What kind of love is this?? By a Khidkitod ishqbaazi girl (Part 5)

So my answer at last.

What kind of love it is??

Anika went sharp at 10:30 and Shivaay came on time.He came wearing the shirt she gifted.

Anika:Wahhhhh it’s looking damn good on you.Really you are looking handsome hot.
Shivaay:Ohho my Juliet is in romantic mood and he holds her hands but I have an doubt.
Shivaay:How you know my measurements correctly??Like you stiched it perfectly.
Anika:I know your measurement for shirt very well.
Shivaay:How???? U are not a Taylor as far as I know u do care taking of elders.
Anika:Arrey Shivaay how many times I have removed your shirt????and made you wear it????.
Shivaay:Arrey don’t remind me that.
Anika:Why??? That was so funnnn u know every day night I would think about your face reactions while removing your shirt,giving medicine ??when talks about injection??? comes you turn into child u cried for an injection?? haha the hero who fights with 100 goons in movie is scared of injection and bursts out laughing.
Shivaay:Arrey my hand was broken that’s why.

Anika:I know.When I saw u first u were looking totally dull,wounded.Who does this kind of stunts?? U got seriously hurt in the shoot and my luck u were my patient and I had to bear a khadoos.
Shivaay:hello u loved this khadoos.
Anika:Ha ha I loved u Khadoos.
Shivaay:I love u toooo and he hugged her and she hugged him back.

He breaks the hug suddenly and says Arrey I forgot what I came to say.
Anika:Important thing?????
Shivaay:Ha actually I heard a story for my next movie.I loved it so muchhhh it will be a turning point in my carrier.
Anika:So u are gonna a act in it.

Shivaay:Listen fully it will take one year to shoot.The director wants one year call sheet anddd
Anika:and Whatttt???
Shivaay:Shoot is in Australia.I asked him to change the location but he refused.He thinks the story wants it.
Anika: sooo???
Shivaay:I won’t stay here I am moving to Australia

Shivaay:Yeah I will come back after one year
Anika:Shivaay what are u saying??what about pinky aunty??
Shivaay:I can’t take her with me as I will be busy with my shoots.She asked me to refuse and yesterday she was crying the entire night I tried to console her that’s why yesterday I didn’t come and finally made her agree.For me this movie is very important.With this movie I have to overtake Daksh.

Anika:Is your hatred towards is more than your love for your mom and me??
Shivaay:It’s not like that ani.Because of him my dad died.I still remember each and every thing about that night.

Shivaay and Daksh were children in orphanage.Pinky and Shakthi had no children and they were from a middle class family.They used to visit orphanage where Shivaay and Daksh were there during festivals.Like that when they noticed Shivaay and Daksh acting in drama Shakthi liked their acting very much.Shakthi’s dream was to become a actor but in order to manage his family settle his sister he got into business.When he saw both he thought to make them actors and as he had no child he thought to adopt them.Pinky has said many times to adopt but he refused but for the first time he himself wanted to.They adopted Shivaay and Daksh gave education food shelter but better than that was their patently love.

They loved them soooo much.Pinky and Shakthi never felt that Shivaay and Daksh are not their children.They always thought they are their children.While years were rolling with love Shakthi got to know about YouTube.It was not that famous that time.It was the time it was launched.He wrote some stories and made Shivaay and Daksh act in it.they had only few views but we’re happy by heart.Daksh used to play the main role and Shivaay will be playing the supporting role.While this was going on in a side Shivaay and Daksh started to go to college.But their main job was to act.Once a producer approached Shakthi.He wanted Daksh to act in it but Shakthi disagreed.He wanted Shivaay and Daksh to be launched in a same movie.He never wanted to make his one son high and make the second feel dad does not live me.He wanted Shivaay and Daksh to get equal importance.But Daksh didn’t have that feeling.

He said his dad that he is gonna act in it.When Shakthi talked to him with patience he opposed him and accepted the producers offer.He started acting in that movie.In middle of the movie he shifted to a new house.His first movie was a block buster hit.That producer became everything to Daksh.When pinky,Shakthi,Shivaay called him through he would not attend or cut it or will take it and start scolding his worker boy.When his second movie came it was also a block buster and Daksh proudness growed more so Shakthi decided that Shivaay should also act in a movie.A small producer approached Shakthi and he accepted it.Shivaay started his shoots but in middle of the movies shoot there was a award function and Shakthi called Shivaay and pinky and they were waiting to watch it live as it was sure Daksh would be winning it.Whatever it is Daksh was his son and a parent can never hate his son.

