Kindle ( Swaragini ) Chapter 4

Without waiting for an answer Laksh prowled in the halls.

“Miss Bose?” he shouted loud looking upstairs but in vain.

Sumi cocked her head and rolled her eyes glaring the man dangerously who was inside her house now.
This is turning worst.

“Hey stop right there.” she ordered in a loud voice.

But it was late, he had already leaped into action feet hammering the marble floor.
With an I-dont-care glance he climbed the stairs.

“Hey? I said stop right there.” she repeated, this time louder than before.

He stopped with right feet a step ahead from left and turned drawling the eyes lazily,

“See, Beautiful Lady, I need to meet your daughter.NOW! So, Dont play a villian in your daughter’s love life.” Laksh nagged in a determined voice with a subtle wink and confident smile which left Sumi with bug eyed. She didnt believed her ears. Did he just said love life of her daughter?

“…or I will turn ‘sane in no time” he hissed to himself suddenly drooping down his gaze at the stairs and hurried above.

The first room itself was of Swara so without a wrong selection, he opened the door slightly with fingers firm on the knob to see Swara seated on the chair facing the desktop.
She was swaying her head as the headphone banged music on her ears. Her hands were on the keyboard typing something, probably chatting with someone.

Laksh moved forward and locked the door behind carefully not to disturb her while Sumi simply failed to stop him.

He swiftly walked closer and put his chin on her shoulders. Her eyes rounded large nd breath got hitched and hold sensing danger as the familiar cologne filled her room. She removed her headphone and tried to get up but he firmly kept his brawny palms on her tip-tapping fingers and curled them locking it right there.
She lost her senses, her body froze, then,became warmer slowly to the heat he was sending.

He leaned more making his clise trimmed bristling beards touch her soft smooth cheeks turning it red and whispered against her ears that passed like a melody.

“Swara Bose” he read the profile username that had the cover image of a girl with guitar. That was Swara itself.

Her heart thudded and nails dugged her own palm as it curled more tightly against the table in a fist gathering courage.
She stood up just to get a more tightened grip. He made her turn towards him locking her to his front.

“Miss.Swara” he pleasantly quirked her name hissing the ‘S’.

“what the hell are you doing here?” she shouted but the words were getting weaker.

The door was continuously banging with her mom calling out her name.
“Shona? Shona?”

“Maaa” swara cried from inside and got rooted at his presence and feeling the intense gaze over herself.

“How the hell did you entered?”

“Leave me now. Fast.” her voice was bold enough but, didnt worked on him.

“Please Leave me. MY mom is worried.” she almost begged twisting her wrist.

“Drama!” Laksh irritably blurted.

“She is fine.” he shouted to the door.

The voice he heard next, flushed blood of anger in his veins.

“Leave her Lucky. Open the door”
Sanaya Rawat, the so called girl friend of Laksh interrupted.
What the hell was she doing there?

Swara had no idea what was happening. She was just praying that her mother outside is okay.

Laksh glared Swara seductively and tugged her hairs behind her ear and leaned forward to her shoulders taking a deep breath of her essence. He released her wrist suddenly and opened the door.

Before he could fight with his anger and speak something, Sanaya got inside and loop her arms around his broad shoulders.

“This wasn’t required baby. Now, I know where you was busy. You were planning to hurt her just for me?isnt it? Awww! You love me so much?” she poured out in her honeyed voice.
Laksh really wanted to grab her neck and get her galloped in the earth for blurting out nonsense but couldn’t. It wouldn’t help anyway. He jerked her arms from him and looked at Swara.
What she might be thinking?

This 5’7 girl and 5’11 man. Whats their problem.Barging inside her house and playing a drama?
“You both.” she pointed her forefinger. “Get of my house right now.” she ordered.
Laksh didnt gave a try and left her room.
Outside, Sanaya walked towards his car and tried to open the door, but he zoomed away leaving her stunned.
She stomped her foot with flaring nose and gritted teeths and turned back to see the house and fumed in anger.

