Kindle (Swaragini) Chapter 1


It was 8 am in London.
A girl of 5’6 in yellow long cotton skirt with a greyish full sleeved top walked across the misty streets.
She stopped in front of a big mansion painted white with an enchanting wondrous garden all around.. Butterflies and bees were all on the blossoming red roses. It looked so attractive and welcoming.

The watchman took few minutes to open the gate.
She waited patiently then walked across the flowers and inhaled lovingly feeling the essence.

Voice of a lady in early 60s grabbed her attention.
“Hey? Move fast!” the lady authoritatively vociferated.
She looked like the gardener of the lavish, posh and grand mansion. Her apron had mud as was her hand, digging the soil with the hoe.

Swara silently nodded and walked in.
The house looked breathtaking. It was grand like a palace and jubilant enough. The entrance was large with big heavy wooden door. The craft works hanging in the lavender wall were the first thing where the eyes fell. She took small steps. The fireplace was warming up the hall. She passed the set of glass table between the well cushioned deluxe sofa and stoodstill waiting for someone to be seen.

There was an awkward silence all around. The walls were staring and scaring her. Her eyes observe every single thing big, small. There was no sign of any living.

Her mother had sent her there to give the letter that was delivered in the wrong address, to her home few lanes behind.

The serenely calm hall kept her distracting. At a pin drop also, she felt like a lion will pounce on her from the back. She turned every second to check and slided her luminous dark black eyes and the heavily curled lashes remained up every second.
She looked around once more and finally decided to climb the sumptuous stair. Everything was so smooth inside. She kept her palm at the railing and the cold silvery coated irons passed tremors to her delicate body making her feel like she got an electric shock.
She gulped at her actions and took firm steps.

Now, where should she go? The mansion seemed to be a living for hundreds of people but not a single one was coming in view.
She walked at the corridor looking fo an open door but all were closed. The wooden doors seemed to show her an invisible ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ board.

It started feeling eerie and spooky. Suddenly she heard someone screaming and she ran backwards too without thinking anything.
Her back striked a heavy rough wall. She was breathing heavily blocked by it. But, it caught her arms, yes! The wall caught her arms.
She turned and saw a narrowed black pair of eyes completely locking hers. She blinked for once letting him see the beautiful heavy lashes and then her eyes remained wide open.

“Who are you?” the gruffy voice coolly asked still holding her upper arms gently.
She lifted her hand slowly to show him the envelope she had held and blinked once.

He observed it for few seconds as if she was showing her a bomb fitted on her body and seeking for help.

“It was posted in our address by mistake.” Swara informed in her natural sweet voice.
It was so addictive, that his eyes moved from the card she held to her large luminous eyes to see the owner of the voice once more.
It took a second more for his eyes to settle at her lascivious red lips.

For so long, she was not feeling uncomfortable buried in his chest but now, she felt terrible. Her body shook a little to bring his consciousness to him.
As soon he gained, he snatched the letter from her hand.

“Lucky! I kept my foot on a lizard” a girl from the back screamed and sounded more like verge of crying.
Then, she noticed a girl so close to him, a position more likely for a kiss.

“Who the hell are you?” her eyes suddenly became dominating from vulnerable.

The girl stood straight almost due to the sight and her dark brown eyes demanded a reason. The tight red short dress on her body looked like a second skin.

“Sorry. I came here to give the letter but no one…” Swara tried to explain but was cut off.

“leave her baby.. Lets go” he stated over her shoulder.

Swara felt disgusted. She was completely bewildered by the very uninviting nature of the couple. Maybe they cannot be sweet amd soft but atleast, this harshness, she didnt expected.
She was going to complain about this to her mom. Actually, this was her fault only. She only was being stubborn as the address was in the way to her college.

Enough of drama. She needed to breath some fresh air. This reminds her of the garden outside that was completely opposite to the people she just met.

She went downstairs and walked to the old lady.

“Can I have a flower?” she asked sweetly to get a yes but the lady threw a perfect glare on her as a denial.

Swara took it as a cue for departure but soon a brawny hand held her wrist quickly.

