Killer – Shot 4 ( Final Shot)


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Pragya hurried towards Tanu took her in her arms and tried to wake her up. She opened her eyes and started to cry hugging Pragya saying, I…. Never expected…. Nikhil will do something like this (between her sobs). Nikhil who was been held by 4 police officers was shouting and growling uncontrollably. Pragya stood up went straight to him and slapped him across his face. Nikhil said, Ouch! Did you slap me? If so why? And why police have held me like this? Why am I wearing this dress? (Just then he noticed Tanu sobbing in Ronnie’s arms). Nikhil shouted, Ronnie leave her alone, she is mine! Tanu interrupted and said, Don’t try to make a fool out of us, we all know that you are the killer. You even tried to kill me just now and I was saved by Abhi and those Policemen! You will be arrested and hanged for your sins Mr.Nikhil I hate you! (Almost shouting). Abhi signed Policemen to arrest him and he was dragged towards Police jeep and was taken away. Everyone else left the place. After sometime A man was seen hurriedly coming out from the garage of the house. When he was about to leave the compound, Lights flashed on his face. He looked with great difficulty and found that Police jeep dint leave and everyone was present there. Abhi said, Dude are you going to tell who you are or should I explain them? He tried to run away but was stopped by Purab and Policemen got hold of him.

Nikhil was boggled and he dint understand anything at all, He just said, Dr. Vijay what are you doing here?? And said, Oh yes I remember you came to meet me right? Where were you when these people were taking me away? You know about my condition very well right? Please do Explain them that I can never do something like this. Abhi said, Don’t bother him Nikhil, he won’t speak. Look at him he is standing speechless. Abhi turned towards Tanu and said, Tanu what you said was half right and half wrong. Tanu asked, What do you mean? Abhi said, Nikhil will be definitely arrested but not for killing so many people but for attempted murder. Tanu said, So he only wanted to kill me!? Abhi said, May be or may be not! Tanu got irritated and said, Why can’t you tell something directly Mr.? Abhi said, Aisa kiya tho maza nahi hoga hain na? ( If I do so then there will be no fun element in that right? Winking). Tanu got irked and said, Meri jaan jane wali thi aur tum Maza ki baat kar rahe ho? ( My life would have gone and you are talking about fun element) Tanu was about to hit but was stopped by Pragya. Pragya said, Calm down Tanu, he is like this only and turned towards Abhi and said, Come on stop irking her and tell her the truth. Abhi said, Mein Tum logon ko madath kar raha tha, Dekh lo usse kaise gussein mein hain. Ab tak tho wo darr rahi thi, ro rahi tho, aur ab bilkul normal hogayi thi. ( I was helping you people, Look at her she is at the peak of her anger, Earlier she was afraid, Crying, now she is completely normal). Pragya said, Thank you so much ab tho bathayiye!! ( Now you can tell). Abhi said, Tanu don’t worry he is not the killer! How can you believe something like this? When you clearly know his past?

12 years back…
A Crime scene where two dead bodies are being removed and a boy of 8 years old is taken out from a cupboard he is fully covered with blood and was licking it. Police took him to a rehabilitation center and that boy was treated against his condition. At first Doctors thought he was a Sanguinarian * ( Explained at the end of the shot) but later realized he developed this habit to feed himself with something at hand. ( That boy was locked inside that cupboard for 2 days ). He was successfully treated and his relatives took him away but he was still afraid at the site of blood.

Nikhil was lost in his thoughts…
He was living with his Mom and Dad happily , his Mom was pregnant. One day when they were celebrating his birthday the doorbell rang ( Parents face is not seen clearly) his father went to open the door. All they could hear was a gun shot, His mother understood something has happened and advised him to get into a cupboard (Which was beneath the T.V.) and locked it. She stood up, When someone hit her hard on her head. She saw her husband being dragged towards her who was shot in his stomach and was bleeding profusely. He was stabbed repeatedly in front of her eyes with a knife. That boy let out a cry seeing this, but his mother somehow managed that sound was from her. Now she was stabbed repeatedly in front of that boy, who was hiding inside that cupboard. Both husband and wife was left to bleed and die. That boy was not able to come out of that cupboard and was hungry, after sometime he started licking blood which was flowing towards the cupboard and satisfied his hunger, Next day he caught a mouse killed it with a sharp object found in the cupboard and drank its blood. 2 days passed after that people came in and rescued him.

