kis kis ko pyaar karu?(part 1)

and swasan fans I am also swasan fan but I love raglak,swalak and ragsan too..
I will give equal scenes of swasan and ragsan.. I hope you guys will be cooperative and You will read this…I am 100% sure you will like this story..

Note:-The dialogues of that Rajasthani girl will be in Rajasthani..I am from Rajasthan I will write it..but English translation is also there in blacket under that dialogue

Ok let’s start the ff with smiles
So the story starts
Under the hot and bright sun of Rajasthan..
The girl picked her choonar…
Then a voice came
“Ladoo..thari maa thane bula ri hai..!! Jaldi jaa..!!”
(Ladoo your mom is calling you..go fast)

She looked upwards while standing..
Her face is revealed as Ragini..
Beautiful eyes,pink lips,long black shiny hairs… chubby cheeks..she is perfect gav ki gorri??

Rag:- hum na jayenge..!! Aaj to hum ramu kaka ke baag ke aam kha ke hi jaunge..tu bhi chal mahre sath kavita..!!

(I will not go… Today I will definitely eat ramu kaka’s garden’s mangoes.. you also come with me Kavita!!)

Kavita:- na na…mai na aa sakti thare sath tu janti na hai ke Ramu kaka kitna gussa kare hai koi unke baag se aam khawe hai to..
( can’t come.. Don’t you know that Ramu kaka become angry when someone eats his garden’s mangoes..)

Rag:- agar unhe pta hi nhi chalega to??
(What if , he don’t get to know?)

Kavita:- matlab???

Rag:- tu bas deakh hame..thare me na hai hamare jitna woo…ke kahwe hai..haan. Talent..
(You just don’t have.wo..what we say..yes.. Talent)

She winked and start running leaving a confused Kavita behind..

Here in Kolkata.
A big mension was shown
A girl was sitting on a swing having a photo album in her hands..
Girl:-awwww…sanky are looking damn cute in this photo..hhehehe.
(And that girl is swara.. The beauty of Kolkata with big black cheerful eyes,black long hairs,pink lips on which smile was spread )
They both were watching a photo album in which there were pictures of a boy of 6years and a girl of 5 years.

Swara turned the page and​ there was a picture in which that boy and girl were tieing friendship bands on each others hands.

They smiled seeing that picture..
Swa:- sanky this was our first meeting na.
She got lost in their beautiful memories​..

A big school building was shown.. It was the first day of school , teacher introduce children from each other and now
Some children of age group 5-6 were​ playing hide-and-seek.. with their teacher (such a sweet teacher na.. playing with students ?)
A voice came..
It’s teacher’s turn to find​ students..
“Sanskar let’s hide in that room..” A little cute girl shouted in her cute voice pointing towards a room in 3rd floor

San:- swara.. it’s to high…
Swa:- uff.. you come fast of else teacher will caught us…
She holds his hand and dragged him with her to the 3rd floor…
It was a store room of school..
They entered in it and hide behind some old stuff..
Just then the peon came and locked the gate from outside..
Swa:-Sanskar..he locked the room…
San:- what??? Now how I will go home and play with my new vedio dad brought it today for me…(he said cutely shedding some tears)
He sat down in a corner

Swa:- oyee…sanskar….. don’t cry.. and ufffo your name is so big…san..skar

San:- you can call me sanky…
Swa:- oh ! Ok don’t strong like me(she said boasting herself)
Just then a lizard came near swara…
Swa:-… lizard….sanky..!!!!!
She ran and sat near sanky almost hugging him..

San:- someone was giving me lecture to be brave and strong.. and now’…lizard..sanky’ (he said imitating her)

Swara broke the hug and said:- okkkk so you are strong na..then find a way to go back..

Sanky looked around and said being happy
San:- swara… look there is a window and a ladder is attached there till 2nd floor and from there we can go…

Swa:- wawooo..!!

