When a King saves a Warrior Princess – Kaira Os by Zara

When we became one-

There once lived a Maharashtra King who owned a kingdom of two beautiful palaces. His mother Radha is a strict woman and searched for many alliances for her raja, until she found an alliance which she found best. She was pretty, she was from a high class family and she had started to like the King. One day the king rejected the girl who was named Radhika, as he felt she was wrong to become his queen. She wasn’t his type and he was very stubborn. Radhika left the palace enraged with anger that was fuming inside her and decided to take revenge.

Several calls were made and the King who was named Kartik left the palace for war. He ordered his men to take care of the palace whilst he was gone for war. All dressed up for the war, the stubborn king came across a fighting warrior who was a princess. She was attacked, her beautiful face that was hidden slightly because of her long hair. Her face was a little dirty from fighting in the war. The King grabbed her, put her behind him and went away to a safe place to seek help for her aid.

The princess woke up from a slight headache and her beautiful eyes struck on the King. His muscular body made him feel strong for the war and for his kingdom. She was dressed up in a nice anarkali dress and went up to the King to thank him for helping her.

PN ( Princess Naira in short) and KK (King Kartik)

PN: “Mere help keliye thanks par lekin mujhe bachane keliye kya zaroorat the. Aur log the jo tumhara madad chahiye tha, par tumne meri zindagi bacha liya. What do you want in return?”
KK: “Suno mai kuch nahi chahiye. Tum ghar chalo, aurat war keliye koi madad nahi hai. Yeh mardo ki kaam hai.
PN: Shayad tumhe pata nahi hai ki mai kaun hoon. Mai ek princess hoon aur mera naam Naira hai. Mai chalti hoon, but once again thank you.”

Naira left with a little anger inside her whilst at the same mesmerized with his thoughts but his face kept coming into her mind. Whilst on the other hand, King Kartik was also mesmerized by Princess Naira. He kept thinking about her until the next day.

*** The next day ***
The king sat on a throne waiting patiently until the warrior princess dressed up in a nice lehenga with minimal makeup. Her payal was music to the ears, she wore bangles that matched her outfit and swayed to the music. She sang, she danced, he looked in her eyes and saw innocence deeply in her eyes. Her kajal, her small bindi and she looked breathtakingly beautiful. The way she moved, the fountains that were in front of her and last but not least the king itself. The king himself made a way in to her heart and slowly she’s falling for him while the latter himself is getting captivated by the princess’s beauty and admiration for the country.

The Princess stopped dancing and left a good impression on the King. He said to her “Tum acha dance karti ho Naira ji. Chalo mai chalti hoon. Mai tunhe baad mai milti hoo. Bye”
And he left leaving her sad but with a smile on her face.
The king returned to his kingdom and was welcomed by everyone. In his mind he kept thinking about the warrior princess how she dared to talk back to him. How beautiful she looked when she danced for him so that he can get to know what her actual qualities are that she possess besides fighting in the war. He admired everything that she does. Despite being a princess, she’s half Muslim and half Hindu because of her parents.

His mother Radhabhai was vey strict and had only Radhika in her mind. She only saw Radhika as a perfect bahu and the queen but, she didn’t possess the qualities a wife, a daughter-in-law and queen should have. All she possessed was rudeness and she was very flirty. That’s all she was.

Radha: “Kartik, Radhika will become our bahu. Mere liye wo perfect hai. Agar nahi to wo seek jaeenge.”
KK: “Wo mere liye perfect nahi hai. Mai dekh liya ki wo sirf rude hai. Wo mera patni khabhi nai ho sakti samji maa.”

The king left with all his might and went to his room only to be beckoned by the guards to thedancing room. He doesn’t know what made him go but his heart was racing. As he moved every inch closer to the dancing room, he felt as if one of his own had arrived and he wanted to see them badly. As he entered he sat on his royal throne (as shown in the song Deewani Mastani) and after 3 minutes he heard the sound of anklets coming closer. And she entered looking etherel, resplendent, beautiful and her makeup was minimal. Her long hair was in curls and she wore a hat (like the one in the song) and her dress was long and it was coated in two layers. In her hand she carried a guitar and walked with pride but inside all she wanted to see was the king herself.

As the princess walked towards the seat she didn’t glance at the king. She was looking at the audience above her. They were quiet, the Kings mother looked at the top and was silenty watching as she glanced below at the Princess to see her next move. As the music started playing, she played her quitar. As the song came on, she made salaam to the audiences and also to the king. One quality the king didn’t know was that her dance was so beautiful and passionate that he just couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. Her ghungroos and payal was music to the ears, her beauty which was like heaven, the audience and the Kings eyes was glued on to her. She moved swiftly, softly, and the audience kept talking about her.

Silently watching, the king raised a smile and he just kept and kept on falling in love with her. It was her smile, her possessiveness about saving her country, the qualities that she possessed and her itself. Princess Naira was everything that the king wanted. In fact the dance was Naira’s portrayal of love towards him. The king realised that and decided to profess his love himself before it got too late. The dance ended, the Kings mother was a slight enraged with anger and knew she was the right person to fit as a queen but stood aside and pretended to smile. The king wrote a note on a parchment writing to princess Naira that had said:

“I don’t know what you have done to me. I know what you feel about me, but if you want to know how much i feel about you, meet me by the poolside near my bedroom which is secluded. I will come once you are there. Please don’t disappoint, i will wait patiently for you my princess.
         …  See you soon ……”

Princess Naira’s heart was racing and she waiting by the poolside wearing a dark blue saree (as shown in the episode of the show). Her payal which was gifted by the king alongside the parchment which she received. As she moved closer to the pool, she saw a shadow and she looked behind and it was the king himself who looked very much royal wearing a sherwani. The king saw how much she blushed on just seeing him and as she looked down, he put her finger under her chin to bring her face up but soft and gentle. He made her sit down by the pool and professed his love to princess by gifting her the engagement ring and said,
“Your qualities made me fall for you slowly. I don’t know what you have done to me, but all i know is that I’m deeply in love with you my princess. With this ring i promise to love, to keep you happy, and be my side always. It is only you who’s perfect for me and no one else. Would you like to honour the king by marrying him my Princess?”

PN: “Mai bhi feel karti jo tum mujhe kya feel karti. Har din tarpa rahi thi ki kya tum mujhe pyar karti ho. Mai tumse bai intehaar mohabbat karti hoon. Shayad itne hi, ki shayad labz na mile. And yes, i do want to marry you.”

The king twirled her around of happiness and made her wear the ring. They both hugged each of happiness and broke the news out to the kingdom. The kings mother had to be convinced 2 times until she agreed. She finally found love between the couple and agreed to get them married at the every end of the month.

It was the wedding day and the King wore a very royal sherwani which was to be matched with the princess. The princess put on her bangles, eyeliner, red lipstick and minimal eyeshadow that went well with the wedding dress. She looked very much royal, her red veil that was draped at the back. She looked breathtakingly beautiful. She moved her way to the mandap, sat next to the king blushing and held his hand. The king kissed her hand, filled her maan with sindoor and ended the day with their marriage. They both finally tied the knot and was finally declared as husband and wife. They botg said to each other “Congratulation my king, and congratulation my Queen”. As they marked their way to the bedroom, the couple consummated their marriage with love and happiness.

This is the end of this OS. Sorry for posting it late. I started off on my birthday but couldn’t post on the day as i was busy. Also the next day i had to go to London for the weekend to see my sister. Im extremely sorry for the delay of this OS. I hope you understand,
From the Author Zara

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