Abhi said, Now you remember I hope ,who was that boy! Tanu said, Yes I know Nikhil is afraid of Blood but how did I forget it! And why did he end up like this? And who is this guy? Nikhil broke down crying thinking what happened back then. Tanu went near him and consoled him. Police men asked Abhi, Hey we saw him trying to kill her, He may be the same person who killed everyone else! Abhi said, Do you have any proof to prove your point? Police men asked, Do you have any to prove otherwise? Abhi said, Yes I do! And the killer is right in front of your eyes! He is the one who killed so many people brutally. At least now will you tell us why you killed so many people brutally?? Vijay Started laughing like a mad person (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha).

FB begins…
A Person was hurriedly admitted in hospital, every doctor examined him and said he just fainted in fear that’s it. After hearing the reason he was advised to visit a Psychiatrist.
Screen shifts to a Psychiatric clinic, That man enters inside saying, Excuse me? May I come in Dr.Vijay? Dr. Vijay replied, Yes please. That man explained his childhood trauma and his fear at the sight of blood. Dr. Vijay said, Nikhil there are so many people with so many Phobias living in this planet, don’t worry I will treat you. Meet me tomorrow at this address saying this he let him go from there.

Next Day
Nikhil reached the spot and found a butcher’s shop and was afraid to be there. He was about to leave when someone pulled him towards the shop. Nikhil said, Dr. Vijay you know very well I am afraid of these stuffs, past keeps haunting me every time I see blood or something like this. Dr. Vijay said, First of all stop calling me Dr. Vijay! Vijay is enough and next point is if you have to get rid of a fear you have to face it. There is no use in running away from it, just face it you will definitely overcome it one day. Now come with me, he dragged him towards the shop Nikhil followed him helplessly. Vijay asked him, Do you like eating Mutton or Chicken for which Nikhil replied, I love both but hate this sight of them being brutally murdered. Vijay said, Kamal hai bhai, Khana pasand hai par ye sab pasand nahi hai? Ye kya baat hui? (laughing) ( You like the dish but don’t like these things, What is this ?). Nikhil smiled sheepishly for that comment and they both continued watching the butcher for the whole day ( In between eating Fried items). At first Nikhil literally stood behind Vijay and was closing his eyes with his hands just like a kid.

Next day Vijay invited Nikhil to come to his house on Sunday, Nikhil was shocked to see a live chicken tied upside down in Vijay’s garden and asked him, What are you going to do with it? I am going to cook and eat it, I invited you to have lunch with me! Now come and help me in butchering him. Nikhil swallowed his saliva and followed him. At first Vijay insisted Nikhil to do it, who hesitated so Vijay himself butchered the chicken. Weeks passed every Sunday this became their hobby. At one point of time Vijay started to like the raw smell of the blood and thought how Human blood will smell like!? There began his first encounter….
FB ends…

Tanu let out a cry hearing this and was shivering with fear! Nikhil held her close and was also shivering with fear. Abhi who saw this thought, Waah! Bhagvan kya banaya jodi!! Dono ek hi tarah! ( Wow! What a pair God has made!! Both are one and the same). Pragya, Purab and Ronnie were shocked hearing his confession but all had one common doubt how did Nikhil end up in this mess!? Vijay who sensed the tension continues his story…

Since I can’t do it by myself I used him as a bait, Whoever he is becoming close with I killed them with his help. He was transferred here due to shock of losing his best friend. I learnt the art of hypnotizing people and hypnotized him whenever needed and made him think that he is the murderer for some point of time and gave him a duplicate knife. I created a different personality within him without his own knowledge, Poor guy he never remembers what happened every time. He will always remember that I met him and nothing more and wake up seeing a corpse in his presence. In every case he was left out because he was unconscious every time and I prove it to the police every time that he was unconscious and someone used him every time, Since he was my patient and myself a reputed doctor everyone believed us. And his finger prints weren’t found anywhere near the corpse, To be truthful nobody’s finger prints were found ( Almost in a husky and terrifying voice). In truth he is such a scardy cat in nature, He has gotten rid of the Blood Phobia but he is such a scardy cat can’t even hold a knife properly even to butcher a chicken! I have to mention this one specially because of him, I escaped every crime scene without getting caught. He is such an intelligent criminal he can do a crime and get away with it, but he doesn’t use it such a gifted fool. Whenever I ask him he used to say that he wanted to expose criminals using his skills. He used to teach me how a criminal can get away without getting caught, but once his friend the last one I killed over there bit my hands so hard that I bled in his mouth. But as usual he was there in the crime scene and it was not his blood either and nobody doubted me so again I got away with it.

