Hey friends!!!!! Fallingstar here!!!!!!!! I’m back with another OS. Sorry for not posting for a week. Actually I can use my Laptop only at weekends.

And a big Sorry to those who commented on my previous OS and I couldn’t Reply. Actually there is a problem with my phone. But anyways Thanks all for the Lovely Comment. And some of you mentioned that the story is a Thai or Korean Short Movie. It might be possible but that was completely my IDEA. But still I would like to see the movie. Please someone give me the name of that movie so I can Google it!!

Here are the links to my previous OS:

So now Today’s OS. I have Used SWASAN and RAGLAK once. I’m gonna use all my Favorite pairs. So is going to be ASYA. Its gonna be really short today…Sorry in Advance.

Today is Mother’s Day. Mothers Love us all a lot. They care for us, help us, tolerate our nonsense and what not. Mothers often show their emotions easily. But Fathers- The Tough ones, the man of the Family, the one without whom we are incomplete-don’t express themselves easily. So this Story is Dedicated to my DAD without whom my Life is INCOMPLETE, IMPOSSIBLE, LIFELESS and MEANINGLESS……


The Scene opens in a park. A Beautiful Girl is decorating the place with Pink Roses. There is a Big Round Table Placed in the centre. It has a Chocolate Cake at its centre and many gifts box kept on the table. On the Cake it’s written ‘MY KING’. There are Four white pillar around the table and a Dome on its top. It gives a look of a royal Balcony. A servant bring in Yellow Flowers seeing which the Girl shouts “Kaka I had told you na that He doesn’t like Yellow Flowers. Then why did you get them?? Now go and keep them in the car Dicky. I’ll give them in the temple.” The servant nodded and said, ”Ji Zoya Beti. I’ll keep it. You know na that I keep forgetting things.” (Yes the girl is Zoya) Zoya again starts to decorate the place.

Just as she is about to complete the decoration, Two cut little girls come in with a photo in their hand saying, “Momma”
Zoya: Sanam Seher My princesses are looking so Cute.
Sanam: Mom you know what we found in Daddy’s cupboard?
Zoya: What???
Seher: This Photo of yours and Dad’s.
They show Zoya a photo. In it Asad is on his Knees and making Zoya wear a Ring. A smile Spreads on Zoya’s Face as she remember that day, when Asad Proposed her, in the very same park. A similar sort of decoration.


Asad is nervously waiting in the park wearing a Black Three piece coat, Black Trouser and a Red tie. He is looking so Hot that the Whole ice in the world might melt within seconds. He is waiting for someone. After a few minutes, A Girl in a Red long Party gown, Hair in a bun and black earrings are the only accessories but still she is looking very very very Stunning. The park is decorated in a Black-Red theme. Asad can’t take his eyes of her. As she comes closer, Asad’s heart started to race. It was beating so hard that he felt that it would come out of the ribcage any moment.
Zoya: Mr. Khan, this decoration is so beautiful (Looking Around) but why did you call me here??
Asad: Actually I wanted to tell you something…….. actually from a long time…..almost 2 months…. No actually 2 months 1 week…. No Actually…..
Zoya: Mr. Khan relax. And stop using the word ‘ACTUALLY’ so many times in one sentence. Just Breath in and breadth out… take deep breaths…..
Asad did as Zoya Told him to do.
Zoya: Now Relax and please tell me.
Asad: OK. But before that promise me that you won’t speak until I finish.
Zoya: But….
Asad: No Buts and vuts….. just promise me….
Zoya: OK I promise that I’ll not utter a word until you finish. Fine??
Asad: OK. So I was saying that it has been 2 months, 1 week and 5 days since we met for the first time. But in such a small period, You have completely changed my life. My day doesn’t start without hearing your voice. Work doesn’t complete without your advice, I can’t eat properly unless you are with me, Every night is incomplete without your thoughts and dreams…. Life doesn’t seem fun if you are not there. You know that I‘m not so good to express myself(neither me!! I don’t know how to write romantic Dialogues… so please bare with it…) But now I can’t stay without you…… I have been loving you since I say you first but never had the courage to confess it………. But today I confess it…. I LOVE YOU ZOYA. Will you come to my Palace where you will be my QUEEN and I will be your KING????????
Zoya was dumbstruck. She was not able to believe what she had just heard.
Asad: Zoya please say something……
Zoya: Sorry Mr. Khan……………you can’t be my KING …………… I already have a KING in my life.
Asad got a shock of his life. A silent tear escaped from his eye. But he had to stay strong. Atleast in front of Zoya. He couldn’t break in front of her.
Asad: Wh…who is he??????????
Zoya: He is my First Love. Without whom I can’t exist……..without whom my life might go upside down………. I feel in love with him the day I saw him………
Asad couldn’t take it anymore. Ever word from Zoya was a sharp knife into his heart. He had to be alone for sometime. So he started walking towards the gate.
Zoya: Mr. Khan won’t you like to know who that person is????
Asad didn’t turn but just asked: who???
Zoya: MY DAD……….
Asad couldn’t believe what he had heard. He turned around to see Zoya. She had a smile.
Zoya: Yes Mr. Khan. MY DAD. He has been my mom as well as dad since mom passed away. I LOVE Him more than anything in my life.
Asad gave a weak smile to this.
Zoya: BTW I have the position of a Prince empty in my Life. Would you like to fill it????
Asad gave a wide smile and went and hugged Zoya. Zoya also hugged him back. Then Asad broke the hug and went on his knees and took out a ring from his pocket.
Asad: I would gladly fill up the place of a Prince in your life.


