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Hey guys Prathi here! I am back with a new story hope you will like this one too! Surbhi sorry Yaar that was a wrong interpretation by my mind instead of typing Anjali I typed your name, actually I wanted to say I miss your ff story of faith! Anjali come back soon am losing my patience ! Suha take your time but come back soon! Tisha ( Srimathi) love the way you portray things in your story! Sowmi, Roli I enjoy reading your ff, Hateera again You are missing in action. Veni where is my destined to be yours story!? Are you ok or just busy with Project works!? Maya Maya Maya I am in a mood to read your random thoughts! Maahi I know you will be back this Sunday so I am waiting for it! You guys really enjoyed my Dosti Os this can definitely mean one thing common in us we are fed up of real track. Saranya, Riyadcruz, Varsha, Sugan, Surbhi, Lakshmi,Roli, Nannu, Sethidisha, Durga,Maahi, Myna, Abhigaya, Angita, Monesha, Riyashree, Pinky, Nirmal, Devi Thank you so much for the love and support guys. Keep supporting me like this! Here comes the teaser for my new OS!? Or 2 Shots!? Let me see

A man is shown standing under a street lamp ( doesn’t work) and is seen when lightening strikes, he is wearing a long coat, a hat which almost covers his face ( was smiling evily), he was holding long knife on his left hand blood dripping from it!
A girl witness this and screams

Who was that guy holding that blood dripping sword!? Who was that girl who witnessed him!? For all these questions to be answered Wait for the real deal!

Guys I really don’t know when I will post this story because it’s a hard week at work! Tiered too tiered hope you guys understand!!

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