Kindle ( Swaragini ) Chapter 5


She took one last look at the utopia and absorb the jaw-dropping scenery with her doe like eye and turned on her heel.She was glad to get away from the hurly-burly and stresses of life.

Laskh’s POV

I was lost staring her when her figure moved. I got my senses back and took a step but she was too fast to walk away before I could speak.

She was walking towards the barbecue unknown about being followed by me. Oh- I remember she’d never want to see me here, for the least not for now. I chuckled at the thought. ‘Eventually, I am going to make her fall for me’ I thought.

I stopped few feets away from her as she stood in front of the barbecue. She was searching for something. I realised, just as she did, she was empty handed.

Swara’s POV
I slided my hand in my bag but I forgot to bring my purse in between the drama. How stupid of me!
I was standing there stupidly when I heard a man
“Hello beautiful !”

I was taking time to figyre and going to greet back when an old lady came in view.
She hugged him and he gave a peck on her lips. Oh dearly, they looked. lovely.
” Come inside pretty lady.” The man said.

I awkwardly managed to smile and walked in. They are surely going to throw me out after a while.
But this looks like a private place or something. Am I in a wrong place?

“What is your name child?” the lady asked me.

“Swara Bose” I replied smiling.

“Indian?” she interrogated and I could feel the curiosity.
“Yeah!” I couldnt help but smile.

“But you look sweet.” she guessed as she passed me the chair to sit.
Did I missed something?

“Do you think it will be edible Miss Swara?” I heard her husband. I was still standing so I walked to see him tossing the pieces into a plate.

“Of course, it looks so yummy Uncle.” I dubiously chimed and earned a laugh for that.

“Its our fortieth anniversary dear and you are heartily invited for the meal.” he put in while patting my cheek without losing the eternal smile.

“Hello Mr. Taylor?” a deep voice from the front put in. It was kind of familiar.

I immediately turned around to see the 6 ft tall dark, people-thinks-handsome man standing just at my opposite staring me. My throat got dry at the counter. I wanted to blurt out something but words died on its way.
What was he supposed to be doing here?

“Sir? You here? … Please come in sir.” Mr. Taylor, yes the man stammered and did he called him sir? They seem to know each other.

“Its okay Mr. Taylor.” he lifted his right hand to dismiss.

“By the way congratulations!” he added and handed him a piece of paper.
” I wanted to give it tomorrow but it’d have been late then.” laksh continued and god- he looked so rude. It didnt looked like congratulating but kind of warning. Cant he pass a smile and be sweet to others?
I was lost in thoughts but then my skin felt burn with his gaze. I need to take out that orbs and play marbles. Idiot!

Laksh’s POV
As she entered, I couldnt hold myself, I followed and noticed Mr. Taylor there. Freak! It was his fortieth anniversary. I slided my hand in my pant pocket and took out the ticket. Thank God- It was there. Mr. Taylor was an employee and it was my duty to take care of all my staffs and keep them happy. I came to know from my P.A. the reason of his leave. Just then, I took two tickets for him and his wife for Paris.

I greeted him and didnt missed to see Swara shell shocked. Did she wanted to say something? Her mouth opened and instantly closed like a fish. It was fun watching her.

I handed Mr. Taylor the ticket and glanced her back. She was trying hard to be shut. Her lips were pouted first then pursed. Is she testing my patience? This lady? ‘Stop playing with your lips’ I wanted to shout. I unwantedly, slided my eyes away, to space.
What was she trying to do?

“Sir please join us for lunch. It’d be really great.” Mr. Taylor requested and I couldnt help but agree.

We had the meal and all the while, Swara was quiet. She was not even eating properly. And there, I was feeling she was hungry?

Laksh’s POV
Its been two days, I have seen her after the anniversary thing. Didnt she knew I couldnt bear ignorance? All the while, she was quiet and avoiding me. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor were too much into me that they forgot to talk to her. A phone call made her leave.
“Sorry, this is important”

I wanted to talk to her damn it. After the formalities were done, I immediately rushed to her way. She was walking on the streets alone.
I pulled her to me and found her eyes wet. She looked at me and immediately slided down.

“Hey-look at me.” I said softly loosening my hold a bit. What the hell did made her cry?

She lifted her left hand and very smmothly released herself from my hold without making any eye contact. I did let her but immediately hold on her waist possessively.
She gasped and finally, met my eyes.

“What happened?” I asked firm.

She looked away, to the right, to the sea. I tightened my grip and pulled her closer gritting my teeth.

