Killer – Shot 3

Guys I was really in no mood of writing or posting. But later thought to finish this off. Suha we will never miss you, You will always be alive in our stories. I have decided to write a story keeping Suha in
my mind, if you guys would allow me then I
shall definitely write it. Haritha, Suchi, Saranya, Surbhi, Maya, Abhigaya, Shriti, Nirmal, Suhani, Durga, Aishwarya, Reji,
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Ooltah Chashma Agency:
Abhi reached his agency and was thinking,
Who is that guy!? I have to research more to find about him. He started to research and in every murder scene it is proved that he is left handed.

Pragya asked, Oh who is that friend of yours I dint know all this while!?
(With a stern face).Tanu said, Sorry baby don’t be angry with me. He is my childhood friend lost contact in between but he found me out somehow. He also wears specs you know. Pragya asked, So what you guys spoke? Tanu said, He wants to take me out for dinner it seems (Blushing). Pragya said, I see someone is blushing over here and my scardy cat wants to go out. I really need to thank him. Tanu said, Ok tell me about the guy who joined your class recently? Pragya said, He also wears specs, he speaks well, looks good. But don’t Know why I feel something fishy, even Ronnie felt so. Tanu said, If Ronnie felt so then there must be something wrong. Pragya asked, Arrey what are you telling now?? You never used to like him now you are supporting his views? I am boggled. Tanu said, come on people change ok?? By the way what is his name yaar? His name is… Tanu said, Hey my friend’s name is also the same. Or may be my friend joined your class? He dint tell me anything about this. Pragya said, Ok it’s time go get ready to go out with him and then you can fight. Tanu’s mobile phone rings and the name of the person is displayed on the screen. She picks it up and walks out speaking.

After sometime
Abhi called Pragya to just check how is Tanu. Pragya, Hello tell me what happened!? Abhi replied, Tell me where is Tanu? Pragya said, She went out with her old friend. Abhi said, I told you not to leave her alone how careless are you?? Pragya said, Hello she is not alone, she is with her friend. Abhi asked, Who is that!? Pragya said, she is with…. At the same time somewhere in the middle of road Tanu was walking with her so called friend. Suddenly he stopped in his tracks and disappeared. Tanu was walking speaking (Thinking he is there with her). She realized he is not there and became afraid again. She heard a voice calling her, Tanu… Tanu.. (Terrifying manner) where are you I want to smell your blood right now.. Ha ha ha ha ha ha … Tanu became more terrified and felt someone holding her neck from behind. She bit his hands and ran away. Ronnie reached there and Tanu ran and fell on him. Tanu was so terrified that she fainted on his arms. A guy came running calling Tanu where are you!? Ronnie said, Hey Nikhil you were with her? Why is she so terrified? What you did to her? ( Yes Guys our Tanu’s old Friend is Nikhil) Nikhil said (in a kiddy afraid voice), Hey I heard some terrifying sound and turned back someone hit me on my head and I fainted. Tanu opens her eyes asked, What is happening her where is that guy with the knife?(In shaking voice) Ronnie asked, He came back again? Don’t worry Tanu I will protect you with all my life. Nikhil said, Excuse me I am here to protect her you don’t interfere saying this he pushed him aside and Ronnie fell down. Tanu felt pity seeing him ( Ronnie) and asked Nikhil , Why did you do so? You know what he followed me daily just to ensure I reached hostel safely after my classes which is within college premises. You are acting like an animal. Nikhil replied, Sorry Tanu when he said he will protect you I lost my cool I am so Sorry Tanu. Tanu asked, I think someone is feeling so jealous today! Nilkhil said, Nothing like that and blushed. A voice is heard saying, Today someone saved you, this won’t happen every time. I am coming for you again. Tanu suddenly freezes and turned back. Nikhil took her with him.

