Kismat Apni Apni ( A Ragsan OS by Saghi)

Laksh, a well settled business man who is also one of Sanskar’s closest friend, proposed to Anjali (Surbhi Jyoti) and she finally gave in. They got married and the guy is really sweet that she takes care of her like his god given gift. Though Anjali wasn’t in love with Laksh at the time of their marriage she eventually fell for his sweetness! And so it was not hard for Anjali to fall in love with such a sweet guy! Now the two are very much in love and a very happy married couple!

Sanskar is married to Ragini. Arranged marriage. Strangers, after marriage fell in love head over heels with each other! Ragini took care of him right from the beginning. Sanskar had told her everything about him even before they got married! Ragini took care of Sanskar like how Sanskar used to take care of Swara. Soon Ragini was irresistably in love with her husband Sanskar. From strangers to friends they came a long way.. and before he knew he was in love with his wife! When they are together they forget the world around them. They find it really hard to take their eyes of each other. They both are scared if the other will vanish right before their eyes. They can’t take their hands off each other. The thought of seperation even for few minutes killed them!

Ragsan/laksh-anjali often meet! They are great family friends!

Rohan (Shaleen Malhotra) – Swara

Happily married for 1st two years. Trouble starts from 3rd year when Rohan’s lust over swara has die down! He tortures her bringing up Sanskar’s name every now and then!

Rohan : blo*dy woman! You slept with that bas***d and you didn’t even tell me?? *phaatttaaackk* a tight slap on her face.

(Like one of the writer said “What they forget is a guy who can bash a man up for looking at her, can also bash her up if she looks at another man!” )

Swara : Please Rohan, I was unconscious! He did it to save my life! (hypothermia)

Rohan: Stop your natak! You fooled that idiot for almost a year and now you are trying to fool me! Actually it’s all my fault! I did see the video of you two romancing in the hospital but I refused to believe what I saw!

He leaves the place leaving a teary eyed swara on the floor.

Rohan meanwhile got bugged of swara and is now stalking Anjali! Yes! Accusing and beating up swara was all to cover up what he was doing behind her back.

Anjali never told about Rohan to Laksh. Because of the obvious reason that they were never in a relationship. But when she told Sanskar that Rohan is stalking her he thought it will be better to tell everything to Laksh than take things to his hands! When Laksh got to know everything he merely comforted her and pampered her like never before! Anjali felt so blessed for a husband like Laksh.

New Years Eve Celebration.

Ragsan / Laksh-Anjali were in the cruise celebrating and welcoming new year.! Rohan followed Anjali there. He took swara also along with him. They were sitting in a corner and the lights were dim.

That’s when swara saw Sanskar!
Sanskar with a beautiful girl. Near the parapett. They were enjoying the dark water and the lovely breeze. Ragini’s hair kept dancing on her face and everytime it happen Sanskar takes the hair strand put it behind her ears. In between they did the Titanic pose.

Swara took her eyes off from the so in love couple when they started kissing. It took her back to the beautiful moments she spent with her 1st husband, Sanskar Maheshwari. And a tear drop escaped her eyes.

She thinks “If only I had give our marriage a little time, I would have been in place of that girl with Sanskar. Whatever I am going through must be gods curse on me for walking out of such a sweet guy.”

She quickly turned to where rohan was sitting only to find the empty seat. Soon her eyes followed where a heavy argument was going on. She walked towards where the heated argument was going on…

He saw Sanskar and the girl there along with Anjali. They are watching 2 guys one of them was rohan!!

Rohan had followed Anjali to the restroom and Laksh caught him right there. Laksh clutched Rohan’s collar and pushed him back.

“You bastared, better stay away from my wife! I know that you have been  stalking her since past few months! I swear I will vanish you from earth if you try to break another marriage!”

Swara was SHOCKED!

Laksh grabbed Anjali’s wrist, stared at both Rohan & swara and stomped off from their.

Sanskar gave rohan his hand to get up. As rohan stood there with heads down, Sanskar and Ragini walked towards swara.

Sanskar introduces swara to Ragini.

“Ragini… This is swara” and “Swara she is my wife Ragini.”
Sanskar continued. “Never thought we would meet again.. he smiled at swara and was about to walk off from there but Ragini left his hand and said “Sanskar can I talk to swara for a second. I’ll catch you in a while”

“Sure” Sanskar gave Ragini a quick peck on her cheeks, acknowledged rohan and walked towards Laksh & Anjali who were back to their romantic best.

“Swara… I always wanted to meet you ever since I got to knwo about you from Sanskar” Ragini continued after a pause.

“Thank you… If you hadn’t walked off from your marriage with Sanskar I would have never had him in my life. THANK YOU”!

Ragini walked off leaving behind a teary eyed swara and a guilty rohan.

Swara stomped off from the place but not before saying “IT’S OVER” to Rohan.


In the course of life, if you don’t end up with the person you love it’s because God has another plan and he wants you to have THE BEST!

Sanskar was god’s gift for swara but she tramped the gift instead chose what “she preferred”. Likewise Anjali was god’s gift for Rohan but even he tramped his gift to choose what he liked and not what God had in store for him! Both Sanskar and Ragini graciously accepted their gifts and so they are living a happy and content life!

Hope u guys liked it.. please do comments.. one more thing before u guys start bashing me. I’m really sorry if I hurt any of your feelings. This idea just popped up in my mind so I just write it down!!!!

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