But Daksh was different.When he received the award he said thank u to producer but that was not the matter at the end of the speech he said one man in my life opposed me to act in my first movie he had many reasons for it I would like to say u were wrong and if I had heard I would have been a loser like u.But u still have another one don’t make Him a loser.After hearing it Shakthi has a heart attack but his last words were I am not his father I am loser I am loser shivaayyyyyy

Shivaay had tears in his eyes???.
The place was completely silent Anika broke the silence by saying
It’s ok Shivaay I will take care of pinky aunty I will stay in your house say pinky aunty that u have appointed a care taker.
Shivaay:No she is gonna live in the orphanage

Shivaay:She is emotionally connected to orphanage and she wants to spend one year in remembrance of dad me and with children.
Anika:Hmmm so won’t u come here during festivals
Shivaay:May be I would may be not

Anika was silent for more than 10 minutes and Shivaay didn’t speak a word.He was thinking what is Anika thinking but he asked her Anika would u break up with me??
Anika:Stop blabbering I would never do that.I am thinking how to spend one year without my khadoos.
Shivaay:We will talk through phone and technology is improved my dear.
Anika:But it won’t be like meeting really.Ok I made my mind.When are u leaving??
Shivaay:Next week buttttt
Anika:What but??

Shivaay:I won’t come here from tomorrow mom wants to spend one week with me
Anika:So I will meet u again after one year??
Shivaay:Yes And he gets sad.
Anika:It’s ok Shivaay I won’t be a typical girl crying ??? and all I love u and I always will.i will support u when it is good for u and for your development.but one request can I come to airport??
Shivaay:Yeah come why r u asking??

Kaka comes there saying no u should not come ani.

No precap

I actually thought to add some more in this epi but my hands were paining typing it.I erased 3 times and wrote it and It took way more time than I expected.so the remaining part will be added to the next episode.So no question this time.But I want reviews?? How was this epi?? Was it predictable?? I like surprise stories and twists at the end I thought to create one in this one.Did it work?? U have to say me.Do comment.Next episode will be posted next year.U have to wait until then ????.

So my answer when hero and heroine are in one room and that happens (I hope u understand)Some unwanted sentences will be there I feel very awkward and I used to think that was not needed in the story.May be I am not at a age to understand as I am just 16 I hate them I feel so awkward.I personally don’t like them.
(My personal opinion)

Happy new year in advance

So do comment.

Smile until u have teeth.

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  1. Hi! Oh you’re just 16. And you write wonderfully. Well, post soon next year??? happy new year. Post soon. Yes.the twist was nice. 1 while year!! ???

    1. TUFriendsForever

      thanks for reading and commenting happy new year

  2. amazing and the twist is not expected dear..1 whole year…last mein suspence mein chod diya kaka ne aisa kyun kaha…will be waiting for the next..and happy new year..post ASAP..well i loved one sentence of yours and that is “Smile until u have teeth”??

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Happy new year
      Yeah one year nowadays big actors do one movie for longggg time and read next one which will be posted today u would think what was it?? really there was no suspense at the end u would feel this in next epi

    2. TUFriendsForever

      Thanks for reading and commenting
      Smile is the beautiful curve in this world I love that particular sentence

    Dear TU friend
    ShivIka scene and conv about shivay next movie and daksh all the scene is very nice??? it’s very interesting part???
    T C A S S ?

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Thanks for reading and commenting
      Happy new year

  4. Alekhika20

    Amazing update

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  5. Nikita_jai29

    Hey dear.. Your writing is nice.. I never expected that you are so young… But you are adorable…

    1. TUFriendsForever

      Thanks for reading and commenting
      Yeah I am 16 thanks for your sweet compliment

  6. Aafiya

    Superb.. Awesome.. I just loved it… So you are 16…Even I am 16…So we are same gang ???…..Waiting for the next update.. Post it as soon as possible…. And too much of suspense,really…

    1. TUFriendsForever

      I like O.Henry’s writing he is my inspiration to write I follow his ideology if u like that’s my pleasure
      Yeah we are of same gang ?? sweet 16 gang
      Thanks for reading and commenting

  7. Fenil

    Awesome Chappy.

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