Kisi se pyaar ho jaye (episode 1)

Hey guys. Aliya is here again.

As nandini asks sanskaar to take money from kabir he agrees & goes to his office.

Sanskaar : Praveen did my dad payed the rent of my room.

Praveen : ha yar yesterday only he sent it.

Sanskaar : Ok then where is kabir?

Praveen: in his cabin.

He goes to his cabin.

Cabir: yes sanskaar what do you want?

Sanskaar : Nandini wants some money.

Kabir: But y?

Sanskaar : She wants to buy skeleton for her practicals.

He calls praveen & tells him to give money to sanskaar.

Kabir: Sanskaar, yesterday nandini is coughing whole night. I think she is drenched in rain tell her to take medicines.

Sanskaar : Ya sure dnt worry i will tell her.

Next day sanskaar is seen sleeping suddenly someone comes silently & throws skeleton on him. He jumps in fear & shouts.

Nandini comes infront of him laughing hard.

Nandu : Oh you got afraid Mr. Engineer.

Sanskaar : No miss doctor i am so happy. Idiot you will not change na. I have told you about million times thst not to play your stupid pranks on me. What if my heart got attack?

He slightly hits on her head.

Nandu : Dnt worry yar i am there na. I will operate you & will give life to you.

Sanskaar : no thanks. Let me sleep now.

Nandini : Shut up & getup fast. Its already 8. You know sanskaar in bustop some gang of guys are teasing me daily. I can’t tolerate them anymore. Now you should come as a hero & should save me.

Sanskaar : What is this nandu? Y didn’t you tell this before? Just wait i will come.

He goes to get freshen up & goes with her holding a stick.

Sanskaar : Nandu today just wait & watch what this sanskaar will do to them.

Nandini : Wow hero you have so much of dare ness i am impressed.

She will take him to bustop & shows that gang to him & he is shocked to see them.

Sanskaar : What have you gone mad? Is these are the people who are teasing you?

Nandini : Ha sanskaar its them.

He cannot believe her because she is showing a 5 members group of old persons.

Nandini : Hi darlings.

Group: Hi darling.

Nandini : Sanskaar meet Mr. Suresh, harish, naresh, ramesh & girish.

Sanskaar : Y they all names have ish at ending?

Nandini : In 1940 only they kept those names that means you haven’t born yet.

Sanskaar : Ok now you all listen carefully she told that you guys are teasing her. If you repeat it again see this hockey stick you can’t bear me ok.

Suresh: What we are not teasing her? Infact we are decided to change this place because there is another gang who is teasing badly. What do you say darling?

Nandini : Yes. Sanskaar you have born just to become a fool by me. You don’t need any april 1st. Ok ok now my bus has came i have to leave bye darlings bye sanskaar.

Group : Bye darling.

Sanskaar : crazy girl seriously. Bye.

Then he take mouth organ from his shirt

Ramesh: Wow you know how to play it?

Sanskaar : Ofcourse i know it very well.

Girish: good you are just looking like rajesh khanna. Just play it my son.

His sits there & starts playing it. By such a nice music some people gathers there & enjoys it. In the mean time a beggar comes there & keeps his bag & stick beside sanskaar & goes to the crowd to collect some money.

In this time another bus comes there & that bus our ragini is seen sitting near window & after listening music she gets happy & looks at him. By seeing the bag & stick beside him she thinks him as a beggar & takes some change from her purse & throws on him from window. Then our sanskaar sees her.

Ramesh: What is this dimple kapadia is throwing money on you?

Then that beggar comes back & takes his bag leaves from there.

Naira (her friend ) sitting beside her.

Naira: Stupid he is not a beggar.

Ragini feels guilt & sees him saying sorry through her eyes. But our hero is in some other mood by seeing his dimple kapadia & imagines a song.

Pehli nazar mein aisa jadoo kardiya plays

Thats it. Still continues.


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