Kings and Queens Part-2



Hii guys so as per ur wishes……
Let’s proceed with the story……..

Recap:Pragya entry…….some mastii…….

Pragya goes behind Mr.Bhalla and closes his eyes……

Pragya signals Shalu to open her mouth.

Shalu:Guess who it is?????

Mr.Bhalla:Pragya, if u make someone to ask like this, do u think that I won’t be able to find……do u think I won’t be able to find ur voice…….

Pragya:Papaji…….how did u know that I was doing this……

Mr.Bhalla:Okay okay, don’t take the conversation long…….let’s come to point….!!!!

Shalu:Sasriyakal Papaji…….(Bless me uncle…)?

Mr.Bhalla:Jithi rahe putar…….(Live long child)…u did good by bringing my kids to me……?

Shalu:No probs uncle……..but can u pls tell us….how u actually arranged this marriage????

Mr.Bhalla:I was about to tell u this, even I am waiting to tell someone, it was…….

⏪⏪⏪⏪going to fb…….

A conference hall is shown……..

Mr.Mathur:This can’t happen, this deal ll bring a grt loss to the company.

Mr.Sharma:But, by not making this deal also ll shall double this loss.

Mr.Bhalla:Does anyone have any idea of rectifing this loss???

Someone gate crashes the discussion and enters in the hall.?

Girl:Excuse me gentlemen, sry for the disturbance and inconvenience, of being late to the meeting.

Mr.Sharma:May v know who u r……

Girl:I am Ishitha Singh Raizadha, the new representative of Raizadha company.

Shalu:So it was not Raman?????It was Ishu who addressed the men.?

Mr.Bhalla:Ll u let me tell what happened or u do that work!!!!

Shalu:Sry uncle u pls continue!!!!

Mr.Mathur:Y has Mr.Raizadha sent his daughter, y can’t he even come himself???

Ishu:Do u have any problem in my presence sir???I am sure that I can handle the business easily and upto my Father’s satisfaction.

Mr.Mathur:But wat can a girl do in a conference meeting that to in the presence of well experienced men.

Ishu:Sir first u see my presentation, then u all can decide whether to accept my idea or not!!!!! Is that okay with u.?

As usually shown in serials she shows the presentation and some actions r only shown.

All the members r impressed by her presentation.

Ishu:So gentlemen how was my presentation?????

Mr.Bhalla: Very good beta, u have easily derived a solution to our problem. Very nice.!!!

Ishu:Thx uncle, and as u all r impressed with my presentation, shall v sign the deal.

Mr.Mathur:Sure, Ms.Ishitha Singh Raizadha.

They all sign the deal.

Ishu:So as the deal is signed, v have arranged for a small dinner for all from our company.

Mr.Sharma:Then y r v here shall v all leave.

They all go to have dinner.

Mr.Bhalla:So Ishu beta, how did u get this idea of solving the problem.

Ishu:That’s not a big thing unlce just did a little research in the net, that’s it.

Suddenly a loud sound his heard.

Mr.Patel:So Mr.Sharma, if r investing more then that doesnt mean that u can do anything.

All see towards the place where the sound is coming from.

Mr.Sharma:If I think so then wat issue is there in it.

Ishu:Wat is this uncle ji, if u all fight like this then how could v celebrate, our happiness.

Mr.Bhalla looks at her with amazement.

Ishu:Uncle ji, no one is big or small in our company, everyone is the same over here.

Mr.Sharma:Wat is the big deal if I consider myself big????

Ishu:If u all don’t believe my words u can ask any employee how v treat them. Everyone is same for us. And uncle v should never over estimate ourself or under estimate ourself.

All accept to that fact, and leave from there.

The party is over and all move from there.

Mr.Bhalla(to himself):That girl is very smart and very maturedly she handled the problem.

Mr.Bhalla gets a phone call.

⏩⏩⏩⏩coming out of fb……

Shalu:Uncle don’t say that by looking at her behaviour u liked her and wanted her to be ur dil.?

Mr.Bhalla:Wat do u mean by dil????

