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The eyes are one of the most powerful tools a woman can have. With one look, one can relay the most intimate message. After the connection is made, words cease to exist.
Since morning Laksh was feeling uneasy after his ecounter with that emerald deep-set eyes. The tender soft light olive skinned girl was roaming in his mind and heart giving him a very strange and strong feeling of attraction.
It was an intuitive feeling of predestination as if they were destined to cross path each other.

His fingers were twitching in a desire to touch that smooth luscious spear proof body.
His grip tightened at the steering with the thoughts and he took a turn to the left which led to his office.
The car stopped at the beachfront high-rised palatial building.
He moved to the well appointed spacious concrete floor of lobby and made way to his cabin.
There were seven independent buildings each with two rectangular joined along their full lenth by central atriums.
His mind was not in the work. He signed the documents and charged Omi, his best of friend to look after the work.

Laksh knew very well that deep down, the employees a cold bitterness for him and it must be. He had been so harsh and rude with them making them work like a bot 24Γ—7 without any break for the half a year. But they loved him too for the fact that he had given a lot of profit and bonus to the company whilst increasing their salary.


Different to this, Swara is a very open minded, modern, enthusiastic and emotional girl. Inspite of the family issues she had always been the strong pillar of her family amd only love, her mother Sumi. It was her grandmother who had pestered them to leave India and to lead a happy life far from the cunning society of Kolkata.
They were always suffering from the bitter unhealthy words of the society due to sumi being divorced.

Swara’s dad had left them when he came to knew that she was the foster child. She was just five years old that time. Swara didnt felt much bad for this because she expected such behaviour only from the world.

The worst part was that her real dad, Shekhar whose blood ran in her veins left her and Sumi alone and married another woman.

One thing she had learnt and noted down was that Love and Marriage.. this all were not for her family. To her, no one can show extra softness to you or shower immense live without desiring anything. Everything has a price. And those who does, are simply fake.

But despite of this, she loved to help her friends who were love stricken ..But never let herself fall for any.

“Maa…!!” Swara said in a protesting manner on phone.

She was narrating her worst morning ever to her lovely mother who simply said to forget about it and attend the music class instead of coming back home.
To this,she got annoyed and cut the phone after letting out a dismayed sigh.

Since a month in London, no one had ever behaved so rudely with her. It was pinching her continuously and not digestive.
He didnt even apologized for his rude behaviour. Okay, his girl friend was being possessive and maybe hurt but that doesnt mean that you need to humiliate and insult a stranger.

Actually right! she is a stranger, why is she thinking about him? He shouldn’t matter.

Her mind showed her the right path after a long fight inside And She quickly dialled Sumi’s number.

“Yeah you were right. I must not think about him.” she said without waiting for a hello from the end.

“Shona..!!! But you are still thinking. Go to class now. Then only this thing will stop disturbing you.” her mom repeated the words just like in the previous call very sweetly.

Her mother was right, she needed to spent some good time with her guitar. It only can refresh her mood.
Her music class was in half an hour.. She got a cab and rushed for her class.

Laksh was the youngest son of the Indian business tycoon, Durga Prasad. He have amassed substantial wealth and power while building the empire.
Their malls were spread all over the world dealing with the topmost brands.
Mr. Durga Prasad was the business magnate. His name was always on top when business was talked.

Due to immature nature of his son Laksh, he sent him to London to handle and learn business there for a year.
Withing six months, Laksh proved himself and became the youngest business entrepreneur and also the most wanted bachelor of the city which helped him impress his dad.

But he had not forgiven him yet for the misdeeds he had done, going against the rules of his family, late night parties, roaming around during college, always with girls, and the biggest of all, lying again n again.

After the classes got over,Swara stopped at the convent flower garden market.

“How much for this bunch?” a husky voice behind her back clucked.

Swara wanted to turn hearing that familiar tone but something made her remain still. She checked the flowers kept on the counter.

“Sir! YOU?.. I mean welcome sir” the florist said with tone filled with surprise.

