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Hey guys Prathi here! I am back with a new story hope you will like this one too! Surbhi sorry Yaar that was a wrong interpretation by my mind instead of typing Anjali I typed your name, actually I wanted to say I miss your ff story of faith! Anjali come back soon am losing my patience ! Suha take your time but come back soon! Tisha ( Srimathi) love the way you portray things in your story! Sowmi, Roli I enjoy reading your ff, Hateera again You are missing in action. Veni where is my destined to be yours story!? Are you ok or just busy with Project works!? Maya Maya Maya I am in a mood to read your random thoughts! Maahi you said you will be back last Sunday I am waiting for you. You guys really enjoyed my Dosti Os this can definitely mean one thing common in us we are fed up of real track. Saranya, Riyadcruz, Varsha, Sugan, Surbhi, Lakshmi,Roli, Nannu, Sethidisha, Durga,Maahi, Myna, Abhigaya, Angita, Monesha, Riyashree, Pinky, Nirmal, Devi Thank you so much for the love and support guys. Keep supporting me like this! Here comes my new OS!? Or 2 Shots!? Let me see. Happy reading. I am posting this one around 8 o clock Tuesday 09.08.2016.

A man is shown standing under a street lamp ( doesn’t work) and is seen when lightening strikes, he is wearing a long coat, a hat which almost covers his face ( was smiling evily), he was holding a big knife on his left hand blood dripping from it!
A girl witness this and screams. She closes her eyes and screams more loudly. Suddenly she felt someone was shaking her holding her shoulders but she refused to open her eyes. She heard someone speak. Come on get up please Tanu I am afraid seeing you like this. She realized it was her dream and opened her eyes to find Pragya holding her shoulders. She hugged her and started to cry. Pragya asked her, Is it the same dream once again? Tanu just nodded in acceptance. Pragya pacified her for a while. Tanu became normal now and said, You very well know that it’s just not a dream. Pragya nodded her head saying yes. Pragya thought since that incident Tanu refused to step out of the hostel to go out anywhere have to do something regarding this. And thinks at least she comes to college. (Tanu and Pragya are both roommates and best friend’s who are staying in college hostel which is within college premises.) Pragya reminisce what happened.
FB begins
Once they both went out for a night show, while coming back it was raining so they decided to wait under a shade opposite to their college. When the rain subsided, Pragya badly wanted an ice cream she dragged Tanu towards a nearby shop, but Tanu refuses to come so Pragya went alone. Suddenly Power goes off, it’s extremely dark now. Tanu who is already afraid of darkness was shivering with fear a lightening strikes. She sees that man and screams and faints Pragya who heard her scream comes running to her.
FB ends.
Pragya heard Sheila ki jawani song and was wondering from where it was coming. Tanu was controlling her smile, Pragya saw this and asked her, So you again changed my ringtone!? She went as if she was going to hit Tanu but instead she went and answered her mobile. Before she could saying anything a voice from the other side said, Come on di all the time you are doing like this. Tell me when did you pick up my call within few rings!? You always pick up when I am fed up and about to end the call. Next time if you don’t pick up I don’t know what I will do to you when you come home this weekend. ( Finally Pragya got a chance to speak) Arrey meri ma, lf only you let me speak I can explain my situation to you. Again our Vamp changed my ringtone. She was seeing Tanu who was showing her teeth making growling noises. Pragya said, Wait a minute Bulbul. Pragya looked at Tanu and said, I said Vampire not dog, why do you make growling noises!? Tanu was irked and about to hit her but Pragya pouted. Tanu said, I am leaving you this time but that doesn’t mean you can do this every time and escape from me. You know you look cute while you pout and pulls her cheeks. Bulbul on the other side was yelling didi didi didi. Pragya said, Ah forgot about this one and continued speaking with her . She said everything that happened to Tanu. Bulbul said, better take her to a psychiatrist and get her treated.Pragya said, I tried a lot but she is not at all budging. Bulbul said, Di if she really saw someone with a knife and blood dripping from it better be careful di. Pragya said, Ok Bulbul and Tanu also said that someone is following her from college to hostel and when she turns back she sees a figure hiding. Bulbul said, Di better consult a detective . And I know a detective agency very near to your college. You know that guy is very hot and handsome and his assistant is so good looking you just can’t take your eyes off him. Pragya asked her, Bulbul how you know about this agency which is over here!? Bulbul said, I think ma is calling me bye di take care love you and ends the call. Pragya thought to herself, This girl will never change. Tanu came back after fresh up and called Pragya come let’s go. Pragya said, today morning I have class only by 11 Tanu. Tanu sat down and said, I am not going alone. What if that scary guy comes back to kill me I dint even see his face properly to identify him. Pragya said, Don’t worry Tanu I will put an end to this today. Pragya managed to console her somehow. Tanu left the room waving Pragya bye. Tanu is out of hostel now she feels like someone is following her . She turns back to find a figure hiding behind a tree. Tanu said to herself be brave Tanu don’t look back just move forward and left the place. That figure continued to follow her. Pragya thinks, Better I will go visit that detective now because i have back to back class after 11 now time is just 9:30.
A km away from college a place is shown
A man is seen reading newspapers and said, Not again I hate to see this news again and again and shouts Purab come here I have lost my patience and I don’t want anyone else to be a victim of this guy.( That man’s face is covered with the newspaper)
A smart guy enters speaking in mobile and ends the call reaching that man and says, Abhi a girl will be arriving shortly to discuss about this murderer very soon have some patience.

Who was that guy holding that blood dripping knife!?Who was that figure following Tanu? What was there in the newspaper that irritated Abhi!? Will Abhi and Purab be successful in finding the guy behind this? For all these questions to be answered Wait for the next part!

Guys I really need some feedback here please help me in improving my way of writing if there is any mistake please do leave a comment how do you feel about this track. I am trying something new again.

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  1. Frst thanx for not frogettng me & mentioning me..
    Then darling..about this os words yaar.i red it without heart stopped when tanu was in darkness when lighting… superb idea.i love it.u know the way to handle fan’s heart… c u soon prathi.pls write more more os fr us. . Tc.i ll back aftr 13th… keep rocking dude!

    1. Prathi

      Thank you Suha, waiting for my Vampire and Phobia.. I am glad you love it!! ??


    no feed back only appreciation the way u write is fantabulous and I m eagerly waiting for the next part ??????☺☺☺

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