Zoya was brought back to reality by a car horn. “They are here” Seher said and ran to the gate.

Asad came inside with a man in his near 60s. Sanam and Seher ran went and hugged him.
Zoya: Happy Birthday my KING!!!!!
Dad: Thank you my children.
They all then cut the cake and Gave gifts to him. At the end Zoya gave her dad a card.

He opened it. After reading it he had tears in his eyes and hugged Zoya tightly. It Said,

“ Dear DAD,
You are the world’s BESTEST DAD. This card can’t express the love and respect I have for you. But still as I used to say ‘I might find my Prince but you were, Are and will always be my KING!!!!”


So Guys how was it?? Personally I also feel the same.

Father-Daughter bond is something very different. According to me Mom-son bond is stronger that mom-daughter and Father-Daughter bond is stronger that Father-son(Unless you are a single child) Parents love all their children equally but still I feel the difference. Actually I have a younger brother and whenever there is a fight between us, mom is on his side and dad is on my side, no matter who is wrong!!!! Like if I want Chocolate cake and my brother wants pineapple, then dad will say chocolate while mom will say pineapple. And in the end we end up buying both ;P

Tell me your view on this.

And the next OS will be Mother-Son so please share your ideas on this. If not ideas, then atleast give me a tag line to develop a story on. Also suggest me the pair. I am giving you options.
+ Asya-Dilshad
+ Swasan-sujata
+ Raglak-AP
+ Adarsh&swadheenta-Suhasini
+ Aryan&Aradhya-Pavitra

You can post others as well if you like. AND PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Credit to: Fallingstar

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  1. Asya-dilshad

    1. OK pooja Since most are saying the same

  2. Wow you may don’t know me and don’t know you either but your ff is so awesome i just loved it just opened my eyes our father will be our king wow so nice falling star

    1. Thanks sahil love!!!!!!! i too love my dad alot

  3. Hey Fallingstar , hope you remember me , I am Zuha , I commented on your Lost Wallet , anyway this story of your was awesome , seriously I am the eldest one and attached to my papa , I actually share a vert close bond with him , he is my hero. I liked your idea , and for mother 1 I am confused with Asya and RagLak with their respective moms so it is better I give you these 2 as an option. BTW I also write a FF 4r AsYa , named as
    Asya and Huyaan:A delicate relation.

    Hope you can read it?
    Keep writing-Zuha Fatima

    1. Hi zuha!!!! i din’t forget u. you commented last time as well. Most of the comments say asya and dilshad. so thats final. Alsogive me an outline story for mother-son bond. i hav one but i find it sort of silly. And zuha i read your ff. Its amazing. Actually im so lazy that i hardly comment on others ff ;P

      1. I am happy that you liked my FF , dear , why do not you show Asad a spoilt brat who disrespects her mom , and Zoya steps in his life and she changes him , and he turns into a good son and husband vice versa??
        I know it is so much boring???

  4. Hey i would suggest you asya dilshad?

    1. Ok dear

  5. Sanjana (Sanju)

    Woww..written beautifully. ..showcasing father daughter bond?i suggest asya dilshad?

    1. Thanks sanju. I’m taking asya and dilshad. Also pls give me anoutline for it

  6. Priya tripathi

    Awesome i read ur os loose wallet but couldn’t comment but u write very well n i choose asya dilshaad n swasan with ap.
    U know what i m eldest doughter in my faimly no one is stop me what i m doing specialy my mom dad n my grandma they realy special for me i lov my faimly very much N

    1. Thanks Priya!!!! I go with asya and dilshad as well

  7. Priya tripathi

    Awesome i read ur os lost wallet but couldn’t comment but u write very well n i choose asya dilshaad n swasan with ap.
    U know what i m eldest doughter in my faimly no one is stop me what i m doing specialy my mom dad n my grandma they realy special for me i lov my faimly very much N

  8. It’s amazing !!!!!! Plz asad Dilshad ..I too write a ff on sanam and Aahil named sanam aur Aahil – eh kahani hai 2 lafzon ki. . If u like please leave a comment 🙂 and this one was amazing

    1. Thanks sunehri!!!!!! I am a huge fan of asya….but to be frank, after asya’s death, the show lost its charm….. Idon’t like sahil pair that much. but still i would love to read your ff. I’ll try to read all the epi soon and also comment on it

  9. OMG awesome bond between Asad n his mom btw I have a question do u watch Korean dramas

    1. Thanks Fatarajo….. i don’t watch korean drama….but ill love to…..

  10. Nice bond relationsh

  11. he girl it made me cry cause i never new what a father daughter relationschip is.
    my father left my mom with a other woman when i was 2 yeas old and she was pregnant of my lil bro he never look at us my mom did everything for us to make us happy ups and downs we had father has so many childeren with other woman when they are preg he left them and no responsebility for them. i know who he is but he love his older childeren more than us after us he has 3 childeren with other womens. father daughter relationschip no way not for me. but i have a daughter and my husby is my daughter no 1 king and that make me happy. hes always for her and me im tha luckiest mother/daughter and sis . my son my daughter and husby are my number one in tha world

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