It was familiar.Just few moments back it was on her arms.
She turned and without any amusement saw him again.

His long lean fingers plucked a red rose from the row very cleanly and gave to her.
She smiled slightly surprised by the act. He didnt let her think about his nature even for a second and pulled her close.
She gasped and… Hold her breath.
Her right hand was helding the rose and left was laid aside lifeless. He left his hold from her wrist nd she stumbled a little as she was in tiptoe being pulled above to reach his eyes.
In no time, the hands slided to her waist bringing her more nearer to him. She felt his abs tht were piercing out of the light shirt.
To keep standing stably her left hand clutched his shirt.
He was still gazing her eyes. It had some magic that captivated him and he wanted to see more of it. She was beautiful, round face soft as marshmallow, completely innocent.

The lady had stood by now. She was looking at them constantly. Fear had striked the old wrinkled body.
What if the girl was someome important? She had not behaved well with the girl. She was praying that the man doesnt fire her. She cannot manage to get new job atthis moment and her family needed her. Lots of thing ran through her mind.

Laksh swiped his hand to her without any turn to give a glance. The two fingers signed her to leave the place.
He still had had his right hand firm on her waist prickling and passing tremendous tremors.

“Leave me” she said.
She was not a kind of girl to tolerate misbehaviour but this man did something. Something very different that she never felt even with her best of friends.

He left her at once. She inhaled nd turned to leave.
But again the girl was there standing and probably watched the scene.
Swara felt so worst and miserable that moment as if she had invaded into a territory and was lurking over the king infront of the queen. Swara was kind of nothing infront of the 5’7 slim girl. She was eyeing her from the past few seconds when she noticed her again in the arms of her boyfriend which was her place that he never gave.
“Are you done sweetheart?” she mocked at her emphasising the word ‘sweetheart’ more.

Swara felt badly humiliated and she could imagine what a puppy dog she might be looking that moment. Her friends used to say she looked cute while crying but she knew how horrible she looked when her kajal starts dripping out.
Her body burned and the heat settled at her cheeks glowing all red. Her fingers curled and clenched tightly and the rose curled in return. The soft petals didnt fell from the tightened fist. It might be crushed inside like a pitcher plant capturing the bees.

When she turned at last to face him there was no trace of tears, not in her eyes or in track marks on her reddening face. Her eyes were narrowed, rigid, cold, hard.

He looked down at her hands and completely noticed her rising anger.
He didnt liked it. The soft porecalin skin was turning red.

“Sanaya you go.” he coolly said. He sounded so calm and smooth but the manly voice didnt failed to come along. His voice too was s*xy just like his body.

Swara didnt wanted to stand their anymore. She turned and threw the rose petals back.. her aim being the man behind her and she ran away having enough of the humiliation…..

To be contd.

Precap: meeting again

Must read this para…

Well I am not at all a swaragian in present. I used to be the biggest fan once.. When it was only about swalak.. lucky and shona.
I got tired of asking to the writers at the first to make it swalak but eventually they favoured swasan. I am not accusing anyone I just wanted to tell you the reason of me writing on swalak.
And there were many like me as well shipping swalak.. So let it be the treat for them and for me and for everyone 🙂 even if you are a raglak ragsan or swasan fan you are most welcomed. I really want you guyz to give some time to my work. There wont be much involvement of the family members here.

I would love it if you guyz keep the shipping differently and give time to my work. I would really appreciate that.
I have already write few more ffs.

Hope you guyz like this one too.
I will wait for your views and feedback. The responses and your comments are the only thing that can encourage me. Crossed fingers.
Good Morning and have a nice day lovelies 🙂 🙂

Credit to: Roshni

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    1. Thanks khusubu. I left watching swaragini in the middle so thats why I dont get attracted towardss swasan though i know they might be sharing and showing us beautiful couple ….
      Thanks for reading 🙂 !!!

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      If you want I will try to add them.. But a try!! I can add sanskar but ragini I havnt thought and I know I cant handle two pairs in my pen.. Its very tough to focus on both !!
      And dare I ever forget to acknowledge your constant support. :p Thanks in tons yaar!!!

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