Kis desh mein hai mera dil (Part 2)


Location :Bangalore

(Sam still in bed…her mom comes wakes her up she forcefully get ready.. reach her frnd anjali’s home & they both leave for college…)
Anjali: Aaj bhi late 4saal mein kabhi time pe aayi hai gu..aaj toh sir maar daalenge
Sam: Is mein merit kohi galati nahi maa ne late utaaye tu chal sir ko mein samaaloongi
(They both reach college.. In class every1 seriously working on laptops as these 2 enter every1 stare them & there come Rajeev ( her jiju as well as professor)
Rajeev: U r late again ?
Sam: Sorry sir..
Rajeev: You prepare that final report of project & submit tomorrow
Sam: Sir Lenin kal..? Mein pehle hi kaha taana..mein Mumbai jaa rahi hoon 3 din ke liye aapse permission liya that
Rajeev: No you can’t go lots of preparatiots are left..only 10days more& (he leaves)

Samanvi’s home
Samanvitha informs her parents she can’t cm & tells them to go not cancel their plan bcoz of her & she call anjali to stay with her for 3 days & next morning they leave for Mumbai

Location: Mumbai ( in a hotel) juneja’s have come to see a girl for Prem.. Broker introduce both families…& that girl sits with prem & his siblings..
Preet: Aapko kya kya pasand hai
Girl: Modelling kud ko sajaana, shopping karna..
(Preet &Avanti stare each other)
Avanti: Aapka qualification kya hai..aur hobbies?
Girl: Hobby to shopping karna aur sajna …abhi abhi fashion design course join kiya hai
Avanti: (murmurs) toh preet bhaiyya..yeh ladki prem bhaiyya ko bilkul pasand nahi aayegi..ek dum pakaav aur unambitious ladki hai yeh

( That girl come & sit beside prem & starts her chatar patar..prem is just silent spectator & others r also annoyed by her behaviour)
Girl: (to prem) Toh aapka yeh shaadi manzoor hai..?
Prem: ( confused) jii..!! Pehle bado se poochte hai
Girl: Unse kya poochna shaadi hame karni hai unhe nahi…vaise bhi shaadi ke baad hum dono alag rahenge unse kya poochna..?
( everyone shocked & scolds broker for showing such a girl informs he’ll show good girl tmrw & everyone return home)

Juneja house
Lalit : kaisi behuda ladki this
Gayatri: na bado ka lyaaz na todi sharam..
Harman: pata hai aapko uske 20 jyaada bf reha chuke hai
Preet : ek dum bigadel ladki hai PB ke liye bilkul fit nahi hai wo
Lali: chodo ab usko kal broker acchi ladki dikhayega

Next day night broker make prem & samanvitha’s family meet..both will have good impression on each other.. & Roy’s visit Juneja house & Juneja’s decide to visit Bangalore next week to see samanvitha..after 2 day Mr& Mrs Roy reach banglore & inform the same to samanvi she agree to see the groom
Mrs Roy : dekh sammu ladka bahut accha hai tum mana mat karo isse achha rishta nahi milega
Sam: pehle photo toh dikhaav
Arjun: VIP hai wo google kar Mr Prem Juneja
(Samanvi see prem & gets very impressed)
Here comes call from Ajay Singh her frnd ..he inform her that prem is very good guy & ideal for her.. He can understand her position as secret agent…& is very good person & has done many charity works & even inform that baba (vishwapratap Singh) has also given green signal sammu gets happy hearing this & cuts the call )

Juneja’s arrive & are sitting in Roy’s house
Mrs Roy: (to samanvi) tum bahut acchi lag rahi ho lekin un ke saamne teek se pesh aana
Sam: Come on maa mein bacchi nahi hoon
(Mrs Roy leave & anjali enter)
Sam: mein kaisi lag rahi hoon acchi hoon na..?
Anju: look who’s caring…u r looking gorgeous
Ajay & zakir do a video call & start teasing her & say aasman se utari huyi pari lag rahi ho
( Mr & Mrs juneja & raahi Kiran have come prem as not come as he had some imp meeting,every1
is stunned as samanvi enter the hall & very impressed she is wearing nice saree & like ..raahi takes samanvi aside chat with her)

Raahi: aapka ghar bahut acca hai
Sam: thank u
Raahi: aap parish lag rahi hai
Sam: thank u
Raahi: aapke hobbies kya hai…
Sam: nothing special, I read science fiction, kabhi kabhi guitar bajaati hoon aur movies pasand hai…love hanging out with family & frnds
Raahi : that’s very nice.. Aur shopping
Sam: maa le aati hai.. Kabhi kabhi mas ke saath jati hoon mujhe itna pata nahi isliye
Raahi : so cute .chaliye ab yeh baatayi hai prem kaisa laga..apko ..??
Sam blushes…
Raahi: hame toh aap pasand ho kya aap shaadi karegi..haan .?!
Sam: jaise maa papa bolenge
( Juneja’s leave & take pic of Sam along & give it to preet to show it to prem..all siblings fight for photo & it flies away out of window & is lost prem don’t see it…whn gayatri ask prem do he like…he say as their wish & lalit fix marriage after 20 days..& Mr Roy agree to it.. Lalit request Samanvi to join Prem’s company & she agrees)

Precap: prem & samanvitha meet in a plane

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