Sliding her thumb through her phone, she called her driver to pick her up which she only sent few moments ago being sure to be with Laksh.

“No.You are fired Mr.Pratap.” Laksh shouted infront of all the staffs.

“But Sir.” Mr. Pratap tried but Laksh was in no mood to listen to anyone.

“Get lost!” he shouted out loud.

“Get back to work everyone.” He ordered low and left the scene.


Sumi was sitting in the bed with her palm pressing her head. While Swara stood their at the side gawking at her with worried expressions.

After twenty minutes, the silence broke with a phone call. Swara turned and recieved her nani’s call.

“Hello dida.” she greeted low.

“Shona? You came. Now only you can make her understand beta.” Nani confused her.

“What happened dida? Who are you talking about?” Swara asked getting nothing and walked towards balcony.
This changed Sumi’s expression and she followed her.

“Your maa Shona. Who else? Didnt she told you? Wah! What a mother-daughter? She is looking grooms for you.” dida exhaustively informed.

“What?” her voice broke by the sudden unwanted and unexpected news. She gave her mother a surprised look and got back to call.
“Please tell me clearly dida. Sumi didnt told me anything.” she comtinued staring her mom. She had a habit of calling her by name seldomly.

“Shona.. Ask your mom beta. And let me remind you, I am with you whatever your desicion be. Afterall you are just 20.” she added.

“Of course. I am just 20. Sumi might be joking.” she cut it short and hanged up.

The mother daughter looked at each other very confused.
And the silence broke with Sumi’s voice again.

“Its not like you are thinking Shona.”

“Then what is it Maa?” Swara asked coldly trying to digest her anger.

“My friend was telling about her son, he is doing MBA here only and is very good looking. You will like him. She wanted you to meet him. Thats it. You know your Dida. She misunderstands everything.” her mother explained trying to be reasonable.

But swara’s mood was spoiled already. She was feeling exhausted inside like being drained, emptied and consumed. But the capability of not showing her feelings and emotions on her face were intact.

Without uttering a word, she grabbed the key and left the room. The room was now suffocating her with two dramas played and ended in amidst. One by a stranger, another by the opposite.
After continuous rehearsals of songs, she was not in a mood to hurt her throat more by interrogating her mom. She just needed some lone time in fresh air.


She parked the scooty at the side and walked towards the brighton beach.
She could easily be pulled off being a walking zombie, dead on the inside but subconsciously awake. Was she being a burden to her mom? Her mind instigated.

The day was torturing for her. Her shoulders pained and she hugged her waist from front while leaving footprints on the mud. Swara could see dolphins flipping into the air like crackling popcorn. Their bodies flashed in steel grey. It was a skin tingling experience to witness their sea dance. The waves brought water at her foot and a smile on her face as if while going back the water took away her sadness.

Meanwhile, Laksh was restless, unfocused and of course angry. He stared the seafront through the glass panes of his cabin which was in the twenty eighth floor just to divert his mind. The ‘Sanaya’ thing was eating his mind since a week. She was one annoying person always trying to seduce a rich personality.
Due to Laksh’s playboy nature, he was stucked now. They say “You get what you sow.”

While gazing randomly, his eyes fell on something familiar, always soothing. A girl in the same clothes that Swara wore today, a cotton long skirt in light green teamed with yellow top and purple stole. The combination looked great on her. The figure locked his eyes to her. It calmed him and passed a relief through his blood. He quickly moved out of his cabin to the lift. Reaching the ground floor, he rushed towards the beach. It was just opposite his office building.

The opera of the sea washed her feet continuously. It was soothing. She kept twirling the ring on her right ring finger that her nani gifted on her eighteenth birthday.
She kept twisting it till her nose detected smell of flame-grilled tuna, exotic peppers and zingy onions.
The briny air carried a different smell, spicy chicken. Her stomach rumbled and mouth watered when she heard it sizzling on the barbecue.It was 5 in evening and she really wanted a meal due to improper lunch in the music classes.