She hold on my coat for support.

“I dont need to tell you.” She said while wiping away her tears.

“Just blurt it out damn it.” I growled.

She seem to get it on her head.
“I-I…My scooty got stolen.” she said and instantly she cried out.

What? She was crying for a scottie? Okay Okay- i tried to understand.

“Number please?” I asked while sliding my thumb on the phone.

She looked at me quizzically. “Number? Scooty no.?” I asked again rather simplified.

“7421” she answered and I called my contact to get it back to her.

“Dont worry, you will get it within 24 hours.” I informed.

Swara’s POV

I rushed out of the barbecue and picked up the call. It was Mom.

“Yeah I am fine Maa. Yep. Coming.”

I walked to the side but where was it? I looked around, almost everwhere, both the parking areas, but it was nowhere to be found. I realised it was stolen. It was gift from my nani. I cant lose it. After ten minutes of crying, I walked lost in the streets. Suddenly, I was pulled back by Laksh. What does he wants now? I was tired enough to speak something.
He loosened the hold ” Hey look at me!”

It sounded caring. One could have fallen for that one line. It was really so sweet. But fortunate me, I know him enough to not fall for him.

I released myself from his hold and just wanted to sigh when he pulled me by waist so possessively that my sigh turned into a gasp.
“What happened?” he asked.

I was turning hard to control. I wanted to narrate but ….. Its not him whom I should tell right? I looked away and to the sea and in fraction of second, his grip was paining.

“I dont need to tell you” I shot weakly.

“Blurt it out dimwit!” he shouted and it scared me, too much.

I stammered but told him and he informed that I will be getting it back within a day. It was a relief. I was happy and the reason was him.

“Come, I’ll drop you.” he said rather ordered.

“No, I will go by myself.” I denied.

“Oh-I see, there are buses providing free rides.” He mocked with fake realisation expression.

I passed him an arrogant look.

“C-mon now, I know you forgot your purse.” he added that left me shocked. How did he know?

“How do you know that?” I shot.

“Dont tell me you were following me!” Realization hit me.

He gave a devilish smirk and how badly I wanted to remove that from his face. Ugh! I stomped my foot.

“Stay there. I will bring my car.” he ordered.
I watched his back and he suddenly turned. ” Stay there!” he pointed.

I am not running away?!?!?

“Left” Swara said while guiding the route.

“Wait. I know the way” Laksh muttered.
Was this normal for him, sounding so rude?

“Hmm. Yeah” she nodded in positive.

It was all silent then. I didnt initiated any talk nor did he. The atmosphere was turning uncomfortable suddenly. I looked out of the window but of no help. From the corner of my eye, I saw his biceps flexed while adjusting the gear. Why did I saw that? I want to see it again.
My inner soul cursed me and I managed to look outside to divert.

I felt his knuckles brushed my thigh. I instantly drew my eyes to check and realised it was unintentionally for gear adjustment.
Why it feels so different to be around him?

We were in front of the bijou after few minutes. I opened and the door and moved by his side.
“Thanks.” Acknowledging him I turned for my home.

“Swara” he called.
I looked back for, did I forgot something?

Did I heard right? Did he just said that? His eyes were stick to mine.

“For the morning thing” he added and I was left bewildered.

His car zoomed away and I was ingesting the different thingy I was feeling.

Swara’s POV

Its been two days now, he didnt followed me. It was good. But why am I thinking? Am I developing a habit of him? Oh-No. I brushed my thought and again … I felt as if I am gonna see him today. I hadnt said thanks for helping me that day.

“hey Swara?” Linda snapped her finger and I was brought back to relaity.

“Uh Hi… ” I replied.

“You seem lost. What happened?”

Oh- what a dumbo I might be looking. I scanned around and found myself in the centre of the room with guitar on my back and eyes- eyeing the wall ugh! Some unwanted gazes were on me.

“Nothing Linda. Tell me whats up?” I changed the topic.

“Well, you see we will be singing in chorus today and I am really worried for, Mr. Maheshwari is invited today.” she sing sang.
“And.. And you very well know Swara how bad I sing when nervous.” she added.

“Mr. Maheshwari? Who is he? We will get that later but Linda,” I kept my hand on her shoulder to stabilise her.

” you need to stop worrying so much. Dont you want that Mr. Mm.. Whatever to be impressed by your singing hmm??” I tried to rise her confidence and eventually it did. I saw the smile back on her face and it boosted me as well.

“So keep on going. See you in hall.” I waved and went for some alone time. Guitar will help me as Maa says.


