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Chapter 3
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Home is’t a set house, or a single town on a map. It is wherever the people who loved you were, whenever you were together. Not a place, but a moment, and then another, building on each other like bricks to create a solid shelter that you take with you for your entire life, wherever you may go.


In an abandoned bijou, small elegant house, at the bottom of freshly dug holes, a lady was seen burying waxen seeds as if she was burying her problems inside it. She was Sumi, a beautiful lady in her forties though she looked very young contrasted to her age.

Swara walked towards her and sat on the cold, damp stone with her elbows propped on the knee, and her eyes stared something in lost way.
Her bottom lip was jutted up and pressed into a thin line.

Sumi who noticed her, washed her hands and approached towards her.
She gave her a questioning look and caressed her blooming left cheek.

“Shona? What happened?” she asked in her own brand of sweet love after examining her.

Swara kept her palm over hers and gave an assuring smile.
“I am fine maa but you are not.” Swara reckoned as she observed her mother’s worried face.

They had the closest and strongest bond in their family confederacy , for, they knew the details of each other the best. And nothing is stronger than the mother-daughter relation. Isnt it?

” You are retorting me now?” Sumi jested with a fake anger.

“Oh comeone Lady Queen! No one dares that” Swara nagged and made her move to the inside of house.
She knew her mother was upset with something but she was not in a mood to talk about it now since she
herself was confused and in such case, she can blurt out anything which she was avoiding since long. Once, she feels okay, she is going to interrogate about it.

In the midst of confusion, anxiety and unexpected things, there does occasionally appear, like a ray of light piercing the clouds, a moment of joy. For Swara, it was her mother who never failed her.

Sumi pressed a glass of orange juice into her hands, and was telling her something about a neighbour.
She also poured herself a glass of it and sat at her opposite to the small round table taking a sip.

For this moment, nothing more was required. Swara could just help herself in nodding and giving her a carry-on. I-am-listening look.


The frustration of not knowing which way to turn in life is similar to a traffic jam. You’re stuck! Don’t you feel relief when the cars start rolling? Look at life this way, pick a path and see where it leads. Bring God’s grace with you so you’re not alone. You’ll find the frustration has been lifted and your search has begun.

Laksh was driving blankly through the streets of Brighton and Hove when he applied a sudden brake to the traffic.
His mind was disturbed, unfocused, exhausted and absent.
This two-times-encountered girl had made him so restless . It was first in his lifetime that,he followed a girl And Damn it. He wanted to see her again. Something was so unique, exception in her that draws him towards her.

He forked his fingers through the hairs for the third time with passing time reminicing the moment with her…when her slender fingers tucked her curled hairs in nervousness, her hitched voice amd heavy breaths. God! This is crazy.

He dawdled alongside the road prostrating himself with puckered brows in thoughtfulness and the fingers lazily tapped the button playing a soothing melody calming his nerves. The only cure to his restlessness. The vehicles started rolling and in a minute, he reversed back the wheel and drove to his mansion.

On the way, his phone flashed ‘Sanaya’.
He cut it in no time but then again, it flashed.

He accelerated the car till the ringing didnt stopped on its own.
She had taken him too seriously. He needed to clear the mess.

His car stopped few lanes before his mansion. He picked up the phone and dialled a number observing the lovely peaceful house to his sight.

“Need the address of the girl.” he gravelly spoke still sounding authoritative.

To him, she looked like a girl of 20, a college girl and it got confirmed when the man he sent informed him about her college and music classes.

As the words from the end reached his ears, he smirked devilish and stormed out of the car.

His impatient long legs strides now lumbered towards the house but,he stopped abruptly as his phone vibrated inside his pocket. His brow bumped in a scowl as ths name flashed again.

“God damn what the hell is your problem Sanaya?” he roared.

“Baby where are you? I was worried for you.” the honeyed voice shrilled.
But no impact on Laksh, he never let a girl stuck around him more than a day and he had enough of her tantrums by a week. He was done with her.

“I am done with you Sanaya. And dnt ever dare call me again. Remember that!” he shot aggressively as a warn and hanged up.

He shut his eyes and pressed his head with the thumb and forefinger.
He was standing a feet away from the porch when a voice broke his lost blank thoughts.

“Yes, whom do you wanna meet son?”

Laksh raised his face to see a beautiful lady in a purely Indian bengali attire. He inhaled a sharp breath and greeted.

“Hello Mrs.?”

“Miss Sumi Bose” she addressed herself.. rather corrected which he did noticed.

“Hello Miss Bose. I am Laksh Maheshwari, your neighbour?” he mentioned.

Sumi blinked owlishly managing to remember his face but failed, she had never seen him.

” you might not be knowing me,.. your daughter came today to hand me the letter?” he reminded which literally worsened his impression on her.
He was the reason of her daughter’s bad mood, this enraged her she smartly hide the furtive gaze.

“Oh yes son.” she sheepishly tried to end the talk and wanted to bang the door on his face.

Laksh had enough, he was already exhausted with the phone calls, then out of blue, someone is showering extreme sugar to him which was not his cup of tea, sweetness was NEVER his cup of tea.

“I want to meet your daughter” he directly blurted out which let the former expel a whose and gasp.

Without waiting for an answer Laksh prowled in the halls.

“Miss Bose?” he shouted loud but in vain.

Sumi cocked her head and rolled her eyes glaring the man dangerously inside her house.


Precap: Ignorance by the latter creates attraction for the former.

This is very short I know guyz. If possible I will try to make the next one longer to compensate. Well, all other ff’s on hold. I need to sleep now. Tata!!

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Credit to: Roshni

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