The other side
Abhi asked Pragya, What she went with that scardy cat!? Oh come on Pragya, You should have asked me before letting her out with that scardy cat!! Pragya said, Who are you to tell us do this! Do that! Don’t do this! Don’t do that! Mister mind your business and I am sure she is safe with him right now. She heard some noise and turns towards the door to find Tanu coming in and said, See she is safe and sound right before my eyes. Tanu signed her who’s on phone? Pragya replied, Abhi. Tanu snatched the phone from her and started talking very rapidly. Either Abhi or Pragya was able to understand what she was saying. Pragya said, Calm down Tanu. After that she started narrating what all happened back there in the middle of the road. Pragya and Abhi both were shocked hearing what all happened. At last Tanu said, If Ronnie dint arrive at that time I am dead and gone by now, You guys would have been mourning over my death. Pragya slapped her hearing this.. Tanu said, Pragya I am already afraid of whatever happened here and you are slapping me to top it? Pragya said, How dare you say something like that!? Abhi asked Tanu to put the phone in speaker mode. Abhi said, where was that scardy cat while you were attacked Pragya too joined him in questioning her. She said , Someone hit him on his head and he fainted it seems. Abhi asked, Did you actually see him getting hurt or did he tell you so? Tanu replied, No I dint see, he told me so. Abhi said, There is something fishy over here. He asked Tanu, Is he left handed? I think may be he is the one. Tanu asked, What do you mean mister!? He is the one? You mean he is the killer? He is not a left handed person then how can you accuse him to be the killer? Abhi said, Cool down I just thought so. What about that Ronnie? Is he left handed? Tanu got irked and said, Ofo Mr. Detective i am tired of your questions, and Ronnie is a very sweet guy he won’t do something like that. And for your info he is staying here and murder had happened in other places too. And nobody else I know will do something like that. You know we detectives are just like policemen. We will have doubts on everyone until they are proved not guilty. I am sorry if I have hurt you. Pragya is seen going somewhere in bike (hired from a friend). Someone follows her and they both reach the destination.

Next day
Tanu and Nikhil is seen walking together towards a house (His relative’s house). They both entered in, Tanu noticed that nobody was inside that house. Nikhil came close to her, she ran away blushing. Nikhil runs behind her, at one point of time Tanu slips and Nikhil holds her by waist and gets closer to her. Her heart beats increases, She was able to feel his breath . He came more closer, now she was able to feel his heart beat. She tried to move away but in vain, his strong arms held her more tight. Both started to sweat and their hearts starts to beat in the same rhythm. He kissed her on her forehead, moved on to kiss her cheeks. She kissed him on his neck. He cupped her face and said, I love you Tanu. Tanu said, I love you too ( in between heavy breath). Nikhil came closer to kiss her on her lips. Tanu closes her eyes slowly, when he was about to kiss her. Ding – Dong the bell rings.. Both came back to their senses and Nikhil goes from there murmuring, Abhi kaun agaya perfect time pe! Tanu heard this and was blushing hardly. Few minutes passes by, Tanu was alone now in that house. Power goes off suddenly.. She called out for Nikhil. Nikhil where are you? You know very well I am afraid of darkness please come to me.( Saying this she walked towards the door and peeped out). She heard a terrifying voice saying, I am here baby, I came here for you, for your blood!! Intoxicating smell of your blood!! How good it would be I don’t want to waste my time imagining it. She starts to scream and run around the house with a man in a long cloak chasing her with a knife (That man’s face is covered with a hood). She stumbles and falls down on the ground. She sees that man coming towards her. Tanu said, Please don’t kill me leave me please. That man said, Sorry darling I want to smell your blood so badly.. Tanu closes her eyes screaming and she faints. He was about to stab her in the chest. Just then he heard a voice saying, Your game is up dude! Surrender yourself. That man turns back to find Abhi and police force along with him.. Police went ahead and moved the hood off his head . Tanu who came back to senses just then saw this and is shocked to the core. ( She faints again) .

Precap: Pragya said, It’s ok you can call me Chashmish no problem at all. Abhi said, Oh so sweet of you and pulled her cheeks.

Who was that guy Pragya met? Why was Tanu so shocked to see the face behind the hood? Who could that be? Ronnie? Nikhil? Purab?
Wait for the next shot…

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  1. oh girl u r giving goose bumps to me suspense level damn high and perfection level is beyond expectations can u please upload fast as I am eagerly waiting for ur shots ??????? lovely suspense and thriller too..

    1. Prathi

      Thank you for reading Surbhi!! Am I really giving goosebumps!? ?? yup next part will be out soon

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Really Interestinggggggggg yaar………

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      Thank you for reading Reshma? I am glad that you find it interesting

  3. nice one please upload timely

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      Thank you Mukund! Yes definitely next part will be out soon

  4. It’s really interesting!! Loved it!

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      Thank you for reading Aliza☺

  5. Awesome yaar….waiting for your next shots

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    wow..many suspense..its seem like dectective pushparajs writing style…keep going prathi

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      Thank you Haritha, I haven’t read any of his stories but heard of him..

  8. Awesome n interesting episode plzzzzz update next part asap yaar

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      Thank you for reading Durga ?☺ Next part will be out soon

  9. wow… prathi prathi u r killing yaar.. awesme storyline.. and u r stopping it in right point giving shock to us.. exactly goosebumps rightly said by surbhi”the narrator”..
    and pls upload the next one asap.. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo eager to know who might be the person.. omg i guess it might be……… Ronnie.. not sure.. anyways waiting 4 ur ideas rather shock.. upload it fast..

    1. Prathi

      Thank you for reading Vidhya!! You can check with your guess in the upcoming update!! Wait for it ?

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