I killed him. Sangini.OS

Hello everyone..
Iam Abhi.
Here is a new OS.

Her POV.
It was all like a nightmare.The worst thing that can ever happen to a person.My life was a reserved one.I was a kind of nerd.But my sister was just opposite.She was a fun loving girl.But all the fun had vanished on that day .That day,when she was brutally raped and killed.It was a shock for me.I wished I knew who killed her.It created a havoc at my home.After her death,our life turned into darkness.I was like a lifeless body ,my mom dripped to comma.Dad became too weak.We never smiled after that till he came to our life.He was my sister’s boss.She used to say that he is arrogant.But to us he was different.He used to care about us.He was always so humble to us.Slowly slowly I started to love him.He too loved me.We even confessed each other.He once told me,he had a dark past which I should know,but I asked him not to tell as past is past.And our marriage was fixed.My parents were happy.They started to smile again.Mom’s condition got better.Everything was going well till that dark night.I went to his house to give him a surprise but instead I got one.I heard his brother telling him not to tell me that he(hero) raped my sister.I was hell shocked.I didn’t know what to do.I suddenly went out.I couldn’t control my tears.It was too heavy.Then knocked the door after sometime.He gave me a wide smile and welcomed me.I was thinking what to do.Then I remembered him saying about his dark past.He was about to say me about it but I didn’t let him.I had two options,punish him or forgive him.I love him so much that I couldn’t punish him.But suddenly removing all my thoughts I asked him that did he raped my sister.He was shocked and his eyes were filled with tears.He apologize to me and broke down.he asked me to forgive him and give him a chance. I didn’t know what to do .I was confused.He killed my sister.So I couldn’t control myself.i cried and said sorry to him.Suddenly I stabbed him with a knife.I said him that I cannot forgive you.Iam sorry .He smiled at me and said “it’s okay.i love you”..
That’s my story . Me , Ragini Gadodia killed my fiance , Sanskar Maheswari for raping my sister Swara Gadodia.
I wish he didn’t rape my sister.But iam sure no one is gonna take sanskar’s place in my life.

Guys..I know that it’s too bore.I just tried an OS.Sorry for wasting Ur time.

love u loads

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  1. Shrilatha

    Abhi what to say yaar…do I like this sanky or hate I don’t know…awesome ..I am waiting for antagonist and crazy girl

  2. Varshni

    superb sissy !!!!

  3. Sindhura


  4. Unique one. Nice

  5. Amazing ?

  6. amazing dr waiting for ur

  7. Nice on update antagonists

  8. Lovely7

    Confused Feelings

  9. Fairy

    Omg????I never read something like dis…it’s totally unique… Hatts of to u abhi….such an intense plot..uff!!!u nailed it…N d way u presented it…marvellouss..
    Plz dont say dat u wasted our time,its worth reading dear…it’s such a mindblowingg os ..reallly it’s totally different n unique….thnx a lot for writing it …keep rockng n stay blessed..loatz of love..umaah?

  10. Lahari


  11. don’t say bore its an amazing os

  12. Asra

    awesome abhi dear….what can I say about Sanky….i don’t know….it’s different os dear…waiting for ur ff’s…tkcr dear…

  13. Asw

    Nice keep going

  14. AMkideewani


  15. Dharani


  16. Rasha

    I had no words coz it was entirely different.. good attempt ..

  17. Piyali

    Abhi……You gave me a shock yaar…..this was awesome….so much in just a few words…..beautiful….

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