Shalu:Dil, is daughter in law uncle, short form.

Mr.Bhalla:In fact yes, because of that only I wanted her to be my dil.

Mr.Raizadha:After that, Mr.Bhalla phoned me, and suggested me this idea.

Shalu:When did u come in uncle jji!!!!!?

Mr.Raizadha: Just now, heard ur convo so wanted to join u ppl.

Pragya:So uncle, u also accepted with Papaji’s idea, and agreed to this marriage.

Mr.Raizadha:Yes beta, how could anyone decline such a wonderful life for my only daughter.

Shalu:But if I say this to my reader, they shall scold me for such a bakwaas idea, it’s so simple and not filled with mastii, cause I expected more for u ppl.

Prashi(Pragya-Khushi):Yaa, v also expected more, and pls haan don’t make our story so simple okay with ur dumb brain. Okay Shalu!!!!!

Shalu makes pout face.?

Pragya:Just a minute can v all atleast see the var and vadhu…..

Khushi:Wait, wait v also want to see them.

Shalu:Wat do u mean…..!!!!!??

Voice:Just wat u heard stupid.

Shalu:Who the hell, called me stupid in my ff, haan show ur face I ll chop it off.??

Suddenly someone jumps infront of Shalu, by which she gets scared.

Shalu:Raman, y r u doing like this……!!!!!!scaring a small girl wat happiness do u get in that.?

Raman:The happiness u got in showing me late to my fans, the same happiness only I got by doing like this.

Shalu:Ssshhhh…….Public public…….pls haan!!!??

Raman:Okay, so as it’s my wedding make way for the dulha……????

And he moves towards his room.

Prashi:Bhai u forgot us???????

Raman:How could I forget my sissies……they r my life!!!!!!

They both run to him to give him a hug.

Raman:Okay, okay……alot of ppl r seeing us, wat ll they think of me and wat ll happen to my reputation.?

Shalu:I have a doubt!!!!!?

Khushi:Wow Bhai, ur entry made the writer get doubts????grt haan!!!!

Shalu:This is his wedding, and he himself his coming late????

Raman:That, I had an important meeting in Dubai, just now only I finished it. So after finishing it I am coming straight here only.

Shalu:Having ur own wedding, ur going on business trips?????

Mrs.Bhalla:If ur questionnaire is over, the dulha should get ready tmrw is the wedding right.


Mrs.Bhalla:Haan, tmrw is the wedding, just now the pandith ji has given the timing also.

Shalu:When did this happen, that to without me????Raman very bad haan coming late to a wedding that’s going to happen tmrw.?

Raman: If I didn’t come also, I had assigned Mihir to do all the work right.

Shalu:So, if u make Mihir do all the work, than shall I make Mihir marry Ishu?????

Mihir:I have no problem!!!?

Pragya:No problem ke bache, its my bhai’s wedding and I won’t let anyone spoil it, got that!!!!

Mihir:See Shalu, u gave the idea and I am getting scolded here.

Shalu:Who said u to accept so soon to the wedding, I just suggested u and u were willing to take the offer.

Mihir makes pout face.?

Mr.Raizadha: Now that the wedding date and timing has been fixed, make a move v should get things ready faster.

All run to do their respective job.

Shalu:So guys, if I go now, they ll not even talk with me. Even if I go there, some ll talk with me and ll not do their work. And I can’t delay the marriage. So I leave todays part with this. And I am going to take rest, cause if I go there then they ll make me work, and basically I hate doing work in marriages, where u have got to enjoy and make fun with ppl. And about the date and timings…..?


Time:10 am(my posting time)(and I don’t know when it ll be uploaded by the telly update ppl)

Shalu:So I hope u all ll be present at this grand occasion of theirs with me……and one more thing……..u ll be having a surprise gift from me for their wedding, which is……….!!!!!!!??

Mrs.Bhalla:Is someone free, cause v need some help in decoration??

Shalu:Guys they r searching for help, I have to go bye see u all on tmrw…..!!!!??

Precap:Grand Shaadhi………

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