Here teacher found all students but swasan were missing…
The school got over
Swasan’s parents also came to pick them..
Dp(sanskar’s father):- teacher where is sanskar?
Sumi:- yes my swara is also missing..
Teacher was about to say something just then they heard a scream…

All turned there…
————-flashback end———————
Swara’s thoughts got disturbed by sanky’s call..
Swa:- hello sanky!!
San:- hi shona! I reached Rajasthan…I am missing you very much
Swa:- I am also missing you very very very much.. please come back soon..
San:- I will come in 1 week..
Swa:- ok..

They were talking about some random stuff now..
So let’s shift the scene to our gav ki gori.?
Here ragu stopped near a wall of about 8 feet.

Ragu:- abh ham is par chadh kar ramu kaka ke baag me jakar unke aam khake hi jayenge
(Now I will climb on​ this wall and I will go to his garden then I will eat his garden’s mango..then only I will go)

She climbed on that wall..
And when she was coming down her leg slipped and she fall down but not on ground, she fall in someone’s arms…..
Now the scene shifted to swara…
She again got busy in thinking about her memories..


All turned and found swara on the ladder which is stumbling..
Swa:- sanky!!!!! Please save me….
Sanky hold her hand tightly…(he was still in the room.he hold her hand from Window)

Sumi:- shona!!!!!!!
All went there..
Teacher:- swara…baby wait we are coming…sanskar don’t leave her hand…we are coming…

They rushed to the third floor.
Sanky was now start becoming unable to hold her hand more..her hands start slipping…

San:- shona I am your friend I will not leave you..

Swa:- I trust you..sanky…
Then the gate opened and All came in..
Dp went and slowly slowly pulled swara upwards…

Swara went and hugged sumi..
Dp hugged sanky..
Then swasan narrated the whole story.. to them.
Dp:- you are shermistha gadodiya na? The number one. Business woman of India..

Sumi nodded…
Sumi:- and you r durga prasad maheswari ?? The brilliant business man of India..

Dp :- yes..
Swara went near sanky…
Swa:- thank you sanky for leaving my hand…
San:- I said na.. you are my friend I will not leave you… and between friends no sorry no thank you…

Swa:- okkkk so today is friendship day can I tie friendship band to you..???
San:- yes..

Then both tied bands to eo..
And dp took their photo…

——flashback end———
Swa:- sanky I don’t know how our friendship turned into love.. you proposed me yesterday.. our families agreed and now we are going to get married… your grandfather’s health was not ok so you went there but I am missing you soooo much… come back soon….

She kissed that picture..
—————–In Rajasthan————–
Ragu closed her eyes due to the fear of falling…
When she found that she didn’t fall she slowly slowly opened her eyes…
And saw that a boy of about 21-22was holding her in his arms..
Their eyes meet… and they shared a cute eyelock…
Ragu:- abh chod do to hame!!
( Now leave me!!!)
That boy made her stand..

Ragu:- shhhh!!!ramu kaka ko pta na chalna chahe ki ham aaye the…varna wo hampar gussa karenge kyuki ham hamesa unke baag ke aam kha jate hai…agar unko pta chala ki ragini aayi thi to ham bhi kah devenge ki aap bhi hamare sath aam kha rhe the..

(Shhhh… don’t let ramu kaka know that I came here.. because I always secretly eat mangoes from his garden..if he got to know that ragini came here then I also tell him that you were also eating mangoes with me)

That boy smiled

Boy:-toooo tumhara naam ragini hai..Mai tumhare ramu kaka ka bhatija sanskar hu..aur abh mai unko tumhare bare me jarur bolunga..
( sooo your name is ragini..I am your ramu kaka’s nephew I will definitely tell him…)

Ragu:- sanskar sa.palij(she means please)
Sanky winked…

And the screen freeze on swara hugging that album..sanky winking and ragini shocked cute face..

