Kis desh mein hai mera dil (Part 1)


Both leads hail from a Punjabi family, Prem living in Mumbai while Samanvi in Bangalore.

Prem’s introduction:
Prem Juneja, a great business tycoon at just age of 28 yet very down to earth and obeys every order of his parents .He looks after hotel business set up by his father and also software companies set up by himself just at age of 16. His company stands 1st in India. He love his siblings a lot & can sacrifice everything for them. He is good singer & even play guitar as well.

Samanvitha’s introduction:
A sweet simple intelligent final year student of engineering. She’s just 22 but mature ,balanced girl who loves her family alot.Her first preference is family especially her brothers.. She even have tattoo on her right wrist(names of her brothers)She is topper of college and highly intelligent. She lie a lot only for betterment of others if necessary. She have many secrets hidden within her.

Prem’s family background: Prem’s mom died when he was just his father married Prem’s maasi(Gayatri Juneja) to look after him and raahi .Raahi ran away and married lalit was very angry on her for years & forgave later seeing his 2 grandchildren (ketan & taani). So becoz of this Lalit is strictly against love marriage & thinks it ruins family relations. As Prem has done his graduation in US there he met a girl named Sanjana Rampaul in a music band which he joined ..both became good frnds & continued their frndship even after prem returned to India..Recently when prem when to US on business trip sanjana proposed him but he refused & asked her to be just a friend.. But she cried & created drama & took prem to Rajasthan forcefully to meet her brother Rishab. Sanjana hails from a royal family & a loving sis of her brother Rishab tried to convince prem a lot ..finally prem said he had no problem if his parents approved. But sanjana’s mom is against this marriage as she want her daughter’s marriage in royal family only ,so she creates false story that prem came to Rajasthan to marry secretly & informs the same to lalit..Hearing this Lalit becomes furious & yells at prem & asks prem to choose family & sanjana..Lalit doesn’t even allow prem to utter a word..prem obviously chooses family. But still Lalit is angry on Prem & has lost trust in him so decides to get him married within 3 months so from now on search for Prem’s bride starts….

Samanvi’s background: She has written her final exams & currently preparing a project for university competition representing her college. After this she will be joining India’s no 2 company she is already selected. Not Prem’s company b’coz they don’t have campus interviews.She has full freedom to take her decision , she is forced for nothing by her father but her mother is bit strict.. Samanvi is stubborn & even lie to get her work done but doesn’t hurt any1 with her lies.She is not expressive & never likes to show her weakness & fears..she is confident from outside but highly emotional inside. She is even a secret agent of India which control whole India’s defence systems. She is being trained their secretly & works along with her friends Ajay & Zakir .both from Kolkata.These 3 share a special bond & all 3are future heads of Indian secret agency (ISA). It is currently headed by Vishwapratap sigh whom they call baba..he is strict yet love all 3 very much. ISA main base is in Kolkata…which secretly hidden in jungle

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    1. I hv posted next episode do read & tell me ur opinion

  5. Wowwww awesome episode anaya, I’m loving this storyline and plot ,seems very interesting. .. ISA wow…amazing story. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. …

    1. I hv posted next episode do read & tell me ur opinion

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