He was searching for his childhood friend for a long time and got to know about her (Tanu) on his Friend’s demise and wanted to spend some time with his friend’s family. So I came here and started following this girl everywhere, but she was not alone even once. Always this chipkali was there with her ( Pointing towards Pragya). I finally got a chance to stab her that time she screamed and that chipkali came again, I had to leave the place. Nikhil got here and I was so happy that things will be easier from now on, I dint expect that this Scardy cat (Nikhil) will fall for the other Scardy cat(Tanu). I was the one who attacked her the other day, I hit Nikhil hard on his head and followed to kill her but that guy came at that time ( Pointing towards Ronnie). Abhi shouted, Stop! I don’t want to hear anymore from you, You Blood Loving Filthy animal! and slapped him hard across his face, and told the policemen to take him away. Police demanded for proof to prove that Nikhil wasn’t the criminal, Abhi handed over a report and police men accepted it. Abhi told them to cross check the blood sample of the old case with Vijay’s blood, They nodded and left the place.

Tanu and Ronnie were so confused with so many questions remaining un answered. Abhi saw their face understood their plight and started to explain.

FB Begins…
Somewhere near Ooltah Chashma Agency:
Pragya got down from her bike and said, Hey why did you call me here? Why can’t we just meet in your agency? Abhi said, Just for a change calm down Chashmish, then corrected himself and said Pragya. Pragya said, It’s ok you can call me Chashmish no problem at all. Abhi said, Oh so sweet of you and pulled her cheeks. Pragya said, Ouch! (With a cute pout) Abhi was admiring her expressions. Pragya said, Mr. Abhi can we speak? Abhi said, Ok please continue. Pragya said, I don’t know why I feel something fishy about this guy Nikhil. Abhi said, I too feel the same and you know what, his name matches with a prime suspect. And I want to test this blood sample yaar which I got from one of the crime scene. Pragya asked, Blood sample? Crime scene? How did you? Don’t tell me you sneaked in! Abhi said, May be or may not be. Pragya asked, what do you mean by that? Abhi said, One of my friend works as an S.I he got me this sample without other officer’s knowledge and I heard that this dint belong to the victim. So it must be the killer’s right? I just want to know whether this sample matches with that guy’s blood sample!

Abhi notices something and turns around and forces Pragya to turn around too. He called Purab and asked his whereabouts, and told him to follow a bike giving it’s number and other specific characteristics of the bike. Purab finds the bike puts on his helmet and starts to follow.

Pragya said, Ok give it to me I will do that for you. Abhi asked, What?? How can you!? How is this possible? Pragya said, When you can sneak into a crime scene I can at least do a simple test and said for your info I am doing my Bachelors in Forensic Science. Abhi said, Yeah I forgot you and your stupid bro Purab are studying Forensic Science. Pragya was glaring at him, He turned away and said, Ye zaroor marvayengi mujhey! ( She will definitely kill me!).Pragya made a plan to get Nikhil’s blood for test. She used Ronnie’s help and got Nikhil’s Blood. It was a Sunday both Abhi and Pragya reached her College and reached the lab, Doors were locked with a lock but Pragya took out her hairpin and opened it. Abhi was admiring her doing such things and said to himself, We both will make such a great team! Pragya waved her hands in front of him to get him out of his thoughts. Pragya started doing tests using both the blood samples, Abhi continued admiring her and said out loudly, Tum aur mein baney ek dujey ke liye!! ( You & Me were made for each other) Pragya asked, What!? Abhi managed telling, I said you and me can work together to solve so many mysteries you know!? Pragya turned to her work and smiled without Abhi noticing her ( She understood what he meant).