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  1. RAGINI is too cute as character ragsan scene was nice

  2. Seebu_s

    Sorry mickey..i’m not reading this ff…n no more love triangle ffs if it is swasan also…all the best dear…

  3. Amazing epi dear….update soon
    And thode aam hame bhi de dena ragini se kehkar

  4. Phoniex


    Mickey, I love you and your writing is amazing, but Rag____________san is biggest no for me, I can’t stand them in the same scene, I know it’s my problem so you don’t need to worry or sad dear or angry with me, but you know everyone has favourites. I have never read them and I will never do that that in future hope you will understand. Best of luck for your book. will see you in your different book 🙂

    Love you

  5. nice…but advice dont make fun of marriage as i read ur intro…n loved swasan cute scenes?

  6. Lovely7

    Wow​ ragsan scenes are awesome

  7. Awesome

  8. Shrilatha

    Awesome micku

  9. Hi,I don’t like ragsan, but I want swara is the first wife of sanky or she is the first one to sanky touched girl that means swasan is a the first to consummate the marriage. And please don’t give lot of ragsan scene or not any Nick name ragini to call sanky. Sanky only give Nick name to and call that name,and don’t show the over romantic scene for ragsan, please I don’t like u also swasan fan u also how difficult to watch ragsan scene please that only my kind request, aleast fulfilled the only wish please.

  10. your ff is but sorry i cant read your ff bcz im true swasan fan and i cant accept rag san .its biggest no from my side and also know its my problem. and one request dont make fun of marriage and hope dont show swasan love is not true and he is not liking her and no triangle between them.. and sorry behaving rude with you. you may hurt by this comment but i think ur not swasan fan dear if ur then im sure u wont write rag san ff.. u said u like them but love rag san so definetely i think ur nt there fan… if ur ff on swasan i may be read but u added rag ___san sorry… then u said u love raglak and swa__lak then why your not using swaragini and lak here???????
    again i’m telling u dont make fun of swasan love or swasan marriage anything related to swasan… u may think it advice or its request or anything… try to understand swasan fans feelings… all the best for ur ff…

    1. sorry for my this message if u like Rag___ san then its your wish i dont have any problem with you but i cant read this ur ff…
      and ha u said ur swasan fan like all couples so why you didnt choose swa_lak and raglak here why u only choosed swasan and rAG___san? is that bcz of comments you got on swasan and rag san pairs which readers want?

      1. hey dear harini priya…y u are saying atleast i supported…i think only anu commented like that…rest of readers said that it is difficult to read to them…it is tough to me also…they wished her best wishes n quitted…i think that is also supporting her…

    2. dear…its her story…we should not question like that for a story…she may be fan of swasan or some other couple…but if we dont like this…then just ignore like others did…

      1. Harinipriya

        u r right Ritu!!!!!!!!!! Thank u at least u support my micku. If some one doesn’t like the story then why r they commenting like hurting her???? YEs they have freedom to say about their POV but they don’t have rights to say that she is a fake Swasan fan! Its her story and she can write as her wish! And for the kind information to everyone that my micku is a SWASAN fan. I know it. I can understand it, because I am her big fan even though I am a Raglakian. Yes I too don’t like Ragsan and Swalak but still I didn’t discourage her like u people. If u don’t like u just say, ‘Sorry I don’t like this story’ or else go away without commenting. She was very much hurt and even crying because of ur harsh words. Because of u guys she said that she is going to stop all her ffs. All r happy now? Why don’t u think before u comment these harsh comments? It really hurts her. A very big sorry to every one if I am so harsh or rude to anyone. I am here as u guys hurt my sisters and I am saying clearly that I am not here to create a war between Swasan and Ragsan fans.

    3. Shrilatha

      Please anu what is with u can u decide if she is a swa…………..San fan or not….she is the youngest of all …how could u hurt her like that…micku.dear please if u want to write on swa……..San carry on bacha I will still read it for u but lease don’t stop writing for someone who doesn’t mind hurting u….even if it is swa…San I will read it go on with ur story…and don’t ever quit

      1. Yashu24

        Di I love you… really thanks for the support but I think swasan fans will not at all read it and that’s why I don’t want to continue it..I am happy that you would read it if I would continue but I think ending it will be good.. Now I am happy by getting this much support from my sisters I am not ending to write.. because of you people’s​ support.. love you ????

