What kind of love is this? (Chapter 12)

Chapter 12

Hi guys!! I know I’m very late and I’m sooooooooo sorry about that ?????? I wasn’t feeling well and I couldn’t update. I’ll try to update next ASAP ok ??????

I’m sooo sooo sooo happy to see silent readers commented on my last updates ???!!! Please keep commenting my dears. You have no idea how much seeing your comments inspire us writers. Ok now I’ll stop my blabbering. Let’s start with the story.

Previously on “what kind of love iss this”

Kabir grabbed his collar and asked “what’re you trying to say????”

“When I first saw Sanchi at your house holding a cake I had this feeling she’ll be your love” Dev said in one breath.

Kabir let go of him. “Chill bro, I don’t want your girl. How about you try to make her jealous by getting close to another girl” he also said.

“Tumara dimaag kharab ho gai hai kya? I don’t want to give her more reasons to avoid me” Kabir got annoyed and went.

“Kabir beta you didn’t deny it when I said ‘she’ll be your love’ ??? things will be soo interesting” Dev said to himself.


……….next day at SDCH……….

Sanchi went to her office, well her’s and Kabir’s office to keep some files. She didn’t know Kabir was already there. Just as she entered she was greeted “Good morning Sanchi!” by Kabir.

She hid her surprise and said good morning.

“You must be very busy these days. I don’t see you here and all the files and reports you usually get me yourself, were bringing Dr. Pragya or Dr. Isha” said Kabir tauntingly.

“I’m sorry sir, I had so much work. That’s why I send those through them” replied Sanchi.

“Really???? You’re actually that busy or are you avoiding me?” Kabir questioned back.

“Why would I do that sir? I hove no reason to avoid you” she said calmly.

Kabir was taken back hearing her call him “sir” again. “Here I thought we’re friends but no. You don’t want us to be friends. That’s why you’re calling me so professionally. No problem. You’re dismissed DR. Sanchi” Kabir said emphasizing the word “DR”.

Sanchi was hurt ??? when he said that and went away silently.

On the other hand Kabir was so angry. He grabbed the beautiful glass vase on his table and threw it furiously. The vase hit the wall and shattered in to pieces.

……….(time skips)……….

Sanchi and Kabir was standing outside the ward discussing about a patient. Now Kabir talks only professionally to her and getting ignored by Kabir is hurting Sanchi ??? very badly.

“Give her these meds and see if there any improvement” Kabir instructed her.

Suddenly she noticed his hand was bandaged. “What happened to your hand?” she asked.

“Nothing” he replied.

“Nothing? Then why is it bandaged?” Sanchi asked again taking his hand.

“I told you na it’s nothing. Why do you care?” Kabir asked looking at her.

Sanchi didn’t had an answer. She too looked at him. Both were lost in each other’s eyes.

“Kabir Baby……!”

Both came to their senses. A girl wearing a purple off-shoulder dress came towards them.

“Kabir baby, I missed you sooo much” she said while hugging him.

**WHAT THE HELL???? ??? who the hell is this? And why is this woman call Kabir ‘baby’????** Sanchi was thinking with a frown on her face.

“P-Priya? What’re you doing here?” Asked Kabir.

“Kabir baby, I came to see you!!” saying that Priya hugged him again. While hugging him, “act normal Kabir, it’s Dev’s plan” she whispered to him and broke the hug.

“Oh ??? how rude of me!! I’m Priya Malhothra, Kabir’s girlfr- ha ha ha ??? Kabir’s friend from college. and you are?” Priya introduced herself to Sanchi.

“Dr. Sanchi Mishra, Dr. Kabir’s assistant” Sanchi too introduced herself with a sickly sweet smile ???.

“Nice to meet you Dr. Sanchi!! I really hope you’re not busy with work Kabir, coz we’re going to have lunch together whether you like it or not” sain Priya.

“Ofcourse not Priya, even if I had work I would ditch all of them for you” Kabir replied back sweetly.

“Great!! Ok then Sanchi, I’ll see you around” said Priya.

“Sure, enjoy your lunch” said Sanchi and turned around to leave thinking **no I never want to see you again ???. Why am I this angry when I saw them together? It’s none of my business. But what’s their relationship? Is she his girlfriend? Alright Sanchi, stop thinking about them. You don’t care about him. Focus on your work**.

On the other hand Kabir and Priya went to Kabir’s office. Dev was already there. When they entered he asked, “how did it go? ???”.

“It was awesome!!” replied Priya.

“It was awesome? Really Priya? Why the hell did you call me baby? What if someone heard you? It would’ve ruined my image” complained Kabir annoyedly.

“You and your khadoos image. This is exactly why Sanchi isn’t my bhabi yet. Hmph ???!!!” said Dev.

……….(time skips)……….

Now it’s evening and Sanchi was looking for Kabir everywhere to give him an important and critical patient’s file.

“He must be still with his girlfriend” said to herself. Then she found out he went to Dr. Malhothra’s mother’s birthday party.

