Kings and Queens Part-6



Hii guys…..sry for the delay in posting……..actually I was busy with my clg work………..actually………I was not able to think about how to take the story……….as I had both these issues……..I didn’t know wat to do……..I now that I got some idea………so let’s begin with the story………..I have taken this idea from……….I won’t tell………

Reception function for Raman Ishitha
Special surprise for Raman and Ishitha by entry of all serial actors
Arnav and Abhi’s entry at the end of function


Ishu:U two cheated me by not coming to my wedding.

Arnav:Wat can I do, it’s all because of this Abhi only.

Abhi:Wat can I do, I can’t leave my concert just like that and come here.

Arnav:And I can’t leave this idiot and come.

Ishu: Okay okay now u both stop blaming each other, cause I am not going to talk to both of.

She turns away from them.

Then she sees Khushi unconscious.


And she runs to her.

Hearing her scream, the Bhalla’s also run to Khushi.

Raman:Choti, choti open ur eyes.

Pragya:Dhi dhi look her na, pls look at me.

Arnav comes and lifts her and takes her hospital.

Khushi is blabbering something.

Abhi:Uncle Aunty u ppl stay here, v all ll be with her. U two don’t wry pls.

All of them reach the hospital.

The doctor checks her.

Doc:Nothing serious, it’s just that ki she must have seen something shocking. Just because of that shock she fainted.

Pragya:Nothing serious to wry na doctor.

Doc:No, no she just needs some rest.

The doctor leaves from there.

Ishu:Y did Khushi faint, wat must have she seen.

Abhi:Because of seeing Arnav, she must have fainted.

Pragya and Raman r shocked at his answer.

Ishu:Wat bhai, u also entered with Arnav bhai right, then she could have also fainted seeing u right.

Abhi:Hey I am a rock star, girls faint on seeing me not by being afraid of me.

Arnav: Just shut up ur mouth idiot, always ready to make fun of me.

Pragya laughs seeing them.

Ishu also smiles.

Arnav:See that girl is laughing seeing me, u made me a paka joker.

Abhi:That’s me speciality.

Raman: So who r u ppl????

Abhi and Arnav r shocked at this question of his.

Arnav:Did Ishu not tell u about us.

Abhi:Even Dad also disn’t tell about us and neither did this Shagun idiot.

Shagun:Wat can I do, Ishu was letting me tell anything about u two. She was very angry at u that even in her wedding she was crying and very sad that u two didn’t come.

Arnav:Okay, v missed to see r sister cry for ur. That would surely have been a beautiful scene.


Abhi:Yaa, Ishu is r little sister. V both were in America so v were not able to come to her wedding.

Shalu:So that is y Ishu was very annoyed at the madap. I thought she was not interested in the marriage.

Arnav:Y did u come now, get out from the scene.

Abhi:Yaa don’t disturb us.

They were about to push Shalu out of the screen, but before going,

Shalu: Ishu u were angry with these two right, u did a very tight decission in ur life.

She is now pushed out from the scene.

Ishu:Y u two r still here?????I am still angry at u two.

Mihir:Bhabhi introduce them first.

Ishu:Sry, this my First elder bro Arnav Singh Raizadha, every stubborn and rude.


Ishu:And very sweet and kind hearted, and loves me more than anyone in this world.Okay.



Ishu:Sry, this is my second rockstar bhai Abhishek Singh Raizadha. He is a rock star, very jolly to be with. And loves me more than anyone in this world.

Raman:Nice to meet u two.

Ishu:These two were the ones who took care of me after Mom, and they never made me miss Mom.

Ishu has tears drop from her eyes.

Abhi and Arnav both wipe either of her eyes.

Shagun:Now all love to Ishu only, I am also here.

Arnav:Sry Shagun to miss u.

Pragya:Shagun dhi u could have atleast told us something about them right. Ishu Bhabhi must have stopped u at her wedding u could have told us before that right.

Shagun:I thought Uncle and Ishu must have told u all.

Abhi:Okay okay, v can all talk about this later.

Ishu:Sry bhai, this Raman, my husband.

Arnav:Ohhh, nice to meet u.

Ishu:This is Pragya, his second sister.

Abhi:Nice to meet u Pragya.

Ishu: And the person inside is Khushi is first sister. And this is Mihir, Shagun’s bro.

Arnav and Abhi:Nice to meet u all.

Arnav:Ishu v both ll leave now, cause v both came here directly from airport. So v ll go and see Dad.

Abhi:U also come na Ishu.

Ishu:I ll, but wat about Khushi.

Pragya:Bhabhi u go v all r here na v ll take care of dhi u don’t wry.

Raman:Haan u go, I ll tell Mummyji and Papaji.

Arnav: Now that ur husband also gave u permission, shall v leave.

Ishu stares at Arnav.

Ishu: No I won’t come with u two, cause I am angry with u two!!!!!!

Ishu turns her face.

Arnav and Abhi don’t say any word.

Arnav and Abhi leave from the hospital.

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