Swara noticed the change in the voice and attitude of the florist. Surely, a VIP was standing behind her. Now the resistance was out of control.
She turned and lo and behold. Laksh was standing in a formal suit looking too hot with a bunch of white tuberose in his long lean hands. His presence was a bolt from the blue. Her eyebrows raised seeing the reason of her unpleasant morning standing right in front of her and did a double take.
She gulped down her saliva realising the unexpected and unwanted man.

“Sandra, the price please?” still staring her, Laksh asked to the florist softly.
He even managed to read the name from the batch of the florist witheyes glued on another.

“Its Β£17.70 Sir.” Sandra, the florist replied.

Swara had her back to the counter and she was still dazed. Laksh walked closer and gave his card to be swiped while his cologne passed through her nostrils and she gave a fainter scent to that. For both of them, the smell of the artificial flowers and the real ones, everything flied away.

Her heart skipped a beat and her breath was in a complete hold.

“For you” he extended the bunch to her which added to the dibelief. Her eyes remained on stalks and rounded to assure that she heard right.

He raised his brows extending it a little more. The bunch gave limitary to their fronts.

After few seconds when her senses came back to her, she gave her a questioning look.

“sorry for the morning” he said with his minty breaths felling on her forehead giving her goosebumps. No one had ever dared to come so close to her due to her bold behaviour but this man was just an inch away from her. This thought freezed her right there.

“are you ok?” he asked with a little bowed head.
“Ya. Yep! Its okay. And no need of this. thank you” she hurriedly bit out her words feeling breathless and walked out without a goodbye.
Yet, she was conscious enough to not accept the flowers and to make him realise that she didnt meant it truly that her mouth uttered, the forgiveness.

He gestured the florist to give his card with a cold face and moved out of the store as well. He was feeling disturbed not being forgiven.
He unlocked his mercedes and drive away to his mansion. The mind wont be avke to concentrate on the work.

But he was feeling little light now for he had felt the pulse of her pain as well as his own to the humiliation she faced and how her face had turned all red and burned being addressed as an attention-seeking-girl. And by saying sorry meant that he took a share of it. Since the hole was not fully refilled he will have a try again. Moreover, the girl was a pleasure to be seen.

While, on her way to home, Swara regretted for not accepting the flowers, or the apology. She had given him a clear note through her eyes that her tongue bit out those words just to leave the place and due to her uneasiness for his too-much-closeness.
But, he surely was following her thats why he entered the store just a second later to her. Now, he might follow her again. ‘Crap!’

Her mind shuttered the thoughts as she reached her house not to give a clue to her mother for what had happened!! It would make her worried which is no less in their life.


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      Wel, abt ragsan I dnt wanna add them either for the fact it will increase my workload.. Thanksss for reading!!! πŸ™‚

  3. Wow it was just awesome. You know i also love swalak very much. So happy to see that there are still who love swalak.

    1. A love them from core.. But I dnt give a damn to it now! the writers had pissed me to hell. only I know how badly I have beaten them in my dreams lol.
      Thanks sparkle keep reading!!

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    My cutiepie Roshu baby it all depends on u dear whether u wanna add RagSan or not…l clearly know u have a problem in handling two couples at the same time, hence if u believe that u ll be able to give them both justice, go ahead…but if u still remain in dilemma, just listen to ur heart…and m there na to support u always?

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      Thanks a lot for your continuous love and support.. love ya and take care(i mean it)

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      1. Me too always by your side πŸ™‚ whenever feel sad.. lemme know.. we will chit chat and wash away the sadness….
        This pair is amazing.. But it got destroyed after few months only πŸ™ πŸ™ sick of writers

  13. Awesome chapter… nd no ragsan please. i hate the pair(no offence)

    1. Ya its completely fine to me ‘B’ … Since I dnt ship any couple of this show except swalak!! Feel free to keep your views. thanks for reading πŸ™‚

  14. I just love Swalak, I’m always gonna ship them

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    1. They are siblings???? OMg hehehe… I also wanna write on swalak only since its the only pair of the show that I ship. others doesnt matter. but I thought maybe readers want ragsan… but lol everyone is lile “no ragsan” πŸ˜€
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