Laksh kept staring her from back. Everything was so silent around. Her wavy hairs danced alongwith the flow of wind, carelessly. Right side of her skirt got sticked to her leg and other was making sounds while flowing.
Laksh lovingly stared her. When he got his senses back, he moved closer to her but his hand didnt reached her this time.
She took one last look at the utopia and absorb the jaw-dropping scenery with her doe like eye and turned on her heel.She was glad to get away from the hurly-burly and stresses of life.


Precap: Laksh trying to be good infront of Swara. Request for Meal together.

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  1. Hope

    Yaar.. I was waitinw 4 dis.. Where were u man! I saw u on mmz.. And i was sad dat u didn’t update kindle.. Now i’m too happy.. Yippee

    • Thank you so much hope.. To be honest, have lost confidence regarding this one.. Plz keep reading and and commenting πŸ™‚

  2. You took really long time to update, try to update regularly because it is one of my favourite ff. About the chapter it was awesome, update soon please. Bye.

    • Yaar I am so sorry not well this month πŸ™
      I am overjoyed knowing that you listed my ff in your favrts. πŸ˜€ thankss dear.. Next will not be that late.

    • Hii sherin thanks a lot πŸ™‚ .. Busy nowadays.. Will post regularly once my wish comes true. Plz keep reading πŸ™‚

  3. swalak

    frndddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was waiting for this one i like this ff very much pls update regularly if u update taking long it will reduce the interest in ur ff and this uodate was good

  4. swalak

    frndddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was waiting for this one i like this ff very much pls update regularly if u update taking gaps long it will reduce the interest in ur ff and this update was good

  5. Gauri

    Thanks a thousand time for updating this one….Loved it to the core…its like a fairy tale I want to be in…amazing Roshini πŸ™‚ love you πŸ™‚

  6. M

    i read it whn there was not a single comment n c my lazziness…i cmnt after 13 comments…..ahhhhh…….kiddo its amazing n yes as someone in above cmnt say tht b regular to not lose d charm of ur story…..i like whn u define all sea beach scenerio……skirt….dolphins……

    • Thank you so much diii…. Its perfectly fine.. Whenever u are free, express your views and give me happiness πŸ™‚
      Too lzy as well di.. And want to make it better everytime so take long gaps πŸ™ glad that you are liking it… πŸ™‚

  7. Nupur

    Really a very good episode dear!!! And u know what’s the best part…when u described about the crispy chicken!!!! Oh God! U don’t know how hard it was to control…I was literally going to dive into the screen and eat those words at least as they will provide the relish of the awesome food….u know I have this weird habit of staring at the food magazines as if m eating them with my eyes;););)

    Enough of my blabbering!!! Coming to main point, why did u say in one comment that u r losing faith in this ff…Is everything alright?
    Don’t be disheartened dear many are silent readers(I was one of them in the past)…If u feel satisfied with ur work…then that’s it…no need to worry and do the job u r best at-writing!!!
    And ur hardcore fans are there to support u na (I’m one of them)…so chillax Roshu baby:):):)

    Howz ur preparation going on for neet 2? And did u decide on any alternative that I suggested u?
    Lots of love and GIANT PANDA hugs!!!

    • Nupur yr how r u? I am so sorry firstly late update then, late reply πŸ™
      You never fail to motivate me with your words .. Actually you must be a good orator.are you?
      Missed you yr. Thanks for being one of the pillar for my ff.. Ya preps goin on.. Wbu?

      • Nupur

        Yup mine preps are going on too…somewhat alright? let’s see what happens…

        Glad to know I m able to motivate u…hehehe…ab apni tareef karna boori baat hai? but chalo, yes m kinda involved in those debates and anchoring stuff…and m Guruma so obviously I give awesome advices but severely fail to utilise them in my own life?

        U in fb na…me too but currently m not visiting it so after exams l ll give u my id so that we can chat there…and come to wattpad na and upload ur stories…m damn sure people r gonna love it?

        And before l forget, l might be posting an os soon titled The promise..I ll inform u on this page so don’t miss out and check it when u have time…
        Love you?

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