  11. Dharani


  12. nice dear?loved swasan scenes☺they both are so cute in childhood?

  13. Moon

    hey as a writer i would tell you that you can write anything but as a swasan fan. it would hurt us if you would show ragsan as true lovers and swasan love was just an infatuation.
    sorry if my view hurt you but i’m saying that again you can write anything its your wish.
    it was just my pov

  14. Lahari

    Swa_______san..plz choose one pair dear

  15. plz let it be swasan . rag———————san should be limited to friendship only. i am hoping so.
    bt its ur ff ur wish .

  16. Akshata

    awesome story, eagerly waiting for the next, pls update soon

  17. hey mickey its awesome.
    i loved it and i said you already write as per your wish ok
    love you
    tak care

  18. hey mickey dear…it’s your story ur wish…n i think one person commented harshly…and i know it hurted u badly…but u can’t quit writing…n swasan fans… they may not read…but surely will support u in other swasan ffs…i dont know i will be able to read or not…but all the best dear☺

  19. hmm dear mickey…write whatever u want…your story is good going…but it is difficult to read other than swasan…sorry…and best of luck?

  20. Mintu

    Micku don’t feel bad about other words… Don’t take some people words to ur heart.. Please ignore it..!! Go with ur story.. Don’t dare to stop ur ff for others dear..!! Continue ur ff.. We all r waiting for it..!! Don’t feel sad..y r u saying that u going to stop ur ff..we all r ur regular readers..!! For our sake.. Continue ur writing..!! Waiting for ur stories..!!

  21. Kakali

    Hi, Mickey.! My sisso is strong right? She won’t stop her any ff un middle.! I know you will continue.! As a sister I’m always with you in your journey.!

    I know it’s your story, you have chosen character as per your story line.! Which is SwaSan & Rag________________________San.! That’s too good.! Continue with it dear..!!
    I know they are sounding harsh, or may be they are harsh because THEY CAN’T STAND RAG_____________________SAN. As we all know they are bound by a pure relation Bro-Sis.! That’s all.!
    They aren’t basher.! It’s totally their right to share their pov.! I believe it and you are my understanding siso wjo understands it na.!
    SwaSan lovers have always been loving you and ur works, but may be this time thay didn’t like it as it contains something which is not at all acceptable for us!!.
    I hope I have cleared my point.!

    Best wishes Mickey, I know you will bang on with this ff.! Ev1 will love it except who can’t stand Rag_________________San as couple at all.! This ff will loved by all Mickey ! Continue with you sisoooo..!! *hug.
    Love youuuuu..!! ;-*

  22. AMkideewani

    Auperb Mickey I love the RagSan scenes a lot

    1. AMkideewani

      I will support you even, if you decide to write SwaSan as couple, because I love you a lot my sweetipie

    2. AMkideewani


  23. IQRA222

    awesome part angel
    loved it
    swara is so sweet
    and chat swagman scenes were really cute and lovely make me kiss them on their cheeks
    ragu is really a gav ki gord so sweet i really loved last line “Sanskar sa palij” so funny
    and angel pls don’t be shattered this is YOUR story YOU know what you are going to do so don’t believe on others word they are just feeling a bit insecure so just for some people don’t break down or stop your other stories
    otherwise you will loose your love ones also
    waiting for the next part

    1. IQRA222

      it is not swagman it is is swan

  24. hey micky im rude to u and i said as a reader what i felt .. if u want to continue u can do that no one say anything i asked you as swasan fan how can u write rag_san ff so i asked u and also asked you about why u using sanskaar y cant laksh? as u said u love swa_lak and raglak pairs also whats wrong in asking that y u not using laksh only using sanskaar? i asked u by ur this statement dear

