravan haha really awesome pls post next part soon..
    Love u my kk

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awesome start kittu ??????

  3. Prettypreeti

    My elder di it was superbbb chef shravan wow cool loved ur idea plz ab ise adhoora mt chodna.
    Awesome girl.
    Post next 1 soon.
    Lots of luv

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Areh vah tumne Toh Shravan Koh hi vikas khanna bana Diya ??? hahah even I love to watch master Chef mera fav show currently and sumo contestant Wah Wah Wah ???
    Very interesting and I m so happy u added masterchef ka tarka in EDKV wow mera fav serial aur fav reality show ka mixture cool ?

    1. Alina

      Me too jo.. I love Master chief and Vikas khanna is my favorite

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        I know right masterchef is just amazing I watched the usa, Australia, Asia ones before and the Indian one is amazing too i even saw its previous soon. I actually love the entire concept of masterchef. Doesn’t matter which country’s one i see but masterchef USA judges r quite rude.
        And among the Indian one I also like Chef vikas , Chef kunal also good and the other Chef idk his name i don’t like him much ?

  5. niharikmalhotra

    Thank u allll

  6. Beas

    Great job Kittu di!!! Plz one request don’t keep us waiting for looonnnggg. Ok! Post the next part asap?

  7. Ek duje ke vaste off air kyu Hua ab if u have story than fir se ye show on air kab hoga ,we r waiting for the show.

  8. Anushika

    Hi didi,
    sorry for the late comment …The intro was superb..I am waiting for the next part.
    Sorry cant comment longer
    Love Anu

    1. Niharikamalhotra

      Hi any…wow,its good to see u here….
      Thanx dear…

  9. Hey nice one kittu… I found u all my friends….thanks to Alina she told me about this ….kittu plz post next part soon…gud nite tc frndz

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