“Why is he coming anyway?” a mouth opened. One of Lady obvious.

” same question man. Why? His business is not related to music nor our college.” another shouted from te corner raising her finger to grab attention which did anyways.

I was quietly listening to their talks. They are fully-charged. Dont they feel their mouth need rest? Just in an few minutes, the guest will be coming and we are here to give him the best performance. Since an hour we are practicing and these girls are still charged enough to talk during the ten minutes break.

“You see Linda, you and me” I pointed “we are saving our energy unlike these chatter boxes” my face had a disgusted expression and she laughed out. I was little amused then smiled seeing her burst.

“All right girls, position!”

We got up and took our positions. Just then, Luky entered. My eyes widened more and more. My heart seemed uncontrollable. I swallowed and tried to compose.
I heard and he must have too, the girls gasped in awe.
I looked down all the sudden. I must admit He was looking hot and at the same time a gentleman. He didnt wore any coat today like he always did. It was a very light blue shirt with denim jeans. Formal dressed, he charmed all the girls.

“Good evening everyone. ” he greeted and his voice was giving me goosebumps. Why was this happening to me? Are all the girls here feeling the same or am I turning insane?
I bit my lip hard and closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

“Yes, so are you all ready?” he enlightened.

Everyone started singing at the cue. I opened my mouth but it was croaky. I cleared my throat softly and tried again. Helpfully, it was better now.

He selected around seven students in ten minutes and they were out of the hall.
I was standing in the fifth line straight to him. I could feel the girls trying to produce their sweetest melodious voice. My heart was pumoing as the front row cleared. The girl on my left was also out. We came one stair down.

After more ten minutes, most of the girls were out. My voice was turning low. All the while his eyes were sticked to me. My skin burnt at that. Now, I was just lip-sync.
I was in the front line just in front of him and I felt terrible.

He pointed at my left and she was out, then right, she was also out. But, his gaze didnt move even to the sligtest.
My arteries and viens were having a fight inside ‘who will explode first?’

I managed to look at him but then that intense gaze made me look away. As I dropped my eyes, I saw his fingers curled in a fist. I wondered why?
Slowly, my eyes went above, his toptwo buttons were undone revealing his chiselled body. Then, His jaw was ticked. His lips were drew in a thin line. I forgot to sing. Not even lip sync.
His eyes were burning. I didnt even realised that only me and Linda were left. Her breath was just going to hitch with nervousness when he pointed her to go out.

I was alone with him now, in the hall.

“Yes, start” he said and I sensed he was calming himself inbetween the words. Not even for a second, was his eyes away from me.

I opened my mouth to sing when he hold me by waist in a lightning speed. How does he do that?

My heart skipped beats and I was trying to act normal and natural.

“Sing now.” he stated against my forehead and my body chilled at that minty breath.

He lifted his hand and very smoothly, his long lean fingers tucked my hair strands which I forgot were irritating me since long .My brain stopped working that moment. His touch.

Leaning closer he whispered on my earshell “sing”

I raised my head to look into his eyes which was now scanning my face. To be particular, on my cheeks and very slowly, moving down.

As I looked up, he instantly met my eyes and raised a brow.

If someone else was on his place, I would have kicked him hard on his manhood but my foot felt rooted now and I didnt wanted to kick either. It scared me other way.

“I hope you got your scooty safe Miss Bose” he whispered against my face.

I realised and nodded. I didnt knew what to say. Even a single ‘yes’ was taking minutes to be poured out that I chosed to remain quiet.

“Yes?” he queried caressing my cheeks with his thumb.
To my surprise, My hands didnt lifted to brush that off.

“Yes” I said as if my work was to agree whatever he says. I cursed myself for sounding so breathy. I dont want him to notice how affected I am. But, he did.
Irealised that when his face turned into a smirk.

He loosened his hold and released me not before brushing his fingers slightly on the back of my skin which passed shivers to me.

“See you soon Swara.” he said before leaving the hall and I was left bewildered, not to mention.. again.. Bewildered again.

I looked down and moved my feet. It was voluntarily moving. It was not rooted. Why the hell did it not moved back? When he hold me that close?
Oh-God I am thinking sane. Lord! What’s happening? Why didnt I hit him hard or punch him direct on that face? I stomped my foot just to get hurt.

“Next time, he dare come close to me, I will hit him so hard that he’ll never forget my face.” I shouted inside the hall which echoed and hit my ears.


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Credit to: Roshni

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