    “and swasan fans I am also swasan fan but I love raglak,swalak and ragsan too..
    I will give equal scenes of swasan and ragsan.. I hope you guys will be cooperative and You will read this…I am 100% sure you will like this story..”
    as per ur this comment i asked u n u know that swasan fans cant stand with rag__-_san ff as for them its purely bro _sis bond but still u showed it hurted me as a swasan fan… im harsh to u but didnt based you… some saying im bashing u butis it wrong that readers to put there points??
    i hope u can continue ur ff not stopping if u write ff on swasan i vl definetely be with you but here rag_san u showed along with swasan which i didnt liked it… as a swasan fan it hurted me when ur swasan fan how can u write ff on Rag___san as u know swasan fans dont like …but phir bhi u choosed n continued with this.. then best of luck and continue ur ff…

    1. and for some people am rude and harsh to her im not bashing anyone… and mickey hope u get my point what im saying ..u can write ur ff dear… i will be with u when u write swasan ff.. previously also commented on ur swasan ffs now also when u write on them i vl comment… dont dissopoint ur readers.. continue for them..
      thank you
      and bye

      1. Yashu24

        I understand you dear… you guys can’t keep patience also.. it will be a swasan ff but now I am ending it.. and about marrying with ragini it would be his dream it will be a totally funny story..he will get marry to swara only..
        I thought to change this like this after prologue but now I am ending it..

      2. Yashu24

        But don’t say that I am not a swasan fan I don’t want to prove it but It hurt me when you said that.. And about other swasan stories I submitted an os on swasan…
        If want read it..
        It was my fault that I did this stupid experiment after knowing the fact also that you guys will not like it… sorry for wasting your and my Time​ on this ff….

    2. Yashu24

      I am ending this ff.. it’s not wrong to express your views I understand you…But It hurt me when you said me that I am not a swasan fan..I told you guys in starting that it will revolve around swara ,ragini and sanskar.. and I just took sanskar..there was not a special reason behind.. after prologue I thought to change it as swasan fans will not like it..I thought to make it swaraglak but then everyone said that all will be angry if I change it now

      1. Darshini

        Miku dear…y u r saying that u gonna end…
        It’s ur right to pair anyone nthng wrng n dat…
        And don’t stress more da chlm…
        I want you to continue…v guys r there to support u…
        I will support you da sissy…
        Hope you will understand…
        Don’t stop writing…keep continuing…
        Love u baby…umaah ????

      2. u can continue mickey dont stop ur ff by my comment why u want to stop dear… plz continue it …. im saying i vl read ur other ffs and comment there.. already said sorry for hurting u before only now also saying sorry dont stop for ff for my comment u can continue for them whom want ur ff…
        im saying u that u can continue now its upto u dear.. i hope u wont dissopoint ur readers who want to read ur this ff atleast for them write ur ff..

      3. AMkideewani

        Mickey, don’t end your ff, you know that I’ll support you in your ff, because it’s an unique piece of work, like you are unique to me❤. Please don’t stop this ff??????????

  25. mickey m a ragini fan and i will read this if thr is ragini no matter who ever u pair her with it’s ur story u have full rights to give ur idea if any1 has problem they can leave but plz dear don’t stop even if thr swara u do write u have lovely stories and i think fan war should stop right now tejaswi varun and helly all 3 have different shows now with different costars so no 1 should have problem anymore if any1 have just ignore them u continue don’t ever tried to stop even if ragini or swara ur writer u write not like other fan who just comment to demotivate
    u rock sis love u mickey

  26. Yahavi

    All the best Mickey! For your FF, as u know me or any other SwaSan fan cannot except Rag______________San, as they are bro sis. So I will never ever read this, maybe bcz I hate Rag_________San and triangle stories… But it is not ur fault u can continue writing for those who will read it, I’ll support u on ur works on SwaSan.
    Lotsa love ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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