After the test she found that blood samples were not matching just then Abhi got call from Purab. Purab said, What you said was right, he is the most important person bhai! He is Nikhil’s Psychiatrist. Abhi asked Purab to find out whether Nikhil has any Criminal Records? And told him to contact his friend for this information. Pragya stood on top of a stool to take something, she was about to fall at that time Abhi caught her in his arms and both had an eyelock ( Allah wariyan Plays). Pragya said, How long do you plan to carry me like this? Abhi said, Forever! Pragya again asked, What? Abhi said, Nothing, Nothing at all!! He let Pragya down and she said, Those blood samples doesn’t match! Abhi said, Oh no! Then who is responsible for these murders!? After reaching his agency Purab explained about Nikhil’s past and how he was found in every murder scene. Abhi said, I find something fishy here, I think I need to speak to this doctor ! Or maybe follow Nikhil and Tanu tomorrow. Whoever it is will definitely show up tomorrow, We have to use Tanu as a bait now and wait for the fish to be caught in the hook! ( smiling Evilly).
FB ends…

Everyone was shocked hearing this!! So many things happened without their knowledge. Tanu was so angry on Abhi and was shouting at him for using her as a bait. Nikhil almost hit Abhi ( For using his love as a bait) but was stopped by Purab. After sometime the tension was gone and all were smiling. Purab was about to leave when Pragya called him and pulled his Ears. Purab said, Di! Di its really paining please stop it! Pragya Said, You two are playing behind my back huh!? Purab reacted as if he dint understand anything. Pragya twisted his ears and he said, Sorry Di, I dint know she was your sister. Pragya said, Tu tho gaya! Dramebaaz hai who! Enjoy!! ( You are gone man! She is an Over dramatic Person). Purab was left there thinking while Tanu and Nikhil went inside the house, Abhi and Pragya drove off. Purab Shouted, Bhai, Di this is not fair!! ( Pouting) . Ronnie came and asked need a lift? Purab said, Thank God at least you are here for me.

Ooltah Chashma Detective Agency:
Next day Abhi was busy reading a Newspaper a Handsome guy came in Saying, Excuse may I come in!?


*Someone in the vampire life style who has a physical thirst, need, craving for blood (which is non-erotic in nature) in more significant quantity than is generally required or desired by other blood-drinkers. Sanguinarians (a word from the Latin root “sanguinarius”, meaning “bloodthirsty”)

Surbhi you have to definitely have to tell me how you felt after reading this!! Story of Faith And GOD as Maahi used to say is beyond words!! Thank you every one for commenting!! I am so happy that Veni is back was waiting for your updates for such a long time! And Nandhini I want you to comtinue Sanam re please I loved it so much, The one which you are writing now is quite interesting waiting for the next epi! Shobana aka Roli aka Shona Darling I am so sad that you ended the Dream ff so soon! But waiting for your next ff hidden love! Sowmiya please please try to continue your thoughts within life yaar! Haritha Mr. X really bugs me a lot! How dare he to harm Pragya!? Nikhil’s Swami act was hilarious!! Saranya I loved reading your you are my love and destiny ff!! So cute and lovely! Akshaya you are also back after a long time I hope!? Was waiting for your update try to update regularly. Shriti try to give long updates Dear please! Asmitha I am loving this jealous Pragya a lot dear!! Adhya you gave such a cute and awesome 5 shots!! Give more shots like this yaar! Parvathy you too try to give long updates dear.. My dear Princess Krisha Waiting for your cute updates!! Harisha try to give long updates yaar!! And one of my Fav Aditi Roy girl you Rock!! I am in love with those two ff’s you write! Love from star by I don’t know the name exactly something related to aliens! Going good yaar!! Reji where are you!?? Maya I know you are busy with studies, but what to do!? I am keep forgetting that and search for your ff! Maahi you must be really bugged right now as I am always pestering you asking an OS!! What to do yaar I am so in love with your OS!! Riya your comments are missing dear! I miss them a lot!! Abhigaya ( Aliza), Mukund raj, Reshma, Sarnaya, Durga, Nirmal , Sugan, Roli, Sweety,Somiya, Haritha,Suchi,Maya,Shriti,Aishwarya,Reji, Monesha, Vidhya, Maya thank you so much for the support guys! I know my bak bak is so long at the end, After a long time I am using my laptop hence this effect!! Meet you guys with another Story till then Bye Love you guys!!

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      Surbhi now you are giving me Goosebumps!!! that was the effect on me after I read your comment! Thank you so much for guessing it correctly dear! I just gave a voice over I dint mention anything about this character so no worries! Yes Nikhil was being used and trapped poor guy! No don’t say something like that!! Who will give tear flowing, To be etched forever stories then!?? Heard you are going to end GOD soon!? I that so? just now I started reading it and you are ending it very bad yaar!! Yes I will be definitely back with a new story.

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