“Ofcourse that girl is a Malhothra too. So he probably went there with her ???”.

Sanchi went to find her two besties and asked them to deliver the file as Dr. Awasthi said.

“Abae ooo tu pagal maharaani!! Why are you always make us deliver stuff to uss hitler?” Pragya questioned.

“He’s in a party. You know I don’t like those show-off kind parties. That’s why I’m asking you two to go” said Sanchi cautiously.

“Ah ah Sanchi don’t avoid the question. We noticed you’re avoiding Dr. Kabir like plague since his b’day. We know something happened that day so don’t try to hide us anymore and spill.” said Isha.

Sanchi had to tell them the whole story. “Abae yaar am I dreaming? Isha puttar pinch me” said Pragya.

Isha pinched her hard. “Owwww you evil devil, I was only saying that. Why did you pinch me that hard?” Pragya whined.

“God Sanchi, didn’t know my hottie is that romantic ???!!! I wish he danced with me in the rain instead of you” said Isha dreamily.

“Lekin yaar he seem to like you and want to get close to you. So why’re you pushing him away?” asked Pragya.

“He’s our senio-” Sanchi was cut off by Isha. “Oh stop it yaar!! True he’s our senior but that doesn’t mean you can’t date him. If you two like each other then what’s the problem?”

“We can see he likes you pagal maharaani, but the question is do YOU like him too?” asked Pragya.

Sanchi looked puzzled and said “we can figure it out later, now can you please give this file to him??”

Both Pragya & Isha gave her a disbelieving look.

……….at Malhothra mansion……….

“Seriously how evil can those two be? I asked them to come here and they left me alone. Soo soo mean. Hmph ???” Sanchi was talking to herself.

Dr. Malhothra saw her and came to her. “Sanchi, what’re you doing here?”

“Woh sir actually, Dr. Awasthi asked me to give this file to Dr. Kabir. He said its important. That’s why I came” Sanchi explained herself.

“Oh that’s fine, c’mon Kabir is over there” said Dr. Malhothra.

Sanchi thanked him and went to find Kabir. “Miss Golgappa, what a pleasant surprise?” Veer came out of nowhere.

“Veer, did you saw Dr. Kabir?” asked Sanchi.

“Kya yaar!! Why’re you looking for that hitler when a cute loving guy like me around? I’m really hurt” said Veer dramatically.

“Tum aur tumara drama. There he is” Sanchi saw Kabir and went to him.

He was surprised to see her. She gave him the file. Just then Priya came with Dadi. “Arre Sanchi, tum yaha?” asked Priya.

“Hi Priya, I came for some hospital work” replied Sanchi.

“Dadi, this is Sanchi, according to Kabir she is the best intern there” Priya introduced her to Dadi.

“Namaste Dadi ji, wish you a very happy birthday!!!” She took blessings from her and wished her.

“Thank you beta” Dadi replied happily while stroking Sanchi’s head.

“This is so unfair” Veer came complaining. “Miss Golgappa, how do you do this? You give someone a simple smile and a greeting and people like you. First Kusum Aunty now my lovely girlfriend Dadi. You do black magic right?”

“Stop annoying her, she looks and behaves like a sanskaari girl. That’s why everyone like her” Dadi said while holding Veer’s ear.

After talking for a while Dadi asked Sanchi to stay for the party and went to greet other guests with Priya.

“Why don’t you go and help your girlfriend Dr. Kabir?” Sanchi asked annoyedly.

“Girlfriend? Whose your girlfriend Dr. Kabir?” asked Veer. Kabir glared at him.

“Your sister, Priya” Sanchi replied.

“KYAA……!!!??? yeh hitler aur my sweet, innocent and cute bahen? ??? that would be a nice combination” Veer said while laughing.

“Who told you she’s my girlfriend Sanchi? We’re just friends since college. That’s all” Kabir said in a teasing tone.

Sanchi realized Kabir and Priya acted earlier but didn’t want Kabir to know that she knows. So she said “I didn’t mean your girlfriend as in lovers. What I meant was a girl who is a friend is a girlfriend theory. Not my problem you couldn’t understand it”.
“Really?????? ???” Kabir asked not believing her.

So she replied “yes really” all the while glaring at him ???.

“Anyway dad arranged a marriage for her her fianc√© is that crazy Vikrant Chawla” said Veer.

“Vikrant Chawla? Sounds familiar” said Sanchi.

“He’s a son of a famous businessman. There he is” Veer said pointing Vikrant.

“Oh him!! I read his file. Don’t mind if I’m being rude Veer, but your sister must really love that guy to marry him in his condition” said Sanchi.

“His condition? What do you mean Sanchi?” asked Kabir.


Ok lovelies that’s all for today. This chapter is for all my dear readers who wanted to see a jealous Sanchi. Next will have a new character and a very jealous Kabir. Who knows what jealousy will lead him to do? And if you guys have any ideas you want to see in the story don’t forget to tell me ??? until then ???

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